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"Last night’s session was a delightful time for me. IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME!!! You are so articulate and caring, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time, all the nu- ances you brought to it and your obviously experienced, long- time expertise."
- Bill R.
Los Angeles

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/30/2012 & The Weekend: Jolly Good Show!

The day starts off dreamily enough — especially for East Coasters, who must still meet the challenge of the void-of-course Moon until 8:55AM ET. Then, after a day and a half of wandering, Moon gets into gear and enters Cancer. Moon rules Cancer, where it is happy to do what it needs for the sake of nurturing and the comforts of home, family, apple pie and whatever is in the bank. We may see a surprise, jolt or other revelation when Moon squares Uranus at 6:22PM ET; a stabilizing connection between Moon and disciplined Saturn kicks in a few hours later. For West Coasters, you may bear witness to a power play or other high state of emotion when Moon opposes ruthless Pluto at 1:36AM ET/10:36 PM PT.

Saturday morning may inspire passion of a juicy kind when Moon is opposed by macho Mars at 7:01AM, followed by an easy connection from loving Venus. This is a good day to shop for everyone on your list (keeping in mind, of course, that your astrologer is offering a Special One-Hour Holiday Consultation from now through January 1st — which can be scheduled after the New Year). Merchants and gift recipients will love you, and here’s why:

First, the Moon is not void (and it will be nearly all day on Sunday). Second, Sun and Jupiter will be in exact opposition on Sunday at 8:45 PM ET, suggesting an exuberant mood and credit cards swiped to the limit. The inclination to indulge is high! But seriously — I’d do the shopping on Saturday, not Sunday. Purchases made during voids often prove to be far less useful than you thought — or just plain wrong.

The last thing I bought during a void should have been a no-brainer,  as all I needed was a new tube of tinted moisturizer from the Clarins counter at Bloomingdale’s. But noooooo….I got home only to discover that it was the wrong shade of pale. Void! Clearly Vice President Biden was not paying attention to his astrologer when he went shopping at Costco during yesterday’s all-day void — what was he thinking?? Gotta love Costco, though.

Sunday is another long day of voidness, starting at 1:55AM. Cancer voids are grand for doing things around the house.  Moon enters Leo at 8:57PM ET. This placement, combined with Sun-Jupiter opposition suggests a jolly good time. Invite some friends over for dinner and feed them all the yummy treats you made while the Moon was void in Cancer. Enjoy!



Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/29/2011 & the Weekend: New Moon in Leo

Moon is void of course all day Friday in Cancer, a water sign.  Already I’m dreaming of cutting out early and heading to the seashore. I’m dreaming thanks to a charge from nebulous Neptune to Mercury (mind, travel, communication). And that’s about all I’ve got on my plate today. Nothing else of consequence!

A playful or prideful Leo Moon kicks in at 2:16AM ET Saturday, carrying us through the weekend. The New Moon at 8 Leo is exact at 2:40PM ET. Sun and Moon in Leo is about the heart, creativity, passion and doing what you love. Play with it! With Mercury retrograde from August 2-26 your New Moon agenda is to research, discover and declare your passion. Wherever 8 Leo falls in your horoscope is where you can consider integrating the spirit of play into your desire for reward. Sounds like fun in your own personal world. How might it play out in the headlines? Playful or prideful!

The Sabian Symbol for 8 Leo is “a Bolshevik propagandist”. Fascinating. Astrologer Blain Bovee writes, “to be a Bolshevik means to draw on power by virtue of belonging to the majority, bolshe, meaning ‘greater,’ through ideas shaped by a small elite. A “propagandist” is one who publicizes highly selective information and ideas.” Hmmm. With Mercury retrograde during most of the lunar cycle, information that sounds too good to be true often is. Keep that is mind before getting too carried away. When this Sabian Symbol is prominent, Bovee suggests, “look for hotheads, pushovers, Madison Avenue smarts, hidden social agendas; political self-righteousness in disguise.”

Other than that, in your own personal world, the rest of the weekend looks like a party. You may be inclined to overindulge, especially if it’s expansive or expensive. You might also enjoy it. A lot.

Follow-ups from forecasts posted earlier:
From Wednesday:  “The highlight of the day is whatever lightning bolt of brilliance strikes you (or the headlines) before 4PM ET, when the Sun in Leo makes a smooth connection to rebel Uranus, and comes up with a fresh approach — or break for freedom — in issues of the heart and creative self-expression.”   Note that the Sun (life force) – Uranus (genetic mutation) aspect that prompted that prediction was in effect for a day or so before and after. I was pretty thrilled to see this headline in the Times yesterday morning — lightning in a bottle? “It’s Alive! It’s Alive! Maybe Here on Earth” Coincidence or conspiracy?

Uranus also refers to aviation, and it is currently being challenged by ruthless Pluto (which also refers to revenue in the form of taxation), suggesting a shocking disruption of the status quo. This item isn’t making the big headlines one would think it should. Did you know the FAA was put in limbo last weekend and 4000 employees (the ones who maintain our runways & build control towers) were furloughed? Did you know that a 7.5% excise tax on airline tickets (200 million dollars a week in revenue) is no longer being collected? Did you know that most all of the airlines (except for Spirit Airlines) raised their fares 7.5% in response? Our elected representatives seem too preoccupied with making media appearances to have noticed…and consumers aren’t reading the papers…

Have a great weekend!