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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/7/2016: Under the Influence of Mars; Catching Up on the News

Alll-righty then!

So happy to finally have time to catch up on the news in synch with planetary patterns. What a dynamic week we had, especially those of us with planets at 29 degrees of Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus — and that would include me. On the upside, ’twas excellent for pushing through blocks and taking action on behalf of Worthy Causes.

We are in the dark side of the Moon — the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle — sensing that something new is just around the corner, but we don’t know what. That new something arrives in the aftermath of Tuesday’s New Moon in Pisces, which is also a total solar eclipse. It happens at 8:54PM ET. Until then, use this “dead” Moon to fly under the radar and advance your plan for world domination. If you are not a dastardly type, you can also wrap up loose ends and start working on your expansive vision for the next 30 days…and maybe for even longer. This is a pretty big visionary configuration we have brewing…

Since 11:02AM ET on Saturday, the Moon has been in Aquarius, sign of the wonky/wacky humanitarian. It’s excellent for pondering innovative ideas that benefit the greater good and/or actually being helpful. Aquarius is a networking sign, so hanging with your favorite friends and/or support group is also favored.

On Sunday, the aftermath of a heavy Sun-Saturn square at 1:04AM ET colored the day. A loss, perhaps — or an ambitious advance — felt more personally if you have a planet or angle around 16-19 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo. Depth, perspective, power, transformation and regeneration are emphasized by a cooperative connection between the intuitive Pisces Sun and Pluto, exact at 7:18PM ET. Countering the potential cuts and focus is an expansive face-off between the idealistic Pisces Sun and Jupiter, exact on Monday at 5:57AM ET – again felt more personally by people with planets or points at 16-19 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo.

Certainly I’ve seen some heavy headlines today. Nancy Reagan passed away at 94. Her horoscope has been under considerable pressure from transiting Uranus and Pluto over the years. She has Jupiter and Saturn at 14 and 19 Virgo, respectively. Transiting Mars just opposed her Venus, ruler of her (unconfirmed) Libra Ascendant. Did  you know that Nancy Reagan had a consulting astrologer for seven of the eight years that she lived in the White House. Mrs. Reagan was no slouch; Smith College was her alma mater. Joan Quigley was Mrs. Reagan’s astrologer. Here is her book.

Meanwhile, Broncos QB Peyton Manning is calling it quits. Elsewhere,  an oil tycoon was sentenced to death in Iraq after being convicted of corruption (he can appeal). Wow. Another oil & gas executive was dealt a heavy blow last week, as you’ll read in a minute. In other news, China issued a ginormous list of subjects that can no longer be depicted on TV, including gays, witches, reincarnation and “luxurious lifestyles”. Double wow.

On Monday the Aquarius Moon goes void at 3:46AM ET, not to enter Pisces until 2:08PM ET. There’s your excuse for sleeping through the alarm or pouring hot water over coffee beans you neglected to grind (because the Moon void facilitated your wandering mindset, reflected by a twist in your usual routine). At 3:11PM ET be advised that the sensitive Pisces Moon will be challenged by a boundary-pushing, opinionated Mars in Sagittarius. A urge to talk or confess all is suggested by a meet-up between the Moon and Mercury at 9:29PM ET, though it can be argued that Mercury in Pisces communicates more effectively through intuition and empathy, as opposed to words.

Other than contacts from the Moon, the only exact planetary pattern happening after Tuesday this week is a rose-colored meet-up between Mercury and Neptune on Friday at 1:01AM ET. Let the stories of dreams, music, healing, drugs, spirits of all kind and every other Pisces/Neptune keyword begin.  Moon voids — a time to focus on routine concerns and roll with twists that derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line — are as follows: Tuesday 8:54PM ET until 2:40PM ET on WEDNESDAY; Friday 1:24PM – 2:44PM ET.

Will cover more specifics on the New Moon in Tuesday’s forecast. Meanwhile, I’ve got a truckload of news to write about, as in…

…and now, the news.

