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Friday 3/17/2017 & the Weekend: The Axes of Evil (Pun with Saturn Square Sun)


Yesterday and today and are driven by the Moon in Scorpio, seeking depth and substance for the sake of power and control. Moon goes void at 5:56 PM ET — there’s your cue to head to the nearest Irish pub for a pint of green beer.

We are at the end of the astrological year, in the last days of Pisces. The new year — a.k.a. the vernal equinox a.k.a. the Aries Ingress — begins on Monday at 6:29 AM ET. That’s when the Sun enters Aries (for those who are not familiar with the word “ingress”).

These last days are likely to be marked by  heavy cuts, controls, structure and ambition — for better or worse — suggested by the building tension between the Sun and authoritative Saturn, exact on Friday at 5:47 PM ET. Note that I wrote this paragraph on Wednesday evening — and consider what’s hit the wires since then. Pay close attention to whatever news makes headlines at the end of the day Friday. If you have planets around 27-28 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and especially Sagittarius, you are likely to feel the weight now and through May, and again in September and October.  If you are a psychologist, my money says your client sessions have been noticeably heavier this week.

A sigh of relief is scheduled for 11 PM ET, when the Moon enters high-flying Sagittarius, seeking a gambol or a gamble along with a need to express its righteous opinion. Patterns to the Moon are accommodating on Saturday and Sunday, and there is no void to derail your shopping adventures.

Monday marks the start of the astrological new year — delayed ever so slightly by a Moon void between 6:37 and 11:31 AM ET. This will be your excuse for sleeping in — or any other twist that interferes with your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Then it’s full speed ahead.

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And now, the news.

P45’s “…Budget Seeks Sharp Cuts…” was yesterday’s big story. A quick glance back at the horoscope for P45’s inauguration reminds us that this proposed budget reflects the cold and cruel controls against all that is dignified, vulnerable and compassionate (Saturn squaring Venus in Pisces in the inaugural chart), especially in Venus-ruled concerns including arts, women, social values and yes, even food. USA Today published a list of 62 programs the budget would eliminate.  Pundits are howling over the proposed cuts to Meals on Wheels, which provides hot meals to hungry senior citizens. Where is the compassion? It is being oppressed by Saturn in the inaugural chart.

Meanwhile, at the Washington Times (one of Justice Antonin Scalia’s two favorite newspapers), the top story is an authoritative warning to federal judges who have (once again) blocked P45’s efforts to impose a Saturn-in-Sagittarius travel ban. Further down on the homepage, you’ll see the proposed “hard-power,” military-boosting budget presented as a fulfilled campaign promise to eliminate “unauthorized” programs. Which side of Saturn (discipline, streamlining, hard, patriarchal authority, ambition, control) do you see in this budget? Where do you get your news? Hopefully from multiple sources.

A Saturn-Sun square is not known for being warm and fuzzy. Add in today’s Moon in Scorpio and retrograde Venus in Aries, and you might end up with an awkward photo op at the White House, as P45 appeared to ignore Angela Merkel’s effort to put on a socially gracious face for the people back home. GQ has a play-by-play. 

Now called the Leader of the Free World by many, we can see how she might gain that moniker. Like Meryl Streep and Elizabeth Warren, Angela Merkel has Sun in a tight meet-up with Uranus, a sure suggestion of electrifying individualism. Right now transiting Uranus is challenging that pattern in Chancellor Merkel’s horoscope, suggesting break-out opportunities. However, this need for independence is countered by another pattern between her natal Mars and transiting Saturn, suggesting stern controls and potential frustration on her need for action. She will have another exact hit of this potential brick wall in the last half of May. Still, if a 6PM birth time is accurate, transits to her Midheaven (career/reputation) suggest overall expansion and support to the upside — at least until early fall.

Random aside: I’m marking mid-May in my calendar as a date to watch, given certain disruptive and provocative hits to the area ruling public status in the inaugural chart of the current administration.

Here is my favorite Saturn square Sun story of the week.  Who remembers an item from 2013, in which Maine’s famous “North Pond Hermit” was arrested for theft after living in the woods for almost 27 years (a full cycle of Saturn!) without any human contact? Really nothing says “hermit” more than Saturn, which wrote the book on isolation. This week the hermit — Christopher Knight — is the subject of a book which is now making headlines.

