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I have been sitting with the incredible experience of your gift and knowledge and letting it sift down into my understanding and psyche. It was a powerful time for me. I told a friend, "she is the real deal." I don't say that very often!
--Diana S.
New York

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 11/2-3/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Jimmy Fallon & Others

Allll-righty then!

Slow start or twist to your morning commute? The Cancer Moon was void as of 10:35PM ET on Sunday. It did not fully engage in Leo until 10:48AM ET. Over in Europe, flights were cancelled in a few cities, thanks to heavy fog. A Moon void also suggests upsets favoring the underdog in sports matches. Did the final game of the World Series qualify? The Kansas City Royals “rallied” to win against the home team, in the 147th inning…

With the Moon now fully engaged in Leo, drama, love and a need to shine drives the day. Passion is further fueled by a rare meet-up between Venus (yin) and Mars (yang) in discerning Virgo at 8:10PM ET. If you’re a Virgo born around September 16th, you may be getting noticed, for better or for worse. In the case of the former, I’m thinking about Prince Harry, who’s getting a lot of love for his work on behalf of veterans in the US and the UK. And in the case of the latter, I’m thinking about Jimmy Fallon, whose horoscope reflects tension building to a release this month, as transiting Mars triggers his potent Mars-Pluto conjunction which was eclipsed on September 27th. “He’s a Mess: Insiders Worry Fallon’s Partying is Getting Out of Hand,” reads a recent headline. Book an appointment with your astrologer now, Mr. Fallon. You need to plan a strategy for handling the further tension scheduled in your horoscope in the first half of 2016.

That kind of straight talk reflects the move mental Mercury made while you were sleeping (at 2:06AM ET), from people-pleasing Libra to depth-seeking Scorpio. We can expect investigative intensity in mindset and and communications from now until November 21st.

Patterns for the rest of the week are as follows. On Tuesday at 7:24AM ET, we’ll have the Third Quarter Moon, suggesting another piece of the puzzle solved or appearing regarding projects begun on last month’s relationship-focused New Moon. Aim for an innovative solution that allows everyone an opportunity to shine, until the Moon goes void on Tuesday at 8:46PM ET, energized by an innovative connection from Uranus. Note that the Moon will be void during business hours on Wednesday. It won’t enter Virgo until 9:22PM ET.

As we get closer to the end of the week, patterns among the Sun and Pluto (Thursday) and Mercury and Neptune (Friday), suggest a need for effective communication involving resources and regeneration, mixed with vision (which hopefully will not prove to be delusional). With Neptune it can be one way or the other: sublime or surreal.

And now, the news.

First, reflecting the awful truth suggested by transiting Pluto (corporations; corruption exposed)  squaring the US Saturn in Libra (courts, justice), the NYT brings you a three-part series on how forced arbitration has “privatized the justice system”, favoring corporate defendants over citizen plaintiffs.

Meanwhile, everywhere I looked over the weekend, I saw headlines reflecting keywords of the alignment between the Sun and Neptune, e.g., drugs, compassion, victims, oceans, faith, illusion, redemption. For example: In Heroin Crisis, White Families Seek Gentler War on Drugs; Thousands Start Life Anew With Early Prison Releases; an initiative to Help ex-Prisoners Find Jobs and Housing. Or how about Trafficked Migrant Workers Abused in Irish Fishing Industry.

This obituary caught my eye: “Willis Carto, Far-Right Figure and Holocaust Denier, Dies at 89”.  Denying the Holocaust? That’s pretty delusional. So before I looked up patterns on his birth date — July 17, 1926 in Fort Wayne, IN — I anticipated I would see key planets tied with Neptune (unreal) and Saturn (reality). And guess what? Mr. Carto’s horoscope has a T-square with Saturn squaring an opposition between Mercury-Neptune and Jupiter. Real and unreal. For the added pixie-dust required to sway others to his delusional beliefs, we see an easy flow between Mars and that Mercury-Neptune conjunction. Astrology is amazing.

