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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/14/2016 & a Few More Days: Earth Grand Trine; Mars and Pluto RX Alert

Moon enters Leo at 9:53AM ET, ending the void it’s been in since 11:59PM ET last night. A Moon void suggests a higher probability of twists and delays in efforts to move forward in a straight line, which can be your excuse for any flakiness you experienced this morning. Pour hot water over coffee beans you forgot to grind? Been there; done that. Focus on routine concerns; chill if you can; don’t make a mountain over a molehill of crisis.

In Leo, the Moon facilitates a sense of play, creativity and self-expression. Let the drama queens reign, for better or for worse. Throw a party. Help others shine. A Leo Moon without love is a sad thing indeed. Be generous with compliments today and tomorrow; they will come back to you.

The only exact aspect today is an easy flow between Mercury in Taurus (thinking about material security) and Jupiter (expansion) in Virgo. These two are closely aligned in another easy flow with Pluto (power and resources) in Capricorn (the Establishment). All together, they make a loose Grand Trine in the Earth element. This suggests a potential for abundance — or at least the projection of material self-sufficiency. Interesting to note that the markets hit a high for the year yesterday — the second day of a rally. This is not at all unexpected.

Moon continues in Leo through Friday and into Saturday. It goes void at 1:48PM ET, entering Virgo to put things back in order at 7:23PM ET.  On Sunday, Mercury aligns exactly with Pluto, suggesting more of what we’re already seeing this week in terms of news from underground coming to light, likely involving power and resources. Such as? Such as this release of still more documents suggesting that Exxon knew — way back in the 60s — about the damage fossil fuels could do to the environment. Exxon denies these allegations.  Meanwhile, Oxfam released a report on the top 50 US corporations, alleging they have $1.4 trillion stashed in offshore accounts. Did you know that $1.4 trillion is more than the combined economic output of Spain, Russia and South Korea? Me neither.

More important: Mars turns retrograde at 8:14AM ET on Sunday. Pluto turns retrograde hours later at 3:23AM ET on Sunday. Mars and Pluto slowing down now suggest that matters involving boundary-pushing action/aggression and power plays are likely to pull greater focus in the headlines over the next several days.  They’ll pull greater focus in your own personal world wherever these planets fall in your horoscope. Consult your local astrologer for details.

The Virgo Moon will be void as of 8:29AM ET on Monday. It won’t get into gear until 7:24AM ET on Tuesday. So that gives us a whole day to adjust to the change of direction for Mars and Pluto. Note that on Tuesday, Venus (social expression, money, women, aesthetics) in me-me-me Aries clashes with Pluto at 4:49PM ET. On Thursday, we’ll have a Full Moon in Scorpio, accompanied by a Venus meet-up with rebel Uranus. We’re set up for a particularly dynamic week of action. Will have more to say on the retrogrades in the next forecast.

And now, more news.

The Sun refers to the heart. Uranus making contact with the Sun, as it did last Sunday, suggests a disruption involving the heart. How fascinating to read that a drug which forcibly lowers “bad” cholesterol and raises “good” cholesterol had absolutely no apparent effect on preventing heart attacks and strokes. This was a shocker. Meanwhile, headlines were abuzz yesterday over a revelation in another study done 45 years ago, but never published. Thousands of people were put on a no animal-fat diet. Instead, their diets included vegetable oil, specifically corn oil.  Not surprisingly, their cholesterol levels went down. Surprisingly, they saw an increase in the rate of heart disease. Here, the NYT weighs in.

Elsewhere in matters of energy and resources: the Senate seems poised to pass the first comprehensive energy bill since the Bush Administration. Let the record show that the bill is sponsored by two female senators reflecting yesterday’s Venus in Aries (pioneering women) trine Mars, perhaps. Yesterday a bill sponsored by another pioneering woman — Senator Elizabeth Warren — proposes simplifying tax filing for millions who do not itemize their taxes by putting the onus on the IRS to determine what is owed. If you’re wondering what impact energy and resources have on your life expectancy, this study concludes it depends on where you live — at least in the U.S. Check out your state here.

Here’s an uplifting Venus in Aries trine Mars in Sagittarius (schooling) headline: “Female Chief in Malawi Breaks Up 850 Child Marriages; Sends Girls Back to School”

Finally, Neptune — which dissolves whatever it touches — is currently challenging Mars (the head) in Sagittarius (pushes boundaries), as both are simultaneously challenged by Jupiter (expansion) in Virgo (detail). There have been a number of interesting stories about drugs hitting the headlines this week — but consider this one about what the brain looks like under the influence of LSD.  Boundaries dissolved, indeed!

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/1/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Joe Biden & Others, Right on Schedule

Good Morning!

