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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/9/2014: Mercury and Neptune Retrograde; MH370, Among Other Matters…

Back to work!

Moon entered the watery depths of Scorpio at 6:38AM ET, offering plenty of energy to acquire, organize and control knowledge in its quest for world domination. It’s aided by an easy connection to mental Mercury around noon ET; intuitive faculties may be heightened around 8:30PM ET, courtesy of a lift from dreamy Neptune. And speaking of Neptune, it turns retrograde at 3:51PM ET today until November 15/16, depending on your time zone. When a planet is retrograde, the suggestion is to turn inward on issues involving that planet, as opposed to looking outside the self. Neptune refers to vision, intuition, healing and other intangibles. In the mundane world, Neptune refers to water, oceans, oil, toxins, snake oil, fantasy and fanatics and spirits of all kinds.

With Neptune at its station (apparently standing still, about to move backwards), it was interesting to see this hopeful item on Facebook and the news. A 19-year-old man says he knows how to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 10 years. The story is not new; it was referenced in this forecast last year, but planetary patterns seem to support it making the rounds again.

Neptune refers to deception and scandal, and also to suffering, compassion and charity. With Neptune, things may not be as they seem, as suggested in this story about a Virginia state senator who is resigning from office and what he gains by doing so (and also what’s at stake for the rest of the Virginia). What’s at stake may be the expansion of Medicaid, a taxpayer-funded program that offers healing (Neptune) to those suffering at the bottom of the income ladder (Neptune). Interesting to see this report on the NYT homepage about the residents of Texarkana, a town that straddles two states. One state has expanded Medicaid, made possible under the Affordable Healthcare Act; the other state has not. Thus we can learn, for example, about a woman who works the night shift at WalMart in Arkansas, but lives in a homeless shelter in Texas, “the wrong side of town.” If she lived in an Arkansas shelter, she would have access to affordable healthcare, which is not offered by her employer. Bewildering.

Equally bewildering is why anyone who has a job — even at WalMart — can not afford to rent a place to live in Texarkana, where housing costs are nowhere near as prohibitive as, say — New York. Fortunately for many, current planetary patterns strongly suggest that work — and the resources earned as a result — are under pressure to change. Last week, Seattle followed through and raised its minimum wage to $15/hour. Others will follow.

Your Moon voids for the week: Tuesday 10:21PM ET until Wednesday 11:23AM ET; Friday at 12:11AM ET until 1:04pM ET. Not much of a factor for those doing business in the Americas; this should help you stay FOCUSED, which is what is especially required when doing business while Mercury is retrograde.

Speaking of Mercury retrograde, it was notable that one of Saturday morning’s big headlines was about a fatal six-car accident involving actor Tracy Morgan. Investigators are seeking to determine if the driver of a WalMart big rig fell asleep at the wheel. Interesting to see that the chart for the time of the accident: around 1AM on 6/7/2014 in Cranbury, NJ has Neptune right on the Ascendant, suggesting a bewildering fog! Please stay focused while moving from place to place this week — not only because of the greater need for focus, but also because of a supercharged connection Mars (action/aggression) will make to potent/ruthless Pluto on the 14th, just after the Full Moon. Now that you are informed, you can consciously use this energy surge to your advantage. More about Mars-Pluto connections later this week.

Finally, speaking of planetary patterns at the time of accidents, in the chart for flight MH370’s departure, the Moon was at 8 Gemini, and it exactly opposed the chart’s Ascendant. Who remembers that last week’s New Moon was 8 Gemini? Who remembers that when a New Moon makes direct contact with your unique horoscope, you can expect action during that lunar cycle? With MH370, we could expect increased public awareness/outreach (Moon opposing the Ascendant), involving information (Gemini Moon) and possibly involving other people’s money (Moon rules the 8th house). Here’s the first line of the latest from CNN on MH370:

Using dramatic music fit for a Hollywood epic, a video-led fund-raising effort hit the Web this week purportedly to help find answers about missing Malaysia Flight 370.

Coincidence or conspiracy? What’s going on in YOUR horoscope? To find out, feel free to contact me for a personal astro-logical consultation.

P.S. A note on the phenomenon of retrograde planets. They do not actually slow down to a halt, move backward and then forward. It just appears that they do from our point of view on spaceship Earth. Here is a nifty animation which explains it all for you.  Any questions?

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/28/2014: New Moon in Gemini; Brainpower Makes Headlines (Mercury at the Aries Point)

Finally the Moon is in gear — as of 12:48AM Wednesday, when it entered Gemini. Alas, too late for the New York Rangers, who were apparently favored to win last night’s match against the Montreal Canadiens. The game took place during yesterday’s long Moon void, when efforts to move forward in a straight line are more likely to experience surprise twists. In sports matches, I’ve observed that when the Moon is wandering aimlessly (void), we often see upsets favoring the underdog.  The NY Rangers lost in a “wild” game. Oh well, there’s another game on Thursday, and today you might as well think positively about it, suggested by a harmonious connection between Mercury and Venus, exact at 9:58AM ET. How passionately witty, charming and entertaining can you be? Very much so, if the rosy glow of today’s exact challenge between the Sun and Neptune can also weigh in.

A New Moon offers us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle. Today’s New Moon is exact at 2:40PM ET — at 8 degrees of Gemini. Around June 5th, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on June 13th , we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on June 19th, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready for another round with the New Moon on June 27th.

