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Astro-logical Forecast For Wednesday 3/4/2015: Netanyahu, Hillary & Other Happenings

OK, campers. Time to clean up the beer cans and confetti strewn about the house in the throes of Tuesday’s all-day Moon void in party-hearty Leo. Whatever it was you were up to, it may well turn out to be of no consequence — but I trust you enjoyed it. As of 6:58AM ET, the Moon finally engages the clutch and shifts into discerning Virgo, eager to sort, analyze and criticize, in its effort to make things right.

If it feels like critical faculties are functioning in overdrive, be advised that the Moon is waxing to fullness, exact at 1:08PM ET on Thursday. Until then, we have a few other significant exact patterns today, as noted on Monday. Three of them supercharge matters related to Venus (women, money, aesthetics, social expression) in me-me-me Aries. At 10:14AM ET, Venus aligns beautifully with expansive Jupiter — and some may take that abundant energy straight to the bank. At 1:46PM ET and 10:46PM ET, Venus is challenged by rebel Uranus and then by potent Pluto, setting the stage for upsets and power plays. Look for more pioneering, fearless and/or daring women in the headlines (a few were noted yesterday).

I’d use the early part of the day to initiate, surfing the wave of optimism suggested by Venus and Jupiter. By 4:48PM ET, the hypercritical Virgo Moon will be challenged by Saturn in Sagittarius, perhaps throwing a wet blanket or a brick wall into the mix.  At 10:14PM ET, just before Venus is squared by resourceful Pluto, Moon is shrouded in the rose-colored or delusional fog of visionary Neptune. Could be dreamy…or just plain wiggy.

Overall, a day ripe with potential. Remember that tomorrow, the Moon goes void at 1:08PM ET, not to enter the next sign until 7:52PM ET on FRIDAY. Get it off your desk today. Onward!

And now, the news.

During yesterday’s long Moon in Leo void, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an address to Congress.  Jon Stewart has the story. There was plenty of pomp and applause, easily supported by the royal Leo Moon. Mr. Netanyahu was worried about Iran. In 2002, he was worried about Iraq, and said before Congress (thank you, C-span), “If you take out Saddam, I guarantee you it will have enormous, positive reverberations in the region.”

Immediately one wonders, “where is the idealism in his horoscope?” How about Venus in high-flying Sagittarius (right on his Ascendant — of course he’d be well-liked), in a cooperative connection with mental Mercury and Neptune? That’s a giveaway.  And what about that “enormous, positive” outlook? How about a Libra Sun in an expansive connection with Jupiter? Sun-Jupiter aspects can be larger than life — sometimes generous; sometimes bombastic. That need to act with drama (and a sense of regal entitlement, perhaps)? Mars in Leo, together with resourceful Pluto. Astrologer Grant Lewi says Mars in Leo can easily “get away with murder”. And it’s supercharged by Pluto. Wow.

Mr. Netanyahu’s horoscope is looking further supercharged this year and next, as his Libra Moon will be contacted by Uranus, and Jupiter will be at the top of his horoscope. The latter usually coincides with a career boost.

Other dramas making headlines: Hillary Clinton. Yesterday, the NYT was stunned to discover that she is a secretive Scorpio. Why else would she have conducted all of her email correspondence on her own personal account, and not on by an official gov address? Given that this story was running wild during yesterday’s Moon void, we’ll have to wait to see if there is really anything of consequence here.

In fact, Hillary Clinton is such a secretive Scorpio that we do not have a confirmed birth time (she might even be a double Scorpio — doubly secretive and controlling). She definitely has Mars in Leo, however. Hmmm.

In other riveting Moon-void headlines, a baby weasel was photographed clinging to the back of a woodpecker. It looked so cute, until people realized the weasel thought he’d just caught lunch. Still, the photo is amazing.

