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"I'm a skeptic by nature and I still don't know how she does it, but Elisabeth told me more about myself and about critical points in my life than she could've known beforehand or can possibly be dismissed as coincidence or a parlor trick. And she helped me to use this as a framework to analyze the here and now more clearly. The session was definitely a positive, eye-opening experience."
Attorney, NY

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Friday 3/29/2019 & the Weekend: Mercury Direct; More Wiggy Neptune


Moon is still in Capricorn, intent on making things happen — and likely paying no heed to the fact that Mercury turned direct just yesterday and will re-connect with nebulous Neptune for the last of three hits on TUESDAY morning. The same advice offered last Friday applies to this one, too: do not jump to conclusions. The facts have not been revealed and may have been deliberately distorted as if we were all trapped in a ginormous hall of mirrors. Mercury with Neptune can take flights of fancy to new heights.

Moon goes void tonight at 8:05 PM ET; it enters Aquarius at 9:46 PM ET, making this weekend fit for gathering with friends. No significant Moon void period means you are free to shop without worrying if your impulse purchase won’t live up to expectations, but I’d still avoid electronic purchases under the Mercury-Neptune spell, if you can.  Upside: pay attention to your dreams; apply the vision to your artistic creations.  On SUNDAY at 2:12 AM ET, Mars leaves Taurus for double-talking Gemini, where it will crave entertainment and diversity in matters of action until May 16th. We will see this craving provoked at the end of April/early May, when Mars will meet up with the Gemini Mars and square the Virgo Neptune in the U.S. horoscope. This will coincide with Mars meeting up with Trump’s Gemini Sun and opposing his Sagittarius Moon. Mark your calendars and watch the headlines then and into all of May.

Moon goes void on Sunday at 11:02 PM ET and enters Pisces on MONDAY at 10:48 AM ET. There’s your excuse for the slow start, twist or flake that hits your morning.

Meanwhile, what fun to receive this email from Avid Reader Dawn just moments ago:

“Was this retrograde worse for some astrological charts or was it generally a doozy for everyone?  Thankfully I could laugh it off but wowzers.  This past cycle I ordered 2 end tables but was shipped and charged for 4 (my computer timed out while placing the order so I clicked refresh ????????‍♀️), we changed the bathroom light fixture to discover the original was attached to nothing sturdy and was ready to collapse – a 30min job turned into 2.5 days of repair, the heated bathroom floor has spazzed out (still not resolved but we think it’s associated with the light fixture), and last but not least as I was driving this week my glasses literally fell off my face (the screw came out).  I feel like a Mercury Direct celebration is in order…”

To answer Dawn’s questions — this retrograde was more challenging for charts with planets that were directly hit by transiting Mercury, and you will not be surprised to learn that for Dawn, three planets and her Ascendant were affected. This is why it’s helpful to check in with your astrologer every six months to a year, just like you check in with your dentist — or your hairdresser, if you happen to be going through an especially challenging time. As Dawn wrote back (after I asked her if I could share her email):

Sure! Hopefully other people will get a chuckle or commiserate with me.  Thanks for all you do!  It truly makes it easier to navigate the challenging cycles. :)


And now, the news.

UPDATE: We don’t have a birth time for Betsy DeVos, but one is inclined to wonder if her Moon might be close to the end of regal Leo, which would account for her provocative thrust into current headlines. Transiting Mars would be squaring that Leo Moon this week just as she stubbornly defended heartless plans to cut funding for the Special Olympics out of her Education Dept.’s budget. Provocation begets provocation:  “The Special Olympics imbroglio once again reveals Betsy DeVos is the worst member of Trump’s Cabinet,” writes WaPo’s Helaine Olen.  Stay tuned for more next week, as transiting Mars definitely squares DeVos’s Pluto. Continued shaming and scorn would also be apt this year, as transiting Saturn conjoins her Capricorn Sun three times in 2019…but that streamlining focus could also facilitate ambition.

