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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/14/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week; A Lover Makes Headlines

Ideas and communication in their airiest form — literally — are a likely focus today, given the Moon in (airy) Aquarius in harmonious aspect to Venus and Mars, in Gemini (air) and Libra (air), respectively. With Mercury (mindset/communication) at the Aries Point (a need for prominence), it’s a fine opportunity to “reach out and touch someone,”   as this cornball commercial from 1979 suggests. Oh, were we really so innocent and sincere back then?

Get it done before 3:23PM ET, when the Moon goes void until 10:40PM ET. This is the only Moon void we’ll have during business hours in the Americas this week, suggesting fewer flakes and twists to derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Other voids are Wednesday 8:57PM ET until 12:07AM ET Thursday and Friday 10:18PM ET until 4:43AM ET on Saturday.

Highlights of the week include Jupiter changing signs on Wednesday, leaving nurturing Cancer for regal drama queen Leo — which is great news for anyone with a planet in  Leo  — but especially the Sun, Jupiter, Ascendant or Midheaven. Jupiter transits often coincide with opportunities for expansion, recognition and sometimes a boost in material resources. Yippee! It takes 12 years for Jupiter to travel through the horoscope, and it’s helpful to know where Jupiter is in yours at any given time. Consult your local astrologer for details or consider ordering the Astro-Basics Report, available here.

Other highlights include Venus happily moving into Cancer on Friday; Saturn grinding to a virtual standstill as it prepares to fiinnnnnally turn direct on Sunday; and rebel Uranus also slowing down, as it prepares to turn retrograde on Monday. There’s a tense aspect happening all month between these two planets, suggesting an enhanced tension and uncomfortable adjustment between the old guard (Saturn) and the avant garde (Uranus). You’re feeling it more personally if you have a planet or angle at 16-17 degrees of just about any sign.

Lots of news to report, most of which I’ll cover in Tuesday’s forecast. For now, please enjoy one of the most surprising reflections of Sunday’s exact trine between Venus in charming, double-talking Gemini and Mars in sweet-talking Libra, suggesting a potential harmony between sexes: the love letters of US President Warren G. Harding. The general consensus is that he was a lousy President, perhaps the worst ever. And he may have been a lousy husband, too — as these letters, which were excerpted in the NYT Sunday magazine, were written to his mistress.  Still, he had a remarkable way with words.

So why are these letters being published now? It should surprise no one that in his horoscope,  his natal Venus in Libra is opposed by his natal Neptune. That strongly suggests a dreamy romanticism, and this opposition has been and continues to be supercharged by the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square. Pluto is currently at 12 Capricorn, making the second of three hits to his Venus at 12 Libra. Looking at the solar arcs in the horoscope, we instantly see themes of empowered communication in a solar arc to Venus by Pluto, too, as well as a solar arc to Harding’s Ascendant by Venus, suggesting a need to be seen as especially pleasing — dare I say romantic — even though Harding has long since passed on!  Also of note: transiting Saturn (gravitas) is right on Harding’s Mercury (communication) at 17 Scorpio.

I’m always fascinated to see how horoscopes continue to reflect “life events” for people who are no longer living. Margaret Thatcher made news over the weekend, and though it wasn’t pretty, it made sense in light of her horoscope. Ms. Thatcher was a Libra with a seriously controlling Saturn in Scorpio sitting right on her Scorpio Ascendant. Generally speaking, Libra detests conflict, and has been known to go to outrageous lengths to avoid it. Generally speaking, a Scorpio Ascendant needs to present an image of control…and this would include a need to maintain privacy more than other signs. So the news that came out was that she allegedly knew that one of her senior ministers had sexually abused young boys, and  instead of holding him accountable, she covered it up. And right now transiting Saturn is sitting within one degree of Thatcher’s 15 degree Scorpio Ascendant, perhaps now holding her accountable  for actions taken over thirty years ago. There are other significant transits in her horoscope now, but one in particular that coincides with the timing of this news report is Mars, planet of action, sitting right on top of Thatcher’s Mercury, triggering the release/outburst of communication published over the weekend.

Isn’t astrology amazing? Thank you for reading this forecast.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/8/2013: Lighten Up

Moon entered high-flying Sagittarius at 3:28AM ET.  Well that should lighten the intensity many felt over the past few days. Note your dreams upon waking, as a challenge between the gamboling Sag Moon and nebulous Neptune may have taken you on a sublime or surreal journey. Moon in Sagittarius is an excellent time for travel and other activities that broaden your mind, including righteous and fiery discussions on philosophical subjects. We may hear some particularly bombastic opinions expressed around 3:05PM ET, when the Moon is opposed by expansive Jupiter. This opposition also suggests other indulgences, such as a binge or shopping spree.

We are in the dark side of the Moon, a time for wrapping up whatever intentions you set at the New Moon few weeks ago. Remember what those were? Well if not, you have a chance to set your intentions anew on January 11th, with the Capricorn New Moon at 2:44PM ET. Next week would be the time to launch important new ventures.

Get it off your desk today or plan to ship it on Thursday or early Friday. Moon goes void-of-course at 9:28PM ET tonight, not to enter the next sign until 3:54AM ET Thursday. If you are new to the forecast (welcome!) and you are not familiar with Moon voids, click here. Understanding this very common planetary pattern can save you plenty of grief. Basically, voids suggest 1) efforts to move forward in a straight line are more likely to be fraught with delays, twists and misunderstandings;and 2) crises that crop up are often much ado about nothing (i.e., don’t panic!). Voids are wonderful for chilling out, brainstorming and recharging — and if you can do that during the all-day void on Wednesday, good on you. Fun fact:  sports matches played during voids often favor the underdog and are notable for surprise upsets. As I type, Alabama is trouncing top-ranked Notre Dame 28-0 during Monday’s all-day void, and the game is not even half over.

And now, the news. I saw plenty of headlines reflecting truth about corruption, suggested by the annual hook-up between ruthless Pluto and mental Mercury. Lance Armstrong is reportedly close to admitting his past drug use. Investigative reporter Matt Taibbi filed another must-read expose, this one about the TARP funds in the alleged bailout of 2008.  And if you were a part of Occupy Wall Street in the fall of 2011, congratulations, the FBI may have a file on you.

Last, but not least, another story about harsh realities — with a happy ending. This 77-year-old man spent 14 years in prison, 10 of those in solitary confinement, where his only companions were a few rats and a frog. He was sent to prison in the early 70s, after a brief career as an urban guerrilla. When he was apprehended, he was apparently shot six times. When he was released from prison, he embarked on a new career and worked his way up the ranks. In a nation known for its cattle, he is a vegetarian. He donates 90% of his salary to charity. His lifestyle is described as “austere,” but he seems quite content  — and is happily married. He is Jose Mujica, the president of Uruguay, and for those of you who are going through tough times, I thought you might find his story inspiring. Plus, transiting Pluto at 9 Capricorn is exactly opposing Mujica’s Venus at 9 Cancer, suggesting an empowering surge in social prominence — so of course he’s making news at this time. Isn’t that interesting? (birth data: 5/20/35 in Montevideo, Uruguay)