Most of it reflects the energy reflected by Mars, ruthlessly asserting macho/warrior energy at the verrrrry end of Scorpio. A planet at the end of a sign — 29 degrees — carries extra special potency. If you have a planet at 29 degrees in your horoscope, you can be sure that you have much to learn about whatever that planet represents. Mars at 29 Scorpio was challenged by Mercury (mindset/communication/transportation) at 29 Aquarius on Friday, suggesting strong potential for a war of words. Well?

On February 19th, I tossed out several horoscopes that would be affected by transiting Mars (and Mercury) over the next couple of weeks. I’ve reprinted what I said back then; the italics are what happened since:

  1. Donald Trump — Mars at 26 Leo; Ascendant at 29 Leo. We can expect his regal self-projection to be even more revved up over the next two weeks. He seemed to refer to the size of his penis in the last Republican debate (which I did not watch). He encouraged supporters at a rally to raise their right hands in a salute that recalls supporters of Hitler in Nazi Germany. More and more pundits are seeing a similarity to Mr. Trump and Hitler. Again I tip my hat to astrologer Bill Herbst, who wrote ten years ago that the Uranus-Pluto square of the 30s and the Uranus-Pluto square of 2011-2016 suggested the potential for fascism to rear its ugly head. Back then, I couldn’t imagine how that could happen. But now, after reading Herbst’s work and studying patterns and events on my own, I do.
  2. Michael Bloomberg — Sun at 25 Aquarius; rebel Uranus at 26 Taurus. There’s talk of him launching his own run for president, and Mars now at 23 Scorpio is about to hit his fiercely daring Sun-Uranus square next week…and again in mid-June. What will happen? Haven’t seen much action in the news about Mr. Bloomberg, other than this item about him moving his personal website to an independent server. Let’s see where he’s at with initiatives in mid-June and the end of July, when Mars will hit his Sun-Uranus square for a second and third time.
  3. Ted Cruz — wish we had an exact birth time, but we do see Jupiter (expansion) at 25 Scorpio, triggered by transiting Mars over the next several days. We expect a surge of energy, and in fact, he is getting a boost in the polls. He has Neptune at 1 Sagittarius, which Mars will hit around March 10th — this suggests pixie dust and/or snake oil. He beat Trump in a couple of states like Oklahoma and Kansas, where voters may have been  offended by the Trump campaign’s poor spelling. Exhibit A: Oaklahoma City. Exhibit B: Witchita, Kansasas.  If I were Ted Cruz I’d figure out a way to make sure the Trump campaign misspells every state that hasn’t already had its primary or caucus. Maybe he already  has. 
  4. Governor Paul Le Page (R-ME). Mars at 24 Scorpio. He should be feeling quite feisty this week, especially with transiting Pluto supercharging his 16 Libra Sun, just as it is supercharging George W. Bush’s 16 Libra Moon (noted on Monday). Declared “America’s Craziest Governor” by Politico a few years ago, LePage is supercharging ahead. “Before there was Trump, there was LePage,” notes a piece in the NY Times, along with every other paper in the Free World (Google it and you’ll see). Earlier this week, LePage endorsed Trump, after his top choice — Chris Christie — dropped out (and also endorsed Trump). Mainers expressed their appreciation for Governor LePage’s recommendation by throwing their support behind Ted Cruz in the Maine Republican Caucus — in a record turnout. Hmmm.
  5. Bernie Sanders — reportedly born with 25 Scorpio rising; Saturn at 28 Taurus; Uranus at 1 Gemini. Senator Sanders continues to do better than anyone expected in the primaries and caucuses.
  6. Hillary Clinton — South Node at 24 Scorpio; Jupiter at 1 Sagittarius. Scorpio Ascendant has been proposed, but is not confirmed. Hillary Clinton is not winning in a landslide yet, but she is still ahead of Sanders.
  7. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) — Neptune at 0 Sagittarius; Ascendant at 0 Sagittarius. Let’s keep an eye on him the first week of March. On February 24, an NYT headline read, “Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on a Collision Course”. Last week, some members of his party formed a group to draft him for a presidential run. Speaker Ryan said on the 4th that he wasn’t interested. Let’s see what else he has to say and do this week, when Mars continues to hang at 0 Sagittarius. Here’s a piece I wrote about Ryan back in 2012.