In news more befitting the empowered feminine potential and/or power plays and upsets involving women (Venus-Uranus-Pluto), yet another woman has come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of rape. We can anticipate a serious disruption of his status quo when Uranus hits his Ascendant. Elsewhere, Sweet Briar — a women’s college — announced it will close, stunning students and its alums.

Meanwhile, former General David Petraeus (and former head of the CIA), is pleading guilty to a misdemeanor (he leaked classified information to his mistress, Paula Broadwell), just as it was announced that Edward Snowden’s lawyers are seeking a way for Snowden to return home and presumably face trial.

Finally, one more item from yesterday’s Moon in Leo void: a Japanese island where orange cats outnumber humans 6 to 1. Yep, they’re running wild…just like yesterday’s Leo (the lion) Moon….

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/11/2011: Newt and Callista Gingrich

Shall we talk some more about idealism and people with idealism strongly suggested in their horoscopes making news at this time? Oh, let’s. I do hope you’re out there pitching this month….

Yesterday morning Newt and Callista Gingrich entered the race to become the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2012. Callista, a reportedly devout Catholic, began her relationship with Newt in 1993, while he was married to his second wife. Their affair went on for seven years. While involved with Callista, who is 23 years his junior, Newt called for the impeachment of President Clinton  — for lying about his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. What kind of planetary patterns in a horoscope could suggest such bewildering, seemingly hypocritical actions and beliefs?

In the horoscope of Callista, we immediately see Mercury (mind, communication) in touch with Venus (social expression) — a classic sign of idealism (birth data: March 4, 1966, Whitehall, WI — time unknown). Other patterns suggest a likely challenging relationship with the father; an element of being somehow suppressed in her early home life, and a sense that life is hard work. These same patterns also suggest great discipline, determination and achievement. A Pisces with Moon in regal Leo, she likely has a bit of a queen complex, as well as more than a bit of glamor and charisma suggested by a connection to Mars from nebulous Neptune. With idealism identified in a horoscope, one is inclined to wonder — what unpleasantness that rose-colored outlook be masking?

In the horoscope of Newt, we find more than one familiar pattern. First, Sun in Gemini and Moon in opinionated Sagittarius — just like Donald Trump. Fascinating!  Signs of idealism? How about nebulous Neptune (fantasy, delusion, glamor, spirituality, drugs, sacrifice, deception, enlightenment) commanding attention at the Aries Point (remember how active that point was in global events back in March), in a challenge to Sun (Barack Obama, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck also have this aspect) AND  opinionated, often preachy Moon in Sagittarius. This Moon is augmented by a grandiose connection to expansive Jupiter, not unlike the Moon-Jupiter connection in  Charlie Sheen’s horoscope. Sure, he can be extremely inspirational. But there is also the potential for more than a bit of magical thinking…

For today: Moon is void between 12:52 – 9:59AM EST. A slow start or a twist to your usual morning routine is suggested, after which Moon enters the discerning sign of Virgo, where it can spend the entire day in search of perfectly organized bliss. Though frankly, with the luscious abundance suggested by a “big idea” connection between Mercury and Jupiter…AND an indulgent connection between loving Venus and the cosmic sugar daddy (Jupiter), “organized” might be a challenge. Leave it to Mars, entering the sign of stable, stubborn Taurus, to temper the impulsive urge to take action we’ve experienced for the past few weeks with Mars in Aries. Some of us will breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/10/2011: Hillary Clinton Photo-Shopped Out

More thoughts on idealism. continued from yesterday’s forecast. As I was sipping my morning coffee while scanning the headlines, I was stunned to find this item about Hillary Clinton and another woman being photoshopped out of this now-iconic image taken at the White House last Sunday  Talk about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses!

In astrology there are certain patterns in a horoscope that suggest a client might have issues with reality. On the plus side, planetary hook ups between Mercury and Venus, for example (the pattern in effect yesterday and all through this week), can suggest great vision (especially when nebulous Neptune is also involved).  On the downside, it signals a possible inability to face the facts. I have come to appreciate how idealism functions as a necessary defense in early childhood. “Why does this horoscope suggest,” I might ask a client, “that the relationship with your mother might have been somewhat bewildering?”  A client with strong idealism might deny this…and only later in the session does it come out that Mom was an alcoholic, hooked on painkillers or some other bewildering (to the child) condition. Idealism!