Gemini is an air sign, ruled by Mercury, which refers to the mindset, information and communication. Gemini is a double-bodied sign (it is represented by the Twins), and is thus capable of going either way — or more than one way simultaneously — in a situation. Gemini invented the phrase “…on the other hand” — and guess what? Gemini also rules the hands. It likes to have its hands in a lot of different pies.

It’s interesting to note how similar patterns are in this year’s New Moon in Gemini compared to last year’s, when we had plenty of pixie-dust potential suggested by a challenge between Mars, planet of action and rose-colored Neptune. This year we have the potential for even more prominent ideas and visions, suggested by a dynamic connection between the Sun-Moon conjunction and Neptune in soulful Pisces. The prominence comes courtesy of mental Mercury close to the Aries Point, which regular readers know is the very beginning of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Planets on these degrees seem to have a knack for attracting attention.  Example: Meryl Streep, born with the Sun and rebel, one-in-a-million Uranus at 0 degrees of Cancer (June 22nd of 1949). There is nobody else like her — and she is known for it. Right?

Also driving visionary thoughts and communication is an easy connection to the New Moon from action-hero Mars, now moving forward in diplomatic, airy Libra. We are building to a super-charged push around the Full Moon on the 14th, courtesy of a challenge between Mars and ruthless Pluto. We also have the “good for business” trine (easy connection) between expansive Jupiter and disciplined Saturn, which facilitates plans that can actually be structured.  And of course we can’t forget the never-ending square between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto, a.k.a. The Planetary Pattern Everyone Should Be Talking About, which is determined to disrupt the status quo — for better or for worse — in the name of freedom and all that.

So. Big visionary ideas, channeled with great effort and passion — striving to become real — based on a dream or delusion — ultimately seeking emancipation and empowerment. What might we see in the headlines in this lunar cycle? Let’s look at the Sabian Symbol. The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 8 Gemini is “an industrial strike,”  which Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee notes is:

“a situation wherein the locus of industry is surrounded by disgruntled workers. When the work stops, industry grinds to a halt. Energy is directed instead to issues of inequities, of worth, of brewing social awareness being stirred up in the work force…such issues become inflamed as the pressure builds between two distinct strata, moving in different directions.”

Fascinating. We’ve certainly had a ton of disruptive headlines about inequities of worth in recent months, especially in the aftermath of last month’s supercharged Cardinal Grand Cross. And I have not even mentioned that as of June 7th, Mercury will be turning retrograde until July 1st. And that strikes do tend to flare up during Mercury retrograde periods.  And also that ideas and communication — whether visionary or delusional — come up for review during these times.

Bovee also notes that “to strike” is to “deliver a blow with suddenness”.  Often one strikes out of protest. But one can also “strike a balance” — a mutually agreeable compromise. Or  one can  seize an opportunity and “strike while the iron is hot”.  Hmmmm…what kind of strikes will we see in June….

In your own personal world, if you have a planet or angle around 8 degrees of Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius or Virgo, you’re more likely to be affected by the need for an empowering new vision that allows you to strike in a specific area of your life (consult your local astrologer for details). Same if you were born around the 28th of May, August, November and February.  For an intriguing take on why you might need an empowering new vision, check out Tarot expert Beth Owlsdaughter’s Card of the Week, which always seems to be in synch with planetary patterns.

That being said, the energy for implementing new projects is a bit stop-and-go over the next couple of days. Two planets — Venus and Mercury — will change signs, and our brains may need some time to adjust. With dreamy Neptune’s influence so strong, your creativity and intuition may be going gangbusters (write it all down!), but factual details may be blurry. Plus on Thursday, the Moon will be void of course for nearly 24 hours, starting at 5:59AM ET, which is not a time to launch an initiative you wish to be of consequence. Friday is another story.

And now, the news…because I promised I’d share some stories, even though this New Moon post is long.

You may recall from yesterday’s forecast that Mercury at the Aries Point suggested that ideas and communication — and here, I would be thinking about ideas regarding mindset and actual brainpower — would attract attention. How intriguing to note that the Supreme Court ruled “that Florida’s I.Q. score cutoff was too rigid to decide which mentally disabled individuals must be spared the death penalty,” as reported in the NYT.  In other news, here’s a story about why our metabolism is different from, say, that of a sloth (blame it on the brain). Meanwhile, rocket scientists as young as six years old showed off their stuff at the 4th Annual White House Science Fair.

Across the Pond, the good folks at The Guardian published the first installment of a series about America’s mental health crisis, as the media feasts on yet another mass murder perpetrated by a clearly delusional (transiting Neptune square a horny, perfection-seeking Venus-Mars conjunction) young man — this time in Isla Vista, CA. I’ve written down my thoughts on the event chart and the horoscope of the delusional young man in question — too much to include in this lengthy post — will wait until tomorrow. Last, but not least, Mercury (brainpower) at the Aries Point (prominence) was reflected in this story listing America’s 10 Smartest  — and Dumbest — States. No surprises about the 10 Smartest States…although given the latest dubious accomplishment by certain folks in Wyoming, I’m surprised it did not make the list of the Dumbest. Wyoming, in case you had not heard, became the first state to reject new national science standards that would require students to be informed about the impact humans have on climate change, as well as evolution. Why, oh why, Wyoming?

We’re now in the shadow of Mercury’s next retrograde, which begins on June 7th. Mercury retrogrades are excellent for RE-viewing your life with an astrologer.