You know who else was motivated by Mars last week? MITT ROMNEY. Isn’t that wonderful? Mr. Romney was the talk of the town last week when he denounced Donald Trump as a “fraud” and other unflattering things.  Mars made contact with Mitt’s 27 Scorpio Moon-Jupiter conjunction AND squared his opinionated Sagittarius Ascendant in the last few days!! Mr. Romney’s horoscope has responded to transiting Mars before. Back in 2012, he was “memorizing zingers” in preparation for a debate with Barack Obama. With Neptune hitting Mr. Romney’s horoscope at that time (and diffusing that Martian impulse), things didn’t quite go as planned.

Here’s another one: Aubrey McClendon. A pioneering force of nature. When I worked at CNBC, the former CEO of Chesapeake Energy appeared on the network numerous times. Mr. McClendon was indicted on “federal bid-rigging charges” on Tuesday. Hours later, around 9AM on Wednesday in Oklahoma City, Mr. McClendon crashed his car into a bridge.  He wasn’t wearing a seat belt — and was known for his reckless, “wildcat” behavior.  Birth data: July 14, 1959 — no birth time known — in OK City, OK. Mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo — there’s a marker for a reckless mindset. Likely square to his Scorpio Moon (restless; wildcat), too.  Mars action and other current stress in the horoscope includes a heavy hit to Mars from (solar arc) Saturn; another from (solar arc) Mars to his Cancer Sun. Transiting Mars at 26 Scorpio would have exactly squared his natal Mars at 26 Leo at the end of February. If he had an astrologer, he or she would have warned him to slow down.

Isn’t astrology amazing? Wonder what’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Tons of other stories to report. Will do my best to cover them in the next edition. Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates, and thank you for reading this forecast.





Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/1/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Joe Biden & Others, Right on Schedule

Good Morning!

Many may find the Moon’s ingress into Sagittarius as of 6:56PM ET on Monday a blessed relief. A Scorpio Moon can be so moody and intense, and yesterday’s meet-up with pistol-packin’ Mars at 2:55PM ET did not soften edges, so my spies tell me.  A Sagittarius Moon needs to push boundaries and tell the world what it thinks, ever so righteously.  Bully for the registered voters in a dozen states who will voice their opinion in a caucus or a primary on this so-called Super Tuesday. Will they be thinking rationally as well as righteously?  The Moon will be challenged by visionary/rose-colored Neptune at 1:49PM ET, so what do you think? At 6:11PM ET we’ll have the 3rd Quarter Moon, suggesting a need for an adjustment or a challenge to whatever illumination was received at the Full Moon last week.

Are you registered to vote? I ask this as a public service, because if you don’t vote, somebody else will — and you can quote me on that. Here’s how to register — just find your state here and follow the instructions.

There will be no Moon voids during business hours to derail your efforts to move purposefully forward in a straight line. Moon will be void at 9:55PM ET on Wednesday until 5:01AM ET on Thursday and that’s pretty much it until Monday. Onward! Over the next few days, social expression, women, money and aesthetics get an innovative boost from an easy connection to rebel Uranus — exact on Wednesday at 8:13PM ET.

As we get closer to the weekend, be advised that Mercury (mindset, communication) will challenge Mars at the verrrrry end of Scorpio. This will happen at 12:43AM ET on Saturday. So in the days leading up to that, we may see clashes of ruthless will and stubborn wonky ideas, for better for worse. Sometimes you need to clear the air. You’ll feel this tension more personally if you have a planet or angle at 29 degrees — the very end — of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo. And guess what happens next? Mercury and Mars both change signs. Mercury enters Pisces at 5:24AM ET Saturday; Mars enters Sagittarius at 9:30PM ET.

In Pisces, Mercury suggests a mindset that needs to float and dream, based on intuition and faith.  Sounds great for artists and healers. Could be reflected in some convoluted logic, though. In Sagittarius, Mars suggests a need for high-flying and righteously opinionated action, pushing boundaries as much as a Sagittarius Moon. We’ll have lots of time to experience this fiery drive: from Saturday until May 27th…and again from August 3rd until September 27th. In between those dates, Mars will be back in Scorpio, offering us a chance to revisit actions initiated in the past three weeks — since February 18th, to be exact.