An uncomfortable tension among Saturn and Neptune is the key pattern in the cosmos this month. We’ll see its exact square on November 26th (Thanksgiving), the day after a Full Moon in Gemini (information illuminated). Yea verily, this suggests a test of faith — or a leap of faith to launch a serious ambition. Let’s hope we all get it right. You’re most affected by this integrity challenge if you have a planet or angle around 7 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Don’t be like Jimmy Fallon. Get a heads up on the year ahead, so you can make the most of opportunities. Understand why you are the way you are and why things happen when they happen. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. FYI,  I’m giving myself a raise on November 29th. It’s been more than a few years, and I’ve earned it.

Finally, of all the days of the year, how fascinating to see a story about “the book about relationships that everyone should read” making news. It’s a “cult feminist classic” Happy Venus conjunct Mars — the feminine and the masculine — in hypercritical, perfection-seeking Virgo. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with the rest of the Free World.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 9/10/2015: Terry Gilliam, RIP — Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Another day of the drama queen Leo Moon, getting deader by the hour. We are at the end of the lunar cycle, a time to wrap up projects and contemplate the new agenda you can initiate on the next New Moon, which happens Sunday at 2:41AM ET.  Yes, it’s an eclipse. No, there is no reason to panic. Just take note — and find out how that eclipse might highlight a particular area of your horoscope. That is what astrologers are here to do, along with serving as clear-headed crisis counselors offering a grounding perspective when you call them because life has dumped so many challenges on your plate that you’re starting wonder if the whole world is conspiring against you.

Come to find out, your life events are simply reflecting the challenges we’d expect you to have in a particular planetary cycle. Yes, a CYCLE…meaning that you’ve been here before and may well be here again, so let’s look at how you navigated those rapids in the past — with apparent success, since you’re still here to talk about it, right? And now you feel so much better, because in a matter of minutes, the astrologer has validated your reality and helped you plan a strategy to navigate the rapids this time.

Where was I?

Ah yes, the Moon. At 1:20PM ET it makes an easy connection with Uranus, ruler of astrology, putting a potentially innovative, humanitarian spin on your approach to problem-solving this morning. Tensions may build to dramatic action or outburst around 3:59PM, when the Moon meets up with action hero Mars, “getting away with murder” in Leo.  After that and into the night, find some fun, a party or a stage. Leo Moons are grand for that, as well as grandstanding.

And now, the news.

Words as weaponry — with slice and dice edges. That’s was the potential of yesterday’s square between mental Mercury and Pluto, planet of annihilation. Donald Trump was only too happy to serve as poster child for this pattern, making headlines by trashing Carly Fiorina’s face. Yes, this is actually headline news. As you will read, Mr. Trump (and all other political types who routinely trash the copyright laws protecting songwriters), was subsequently eviscerated in a Tweet from R.E.M’s Michael Stipe for using “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” without permission.

Oh, this next one is absolutely fantastic. This astrological correlation deserves to be published in every newspaper in the world. Where is my Pulitzer Prize for investigative reporting? My star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? How’s that for Moon in Leo grandstanding?  Do you have a clearer understanding of Moon in Leo needs — and its dramatic expression — now? Good. Have fun with it!

As you know, Saturn is now at the very end of Scorpio — at 29 degrees. Saturn refers to time, limits, control. Scorpio refers to those nitty-gritty matters of life — and death. If you have planets at 29 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo and Aquarius, my money says you may be feeling that certain areas of your life are being mightily squeezed right now. Meanwhile, Neptune is at 8 degrees of Pisces. Whereas Saturn refers to the tangible and material world, Neptune refers to the intangible and the immaterial. Neptune dissolves whatever it touches, leaving those under a Neptune transit often feeling bewildered or wiped out. So if your horoscope has any planet at 8 degrees of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini or Sagittarius, that planet is under the spell of a rose-colored fog, and is bound to be reflected in your life according to what that planet —  its house, its rulership, etc. — symbolizes.