Many may find the Moon’s ingress into Sagittarius as of 6:56PM ET on Monday a blessed relief. A Scorpio Moon can be so moody and intense, and yesterday’s meet-up with pistol-packin’ Mars at 2:55PM ET did not soften edges, so my spies tell me.  A Sagittarius Moon needs to push boundaries and tell the world what it thinks, ever so righteously.  Bully for the registered voters in a dozen states who will voice their opinion in a caucus or a primary on this so-called Super Tuesday. Will they be thinking rationally as well as righteously?  The Moon will be challenged by visionary/rose-colored Neptune at 1:49PM ET, so what do you think? At 6:11PM ET we’ll have the 3rd Quarter Moon, suggesting a need for an adjustment or a challenge to whatever illumination was received at the Full Moon last week.

Are you registered to vote? I ask this as a public service, because if you don’t vote, somebody else will — and you can quote me on that. Here’s how to register — just find your state here and follow the instructions.

There will be no Moon voids during business hours to derail your efforts to move purposefully forward in a straight line. Moon will be void at 9:55PM ET on Wednesday until 5:01AM ET on Thursday and that’s pretty much it until Monday. Onward! Over the next few days, social expression, women, money and aesthetics get an innovative boost from an easy connection to rebel Uranus — exact on Wednesday at 8:13PM ET.

As we get closer to the weekend, be advised that Mercury (mindset, communication) will challenge Mars at the verrrrry end of Scorpio. This will happen at 12:43AM ET on Saturday. So in the days leading up to that, we may see clashes of ruthless will and stubborn wonky ideas, for better for worse. Sometimes you need to clear the air. You’ll feel this tension more personally if you have a planet or angle at 29 degrees — the very end — of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. And guess what happens next? Mercury and Mars both change signs. Mercury enters Pisces at 5:24AM ET Saturday; Mars enters Sagittarius at 9:30PM ET.

In Pisces, Mercury suggests a mindset that needs to float and dream, based on intuition and faith.  Sounds great for artists and healers. Could be reflected in some convoluted logic, though. In Sagittarius, Mars suggests a need for high-flying and righteously opinionated action, pushing boundaries as much as a Sagittarius Moon. We’ll have lots of time to experience this fiery drive: from Saturday until May 27th…and again from August 3rd until September 27th. In between those dates, Mars will be back in Scorpio, offering us a chance to revisit actions initiated in the past three weeks — since February 18th, to be exact.

Finally, on Sunday we’ll have an exact challenge — a square — between the Sun in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. Here are some news items from a Sun-Saturn square in 2014. Such a challenge can be seriously sobering. For some it is an opportunity for advance. For others, it may be an encounter with a brick wall. You’ll feel the push or block either way more personally if you have a planet or angle at 15 degrees (halfway through) Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini.

Next week we’ll have the first of two eclipses this month — on the New and Full Moon.

And now, the news.

So happy about Spotlight’s win on Sunday’s Oscars (TM).  That pick enabled me to take home half of the Oscar (R) pool at wonderfully festive gathering of friends. Huzzah! Interesting that what really brought down the house was Lady Gaga’s powerful performance of ‘Til It Happens To You.  This is a song written for the documentary The Hunting Ground, about sexual assault on colleges. You absolutely must watch the video in the preceding link.

So many of this year’s batch of nominees were developed when Saturn was in nitty-gritty Scorpio. See any similar themes?


In November of 2014 I wrote about Vice President Joe Biden, anticipating that

In 2016, expansive Jupiter will be at the top of Biden’s horoscope, so we’d expect to see an expanded public profile, with perhaps increased status, honor or reward in career matters.

We would have thought he might be realizing the potential of his horoscope by running for president, but that didn’t happen. Still, there he was on Sunday night — exactly where he was supposed to be — addressing an audience of 80 million people. He had transiting Jupiter exactly on his Midheaven, boosting his public status. He had crusading Mars exactly on his nitty-gritty 27 degrees Scorpio Sun. His crusade: stopping sexual assault. Did you know that the Vice President co-authored the 1994 Violence Against Women Act?

Also benefitting from Jupiter’s transiting boost was Chris Rock, who likely has it near his Virgo Moon (we do not have a confirmed birth time), and definitely near his 17 degree Virgo Uranus and 18 degree Virgo Pluto, which are both opposed by authoritative Saturn at 16 Pisces. Mr. Rock has the Sun at 18 Aquarius — sign of the humanitarian — as well as Mercury at 19 Aquarius. “Oh wow!” you might think, if you’ve been paying attention. “The New Moon in February was at 20 Aquarius — close to Mr. Rock’s Sun and Mercury — and look how he brought his life purpose and mindset to light last month. Wow-oh-wow– astrology is so amazing! I wonder what’s going on in my horoscope?” Mr. Rock has earned his next Emmy, is what I’m thinking…

Lady Gaga was robbed of her golden statue, if you ask me. I blame transiting Neptune in her horoscope for the wipeout. Or perhaps a frustrating assault on Diane Warren’s Saturn from transiting Mars. Ms. Warren was the co-writer of the song. I expect intensive innovation from both women later this year, as transiting Uranus makes contact with the former’s Venus and the latter’s Moon.

Now, here’s the 411 on how you can use astrology to live your life better.  I’d be delighted to schedule a consultation so you can really find out how these dynamic patterns suggest opportunities in your own personal world.

Thank you for reading this forecast.