So this week we have Saturn square Sun, right? Well what do you suppose Christopher Knight has in his horoscope (birth date 12/7/1965)? Saturn square Sun and Mercury, the same patterns we saw in the Full Moon on the 13th, one of which is exact today! His Sun and Mercury are in Sagittarius, sign of rustic adventures. Mr. Knight’s  isolated/disciplined/hardened lifestyle choice is supported by Mars in practical Capricorn, suggesting an ability to execute practical action effectively. His Mars is currently being supercharged by transiting Pluto.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday & Wednesday 10/28-29/2014: Politics As Usual

Once again, note your dreams, as the Sun makes an easy connection to intuitive Neptune at 5:50AM ET. Then, see if you notice the boost in energy encouraging you to get up and at ’em, as the enterprising Moon in Capricorn makes contact with an equally proactive Mars. Cooperative connections to the Moon among Neptune, Sun and Venus suggest a nice balance to your juggling act during business hours and beyond.

Tensions are more likely as we move into the wee hours on Wednesday, as the Moon makes its weekly engagement with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square at 1:47AM ET and 5:50AM ET. Hmmm….that could be your wake up call on Wednesday…and you’ll feel it more personally if you have a planet or angle at around 14 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn.

Still, a heightened productivity is favored until the Capricorn Moon goes void at 11:01PM ET Wednesday night. Then you can rest — and perhaps sleep in a bit on Thursday, as the Moon will not enter Aquarius until 9:52AM ET. Why can you sleep in? Because things that happen — or are scheduled to happen during Moon voids often prove to have no consequence. There’s also a higher probability of twists and flakes. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to the great Yogi (Berra) who once said, “You can observe a lot just by watching”.

And now, the news.

With Neptune in touch with the Sun and Venus on Monday and Tuesday, I found it interesting to note the obituaries posted on the NYT homepage. Neptune refers to healing, spirits, music and other artsy concerns. So who passed away? John-Roger, a New Age spiritual leader; Stan M. Jay, a “seller of musical instruments to the stars”; Doris Hering, a dance critic and Jack Bruce, “Cream’s adventurous bassist”. Isn’t that interesting? I’m pleased to report that over the weekend the NYT published a respectful  yet juicy and intriguing obituary for Joan Quigley, the astrologer who consulted with First Lady Nancy Reagan on behalf of the President.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush made headlines thanks to certain family members — especially one of his sons — dropping hints that Mr. Bush might run for president.  Which reminded me that a reader asked me about this prospect some months ago, and while I looked at the horoscope and noted measurements suggesting ambition and windfall opportunities right about now and into early 2015, I never got around to writing about it.

Here is Jeb Bush’s horoscope: Sun in Aquarius, Moon in enterprising Capricorn; Virgo rising (maybe). It has a few classic signatures suggesting a challenging relationship with the father and an element of feeling suppressed in his early home life. There is also a defensive structure suggesting extraordinary self-sufficiency, especially in matters of mindset. Does he really need to know what you think? Probably not. But I’ll wager he’d find it fulfilling to teach you a thing or two. Issues of authority and administration in matters of self expression are coming to a blossoming point in the next year or so.

It’s interesting to note the timing of this “announcement” of ambition — indirect as it is. Transiting Saturn (ambition) is making the third of a series of challenges to his natal Sun and Pluto — it was exact on the 25th — talk about timing. He has some tough decisions to make. Also interesting that Saturn rules his 5th house (his son) and Pluto rules his 3rd house (siblings), and reportedly his brother George is one of his biggest fans, especially on this issue of making a run for it. Let’s see where he’s at towards the end of January/mid-February.

Another politician I’ve been asked about is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who’s up for re-election next Tuesday.  I wrote about him back in early 2011, after he was elected during the “buyer beware” Venus retrograde 2010 election that ushered in many Tea Party candidates. It didn’t take long for Mr. Walker to move forward on his Koch brothers-backed agenda of crushing unions and so forth, prompting protests and a recall effort that ultimately failed, reflecting extremely demanding transits in his horoscope that could be also described as torturous. But then there is this reigning need of his Sun and Moon in Scorpio’s for power and control, which he has obviously maintained.

Even without an exact birth time, Walker’s horoscope has distinct measurements that suggest continued empowerment and uncompromising independence. There could be a upset suggested, if we knew the exact degree of his Scorpio Moon. His challenger, Mary Burke, is as fierce and tenacious as he is, but with a need to serve humanity. She is a Taurus with Moon in Aquarius. Like Walker, she has a determined, disciplined and potentially militant pattern involving Saturn and Mars. This Mars (action!), along with her Mercury has been supercharged in recent months by the Uranus-Pluto square. We’d expect persuasive action and communication in 2014 from a natal horoscope that has plenty of inherent resources and an stellar education.

It’s always intriguing to look at candidates running against each other. So often their horoscopes contain similar patterns! Add to the notes above a contact between the Sun and visionary/idealistic Neptune for Ms. Burke; in Walker’s horoscope, there is a likely connection between the Moon and Neptune. A close race, for sure, though I know which one I’d vote for, if I lived in Wisconsin.

