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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 9/6/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Catching Up on Last Week, Too

Alllll- righty then!

It’s back to work in the U.S., and hopefully the tropical storms and hurricanes did not put a damper on your vacation.

The Moon is in Scorpio, where it has been since 8:38AM ET on Monday. The need until Wednesday at 9:20PM ET is for substance, depth and control. Take note of your dreams as you get back into gear, as the Moon makes contact with (dreamy) Neptune at 5:56AM ET. Easy aspects to the Moon from the Virgo Sun and Pluto around 2PM and 3PM ET facilitate that needed depth without hiccups.

Wednesday we have two patterns of note: a trine (easy flow) between Pluto and the Sun at 1:17AM ET, followed by another easy flow between Venus and Saturn. All together we are talking about the serious consolidation of power and resources, with a conservative and potentially feminine flair. I’m thinking of these aspects, along with the aftermath of the weekend’s reality-bending patterns among the Sun, Saturn and Neptune, as an apt backdrop for the transition of ultraconservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, aged 92. “There will be a woman president over my dead body!” she once famously**  proclaimed, in her successful campaign to defeat the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment, for those who weren’t even born in 1972). Who knew Ms. Schafly was a psychic?

In your own personal world, seize these next few days to advance your plans for world domination.

Moon goes void for not even an hour on Wednesday at 8:43PM ET. It enters Sagittarius at 9:20PM ET, seeking to push boundaries for a righteously opinionated cause. Still, no bumps in the road for the Moon until a few hours before 6PM ET, when the it meets up with heavy Saturn, followed 20 minutes later by a clash with nebulous Neptune. Real meets unreal — the story of our lives all summer, bracketed by tension between Saturn and Neptune,  exact on June 17th — and for the third and final hit this Saturday at 9:10AM ET.

Here’s a re-cap from January 2015 on the Saturn – Neptune square that’s been in effect since this time last year. Use it to inform your perspective on the headlines:

Briefly, Saturn is reality. Neptune is fantasy. Put them together and what have you got? A bubble of optimistic faith. When will it burst?  A few months ago, when I was reading The Big Short — about the collapse of the housing bubble and the outrageous speculation going on in the financial markets that led to the fiscal crisis in 2008,  I noticed a challenging aspect between Saturn and Neptune as that bubble was building.  There was a similar aspect in 1999, coinciding with the internet bubble and everyone freaking out about Y2K, which proved to be much ado about nothing. What pixie dust-covered fantasy will captivate us now and into the next year?

Here’s more from June 2016:

…the boundary-dissolving, reality-bending square between Saturn in Sagittarius (structure, control, borders, foreigners, opinions, media, etc.) and Neptune in Pisces (intangibles, opiates, viruses, oil, refugees and other keywords noted in prior forecasts)… File any “oh what’s the use?” feelings you may have in the folder labelled “Saturn vs. Neptune.” If have a planet or angle around 8-12 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius or Virgo, you are more personally affected. A consultation with your local astrologer would be productive.

The other notable shift in the cosmos happens on Friday, when Jupiter leaves Virgo for Libra. Jupiter refers to expansion. Virgo refers to what is small. Add niggling details, processes such as cooperation and digestion, health matters, workers, service, the conservation of Mother Earth and small animals. This is not a full list. All last week and this week, Jupiter is at the very end of Virgo. At 29 degrees, it’s well within range of one of the four Aries Points which suggest prominence.  Watch the headlines for news along these themes to pull big focus.

When Jupiter enters Libra on Friday at 7:18AM ET, it will be exactly on the Aries Point 0 degrees of Libra (the other three are Aries, Cancer and Capricorn). I anticipate we will notice an expansive  light on Libran concerns – including, but not limited to: fairness, equality, justice, balance, diplomacy, mediation, social graces, marriage and other one-on-one partnerships, the lower back and kidneys. We’ll talk more about this event in a future forecast. Too much to catch up on from last week, such as….

A new month, a New Moon and a solar eclipse. Where to begin?

With the eclipse, which occurred at 9 Virgo at 5:03AM ET on September 1st. What’s so special about an eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse can act like a bottleneck of energy. Light flowing from the Sun is temporarily interrupted by the Moon, focusing attention on that interrupted point. Wherever that point falls in your horoscope, something new — and possibly fragile — may enter the picture and grow over the next several months. And here I would be thinking of Michael, the kindhearted policeman in the storybook Make Way for Ducklings, who stopped the flow of traffic on Beacon Street so Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their brood of eight could safely make their way to the Boston Public Garden. Here is Officer Michael, playing the role of the Moon in a solar eclipse. Got that?