Finally, on Sunday we’ll have an exact challenge — a square — between the Sun in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius. Here are some news items from a Sun-Saturn square in 2014. Such a challenge can be seriously sobering. For some it is an opportunity for advance. For others, it may be an encounter with a brick wall. You’ll feel the push or block either way more personally if you have a planet or angle at 15 degrees (halfway through) Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini.

Next week we’ll have the first of two eclipses this month — on the New and Full Moon.

And now, the news.

So happy about Spotlight’s win on Sunday’s Oscars (TM).  That pick enabled me to take home half of the Oscar (R) pool at wonderfully festive gathering of friends. Huzzah! Interesting that what really brought down the house was Lady Gaga’s powerful performance of ‘Til It Happens To You.  This is a song written for the documentary The Hunting Ground, about sexual assault on colleges. You absolutely must watch the video in the preceding link.

So many of this year’s batch of nominees were developed when Saturn was in nitty-gritty Scorpio. See any similar themes?


In November of 2014 I wrote about Vice President Joe Biden, anticipating that

In 2016, expansive Jupiter will be at the top of Biden’s horoscope, so we’d expect to see an expanded public profile, with perhaps increased status, honor or reward in career matters.

We would have thought he might be realizing the potential of his horoscope by running for president, but that didn’t happen. Still, there he was on Sunday night — exactly where he was supposed to be — addressing an audience of 80 million people. He had transiting Jupiter exactly on his Midheaven, boosting his public status. He had crusading Mars exactly on his nitty-gritty 27 degrees Scorpio Sun. His crusade: stopping sexual assault. Did you know that the Vice President co-authored the 1994 Violence Against Women Act?

Also benefitting from Jupiter’s transiting boost was Chris Rock, who likely has it near his Virgo Moon (we do not have a confirmed birth time), and definitely near his 17 degree Virgo Uranus and 18 degree Virgo Pluto, which are both opposed by authoritative Saturn at 16 Pisces. Mr. Rock has the Sun at 18 Aquarius — sign of the humanitarian — as well as Mercury at 19 Aquarius. “Oh wow!” you might think, if you’ve been paying attention. “The New Moon in February was at 20 Aquarius — close to Mr. Rock’s Sun and Mercury — and look how he brought his life purpose and mindset to light last month. Wow-oh-wow– astrology is so amazing! I wonder what’s going on in my horoscope?” Mr. Rock has earned his next Emmy, is what I’m thinking…

Lady Gaga was robbed of her golden statue, if you ask me. I blame transiting Neptune in her horoscope for the wipeout. Or perhaps a frustrating assault on Diane Warren’s Saturn from transiting Mars. Ms. Warren was the co-writer of the song. I expect intensive innovation from both women later this year, as transiting Uranus makes contact with the former’s Venus and the latter’s Moon.

Now, here’s the 411 on how you can use astrology to live your life better.  I’d be delighted to schedule a consultation so you can really find out how these dynamic patterns suggest opportunities in your own personal world.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 3/31/2014: A Rollicking Week; the US Horoscope & More

Alll-riighty, then!

As of 4:20PM ET on Monday, the New Moon in Aries is void-of-course, and perhaps happily so, given that its last aspect was a communicative connection to friendly Venus in Aquarius. Got something social on your calendar this evening?

The Moon enters Taurus on Tuesday at 1:20AM ET; until then you are free to wander aimlessly, take care of routine tasks and roll with twists that may impede your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Better yet, find some time to chill, as this Moon void is the only natural break in the action the Americas will see during business hours until Saturday.

Tuesday’s Taurus Moon offers stabilizing, security-building energy after a work week that began with a surge of enthusiasm, courtesy of the pioneering Aries Sun’s contact with expansive Jupiter at (exact at Tuesday at 3:40AM ET).  Did Monday feel like you had a lot on your plate? Can’t believe you ate the whole thing —  or promised more than you could deliver? Maybe you were just feeling generous — or were the recipient of someone’s bounty.