Take Monty Python’s  Terry Gilliam. At 6:27PM PT on Sep 8, 2015, Variety published his obituary. Awful news. Except — guess what — he is absolutely, positively not dead. Cue classic “Bring Out Your Dead” Monty Python bit now, please.

How could this howling error happen? Why would it happen to Terry Gilliam? Was it a totally random, freak occurrence? My money says it is being viewed as such. But where is the investigative reporter to look a little deeper? To determine if there might be a coherent pattern that could answer the question, “Why?” Not in the lamestream media, that’s for sure. And it’s really too bad — because guess what? How this freaky thing could happen is SCREAMINGLY OBVIOUS!!!!!!! in Mr. Gilliam’s HOROSCOPE and in the event chart for the moment the obituary was published!!!

Mr. Gilliam’s Sun is at 29 degrees 49 minutes of Scorpio. Transiting Saturn is at 29 degrees 30 minutes of Scorpio! Mr. Gilliam’s Midheaven is 8 degrees 19 minutes of Gemini. The Midheaven (MC) refers to career and public status. Transiting Neptune is at 8 degrees 8 minutes of Pisces, in an almost EXACT TO THE MINUTE SQUARE (90 degree relationship) to that MC!! So we have two HUGE patterns that do not happen every day, suggesting: squeeze, limits, end of time — and also: wipe out, fog and ILLUSION. Mr. Gilliam is decidedly not dead!

Looking at the event chart for the time the obit was published, we see Neptune rising in the First House, conjunct the Ascendant and square the Midheaven. This moment in time suggests the potential for conspicuous bewilderment, illusion and/or wipe out! The Ascendant is 1 degree of Pisces, suggesting it may be happening “too soon” (!!!).  Saturn is in the Ninth House, which refers to publishing and it is square the Ascendant!  Fascinatingly, the Moon is at 29 degrees of Cancer, exactly trine Saturn, just about to go void (one minute later) until 7:36PM PT. One can imagine the crisis that occurred when this obit hit the wires, which then turned out to be much ado about nothing.

There is much more to say about this event chart, but you get the idea. Suffice it to say that if Mr. Gilliam does not consult with an astrologer, he may marvel and wonder for the rest of his life as to why this surreal experience happened to him at this time. Or he could shrug it off as mere coincidence, missing a valuable learning opportunity!  However, if he does have a consulting astrologer on the payroll, he could benefit from the clarity of perspective and validation that astrology can provide. He could have a meaningful discussion about a need for vision — spiritually and/or creatively — or a feeling of wipe-out and/or bedazzlement in relationship and career that his current Neptune transit suggests.

We would also discuss the pressure he may also be feeling about a need to focus on core family and home  concerns. He’d be able to plan for a move along those lines in the last two months of this year and through February of 2016, when transiting Saturn and Neptune will exactly hit the Midheaven of his horoscope. We’d look ahead even further to June of 2016, when transiting Neptune will exactly oppose his Ascendant for the first of three passes going into 2017. No, I do not know how those needs are specifically manifesting in Mr. Gilliam’s life right now. I am not a psychic. I am an astrologer.

My best astrology teacher ever has a habit, after presenting a particularly compelling astrological case study, of summing it all up with, “I just can’t do any better than that”. He has Moon in Leo (so does Terry Gilliam), and has quite a dramatic stage presence. But on this Moon in Leo day, I can appreciate the sentiments behind my teacher’s closing statement, his grand finale.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Please share it with the rest of the Free World.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 6/30/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

Hopefully many of you enjoyed a bit of sweet, soulful inspiration over the weekend, brought to you by cotton candy-flavored contacts between Sun, artsy-loving Venus and visionary Neptune. Was it a dream or a rose-colored fog? It may take some time to sort it out, given that mental Mercury is now at a dead stop — about to turn direct on Tuesday at 8:50AM ET

The Moon is in Leo, seeking love and adulation, and possibly lording it over everyone in the process. People born with Moon in Leo need that kind of attention, and life for everyone else can be so much easier when their lovable drama king or queen is getting it. In return, they will inspire you to play and happily mentor you so that you can shine, too.

