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Saturday & Sunday 3/2/2019: Venus Square Uranus in the News; O Canada!

Allll- righty then!

Started writing this on Thursday — there’s just so much to cover — here’s the recap of the forecast, and the latest news:

  • THURSDAY — after a Moon void of less than an hour, Moon enters Capricorn, looking to translate high-flying opinions into concrete accomplishments. Time to take care of business for the next couple of days, assisted by a proactive Moon making supportive contacts with Uranus (innovation), Mars (action) and the Sun. What could go wrong?
  • FRIDAY — what could go “wrong” — if only in a surprising or unconventional expression, is a potential disruption in social expression and values. This is suggested by a tense pattern between Venus and rebel Uranus, exact at 7:31 AM ET. This is not a “bad” pattern; it merely suggests that what will pull our focus includes unconventional attractions and rebellious expressions — most notably in matters related to women, money, art and technology. It’s in effect all week. At 11:45 AM ET, Venus leaves social-climbing Capricorn for “who’s yer buddy” Aquarius. Social expression becomes less strategic, more inclusive — until March 27th. If you’re an Aquarius, your Ismay see a spike over the next few weeks. Huzzah. The rest of the day on Friday includes a sobering meet-up between the Moon and Saturn at 1:23 PM ET, followed by the Moon’s weekly emotional power play/catharsis as it meets up with Pluto at 10:48 PM ET. Another interesting late afternoon news dump…
  • SATURDAY — Moon enters Aquarius at 2:06 PM ET, after a 20 minute void — no biggies. Moon squares Uranus at 1:47 PM ET, delivering a potential flash of recognition or shock to the system. A friendly meet-up between Venus and the Moon at 5:03 PM ET sets the mood for your Saturday night date.
  • SUNDAY —  notable only for a clash between Moon and Mars at 1:54 PM ET, possibly reflecting a clash of wills. You are free to shop all weekend — unless you’re shopping for electronics and other mechanical devices. That’s because Mercury will turn retrograde next TUESDAY, MARCH 5TH at 1:19 PM ET, as any Avid Reader who ordered my Really Useful Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Bookmark will know (yes, I still have plenty available — email me for details). BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS AND GIZMOS NOW. Mercury will be retrograde until March 28th.

And now, the news.

Reflecting the disruptive — dare I say shocking potential of the tension between Venus (social expression, women, art, money, values, diplomacy) and Uranus:

The potential for idealism can be seen in the horoscope. So is the potential for artistic genius.


I thought about idealism while watching Michael Cohen being questioned by assorted Congresspersons on Wednesday. As noted in a prior post, Mr. Cohen’s horoscope — even with an earthy Virgo Sun and possible earthy Capricorn Moon — suggests a potential for thoughts and communication that may be less than realistic (birth data: August 25, 1966 in Lawrence, NY — time unknown).  Like his former employer, he has a challenging pattern between Mercury (how he needs to think) and Neptune (vision and/or fog).

Here is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demonstrating how an Aries Moon, supported by an innovative pattern among Mercury, Saturn (discipline; authority),  Uranus (genius) and Neptune (vision) can make a bold impact. She did not waste a second of her allotted five minutes, asking incisive questions designed to initiate (Aries needs to get things started) a deeper investigation into POTUS’s taxes.

Here is Elijah Cummings, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, delivering must-see remarks at the end of the day-long hearing. As noted in a post from 2015, Rep. Cummings’s horoscope suggests a hard-nosed mindset, with patterns shared by Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. While not likely to be fuzzy-headed or overly idealistic, his horoscope does suggest considerable empathy and compassion (Jupiter in Pisces in contact with his Capricorn Mercury and possibly his Gemini Moon). Birth data: January 18, 1951 in Baltimore — time unknown. Patterns among the Pluto, Uranus and the Sun suggest continued empowerment and independence in 2019 — especially in mid-April and mid-June, but definitely in effect now.