So when does the bottleneck of energy release, you may be wondering. Good question. We can expect a release of energy (reflected by an event) when another planet makes contact with the degree of the eclipse. Conjunctions are the most potent, but I’d argue that squares and oppositions also make an impact. Here’s an example: on April 15, 2014 there was a lunar eclipse at 26 Libra. Months later, when Mars (action, aggression, attack) arrived at 26 Libra, a Malaysian Airlines plane was shot down while flying over the Ukraine. I knew that’s where Mars was before looking it up on my computer. A release of bottlenecked energy is not always unpleasant. There are plenty of cases in the lives of individuals where a triggered eclipse is reflected in a positive change. You will find examples in a fine book by Celeste Teal called ECLIPSES.

You are personally affected by this eclipse if you have a planet around 9 degrees of Virgo. This includes most everyone born between Sept 1962-Sept 1964. You can order an Astro-Basics Report if you want to know what degrees all of your planets and angles are at, so you can see where eclipses and other celestial events fall in your horoscope.

Here are some considerations for a New Moon in Virgo, which you can apply in your efforts this week. Keywords for Virgo include: discernment, work, service, analysis. Whom or what does your creative self-expression serve? How does it work?

Virgo also rules the digestive tract, where it keeps busy instinctively separating the wheat from the chaff. It keeps elements that provide nourishment and eliminates those which do not. Some digestive systems work more efficiently than others, depending on what they are given to process. What is your process? Is it efficient? What can you do to perfect it?

Patterns in this New Moon are similar to those we saw in June’s New Moon in Gemini: Sun and Moon in a tough, tight relationship with Saturn (in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Pisces). Themes we can expect in the headlines: tough reality checks and/or bewildering spin on these Sagittarius and Pisces themes, including, but not limited to: foreigners, immigration, refugees, water, scandals, fantasy, scandal, surrealism, publishing, belief systems (political and spiritual), drugs and education. Here’s a silly — but apt reflection that just came in:

As part of a Federal Election Commission crackdown on fake presidential candidates (remember Deez Nuts?), officials sent a letter to the Staten Island address where God’s campaign manager apparently lives.

“It has come to the attention of the Federal Election Commission that you may have failed to include the true, correct, or complete committee name, candidate name, custodian of records name, treasurer name,” an FEC analyst wrote in the letter, which was sent Wednesday.

Now God has 30 days to prove He exists, or his campaign for the presidency will be terminated.

The horoscope of the U.S., as I have noted before, is directly affected by this tough Saturn-Neptune pattern, in case anyone is looking for an explanation of why the U.S. appears to have lost its mind — or at the very least, temporarily, its way. This bewildering pattern directly impacts the U.S. horoscope, whether you use the one with 12 Sagittarius Ascendant or 8 Gemini. The exact birth time of the United States continues to be a subject of lively debate among astrologers, doncha know….

Also in the horoscope for the New Moon: a meet-up between Mercury and Jupiter, suggesting big ideas about small details, discernment, discrimination and mass media. Effective immediately, the NYT will no longer be covering the small stuff, such as local restaurants, art shows and non-profit theater productions. It’s just not interesting to the NYT’s desired global audience.  YouTube says no YouCan’T use its distribution channel to monetize content that includes sex, drugs and political humor. What’s next? Rock n’ roll?  Meanwhile, in Cape Canaveral, a Space X rocket blew to smithereens on the launchpad, destroying a zillion-dollar communications satellite Facebook hoped would allow it to conquer Africa.

And now, the news.

…with apologies for the delay. I started writing this forecast last week, but was sidetracked by deadlines on two soon-to-be-published articles in mainstream publications. I am thrilled thrilled thrilled to announce that one of the articles will appear in the Dec/Jan issue of The Mountain Astrologer — huzzah, huzzah, huzzah! I will be sure to let you know when the issue hits the stand so you can buy it.

File all of the following stories under Saturn square Neptune — real/unreal — drugs, dreams, scandals, despair, escapes, transcendence, refugees, yadda, yadda: Opiates and Anti-Anxiety Drugs are Killing White Women; Millions of Honeybees Killed in South Carolina by Pesticide Intended to Kill Zika-Carrying Mosquitos; Mother Teresa is Canonized.  Did you know that in order to become a saint, there must be empirical evidence of miraculous healing that occurred when people prayed to you for help after you died? How very Saturn-Neptune, and how cool that the NYT published an op-ed on saints and medical miracles throughout history.