Exact aspects today are a mixed bag. There’s an innovative, tech-friendly connection to the Moon from rebel Uranus at 1:40PM ET, followed by a stern, possible wet blanket of a clash between the regal Leo Moon and Saturn in controlling Scorpio at 2:58PM ET. Work that conflict out at the gym later — or continue your crusade — when Moon is supported by physical Mars at 5:42PM ET.

Moon will be void from 6AM ET until 5:24PM ET tomorrow AND Mercury will turn direct at 8:50AM ET. Do I need to remind you to double check the facts before hitting send? Patience may be required in all communication and transportation endeavors. There are no other voids during business hours this week, but you can note Friday at 12:21 AM ET until 5:43AM ET if you like.

Other than Mercury’s change of direction, the other pattern of note is a volatile contact between the Sun in Cancer with Pluto on Friday, July 4th. Happy Birthday to the United States…and how would you like your powerful punch? Stay tuned for power plays, corruption exposed, energy resources in the headlines and news from underground. You’ll feel this power surge more personally if you were born on the 4th of July, October, January and April….or if you have a planet or angle around 12 to 16 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. And since you must know by now that we can’t have a Pluto contact without one to Uranus (thanks to the never-ending Planetary Pattern Everyone Should Be Talking About), note that the Sun will challenge rebel Uranus on July 8th.

And now, the news.

Nothing says “pride” like a Moon in Leo, and with the shimmering sparkle of Venus square Neptune, you might as well have a rainbow, too. How perfect for a day of gay pride parades all over the world, and the Boy Scouts joined in, too. Ah…but Neptune also refers to deception and Venus refers to social expression. Thus Facebook was outed for yet another deceptive practice, this time for manipulating our newsfeeds and toying with our emotions. Mark Zuckerberg, shame on you. As a public service, here’s how to opt out of Facebook’s next nefarious ambition: to snoop on your web browsing history so they can find even more ads to put in your newsfeed that you will never, ever click on.

There were and will be plenty of the usual Saturn in Scorpio news items involving sex, death and debt and its consequences. Here’s Gail Collins valiantly trying to make light of one pronouncement involving a unanimous Supreme Court ruling about free speech and abortion protesters, as well as a decision expected today about whether a company that invests in other companies that manufactures contraceptives AND sells merchandise made in China (which has strict family-planning policies) may refuse to provide its employees health insurance that would include coverage for contraceptives, on religious grounds. Got that?

Thus it was somewhat of a relief to find this bewildering (Neptune) yet somehow comforting article about the elusive Higgs boson, “which seems to prove that the Universe doesn’t exist.”  Food for thought, with your morning coffee. Then, go out there and shine, shimmer and sparkle, like the being of pure light and love that you truly are.

 Your donations never fail to make my day, with much gratitude to you for  your appreciation. Gratitude also to those of you who share this forecast with friends. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Have a wonderful day!


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 9/12/2012: Let It Shine

So yesterday was September 11th, and it was the 11th anniversary of an act of violence that stunned the world and resulted in the loss of thousands of lives. I couldn’t bring myself to acknowledge this in yesterday’s forecast because, frankly, I was living in New York on That Day. Then I noted someone on Facebook opining that on every September 11th since, all of America gets very patriotic, while New Yorkers just get somber and quiet. So I thought, “OK, I’ll post something.”  After all, the Moon was in Cancer (needing to focus on homeland/emotional security; America is a Cancer nation, etc.), and it was slowly approaching a square to serious Saturn, suggesting a need for gravitas.