Meanwhile, in Canada…

Justin Trudeau is arguably having a horrible year so far — here’s a piece that explains the scandal on his plate. Looking at his horoscope, we can appreciate the focused squeeze he’s under, with transiting karma cop Saturn squaring his me-me-me Aries Moon three times in 2019 — just like Bibi Netanyahu.  The first hit was Feb 23rd; the second and third are scheduled for July 8th and November 23rd. Saturn is also squaring Trudeau’s natal Uranus, putting a control on matters of freedom and innovation, especially with respect to cooperation and colleagues. Adding to the potential for upsets/revelations: transiting Uranus (surprises and innovations, for better or worse) challenging Venus, the ruler of his Midheaven (career status). Exact dates: May 9th, November 23rd and early 2020. Offering a measure of potential protection: transiting Jupiter returning to its place in his natal chart, with three exact hits this year (Feb 22, May 29 and Oct 19th) before meeting up with his Capricorn Sun on December 18th. The next federal election will be held in Canada…by October 19th. Could be lucky for him.

UPDATE: on POTUS. When Jupiter is active in the horoscope, it suggests expansion, for better or worse. Could be expansion of a tumor or ego to the point of overconfidence and braggadocio (downside potential), or could be just plain luck (upside potential). As you know, transiting Jupiter is making the first of a series of three hits to his Sag Moon (the need to have his opinion respected), his Gemini Sun (the energy for diverse, intense and entertaining communication) and his Sun/Moon midpoint (a key measurement is assessing the state of one’s potential in relationships).

Today, Jupiter is exactly square the latter, suggesting a time of considerable support. How apt that he’s speaking among friends today, at the annual CPAC conference (presented by the American Conservative Union).  How apt that he delivered his address on today’s disruptive clash between the Moon and Uranus, exact at 1:47 PM ET. If you watch the address, you’ll see why that’s apt. Astrology is amazing. The first range of Jupiter transits is happening between February 19th and March 11th; the second occurs between May 11th and May 31st; the third happens between October 17 – 30th. These are periods where we can anticipate expansive expression and action.

Meanwhile, other patterns suggesting streamlining, controls and breakdowns are also operating, but they involve slower-moving planets. Patterns involving slow-moving planets evolve over a period of years, not days. And here I would be thinking of transiting Pluto, planet of breakdown and empowerment almost-exactly-but-not-quite opposing Saturn (structure, karma, authority, control). I’d argue that this pattern is reflected in the intense power squeeze he now faces, with Democrats now in charge of the House. But Pluto will turn retrograde on April 25th, suggesting a likely lessening of the pressure for several months. The first exact hit does not happen until early 2020.

Finally, a shocking truth  (Uranus) about an American aesthetic choice (Venus): “Wiped out: how America’s love of luxury toilet paper is destroying Canadian forests.”   The article names some of the most destructive brands, meaning I’ll be returning the 30 rolls I bought at Costco last weekend, accompanied by a copy of that article. Did you know that toilet paper is Costco’s best-selling product?  Let’s do our part  to save Canada!

Thank you for reading this forecast. If you find it valuable, please know that contributions to my Cosmic Tip Jar are always appreciated.  To find out what’s going on in your horoscope, why not schedule a personal consultation? If you’ve got an expansive Jupiter period coming up — or a challenging Pluto-Saturn squeeze, you can use this knowledge to prepare. In knowledge there is power…








Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday & Monday 2/28-2/29/2016: Oscar (c) Musings; Sun Conjunct Neptune

Happy Oscar ™ Sunday!

The Moon has been in Scorpio since early Friday morning, ruthlessly seeking emotional depths, intellectual substance and — no doubt — control. No voids over the weekend suggest you are free to shop without worrying that your impulse purchase will later prove of little use.