I hope the readers who asked me about these candidates are pleased with the analysis, posted during an opinionated Moon in Sagittarius ; )

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/16/2012 & the Weekend: Mars in Capricorn

While you were sleeping (for readers in the US), Moon charged into the enterprising sign of Capricorn, armed with a hammer and plenty of nails. You may have woken up inspired by a sublime or surreal vision, as Moon formed an easy connection with nebulous Neptune. Welcome to the next two days of making that vision happen, and let’s hope it’s more sublime than surreal.

Building your empire may require considerable flexibility, courtesy of challenges from the Usual Suspects, rebel Uranus (1:32PM ET) and ruthless Pluto (6:18P ET). Acts of aggression may generate more attention than anyone anticipated, courtesy of Mars hitting a highly-charged point in the zodiac as it moves into  Capricorn at 9:36PM ET. And here I would be thinking of the unfortunate headlines about escalating battles in the Middle East. On the plus side, the action-oriented energy of Mars is very comfortable in earthy Capricorn. So long as you keep your temper in check (and are not held hostage by the outbursts of others), you may move a mountain or two in your own personal world. Mars will be in Capricorn through December 25th.

These next several days can be quite productive for artists, healers and other creative types who work with intangibles (including music). There’s a lovely communicative energy on Saturday that supports rose-colored ideals with practicality. Sunday, after a six hour Moon void between 1 and 7 AM ET, Moon moves into humanitarian Aquarius, facilitating group project of all kinds, the more socially significant, the better.

In yesterday’s news recap, we noted strikes across Europe in protest of continued austerity measures being proposed and/or enacted as a way to resolve economic crises that are marching inexorably to a head in January. Mercury retrograde tends to increase the likelihood of strikes, as if somehow workers intuitively know they should be taking some time off  ; ) Did you know that here in the US, some WalMart workers are also on strike? Planetary patterns are building to a potentially volatile release between the 20th and the 29th. Just giving you a heads up if you plan to spend your Thanksgiving weekend anywhere near a minefield, whether it’s real or metaphorical. This would include shopping malls on Black Friday. Once again, the blokes at The Guardian have more on the WalMart story




Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/14/2012: The Grand Earth Trine and Jamie Dimon’s Big Surprise

Re-read yesterday’s forecast, which covers yesterday and today. Here it is, for those of you who receive this forecast via email:  In a nutshell, more of the same from yesterday, with greater intensity and perhaps volatility.  How is this Earth Grand Trine manifesting for you? For me, it has been incredibly productive, despite several Mercury retrograde tech, communication and transportation snafus. Fabulous!

Looking at the headlines, Jamie Dimon, the highly respected CEO of JPMorgan Chase, gets my vote for best public manifestation of the Earth Grand Trine, raised to greater heights by rebel Uranus and Mercury retrograde. Why? For projecting an aura of empowered, abundant self-sufficiency that rocked the markets and the timetable of the Federal Reserve. Jamie Dimon’s horoscope is personally affected by the EGT and other compelling planetary patterns.

Yesterday JPMorgan Chase announced that it had passed a “stress test” given by the Fed. Nineteen banks had to show they have enough capital to survive another big, fat crisis.  JPMorgan said it had plenty of money, thank you very much — and it is raising its dividend. Wow! JPM stock soars! And the market goes even higher! But wait — wait — the results of the Fed stress tests were to be announced on Thursday. But Jamie Dimon didn’t wait  —  — and soon, other banks followed his lead and announced their test results and dividends, too. Ultimately, the Fed announced all the test results two days earlier than it had planned. And this whole scenario is deliciously in line with planetary patterns outlined in prior forecasts.

Jamie Dimon is a Pisces with Moon in Aries, which needs to be first, dang it. He needs to inspire, to be a pioneer, to lead. Moon in Aries is not known for patience. Jamie Dimon also has assertive Mars at 9 degrees of enterprising Capricorn. That’s where ruthless, resourceful Pluto is right now — yes, sitting on top of Jamie Dimon’s Mars, suggesting great efforts of empowerment. Refer to earlier forecasts for a full description of the Big Giant Earth Grand Trine and you can see how themes of material abundance and expansion are “hot” in Mr. Dimon’s horoscope, not to mention empowerment and emancipation.  His need to be FIRST  and his need to make things happen (Mars in Capricorn) are being supercharged! There’s much more, but bottom line: we anticipate that Jamie Dimon is going to do something Really Big. And he does. We should watch his horoscope through early 2013.

Fun fact: his birthday is March 13th.  Coincidence or conspiracy?