Whichever it was, a need for fierce self-determination that also stamps the week (courtesy of the Sun’s hook up with rebel Uranus on Wednesday at 3:08AM ET) may take solid form, bolstered by a practical and productive connection between mental Mercury and sobering, disciplined Saturn, also exact on Wednesday. In your own personal world, much planning and strategy may be accomplished, driven by careful thinking.  The potential downside may be having your ego energies meet with stubborn Taurus resistance and a conservative or patriarchal mindset.

Regardless, on Thursday at 5:19AM ET, the Sun is challenged by ruthless Pluto, suggesting a power play or catharsis likely related to resources, plus plenty of dirt exposed and other disruptive “news from underground”. How fast can you say “wake up and smell the coffee?” For those who insist on hitting the snooze button, be advised that mental Mercury will engage with the planetary heavies (Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto) on April 14th. Aggressive Mars gets into the act on April 22nd-23rd, triggering the widely anticipated Cardinal Grand Cross and fifth of seven exact Uranus-Pluto squares. NOW will they get out of bed?

You are personally affected by all the excitement if you have a planet or angle around 8-14 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — and especially 11-14 degrees of those signs.  The 8-10 degree people are directly affected by Sunday’s powerful Aries New Moon. Consult your local astrologer for details.

And now, the news.

Talk about a wake-up call — although if you’re like me and read Al Gore’s book Earth in the Balance when it was published in 1992, it’s hardly news to you. But there, in perfect synch with planetary patterns, and on the front page of the New York Times, is the latest climate change report warning that “the worst is yet to come”. Another wake-up call — also noted in prior posts, but “coincidentally” showed up on my Facebook feed right after the New Moon is this item listing the Five Biggest Regrets of the Dying. May it give you the courage to be true to yourself!

You know how I like to say that Aries falls down stairs because it’s faster than walking. Getting there FIRST, no matter how reckless the method might be, is definitely an Aries trait. And on this Aries New Moon, so tightly configured with the disruptive and resource-focused T-square among Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, how interesting to see an excerpt from Michael Lewis’ latest book in Sunday’s NYT magazine. The book is called Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt and this excerpt explains how the stock markets are rigged by high frequency trading and what a small group of rebel entrepreneurs are doing  to correct this apparently corrupt practice.

I don’t know what the good folks at Cadillac were thinking when they decided to air this ad for its electric car, but it sparked considerable debate when it aired just before Mars turned retrograde on March 1st. AdAge noted:

Fans on the political right see “Poolside” as an unapologetic ode to American values. Critics on the political left see it as Ugly American chest thumping at its worst. During a time when Americans are working harder and longer for less money, others question the spot’s perceived workaholic message.

Mars refers to cars. Conventional astrological wisdom advises against buying a car when Mars is retrograde. A REview or REvision of something related to Mars is entirely appropriate during a REtrograde, however. So here is Ford’s response to Cadillac commercial — with a different spin on the rewards of the American work ethic. Which car would you buy?

As for the American work ethic, it is screamingly obvious in the U.S. horoscope. Our Sun at 13 degrees Cancer is squared by stern Saturn at 14 degrees Libra. On the upside, sure,  we have the resolve to move mountains and build empires. On the downside,  it suggests a difficult relationship with a demanding and/or remote paternal influence. This may lead to an inferiority complex in matters of ambition. It suggests an entity that may work hard out of guilt or fear of lack, especially in comparison to someone else. You know the expression “keeping up with the Joneses?” It’s an American creation.

Point is, the Cardinal Grand Cross (and especially Uranus and Pluto) is directly impacting the U.S.’s Sun-Saturn square. Revelations, revolutions and transformations regarding our work ethic may be anticipated. Raise the minimum wage, already! In fact, last week, Connecticut became the first state to raise the minimum wage to $10.10. Isn’t that interesting?

This fire engine red is brought to you by the Moon in fiery Aries! April is going to be a power-packed month!   Book a personal astro-logical consultation and find out what it means to YOU.