The dominant pattern over the past few days is the Sun’s annual meet-up with Neptune, both currently floating through dreamy Pisces. It’s been an excellent weekend for vision, healing, music, spirit, art…as well as rose-colored escapes, delusion, fantasy, drugs and deception. It’s also been grand for catching up on all those movies you’ve been meaning to see in preparation for tonight’s Oscars ™.

Here are some stories from my archives that hit the wires on the Sun-Neptune meet-up in 2014. This batch is from 2015, and includes my all-time favorite, “In Overturning Conviction, Supreme Court Says Fish Are Not Always Tangible”.  Coincidence or conspiracy? Neptune refers to fish. And intangibles.

Speaking of the Oscars (c)….

No void tonight suggests diminished prospects of surprise upsets by underdogs. A communicative connection between sober Saturn in righteous Sagittarius and Venus in humanitarian Aquarius suggests minimal fluff. So perhaps The Revenant will win Best Picture, given its Scorpionic theme of retribution. Or Spotlight, for daring to dig up the dirt on a suppressed scandal (Neptune) in the Catholic Church. I appreciated Spotlight much more than The Revenant, which I’m pretty sure ran close to five hours.  Dialogue is a big plus in movies, especially if the viewer has Moon in Gemini. But that’s no reason to deprive Leonardo DiCaprio of his Oscar (R), given the current state of his horoscope, which was noted here back in 2014 and again in 2015.

The Big Short also reflects Neptune themes of scandal, smoke and mirrors. Room reflects Neptune themes of victimization and healing. Neptune also reflects rose-colored romance and the American Dream. Brooklyn certainly captured those themes ever-so poignantly — and may be my favorite of this year’s nominees. I hope you get a chance to see it. Yes, I know there are other contenders for Best Picture. No slight intended by not talking about them here.

We do not have birth times for all of the nominated actors and actresses. We do have one for Charlotte Rampling, and it’s no surprise to see transiting Saturn at the top of her horoscope, along with another Saturn measurement at the Aries Point. She needs to be taken seriously as an authority among her peers, and her nomination reflects it. We could see this potential honor coming a mile away — or years ago. Transiting Uranus and Pluto have been supercharging Ms. Rampling’s natal Mars, and this lights up areas in her life relating to performance, personal identity and self worth, with a broad international reach.

We have a birth time for Sylvester Stallone, too. He also has significant measurements happening now at the Aries Point, suggesting significant opportunities for recognition. His 14 degree Cancer Sun was supercharged by Uranus and Pluto in 2014 and 2015.

We do not have a birth time for Jennifer Lawrence, but we can still see that she has an Earth Grand Trine among Mercury, Saturn and Mars. This suggests material self-sufficiency — and some might argue no small amount of luck. Transiting Jupiter has been in contact with this pattern for some months now. Jupiter suggest expansion. Isn’t it interesting that what’s being written about Ms. Lawrence now is how much money she made last year — more than any other actress in Hollywood?

But enough about those Oscar (c) contenders. I’d much rather talk about what’s going on in your horoscope. We will have an excellent discussion about whether you’re at right now and how you can maximize opportunities for growth. If you happen to be in a crisis situation, we’ll be able to put it in perspective by assessing 1) when you were in a similar pattern and how it was resolved and 2) when it is likely to be resolved. This offers much peace of mind! Here’s how to contact me.

No sleeping in on Monday. The Scorpio Moon won’t go void until 2:55PM ET. You can chill out until 6:56PM ET, then lighten up and push boundaries when the Moon enters Sagittarius.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Thank you for all the referrals, too — the highest compliment an astrologer can receive, if you ask me.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/7/2015: The Conception of Planned Parenthood & More Politics as Usual

Moon in Leo continues to drive the day with a focused need for creative self-expression and ways to shine. The power plays and sublime spin of yesterday’s exact patterns are in the rear view mirror. Now we will be building to another crest of activity over the weekend. This will involves a disruptive need for independence, as the Sun is opposed by Uranus on Sunday, accompanied by the impressive resourcefulness of an easy alignment between expansive Jupiter and Pluto (also on Sunday). These will be prefaced by a stern business and/or financial advance, as Venus (women, money, aesthetics) and Saturn (controls) square off on Saturday. We last experienced a Saturn-Venus square the week of August 5th; here are some headlines; plenty more can be found by searching the archives.