Getting back to the two women edited out of a photo. The editors of the newspaper in question stated in their defense, “In accord with our religious beliefs, we do not publish photos of women, which in no way relegates them to a lower status.” Idealism or realism? What do you think? Current planetary patterns strongly suggest that it’s the former. And then — this is where it gets interesting — we are moved to ask why?  As in, why is it deemed necessary to protect women from the eyes of men. What hard, cold reality could be denied or suppressed?

In other news, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger announced their separation after 25 years of marriage. What patterns typically associated with a need for independence and transformation (that might cause stress on a marriage) are active in their horoscopes? In the case of Ms. Shriver, disruptive Uranus and nebulous Neptune suggest tension and bewilderment in relationship and identity areas (11/6/55 5:12PM Chicago, IL). In the case of Mr. Schwarzenegger, we see disruptive Uranus, “change or die” Pluto and nebulous Neptune suggesting a change of perspective in relationship and also bewilderment (7/30 /47 4:10AM Graz, Austria). Your friendly neighborhood astrologer can help you pinpoint times of stress in your significant relationships, too.

Today’s First Quarter Moon suggests a challenge to your New Moon agenda of turning your dreams into reality. There’s also the potential for abundance, ranging from the glorious to the wretchedly excessive (note to those keeping an eye on the rising waters of the Mississippi: keep your fingers crossed through Wednesday). A grand and festive Moon in Leo imbues the day with a desire to lord it over all. If you were born around April 16th, you could buy a couple of lottery tickets. In fact, anyone with a planet at 25 degrees of Aries might take a chance on Lady Luck today and tomorrow.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday-Thursday 11/23 – 25/2010

The week of October 17th-23rd was notable for a number of aspects between nebulous Neptune and other planets: Moon, Mercury, Sun and Mars. Feedback from readers was that, as anticipated, it was a bit loopy, dreamy, mystical and/or magical. I also noted this relevant, idealistic news item in my calendar on Oct. 20th: “Taliban Elite, Aided by NATO, Join in Talks for Peace” Peace — wow – could this be true?  Well, Neptune has been known to pour oil on troubled waters (in fact, it rules both).  And Neptune has also been known to put on quite a show — a display of charisma — an illusion, especially if Mars is involved (which it was). Fast forward to an article that appeared minutes ago in the NY Times: “Taliban Leader in Secret Talks Was an Impostor”  Isn’t astrology fun?

If you thought Monday was busy, Tuesday looks even busier. The Moon in “need to inform and be informed” Gemini is bouncing off six planets from 12:22AM NY time until it goes void of course with a sigh at 4:56PM NY. Dizzy! More weirdness may kick in around lunchtime on the East Coast, courtesy of Neptune (again!) and innovative, eccentric, erratic Uranus. Surprise!

Chill out during the void period, which ends at 8:14PM when Moon goes into emotional security-focused Cancer, where it will remain all through Thanksgiving Day — suggesting we may truly be able to express our gratitude and appreciation for the comforts of home among cherished family and friends —  without the fireworks.

On the other hand…I’m thinking the potentially nasty challenge from ruthless Pluto to that vulnerable Moon on Wednesday, followed by a potentially restrictive, rigid, authoritarian, control freak (shall I go on?) downer of a contact to Moon from Saturn on Wednesday evening could make for some very interesting headlines on the biggest travel day of the year, especially with a protest allegedly planned against the new “security” measures implemented by the TSA. Whatever snags you may encounter in your travels on Wednesday (and you may not encounter any at all), take comfort in the probability that when you do reach your destination, a loving and joyful experience awaits. Happy Thanksgiving!!