Add the power/resources consolidation of the Sun trine Pluto and say hi to what could be the largest energy infrastructure company in America: the merger of Spectra and Enbridge.

Scandals. All over the place last week. Exhibit A: Anthony Weiner — three sexting strikes and he’s out. His wife announced their separation. We do not have a birth time, but let the record show that a pile-up of planets in Virgo in his horoscope: Mercury, Sun, Uranus and Pluto were eclipsed last week and also have been under stress from transiting Saturn and Neptune. This will continue into 2017. Reality checks and wipeout potential. Not only that, but transiting Uranus has been squaring his Mars (yang, assertion) at 23 Cancer, so we see the potential need for risky action with sudden consequences.

Meanwhile, the Guardian reported that Steve Bannon, the new campaign chief for That Guy Who Continues to Dominate My Newsfeed, was registered to vote in Florida, citing the address of a vacant house in which he has never lived as his residence. Elsewhere, New York published a page-turner: “The Revenge of Roger’s Angels: How Fox Women Took Down the Most Powerful, Predatory Media Man in America.” Said predatory media man — Roger Ailes — may sue New York in response; however, Fox News has now reached a $20 million settlement with Gretchen Carlson, whose lawsuit brought this scandal into the glaring light. The parent company of Fox News also apologized.

Let the record show that Rupert Murdoch’s horoscope  was directly affected by last week’s eclipse, sitting right on top of his 11 Virgo Midheaven (status/profession), which is also impacted by transiting Saturn and Neptune. I noted these current challenging patterns at the beginning of the year when he announced his engagement to Jerry Hall. They suggest heavy controls and no small amount of uncertainty and/or scandal. These patterns will be in effect for some time to come. Astrology is amazing.

File this under Mercury Retrograde: “Green Party’s Jill Stein Flies to Wrong Ohio City for Rally.” Oops. “British Airways Computer Problems Cause Widespread Delays.”  These problems are reportedly “unexplained.” Mwahahaha….

Finally, a welcome contribution from Avid Readers Diane and Monica, who sent this “classic post for the current Saturn Square Neptune; the attempt to give form to and control (Saturn) our dreams (Neptune):” Inside the Company That Wants to be the Netflix of Lucid Dreaming. Yup. That works. Thank you Diane and Monica!

And thank you for reading this forecast.

To be continued….

**…and by “famous” I mean “spread like wildfire all over the internet, even though snopes says she never said it.”


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/16/2014 & the Weekend: Upsets and Power Plays at the New York Times

Allll-riiighty then!

As of 3:43AM ET, the Moon in high-flying Sagittarius is void of course — not to enter the next sign — Capricorn — until 4:12AM ET on Saturday. This suggests a day of opinionated, righteous optimism, all dressed up with no particular place to go. Or optimistic, righteous opinions to fuel a philosophical debate.

Moon in Sag is always up for a gamble or a gambol — and in the void, there’s likely little consequence for indulging in either. Use the energy — or lack thereof — for Sagittarian pursuits including, but not limited to broadening your mind, wandering a bit, getting out in nature or mulling over your travel plans for next month, when Mercury retrograde on June 7th suggests an opportunity for escape.

On Saturday  & Sunday, make good use of an enterprising and practical Moon in Capricorn to take care of projects around the house. There’s no Moon void to deter you from finding thrifty bargains at yard sales or hitting other retail stores. The “thrift” is the Moon in Capricorn. On the other hand, an indulgent connection between loving Venus and expansive Jupiter on Sunday at 11:31AM ET counters that thrift with an inclination to consume three instead of just one. “But it was such a good price!”. Yeah, OK, enjoy.

Be mindful of a challenging connection between the make-it-happen Moon and willful Mars around 7:14PM ET on Saturday; this suggests the potential for outbursts on the roads and in the house. Find a positive channel for all that energy and you’ll be fine.  The wee hours between Saturday and Sunday are colored by the usual upsets and power plays we’ve come to expect once a week, as the Moon engages with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square. Could be interesting if you happen to work in an ER.

On Monday there’s a brief Moon void between 3:02AM and 5:58AM ET — and then it’s off to work — no sleeping in.

And now, the news.