There’s an easy balance to this morning’s planetary patterns, as the Sun and Moon are in exact harmony at 7:40AM ET. The only other exact pattern is another easy flow between the dramatic Leo Moon and innovative Uranus at 5:10PM ET. Get it off your desk by then, as the Moon will then go void…not to enter Virgo until 3:5oPM ET Thursday. Regular readers understand that Moon voids are best for routine matters, as efforts to move forward in a straight line are more likely to be hampered by twists, flakes, delays and other “crises” which usually prove to be much ado about nothing. Chill and go with the flow, if this happens to you.

And now, the news.

Keywords for Mars-Neptune aspects, such as the Mars-Neptune opposition we had yesterday, include drugs, healing, redemption, chemicals, showbiz…to name a few. The Sun-Pluto square suggests empowerment; news from underground. How interesting to see that 6000 inmates in the U.S. are about to be released from prison at the end of this month (trick or treat?), an “effort to ease prison overcrowding and rollback the harsh sentences” handed out to nonviolent offenders in the 1980s and 90s. In other news, the prestigious Harvard debate team recently lost a contest against…a team of prison inmates from New York. What a power play.


(I drafted this next bit yesterday — couldn’t finish it in time to ship. It’s a bit of a rant, and I confess I wrote it 1) after watching what I judged to be just plain awful behavior on the part of the newsmaker in question — click the link to a video in the first paragraph; and 2) under external ambient duress, as you will see. I am sure the newsmaker is a very nice person. Or at least would like people to appreciate him for being so. And he’s on the homepage of the NYT this morning, so we should look at his birth data and understand why. Here goes:)

So much else to cover. Once again, it’s a matter of time.  You know who else does not have time? Jason Chaffetz. Who? The Congressman from Utah who chaired last Tuesday’s void–of-course Moon in me-me-me Aries “hearing” in which Cecile Richards, who heads Planned Parenthood, attempted to say a few words. It was nearly impossible for her to do this, because Mr. Chaffetz was too busy telling her how little time he had. Certainly he did not have time to learn the difference between a mammogram and a breast exam, and why you can’t get a mammogram at Planned Parenthood.

You can just imagine him falling down stairs because it’s faster than walking, bulldozing ahead without regard to much of anything except his own me-me-me ambitious agenda. Thus it would not surprise you to find out that Mr. Chaffetz was born with a me-me-me Aries Sun conjunct a potentially autocratic Saturn in Aries; bulldozing capacity courtesy of a stubbornly persistent Mars in Taurus, much like the jackhammers the City of New York thinks I need to hear for hours on end on this otherwise bright, sunny Moon-in-Leo day.

Mr. Chaffetz’s horoscope is driven by a people-pleasing Moon in Libra, and he sure seemed sweet and charming in the early days of his congressional career when he was interviewed by Stephen Colbert.    But that was before Uranus and Pluto supercharged Mr. Chaffetz’s 5 Aries Sun in 2010-2012, suggesting transformation, emancipation and empowerment, for better or worse…and it’s quite possible, given that we do not have an exact birth time, that his Libra Moon is feeling bold enough to enter its biggest popularity contest yet, under the influence of Uranus and/or Pluto.

Mr. Chaffetz’s Sun was eclipsed on the Big Bad Full Moon on September 27th. Interesting to see him attracting attention almost immediately. Last week, that inglorious Planned Parenthood hearing. This week, he’s declared his candidacy for Speaker of the House. He certainly would have a vision, with transiting Neptune now sitting right on top of his Mercury, and his Libra Moon would be so happy if all the kids in his party elected him Speaker. Is he for real?