Guess who founded the Special Olympics? Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who passed away in 2009. In her horoscope, we see her Cancer Sun, Mars and Mercury opposing DeVos’s Capricorn Sun. Thus she is also feeling the squeeze of transiting Saturn — BUT — she is also receiving potential expansion and promotion — from all angles — as transiting Jupiter has been connecting with those angles all month and into May…and then again at the end of October. This is the third time  in three years that Trump has tried to eliminate funding for the Special Olympics. Why did this third time get so much attention now? Just look at what’s going on in Eunice Shriver’s horoscope. The horoscope lives forever!

UPDATE: on Theresa May, whose horoscope suggested that today would be no-good, horrible and very bad. Even though she offered to resign as PM if Parliament would approve her Brexit deal, the deal was defeated. Not only that, but NYT just published an op-ed, “Is Theresa May the Worst Politician Ever?”  Astrology is amazing.

UPDATE: As anticipated, Friday’s planned all-female spacewalk was all over the news in time for yesterday’s harmony between Venus (women) and Uranus (astronauts). Trickster Mercury retrograde threw a bewildering wrench into that plan, as the spacewalk was canceled. Why? Not enough spacesuits for the two — count ’em — TWO women who were to make that historic walk. Which means there is only one spacesuit for one woman — and no spares. Packing for a trip during Mercury retrograde? Double check that packing list thrice!!

NASA got this one right — before Mercury turned retrograde: “NASA photographs supersonic shock waves from the closest vantage point yet.”

Remember that Pisces can be vulnerable to despair, unable to see the potential for a new beginning. I am sad to report:

Meanwhile, reflecting tons and tons of news about drugs and fraud, as we are going to see until Neptune leaves Pisces in 2026:

In other news reflecting Mercury retrograde in Pisces conjunct bewildering and deceptive Neptune

Let’s pause now and devote a few sentences to the horoscope of Senator Mike Lee (R-UT).  His surreal presentation on how to solve the challenges of climate change provided plenty of fodder last night for Stephen Colbert. Watch the video — and I’ll tell you how what you’re seeing on screen is reflected in Lee’s horoscope (Jun 4 1971 — Mesa, AZ — time unknown). You’ll notice Lee’s slow, deliberate, eerily calm speech patterns, as he pleasingly (probably driven by Moon in Libra) presents complete wigginess.  That would be Mercury (how he needs to think), Venus (values; social expression) and Saturn (necessary control; ambition) all together in sloooooooooooooooooooow moooooooooooooooooooooooooving Taurus. And Mercury is conjunct the fixed star Algol, suggesting the potential to lose his head in matters of mindset. Ya think? But wait — there’s more — because we need to address the wigginess. That whole pile of planets in Taurus is opposed by Jupiter (expansion, dogma) conjunct Neptune (vision, delusion) in boundary-pushing Sagittarius. But what an expression of grand faith and inspiration — prompting  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to tweet in response “If that man can be senator, you can do anything.” Indeed. Those five planets in Lee’s horoscope are being activated now and through next week, as Mars travels through the end of Taurus and into early Gemini.

One last surreal moment in This Week in Congress — during the proactive Capricorn Moon — roll tape — “Swamp Creatures silently protest confirmation hearing of [oil lobbyist] to head Interior Dept.”

Thank you for reading this forecast. Contributions to the Cosmic Tip Jar are always appreciated — as are your referrals and requests for consultations. If you’re amazed by how astrology is reflected in the news, just imagine how it is reflected in your own personal world — so why not be prepared?




Monday 3/25/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury Turns Direct

Happy last week of March!

The Scorpio Moon goes void at 10:24 PM ET on SUNDAY (3/24). Chill until 2:04 AM ET on MONDAY (3/25), when the Moon shifts gears into Sagittarius.

Thus the start of the work week is driven by a need to push boundaries of (good taste and civil discourse ?)  with its righteous opinions. I wouldn’t rush to any conclusions — not by a long shot– and not until April 17th. Why? Because we are still in the rosy fog of yesterday’s meet-up between RETROGRADE Mercury and Neptune in “if I believe it, it must be true” Pisces. And right now, Mercury is — from our perspective on Spaceship Earth — slowing down and about to turn direct on THURSDAY at 9:59 AM ET. On April 2nd, Mercury meets up with Neptune for the third and final pass of the cycle. One can only imagine the wild fantasies that people will fall for on April Fools’ Day.