Here’s what I wrote:

What I remember about That Day was how quiet the city became in the aftermath. We gathered at night in public places, needing the support of community. We gave up our defensive edges. We slowed down. Drivers did not honk their horns. With whomever we met in the course of the day, we would take the time to look into each others’ eyes and ask, with heartfelt sincerity, “how are you”?

We approached each other with such loving kindness — back then — perhaps because we were all so conscious of our collective shock and grief. Everyone seemed to know someone who knew someone who had died…or was at Ground Zero and escaped, covered in ash…or was supposed to be there, but Fate intervened, and they missed their train or their appointment in the city was canceled or whatever. Point is, we all had a story to tell…and a connection to this experience that connected us to each other. We were able to see ourselves in each other.

Time passes…it heals wounds…and we forget. And often, we forget the connection. Separation — which is an illusion — creeps back in. It’s us against them. We racing to get here, there, everywhere. We get impatient with each other and start honking our horns again…or worse. And yes, I do have a thing against people who honk their horns and I have a byline to prove it. Point is, we are still sharing the same human experience — in a Big Picture, yet profoundly simple way. Even though we may forget.

These thoughts led me to decide as my tribute to 9/11,  I would pretend to be an exalted human being — and try to act accordingly — during the course of my errands in the city. That meant taking the time to consciously assess whomever I  engaged and imagining myself in their position before promoting my own agenda.

The employee behind the counter at Pret A Manger, for example, was a 20-something man with a wonderfully grounded, friendly intelligence. I thought about where he was at in his life — working behind a counter for probably not much more than minimum wage — and I wondered what his dreams might be at this nascent stage of his career. And as we were discussing the comparative merits of the caffeinated beverages offered at this fine establishment, I found myself telling him what a great job he was doing, and that I was certain his attitude and attentive presence would take him very far in life. I put my two dollars on the counter to pay for my coffee (decided not to spring for the cappuccino), and darned if he didn’t say, “It’s on the house”.

What a delightful surprise. What a lovely connection.

And what, pray tell, does this have to do with anything astro-logical?  How about this: with today’s Moon in playful, regal, sunny Leo, you are encouraged to let your light shine! Practice senseless acts of beauty and acts of random kindness. Remember, that was the challenge presented at the beginning of this lunar cycle — the New Moon was in Leo on Aug 17th, right? Show the world the results of your intention. Shine! You’ll be aided by lovely connections to the Moon from loving Venus and electric Uranus,  ’round about lunchtime on the East Coast. You’ll be helped even more by another lovely connection between Venus and Uranus, suggesting you expand your networks and allow yourself to be open to encounters that are delightfully unconventional and unusual…based on the simple premise that we are all on the same ride in the big scheme of things. That stranger on the bus could be your new best friend, even if it’s just for the few minutes you share until you arrive at your stop.

And look…here’s a song to inspire you…so many versions to choose from. Take your pick of Odetta, the Boss or the Templet Family Band. A tough choice, for sure.OMG, here’s Brenda Lee, too.  The Odetta version opens with a passage written by Marianne Williamson that may give you chills….and…oh wow. Apparently Odetta sang this song(with the Harlem Boys Choir) on the first Letterman show after 9/11. I did not know that…until now.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/12/2012: More Frabjous Day!

A potentially self-indulgent connection between Moon in Leo and beautiful Venus in quirky Aquarius approaches at 12:29AM Thursday. Could that have influenced my buying an electric blue (Aquarius), but otherwise oh-so-feminine (in a goddess sort of way) Tahari top on the way home from the office last night? Moon wasn’t void, so chances are, I’ll put it to good use.

After a 45 minute void (blink and you’ll miss it), Moon enters perfection-seeking Virgo at 4:44AM ET, needing know the details of everything, including the meaning of the number 444. “Thousands of angels surrounding you and loving you…” writes angel number guru Doreen Virtue OK, I’ll buy that — and it’s perfectly in tune with Friday’s exact hook-up between ethereal Neptune and Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and money — suggesting the potential for pure bliss.