The NYT headline profiling Mr. Chaffetz  is this: “For Jason Chaffetz, Quixotic House Speaker Bid is in Character”.  Quixotic! Mix Aries with Mercury-Neptune and you’ve got an Impossible Dream for sure. Cue the Broadway classic now, please. Without the Mercury-Neptune, you just have “impossible”. To Aries, it’s the same either way. Tell ’em they can’t do something and you just watch…

…and here’s an example. In 2003, Mr. Chaffetz’s application to join the Secret Service was rejected “because better qualified candidates existed” out there (here’s more dirt on that). Now he chairs the Committee that oversees the Secret Service. So there.

But what about Kevin McCarthy, the presumed successor to the Speaker’s chair? Well, there was that disruptive remark last week implying that damaging Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers was the true objective of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. You may recall from a post last week that Mr. McCarthy has transiting Uranus exactly square Mercury and Venus right now, suggesting a buzz, flash of recognition or other excitement in mindset and social expression that would likely attract attention. And boy, has he.

If you’ve never actually heard this would-be Speaker speak, you may be entertained, gob-smacked or utterly bewildered by this clip, completely apt for Mercury retrograde and other currently surreal patterns. Yesterday the Kardashians are proclaimed “America’s First Family”; tomorrow we may see Kevin McCarthy become third-in-line to the Oval Office. Oh, America…you are having some weird, wild Neptune thing happening in your horoscope…

Finally, the New York Times has a cool new feature in which it notes the first time a subject appeared in the headlines. Yesterday it featured Planned Parenthood:

It started out as an idea, then developed into an organizing committee, and within four years it was Planned Parenthood. The organization, the subject of much recent congressional jousting, had its roots in the American Birth Control League, which started a fund-raising drive in 1938 to promote the concept of “planned parenthood,” as The Times reported on Jan. 28, 1938.

So what did planetary patterns suggest on January 28, 1938? Exactly what you would expect! Sun, Venus (women) and Jupiter (expansion, birth) all together in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius, squaring Uranus in Taurus. Freedom! Independence! Technology! A windfall opportunity! We see a Moon in practical, earthy Capricorn trine to Uranus as well. The Capricorn Moon would be ever so down with family planning as a practical strategy. The trine to Uranus suggests emotional detachment and egalitarianism, with the help of technology (echoes the innovative tech spin of those three planets in Aquarius).

There is a militant, disciplined action plan, suggested by Mars conjoined with Saturn at the Aries Point; boy is this idea likely to attract attention. Mars is in Pisces; Saturn is in Aries. Both planets refer to what is yang and/or patriarchal and they are not placed in signs where they operate most effectively/happily — if you are a fan of traditional astrology thinking. Hmmm. We can mull that over for a spell…

We see Mercury in practical Capricorn — in an easy alignment with Neptune in Virgo. A practical vision in a health care concern. Mercury is in an obsessive relationship with Pluto, suggesting how this initial idea could become a power struggle over Plutonian matters of life and death…and of course, Pluto would be in Cancer…in an easy alignment with Mars.

This first mention of the idea that would evolve into Planned Parenthood manifested in the aftermath of a series of Uranus-Pluto squares that occurred in 1934-35. Birth control was legalized for all Americans in 1972; Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, six and seven years after the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of 1965-66. What revolutionary advance will we see in this area in four to seven years, in the aftermath of this past series of Uranus-Pluto squares? Can you see the patterns here?

Delighted to report that I have thank you notes to write to the four readers who generously expressed appreciation for my efforts to put what’s happening in your own personal world — and the world at large — in perspective. Yes, there is a donation link at the bottom of this email — and on the DAILY FORECAST page. If you’d like to discuss your own horoscope, here’s the 411 on scheduling a consultation. We will have an enlightening discussion together — guaranteed.

Thank you for reading this forecast.