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/12/2014: Saturn Square Sun in the News; Shirley Temple Black RIP

The emotional security-seeking Cancer Moon goes void of course as of 5:51AM ET — and doesn’t enter Leo, the next sign, until 2:15PM ET. This suggests a twist or delay in your morning routine. Sometimes it’s as flaky as pouring water over coffee beans you forgot to grind beforehand, or having the waitress at the diner greet you with a cheerful “Good Morning!” when it’s 3 in the afternoon. Sometimes it’s sleeping through your alarm (especially with Mercury retrograde); fortunately, that kind of minor transgression is usually of no consequence during a void.

The only caveat I have with this morning’s Moon void is that it begins on a challenge between the sensitive, moody Moon and willful Mars. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed, perhaps? A little case of road rage? Be mindful in your morning commute…resist any temptation to engage in a scuffle or battle of words…otherwise, enjoy whatever wandering detour that may present itself.

The Moon’s ingress into Leo after 2PM ET finally gets the day in gear — likely noticeably so. Leo is a festive, playful energy that needs to shine and let others shine, too — even if it can be a totally bombastic drama queen on occasion.  It should lift any heaviness some may have felt during Tuesday’s heavy Sun-Saturn square. Party on, dudes!

Another planetary shift happens at 10:30PM ET. That’s when mental Mercury backs out of intuitive, empathic Pisces and into cerebral, innovative Aquarius, where it will remain until March 18th. Here’s to thinking out of the box for the next few weeks…

And now, the news.

Yesterday’s heavy duty Sun-Saturn square was reflected in at least one positive action by Congress yesterday, when this illustrious body actually raised the debt ceiling without conditions…at least until March 2015. Wow. Way to get serious — much to the dismay of the Tea Party, apparently. Thinking about the Tea Party — which did so well in the 2010 elections — made me wonder if Governor Chris Christie was first elected to office in 2010. Why? Because Venus was retrograde in November 2010, and there’s a greater than average risk of electing a candidate who later proves to be entirely unsuitable — a coyote date, if you will. And guess what? Chris Christie was indeed elected governor in November 2010. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Here’s another positive story along the Sun-Saturn sobering theme: a study just released about what make older people happy (and how it differs from what younger folks value). Not surprisingly, emotional and homeland security are tied in — thank you, Moon in Cancer. And Saturn refers to older people, doncha know…

Another heavy story — released on a day with Moon in Cancer disrupted by the Uranus-Pluto square — is about a vast study  “casting doubt on the value of mammograms”.  Cancer rules the breasts. Also heavy: Shirley Temple Black, the “darling of the Depression” (Saturn refers to depression) —  passed away on Monday night. I was surprised to read this in her New York Times obituary, especially in light of the story on mammograms hitting the headlines on the same day:

After winning an honorary Academy Award at the age of 6 and earning $3 million before puberty, Shirley Temple grew up to be a level-headed adult. At a time when operations for cancer were shrouded in secrecy, Mrs. Black held a news conference in her hospital room after her mastectomy to discuss her experience and to urge women discovering breast lumps not to “sit home and be afraid.” She is widely credited with helping to make it acceptable to talk about breast cancer.

Shirley Temple Black’s horoscope has Sun in Taurus and Moon in Gemini. This is a solid energy that needs to diversify, be clever, informed, intense and entertaining. Her Sagittarius Ascendant suggests a certain righteousness and need to express opinions. The gamboling/gambling spirit of the Sagittarius Ascendant (think of it as a first impression), is tempered by stern Saturn — suggesting a serious authority driving an expansive and meticulous ambition. See how those planetary patterns are expressed in this clip from the  film Curly Top, in which Shirley Temple has some serious opinions about animal crackers — presented in an informed, intensely entertaining Moon-in-Gemini way. Really, look at the authority in that tiny tot’s face. Does she mean business or what? RIP.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/25/2013: A Day of Compassion for Humanity

The Daily Astro-Logical forecast is a labor of love. Your  donation will make my day, and inspire me to keep writing — with gratitude.

