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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/10/2015: More on Mars in the News

More intensity, driven by fearless action, as the Scorpio Moon continues on its quest for substance and control, with the help of a supercharged Mars in me-me-me-first Aries. When Jupiter in regal Leo challenges the Moon at 12:31PM ET, expect added optimism or a bigger reach. Power plays may be effectively communicated a few hours later, as Moon aligns with Pluto.

And now, the news.

With Mars about to meet-up with rebel Uranus and square Pluto in “Establishment” Capricorn, we would expect to see a headline about a group of secessionists in the Lone Star State who believe that the Republic of Texas never joined the United States. Thus, they have formed their own government, also known as the Republic of Texas, complete with their own currency and elected representatives. For the past eight years they had been pretty much ignored, until last Valentine’s Day.  I’d like to believe they’re on the NYT home page now, in sync with planetary patterns.

Mars-Uranus contacts suggest innovative technology. Yesterday Apple CEO Tim Cook was front and center, launching Apple Watch and other new-fangled gadgets. Well, that’s pretty good timing….but dear Mr. Cook, do we really need another computerized toy? How about directing your brilliant engineers to come up with a reasonable replacement for the internal combustion engine? Speaking of which (Mars rules cars), GM made a bold move yesterday when it announced it would buy back $5 billion of its stock, “as part of a negotiated settlement with dissident investors led by a former member of the government’s auto task force,” reported the NYT. Meanwhile, the initial leg of an around-the-world plane fueled by solar power went well. Now we’re talking!

Elsewhere, following up on yesterday’s rhetorical question, “How are we doing now?” (regarding civil rights issues that were prominent in the mid-60s and back for further consideration in this decade), the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity at the University of Oklahoma has been shuttered and members were suspended after a video showing these tuxedo-clad frat brothers chanting racial slurs was posted online.

Meanwhile, a state judge has been appointed to rule in municipal cases in Ferguson, MO, after last week’s “damning report” documented countless cases of abuse and bias…and also revealed how much the city government relied on its police department as a revenue-generating machine. One wonders what might happen in the next town(s) over, as apparently circumstances are much the same. Do those towns needs a state judge, too?

Mars suggests action…and also action heroes.  So why not stumble across a story about the first Sikh comic book action hero on this home page? Mars suggests “macho” in less heroic displays, too. A video of a Lebanese anchorwoman smacking down a London-based Islamic scholar who would not show her some respect has gone viral.

Triggers to Pluto suggest “news from underground”. In London, archaeologists are excavating the burial ground known as Bedlam to make way for a new train station. They’re digging up the bones of 3000 or so people who lived during the 16th and 17th century…and a few of those are probably astrologers.

Finally, yesterday we were talking about the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-1966 as the seed-planting point of the cycle we are in now. That conjunction was in Virgo, which refers to labor, work routines, health and diet, as well as food production systems. So that may help you understand why we are seeing so many headlines about labor unions being undermined and/or strengthened, depending on where you live.  It may help you put headlines like this one — about soil conservation in farming — in perspective, too.  The technique is being hailed as “a massive paradigm shift,” and does not require nitrogen fertilizers or fungicide. A massive paradigm shift sound very Uranus square Pluto to me. Good news!

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/5/2015: Full Moon in Virgo

Get it done early today. The Virgo Moon waxes to fullness at 1:05PM ET, then goes void with a long, deep sigh as it makes an easy connection to potent Pluto at 1:36PM ET. The Virgo faculties of organizing, sorting and perfecting may feel as if they are running wild over the next 24+ hours…or they may take you off on a wandering adventure as you uncover the unexpected. Go with the flow and take some time to chill if you can.

Depth, perspective, power, transformation and regeneration are emphasized by a cooperative connection between the intuitive Pisces Sun and Pluto, exact at 7:18PM ET. There are no exact planetary patterns tomorrow, though the Moon will engage in the next sign — Libra — at 7:52PM ET. That’ll give some focus and intention to your Friday night date.