Nebulous Neptune and optimistic Jupiter both connect with the Moon just before waking hours — do note your dreams for a potentially fantastic adventure or insight. Coupled with constructive connections between the Moon, mental Mercury and take-no-prisoners Pluto, you could find yourself especially perspicacious today…and into the weekend. Consult yesterday’s forecast for more details. Bottom line: much can be channeled, comprehended, created and accomplished over the next two days. You can do it!

In the news, mirroring the Moon’s two-day promenade through regal Leo, I could not help but note the word “royalty” in a New York Times headline on Monday night, reporting the birth of Jay-Z and Beyonce’s baby girl, Blue Ivy, at Lenox Hill hospital on Saturday, January 7th. Apparently there was quite a fuss made over the alleged “royal” treatment of the celebrities, at the expense of the regular Joes and Janes. And this morning, I’m absolutely positive I saw the headline “Princess Ride” on the front page of either the NY Post — coincidence or conspiracy?

Now you’re probably wondering what to give the new parents to help welcome their bundle of joy, and I can’t think of anything more perfect than a horoscope interpretation for little Blue Ivy, can you? Just think how helpful it might have been if your parents had your chart done when you were a wee lad or lass. They would have had more than just a clue about who you were and what you needed in order to avoid spending thousands of dollars in therapy! In Blue Ivy’s case, we know this little girl has tremendous potential — she was born on the same day as this web site. It would be so nice to know the exact time….

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/10/2012: Oh, Frabjous Day!

Oh happy day! Moon is in regal Leo, with no major aspects for the next two days. No — it’s not a void, but it could feel like a never-ending party — or a night at the opera. Leo does like to have fun, when it’s not throwing its royal weight around, seeking love and adoration. Come February, we’ll have the potential for frustration, suggested by Mars retrograde; come June, we’ll have who know what sort of sudden upheaval, suggested by the first of seven challenges over the next few years between ruthless Pluto (resistance is futile) and rebel Uranus. But this week — oh joy, oh potential joy — certainly for today and tomorrow — count your many blessings and let your spirit soar.

A note about one of the new features of the new website. You can now SEARCH the daily forecasts! Maybe you’re dying to know if I’ve written anything on Hungary or Herman Cain or the effects of Neptune square Sun or Moon in Pisces. Search and ye shall find! I have about two years’ worth of forecasts to post –and they will be added to this site over the next few weeks. I think we’re at October 2011 right now…with more to come…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/17/2011: Pride, Prejudice and Newt Gingrich

This morning the Moon in regal, dramatic Leo is running wild in the heavens, suggesting a big call for attention in areas related to being loved and adored. An obsessive-compulsive connection from this needy emotional drive to nebulous Neptune suggests a strong possibility of escapism, fantasy and/or idealism. The plus side? An abundance of creativity which can be channeled into your latest project, especially if it has a spiritual/non-material base. By the end of the day, more idealism needing to be aired in the forum of public fantasy. And the potential for a jolly good time.

Speaking of over-the-top fantasy and delusion, consider the horoscope of Newt Gingrich, which has been discussed in recent months in this forecast. An obsessive connection between Mars (action) and nebulous Neptune suggest great charisma that could be the envy of any showman, for better or for worse. His Moon in Sagittarius suggests he absolutely, positively must tell the world what he thinks — and it, too — along with his chatty Gemini Sun, is under Neptune’s spell. Big emotions are part of the picture, suggested by a hook-up between Venus and Pluto — in the sign of Leo. Brilliant? Glib? Sure, as suggested by Mercury (mind) hooked up with Uranus (genius, rebel) in smooth-talking Gemini, which is also his Sun Sign. Birthday:  June 17, 1943. Why all this talk about Newt? Look no further than today’s front page. Does his horoscope come to life in the op-ed as described above?