With the Moon in Pisces, issues of compassion, suffering, intuition, redemption and intangibles likely pull focus. There’s a certain contemplative/investigative depth to the morning — at least here, on the East Coast — suggested by a supportive contact to the Moon from Pluto. By the time mental Mercury contacts the Moon at 2:43PM ET, you may have had an urge — or solid opportunity — to communicate your feelings and findings. After that…chill, chill, chill…as the Moon goes void for the rest of the day…not to enter the next sign, Aries — until 5:29PM ET on Friday. If you’re planning a long weekend, good for you. The rest of us will patiently deal with whatever twists and detours crop up — and we will be very mindful in matters related to transportation and communication. We’ll also be looking for beautiful escapes (see earlier posts this week about tomorrow’s rose-colored opposition between Venus and nebulous Neptune). We  may need them to offset the demands for discipline and/or streamlining demanded by a humorless authority. Closing arguments in the Bradley Manning trial (very serious) are due today; arrests of hackers who breached the servers of certain credit card companies coming; a hedge fund billionaire is indicted on charges of fraud in “an unusually aggressive move”.  And have you seen the budget cuts House Republicans have proposed? I’ll excerpt the NYT article (found in the prior link) here:

The Securities and Exchange Commission, which has been flexing its muscle against hedge fund managers and insider trading schemes, would see financing cut 18 percent from the current level. Though Mr. Obama will finally get a fully operational National Labor Relations Board under a Senate agreement that forced Republicans to drop their filibuster of his three board nominees, House lawmakers are slashing spending on the board’s operations.

Under other House legislation, the budget for the Internal Revenue Service would be cut by 24 percent, Amtrak would lose a third of its financing, and clean water grants from the Environmental Protection Agency would be slashed by 83 percent.

So perhaps you can understand why I have been so reluctant to dive into some of the recent headlines about the battle for control of precious resources going on now — and the wake-up call to the 99% — necessarily reflected by the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square —  of just how much of everything is not in their hot little hands.  I’m distracted by a need for a Venus-Neptune rose-colored escape, too. However, there is one must-read article I am compelled to share about resources. Over the weekend, the NYT reported how big banks are reaping huge profits by driving up the price of aluminum…and also how three of these banks allegedly now control 80%…that’s right EIGHTY PERCENT of the world’s supply of copper.  The irony of some of this financial finagling happening in bankrupt Detroit shall not be lost upon us. The Times article did spark a Senate hearing this week and reportedly some regulators are mulling it all over.

In other news, there is Huma Abedin, the wife of NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Despite brand new dirt alleging that Mr. Weiner continued his habit of sexting women who were not his wife after he promised everyone he would stop, Ms. Abedin is standing by her man. What in the world could be going on in her horoscope? I could not confirm my suspicions without at least a birthday, which — at the time — could not be found on her Wikipedia biography (an article published yesterday finally disclosed it). But it was possible to speculate, based on what we know is going on in her life, and how she is perceived by others.   For the former,  1) do you think we could argue that she is facing a severe hardship, requiring great discipline , responsibility and commitment. What planet does that sound like, oh avid readers of this forecast?  2) Do you think that her belief in her husband would be described by many as idealistic?  What planet and/or planetary combination suggest strong idealism — a need to see things as more beautiful than they might be?  3) Ms. Abedin is quite mysterious, charismatic and magnetic.  What planets suggest those qualities? 4) She’s quite unconventional, too, isn’t she? What planet would we expect to find that reflects that quality?

If you thought of 1) Saturn; 2) Mercury-Venus or Mercury-Neptune; 3) Mars-Neptune and 4) Uranus, congratulations! According to an article published today, Ms. Abedin will be 37 on Sunday. 1)  She has Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo — that is one serious and disciplined combination. Currently, Saturn is squaring her Sun and Saturn, suggesting either a seriously hard knock and/or a reach for ambition. 2) She has Mercury conjunct Venus, both of which are in touch with Neptune. Idealism! 3) She has Mars square Neptune, usually found in the charts of charismatic entities who act on faith — or — who need to have their own version of the truth  (the U.S. has this aspect in its horoscope, too). 4) Her Sun is square Uranus — she needs to be unconventional, period, the end, goodbye.   Isn’t astrology amazing?