The Full Moon sheds light on the New Moon projects launched two weeks ago. The Sabian Symbol for that lunation at the last degree of Aquarius suggested a focus on “ancient civilizations”. How interesting  on this Full Moon to see in the headlines that a jawbone found two years ago has now been analyzed and now “pushes human evolution back 400,000 years”.  With Uranus and Pluto so prominent this month, watch for plenty more “news from underground,” literally and figuratively.

The Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon are — for the Sun: “an officer preparing to drill his men”; and for the Moon: “an ornamental handkerchief”. Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee writes that the latter is “an image of power and rank embellished by beauty and refinement”. He reminds us of the chivalric code of the Knights of the Round Table, where a fearsome knight might earn the handkerchief of a noble lady, which he would prominently display. His fighting energies would thus be sworn to serve her presumably gentler, kinder and more refined qualities. It is an interesting symbol for this lunation, given the current potency of macho Mars in equally macho Aries, about to shake things up as it makes contact with Uranus and Pluto next week.  Both symbols suggest a discipline, courtesy and more refined expression of raw physical power. Up for the challenge?

As if on cue, the NYT just posted an op-ed on why gender equality is better for men, too. I haven’t read the whole piece yet, but did note this benefit: “have more sex”. Coincidence or conspiracy?

And now, more news.

With the Moon in Virgo yesterday, the Supreme Court heard a case challenging the Affordable Care Act, and  it all boiled down to arguments about four little words. It occurs to me to wonder why they can’t just take a poll of every member of Congress who voted for the law and ask them what they thought they were voting for: tax credits only for people enrolled in state-run health exchanges, or tax credits for state-run and federal-run. Yeah, I know: because the Justice Branch of our government is charged with interpreting the law, as I recall from my elementary school civics classes. And this is what happens when legislators vote for bills they haven’t actually read.

Anyway, the NYT thought Justice Kennedy said something telling. Mother Jones was intrigued by what Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to say. And the New York Post quoted Justice Scalia. In the end, the dress was ruled to be either white/gold or black/blue, depending upon how your eyes are physically equipped to perceive it.

Elsewhere in the world of excruciating Virgo detail, the federal investigation of the Ferguson police department released its findings, and they are an absolute page-turner — a “damning report” on racial bias and abuse. I encourage you to read it.

Another stark reality exposed in the report is this (as you can read on page 9):

City officials have consistently set maximizing revenue as the priority for Ferguson’s law enforcement activity. Ferguson generates a significant and increasing amount of revenue from the enforcement of code provisions. The City has budgeted for, and achieved, significant increases in revenue from municipal code enforcement over the last several years, and these increases are projected to continue…

In other words, with Venus — money issues — becoming supercharged by Uranus and Pluto yesterday, we are invited to realize that cities are cash-strapped. Tax revenues are not enough to fund municipal services. Instead of raising taxes, cities then plan to cover expenses by directing law enforcement departments to make up the difference by collecting fines from its citizens. Law enforcement complies….ruthlessly. It becomes THE priority.  In a related story, six police officers in Whittier, California are suing that city, saying they were forced to meet certain quotas that would generate revenue.

The opposite of Virgo is Pisces, which is intuitive, sensitive and compassionate. “Their Dying Wishes” is an NYT op-ed written by a woman who volunteers in hospice centers and seeks to fulfill the last wishes of people in their final days. These wishes may seem mundane in their simplicity; the stories are tender and kind.  Pisces also refers to endings.

In other news, there will be no more elephant acts at Ringling Brothers’ Circus as of 2018. And in Southern California, stricter emission controls aimed at reducing smog has resulted in healthier lungs for SoCal children. Finally, a man who tried to end it all by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge two years ago says his life was saved — by (an empathic?) sea lion. The man now works as a mental health advocate. Good news.

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