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/20/2011: Party On, Dude…

Writing this as Moon is void of course in Cancer, but by the time you wake up, it’ll be fully engaged in the proud, playful sign of Leo — at 6:06AM ET, to be exact. You could be rarin’ to go, perhaps on some innovative idea or connection you’ve just made…and the further we get into the day, the more optimistic (plus side) or grandiose (possible down side) it gets. I say this because the Moon in Leo suggests a need to be loved and adored — and it’ll be challenged by expansive, sometimes excessive Jupiter at 5:37PM ET. This sets the tone for a potentially festive evening — big time.

Check out yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on Friday’s exact trine (harmonious connection) between Sun and “rose-tint my world” Neptune; it’s been in effect for the whole week.  If your party tonight involves intangibles such as music, rarefied art, film, spirit and healing, for gawd’s sake, send me an invitation.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/29/2011 & the Weekend: New Moon in Leo

Moon is void of course all day Friday in Cancer, a water sign.  Already I’m dreaming of cutting out early and heading to the seashore. I’m dreaming thanks to a charge from nebulous Neptune to Mercury (mind, travel, communication). And that’s about all I’ve got on my plate today. Nothing else of consequence!

A playful or prideful Leo Moon kicks in at 2:16AM ET Saturday, carrying us through the weekend. The New Moon at 8 Leo is exact at 2:40PM ET. Sun and Moon in Leo is about the heart, creativity, passion and doing what you love. Play with it! With Mercury retrograde from August 2-26 your New Moon agenda is to research, discover and declare your passion. Wherever 8 Leo falls in your horoscope is where you can consider integrating the spirit of play into your desire for reward. Sounds like fun in your own personal world. How might it play out in the headlines? Playful or prideful!

The Sabian Symbol for 8 Leo is “a Bolshevik propagandist”. Fascinating. Astrologer Blain Bovee writes, “to be a Bolshevik means to draw on power by virtue of belonging to the majority, bolshe, meaning ‘greater,’ through ideas shaped by a small elite. A “propagandist” is one who publicizes highly selective information and ideas.” Hmmm. With Mercury retrograde during most of the lunar cycle, information that sounds too good to be true often is. Keep that is mind before getting too carried away. When this Sabian Symbol is prominent, Bovee suggests, “look for hotheads, pushovers, Madison Avenue smarts, hidden social agendas; political self-righteousness in disguise.”

Other than that, in your own personal world, the rest of the weekend looks like a party. You may be inclined to overindulge, especially if it’s expansive or expensive. You might also enjoy it. A lot.

Follow-ups from forecasts posted earlier:
From Wednesday:  “The highlight of the day is whatever lightning bolt of brilliance strikes you (or the headlines) before 4PM ET, when the Sun in Leo makes a smooth connection to rebel Uranus, and comes up with a fresh approach — or break for freedom — in issues of the heart and creative self-expression.”   Note that the Sun (life force) – Uranus (genetic mutation) aspect that prompted that prediction was in effect for a day or so before and after. I was pretty thrilled to see this headline in the Times yesterday morning — lightning in a bottle? “It’s Alive! It’s Alive! Maybe Here on Earth” Coincidence or conspiracy?

Uranus also refers to aviation, and it is currently being challenged by ruthless Pluto (which also refers to revenue in the form of taxation), suggesting a shocking disruption of the status quo. This item isn’t making the big headlines one would think it should. Did you know the FAA was put in limbo last weekend and 4000 employees (the ones who maintain our runways & build control towers) were furloughed? Did you know that a 7.5% excise tax on airline tickets (200 million dollars a week in revenue) is no longer being collected? Did you know that most all of the airlines (except for Spirit Airlines) raised their fares 7.5% in response? Our elected representatives seem too preoccupied with making media appearances to have noticed…and consumers aren’t reading the papers…

Have a great weekend!

Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday-Monday 7/3-4 2011: A Reader Questions the Void

Moon entered sunny, regal, fiery Leo on Saturday at 5:43PM ET, no doubt looking for a party or other festive activity (it’s a holiday weekend here in the US). How did it fare against the “wet blanket” influence suggested by the challenge from restrictive Saturn to the Sun (at 8:18PM ET). This was the last exact aspect of the  potentially disruptive, explosive and otherwise catalyzing Grand Cross that has been active all last week (see prior forecasts for details).  Did serious, responsible thoughts about a needed change of status — or reach for ambition — cross your mind yesterday, even as you indulged in another brew or two? Let’s hope the US Senate, which has given up its holiday recess to continue working on the deficit crisis, is successful in its efforts to act responsibly.

An anticipated, we saw serious headlines regarding resources (oil, mines, radiation, banks). A ruptured pipeline dumps oil into the Yellowstone River, a new era of transparency in the World Bank and a stunning move by two major banks to adjust mortgages — just to name a few.

Moon goes void today  at 12:26PM ET — not to enter the next sign, Virgo, until 9:15PM ET on Monday. It’s a lovely set up for a long holiday weekend, suggesting an opportunity for celebration and relief from the intensity suggested by last week’s patterns. But what if you’re not free to play during the void? A reader writes as follows:

•    “With an unusually large amount of void moons coming over the next two weeks – all of which are over 25 hours long – I am at a loss as to how to handle it. I can’t just shut down and very little of my time is routine. Any suggestions? Would it be a good time to do any research or to pursue general knowledge regarding my pursuits, for example?

First, excellent question. Second, a very wise astrologer once said  that the answer to any question is often contained within it. So yes, dear reader, research is one way to make productive use of a Moon void; it falls into the category of “brainstorming”, where you are free to wander off the beaten path without consequence. In such times you may encounter a twist that puts your original project in a whole new light. Go with the flow!

Here’s how my day unfolded last Friday, when the Moon was void of course all day in Cancer. For the past few weeks, I’ve been on assignment at a TV news network. Obviously TV networks don’t shut down to accommodate natural rest periods suggested by the planets. What, then, could I anticipate? First, I anticipated that there would be a change in the work I usually did. In fact, the spot I usually produce was canceled. I was given another project, which initially looked like it was going to require a lot of unnecessary work. Since I was aware of the void, I was confident that this mountain of detail would eventually be reduced to a molehill. And that’s what happened.

What’s key here is my reaction to the events that were presented. I went with the flow. I didn’t get all crankypants about the original scope of the project; I knew it would sort itself out; it did, and I was able to leave two hours early and get a relaxing pedicure. The unexpected twist to the day was a catered lunch for the whole department (free food when the Moon is in Cancer — oh joy!), made even sweeter because I hadn’t had time to pack a lunch that day, which I usually do.

As reported earlier this week, a Moon void did not go as well for journalist Mark Halperin, who wanted to depart from the normal routine patter on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” He asked if the seven-second delay was on, so he could speak frankly without being broadcast. The producer confirmed that the delay was on. Oops! Unexpected twist!!  Here’s what happened

It is pragmatic, if you follow astrological guidelines, to avoid scheduling events you wish to be of consequence during Moon voids. Like being sworn in as President of the United States. Many astrologers have had a field day bemoaning Obama’s inauguration occurring during a void — fretting in the fall of 2008 that his term of office would be plagued by fits and starts, and that he would not be able to accomplish much of significance. What do you think? As for an unexpected twist, you may recall Chief Justice Roberts bungling the Oath of Office
But don’t just take it from me. As Yogi Berra once said, “you can observe a lot just by watching.” So do your own research. Watch what happens during Moon voids and decide for yourself if the astrological rules apply.

While the Moon may not be fully engaged over the next two days, other planets are. Brilliance and innovative thinking is encouraged by an easy connection between rebel Uranus and Mercury (mind, communication). Beauty and spirit are suggested by an equally easy connection between rose-colored Neptune and Venus (social expression, love and money). Artists, visionaries and healers — rejoice!