My, my, my what a rollicking few days we have had in the aftermath of Wednesday’s Full Moon and Venus (women, money, arts, social expression) hooking up with rebel Uranus in warrior Aries and squaring power-mongering Pluto in Establishment Capricorn (Wednesday & Thursday). First, as I’ve noted before — the Venus-Uranus-Pluto patterns suggest volatility in the markets. How interesting to see record highs in a number of markets on Tuesday…followed by “the worst two-day drop since a swoon in mid-April”.

Second, a truly startling upset involving a woman behind the headlines now making headlines: Jill Abramson, the first female executive editor of the New York Times, was abruptly fired — ten minutes after the potentially nasty and cutting square between Venus and Pluto and one hour before the Full Moon in equally cutting Scorpio. Whoa! How could this happen? Was it because she discovered her pay package was far less than male predecessors? Was it because she was “pushy” (and a woman)? Better to ask, “what’s going on in her horoscope?” Let’s find out, since everyone who knows nothing about astrology is abuzz over this event — at least here in New York.

Ms. Abramson was born March 19, 1954 (time unknown) in New York. She’s a Pisces, with her Sun conjunct the Aries Point, which regular readers know is a suggestion of a need to become prominent. Her Pisces Sun is also conjunct the Fixed Star Scheat, which suggests great intellect, on the one hand. It is also associated with shipwrecks. Yes, really. Yikes. Her Moon is either late-degree Virgo (a need for exacting perfection) or early degree Libra (a need to be appreciated, seen as fair and/or people-pleasing) — and either way, the Moon is also likely on that Aries Point. Her natal Uranus is unaspected (“running wild”), suggesting a bigger than average need for freedom. This could easily manifest in a work situation as a failure to keep others in the loop. Also running wild: her Venus (social expression) at 10 Aries — and this is a tough placement. Venus in Aries can be a champion for the underdog; a pioneering warrior. It also can be brash, self-absorbed and impulsive. Y’know, pushy. Deal with it. Back in June of 2011, when Ms. Abramson became the executive editor, Saturn was at 10 Libra — exactly opposing her Venus. This suggests an opportunity to anchor the “running wild” energies of Venus with practical, diplomatic and gracious ambition. Interesting to note that transiting Uranus had just completed a series of conjunctions to her Sun, suggesting a need for greater freedom of independent expression — and an opportunity to be recognized for her unique talents.  (Also interesting to note that on May 8, 2007 — just three days before ruthless Pluto made a second conjunction to her Sun, she was hit by a truck in Times Square. The story of her recovery — and of other New York Times colleagues hit by reckless drivers in New York — was published earlier this month —  talk about adding insult to injury).

Anyway. Now, just three years later, it is fascinating to see that her dismissal happened with Mars stationary retrograde — sitting at a dead stop at 10 Libra — exactly opposing her Venus. The Scorpio Full Moon at 24 Scorpio exactly squared her Pluto, suggesting an illumination or release involving power and resources. [Note to Arthur Sulzberger, Jr., Ms. Abramson’s former boss: firing and hiring employees when Mars is retrograde is not generally advised, as it is highly probable that such actions are motivated more by impatience, resentment and frustration than by rational thinking. Time will tell.]  Also of interest in Ms. Abramson’s horoscope: 1) her Saturn at 9 Scorpio was eclipsed by the powerful New Moon on April 29th. An eclipse to Saturn in the horoscope often brings career and status into focus. 2) her Neptune at 25 Libra is in alignment with an important midpoint which refers to writing and publishing. Neptune (and the writer/publisher midpoint) was also eclipsed: last month — on the April 15th Full Moon at 25 Aries/Libra, and last year on October 18! Astrologer Celeste Teal notes in her book, Eclipses, that Neptune naturally rules the 12th house — which is the house of self-undoing. On the plus side, Teal notes the potential for increased “inspiration, creativity, spirituality and absolutely blissful times.” Interesting to also note that in 2010, before Ms. Abramson was promoted, three of the year’s four eclipses personally impacted her horoscope.

Looking ahead at prospects for Ms. Abramson, we see the New Moon on August 25th exactly opposing her natal Mercury, suggesting seeds planted in areas related to communication and mindset. Around March of 2015 (give or take a few months — wish I had her exact birth time), a connection between rebel Uranus and expansive Jupiter suggests a windfall opportunity that affords her greater independence and satisfaction.

Other prominent women of arts and letters making headlines: author Mary Stewart passed away at 97. She wrote The Crystal Cave, which retold the legend of King Arthur from Merlin’s point of view. Love that book. RIP. And Barbara Walters is retiring from television today — at 84.

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