Now, in the spirit of today’s compassionate Pisces Moon that knows too well the suffering of all humanity, we will say no more about Huma Abedin. Take it away, Tammy Wynette

Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday-Monday 7/3-4 2011: A Reader Questions the Void

Moon entered sunny, regal, fiery Leo on Saturday at 5:43PM ET, no doubt looking for a party or other festive activity (it’s a holiday weekend here in the US). How did it fare against the “wet blanket” influence suggested by the challenge from restrictive Saturn to the Sun (at 8:18PM ET). This was the last exact aspect of the  potentially disruptive, explosive and otherwise catalyzing Grand Cross that has been active all last week (see prior forecasts for details).  Did serious, responsible thoughts about a needed change of status — or reach for ambition — cross your mind yesterday, even as you indulged in another brew or two? Let’s hope the US Senate, which has given up its holiday recess to continue working on the deficit crisis, is successful in its efforts to act responsibly.

An anticipated, we saw serious headlines regarding resources (oil, mines, radiation, banks). A ruptured pipeline dumps oil into the Yellowstone River, a new era of transparency in the World Bank and a stunning move by two major banks to adjust mortgages — just to name a few.

Moon goes void today  at 12:26PM ET — not to enter the next sign, Virgo, until 9:15PM ET on Monday. It’s a lovely set up for a long holiday weekend, suggesting an opportunity for celebration and relief from the intensity suggested by last week’s patterns. But what if you’re not free to play during the void? A reader writes as follows:

•    “With an unusually large amount of void moons coming over the next two weeks – all of which are over 25 hours long – I am at a loss as to how to handle it. I can’t just shut down and very little of my time is routine. Any suggestions? Would it be a good time to do any research or to pursue general knowledge regarding my pursuits, for example?

First, excellent question. Second, a very wise astrologer once said  that the answer to any question is often contained within it. So yes, dear reader, research is one way to make productive use of a Moon void; it falls into the category of “brainstorming”, where you are free to wander off the beaten path without consequence. In such times you may encounter a twist that puts your original project in a whole new light. Go with the flow!

Here’s how my day unfolded last Friday, when the Moon was void of course all day in Cancer. For the past few weeks, I’ve been on assignment at a TV news network. Obviously TV networks don’t shut down to accommodate natural rest periods suggested by the planets. What, then, could I anticipate? First, I anticipated that there would be a change in the work I usually did. In fact, the spot I usually produce was canceled. I was given another project, which initially looked like it was going to require a lot of unnecessary work. Since I was aware of the void, I was confident that this mountain of detail would eventually be reduced to a molehill. And that’s what happened.

What’s key here is my reaction to the events that were presented. I went with the flow. I didn’t get all crankypants about the original scope of the project; I knew it would sort itself out; it did, and I was able to leave two hours early and get a relaxing pedicure. The unexpected twist to the day was a catered lunch for the whole department (free food when the Moon is in Cancer — oh joy!), made even sweeter because I hadn’t had time to pack a lunch that day, which I usually do.

As reported earlier this week, a Moon void did not go as well for journalist Mark Halperin, who wanted to depart from the normal routine patter on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” He asked if the seven-second delay was on, so he could speak frankly without being broadcast. The producer confirmed that the delay was on. Oops! Unexpected twist!!  Here’s what happened

It is pragmatic, if you follow astrological guidelines, to avoid scheduling events you wish to be of consequence during Moon voids. Like being sworn in as President of the United States. Many astrologers have had a field day bemoaning Obama’s inauguration occurring during a void — fretting in the fall of 2008 that his term of office would be plagued by fits and starts, and that he would not be able to accomplish much of significance. What do you think? As for an unexpected twist, you may recall Chief Justice Roberts bungling the Oath of Office
But don’t just take it from me. As Yogi Berra once said, “you can observe a lot just by watching.” So do your own research. Watch what happens during Moon voids and decide for yourself if the astrological rules apply.

While the Moon may not be fully engaged over the next two days, other planets are. Brilliance and innovative thinking is encouraged by an easy connection between rebel Uranus and Mercury (mind, communication). Beauty and spirit are suggested by an equally easy connection between rose-colored Neptune and Venus (social expression, love and money). Artists, visionaries and healers — rejoice!