Your mission is to use the Sag Moon to take a walk in the woods or take in a foreign film, as Sagittarius encourages us to experience what’s outside our usual comfort zones as if it were a marvelous adventure. If you are an artist, healer, charitable type or scam artist, the sky’s the limit. The rest of the week goes like this:

TUESDAY — notably bewildering communication in the AM ET, as the high-flying Sag Moon squares wiggy Neptune and Mercury.  At 3:43 PM ET, Venus leaves “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius and enters “I totally feel your pain” Pisces. Congrats to all Pisces, who will be entering a period of boosted popularity until April 20th.  Moon goes void on an exuberant meet-up with Jupiter at 10:37 PM ET. Ain’t life grand? Will we have a winner in the big fat lottery tonight?

WEDNESDAYMoon enters Capricorn at 10:07 AM ET, ending a 12-hour chill period suggested by Tuesday night’s Moon void. Hopefully you did not get your knickers into a twist about whatever crisis, twist or flake cropped up. Seriously, it’s OK if your schedules collapse during a Moon void. Chill! However, if your Moon void experience happens to involve a Lyft driver who runs through crosswalks and red lights, feel free to delete that app from your smart phone, especially if Lyft refuses to refund the fare, even though you got out of the car before arriving at your destination. There are plenty of other ways to travel, especially in New York.

Once the Moon enters Capricorn, the day is driven by a need to Get Things Done, especially as it pertains to business. To this need I would add the advisory of Mercury being at a dead stop, tempering expectations. Meanwhile, the lunch hour ET is brought to you by a cooperative pattern between Venus and Uranus, exact at 12:44 PM ET, facilitating alignments among diverse factions for the sake of the greater good. Watch for news involving gender benders, tech innovation applied to matters of money, art and women. It’s an apt set-up for the first “all-female spacewalk” planned for Friday.

THURSDAY — the Third Quarter Moon happens at 12:10 AM ET. Whatever illumination was received via last week’s Full Moon, here’s a chance to work out a few more kinks.  Take it slow today, proactive Capricorn Moon be darned. Evening cocktails on the East Coast could be dreamy, suggested by harmonious connections between the Moon, Mercury and Neptune. Cheers.

FRIDAY — is serious, suggested by the Moon’s meet up with stern Saturn at 1 AM ET, followed by its weekly clash with Pluto at 7:35 AM ET. We see the potential for an early AM power play or emotional catharsis. Keep calm and carry on; Moon goes void at 8:05 PM ET for just under two hours, entering friendly Aquarius at 9:46 PM ET.  Hang with your besties through SUNDAY and pass the popcorn. Anyone born with a planet or angle at the very end of Taurus, Leo, Aquarius & Scorpio, not to mention the very beginning of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces may be feeling a wee bit provocative, as Mars (action & assertion) wraps up its plodding journey through Taurus and enters Gemini on SUNDAY at 2:12 AM ET. “Anyone” includes You-Know-Who, along with Gemini U.S. Attorney General William Barr.

And now, the news.

First, a heartwarming story of human kindness and the power of journalism to make good things happen. Last week, Nicholas Kristof introduced us to Tanitoluwa Adewumi, an 8-year-old chess prodigy from Nigeria, whose family has applied for asylum in New York. The family was homeless. This week, they are homeless no more — and you may be astonished to learn how they are planning to spend the $$$ raised on GoFundMe after the NYT published their story.  It’s like, wow, there really might be enough for everyone…

Here’s a fun one about a 75 year old woman who knitted herself a suit out of plastic grocery bags. A revolution in fashion (Uranus in Taurus)? Meanwhile…

