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I have been sitting with the incredible experience of your gift and knowledge and letting it sift down into my understanding and psyche. It was a powerful time for me. I told a friend, "she is the real deal." I don't say that very often!
--Diana S.
New York

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/20/2013: Third Time’s A Charm?

From earthy to airy…that’s the way this day goes. We begin with the Sun in the final throes of Taurus (and earth sign), and the Moon at the end of Virgo (also earth), still driving for perfection in material-security/sensual concerns. After a brief (19 minute) void, Moon enters people-pleasing Libra(air) at 1:07PM ET; at 5:10PM ET the Sun enters information junkie Gemini (also air). Who cares what you have; tell me what you think or what you know. This concentration of planets in Air signs should noticeably pick up the pace.

Bright ideas and innovative thinking, bordering on genius will likely be in headlines and perhaps in your own personal world, especially if you have a planet or angle at 11 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces. But the folks who are really in the hot seat are those born around the 1st of April, June, October and January — or those with a planet or angle at 11 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Why? Because those are the degrees that are lit up by the third exact square between rebel Uranus at 11 Aries and ruthless Pluto at 11 Capricorn, suggesting major upheavals, breakouts, break-ups and other disruptions to the Establishment status quo. Do you know how many countries and other entities, including the European Union, were established on January 1st?

A few headlines I’m seeing as I type include a series of powerful tornadoes ripping across the Midwest and this supercool piece about an 18 year-old who’s invented a device that can re-charge a cell phone battery in mere seconds, not hours. Even cooler: the 18 year-old is female.  It will be interesting to see what other news hits the wires on Tuesday, when the Libra Moon engages with the Uranus-Pluto square just before 9AM ET.

Your Moon voids for the week are Wednesday 3:35AM ET – 4:55PM ET and Friday, 9:55AM ET to 5:49PM ET. These are your natural rest periods; suffice it to say that they can be frustrating when they happen during normal business hours, as efforts to move forward in a straight line are more likely to be thwarted by twists and aimless wandering. Forge ahead today and tomorrow…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday – Sunday 1/26-1/29/2012: The Pen Is Mightier…

More going with the flow, suggested by Moon in dreamy Pisces. The day gets off on a sweet note, as loving Venus connects with the Moon at 8:12AM ET…and that’s the pattern that carries us through the day, until another potentially passionately expressive connection hits at 11:52PM ET, as Moon goes void of course until 1:28PM ET on Friday.

You know what that Moon void suggests: that moving in a straight line may be a challenge; unexpected twists occur in your usual routine; crises turn out to be much ado about nothing; you can sleep in late or otherwise flake out — usually without consequence.

The mood shifts dramatically on Friday, when Moon enters impulsive Aries after that void, here to stay through the whole weekend. Could be a rollicking — and definitely mentally stimulating — time. While the need to be number one may be subject to bumps, jolts and power plays as of Friday evening into Saturday afternoon, the star of the weekend is Mercury (mind, communication, travel). If you’re a writer, thinker, traveler or communicator, take advantage of the supercharge that disciplined Saturn, expansive Jupiter and inventive Uranus can give your brain cells during this time. More potential for genius is suggested as Mercury leaves Capricorn on Friday at 1:12PM ET — and moves into Aquarius, sign of the rocket scientist.

And — wow! I’ve written the forecast for the whole weekend! And that’s a good thing, because I’m off to Hogwarts — a.k.a. an astrology conference — on Friday and I need a lot of time to pack. So I’ll leave you with one more thought on people born with Mars retrograde (which we were discussing yesterday): if these people were baseball pitchers, they would probably have one of the longest wind-ups in the world. Think about that…and I’ll be back in touch on Monday.

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