Neptune refers to oceans and floods; Mercury retrograde in Pisces suggests travel snafus. “Cruise ship stranded off Norway reaches shore after harrowing rescue effort.”  Water woes are likely to continue to make news this year, as Jupiter (expansion) continues to be in a square to Neptune. The “bomb cyclone” that walloped the Midwest on the 13th happened on a square between Jupiter and the Pisces Sun, with an energetic trine among Mars, Saturn and Pluto.  The last bomb cyclone that made news happened in January 2018, under patterns also suggesting an abundant energetic flow.  In the U.S., the effect of the floods on farming has been shocking and disruptive, with some comparing the devastation to Dust Bowl conditions in the early 30s. That’s the last time Uranus (disruption) was in Taurus (earth, agriculture). In Africa, hundreds were killed when Cyclone Idai tore through Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

It’s interesting that this Mercury retrograde occurred with Mercury conjunct Scheat, a fixed star associated with shipwrecks. We’ve had more than one notable shipwreck revealed this month:

Here’s a technological disruption of the retail/food production experience (Uranus refers to technology): “Why Self Check-Out Always Has and Will Be the Worst.”  And this: “Human Contact is now a Luxury Good.”

In other news, given the outline of planetary patterns posted in the last two forecasts, we should not be surprised that Robert Mueller delivered his eagerly-awaited report on Friday. It receipt was announced at 4:35 PM ET, and that chart set in Washington D.C. is just one more jaw-dropping “coincidence,” except to those who do not believe in coincidence. The angles of the horoscope — the Ascendant and Midheaven — are the same as Trump’s. And Mars, the energy of an attack or an assertion — is conjunct his Midheaven. Astrology is amazing. Oh — and the report was delivered during a void of course Moon, suggesting a potential “much ado about nothing” — but — but — BUT — not to jump to conclusions.

What will happen now? Well, we didn’t expect anything to happen yesterday (read the last forecast), but just moments ago, the NYT reported: “Mueller Finds No Trump-Russia Conspiracy but Stops Short of Exonerating Trump on Obstruction of Justice.” (according to a letter to Congress from Attorney General William Barr). Right. And under a Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces, we are advised to take this with a big grain of salt.  This is how we see the pressure of transiting Pluto on Trump’s Saturn about to back off, as Pluto turns retrograde next month — noted in prior posts.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the dreaded Brexit — scheduled for March 29th — has been delayed. I’m not surprised, as when I looked at patterns in Theresa May’s horoscope back in January, March 29th looked like a day of frustrating blocks, with transiting Mars opposing her natal Saturn at 29 Scorpio and squaring her natal Pluto at 29 Leo. Not only that, but in the horoscope for the UK, we see echoes of frustrating blocks with transiting Mars squaring the UK’s Saturn and transiting Saturn exactly opposing the UK’s Cancer (!) Moon. Millions have signed a petition calling for a second referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU, and over a million protesters marched in the streets this weekend. It’s hard to see what may happen, although there is a suggestion of a new cycle of development starting on May 5th, preceded by an expansive idea about the UK’s ego expression. If only it did not have Mercury (how it needs to think) in sloppy Sagittarius, squared all year by foggy Neptune. Whether the UK stays in the EU or not, the country is clearly facing a major transformation – and we’ll see what it is by the end of September. Meanwhile, here is John Oliver to explain the whole Brexit hot mess to you.

In other news, the NYT salutes the second meet-up of Mercury with intuitive Neptune with a positive piece about psychics, countering the damning one on John Oliver’s show earlier this month. The NYT piece is about how some psychics are now serving as wellness coaches, working with clients on a more regular basis than checking in once or twice in a lifetime. As an astrologer, I also have clients who check in every month or so — and if you’re curious to know more about how that is helpful, here’s how to contact me.

Ooh! Almost forgot to share that I had another fun chat with the lovely and talented Cynthia Rose on her OmTimes radio show, “Standing in the Sunlight.” We talked about this Mercury retrograde, Uranus in Taurus and more — check it out here!!  And yes, I really will be in Denver the week of April 21st, so if you live in that neck of the woods and would like to schedule an in-person consultation, do let me know.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with the rest of the Free World. I love referrals!