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-- Michael D.
Editor, NY

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Tuesday 7/18/2017: Sneak Peek in the Middle of the Week; The Right to Bare Arms & Other Venus-Mars-Uranus-Neptune Phenomena

Alll-righty then!

(Apologies to subscribers for the late post. MailChimp changed its delivery system — I thought this shipped yesterday, but nooooooo. Onward!)

It’s my last day in LA. Next stop: Raleigh-Durham, NC!!  Will be there until July 25th. If you live in the Tarheel State and are itching for an in-person consultation, do get in touch. Yes, I am still available for consultations by phone.

The work week began with the Moon in stability-focused Taurus, where it will be until 3:31 AM ET on WEDNESDAY. A generous indulgence of the senses is suggested by a harmony between Venus (social expression, arts, women, money) and Jupiter (expansion, for better or worse). If you have a planet or point around 14 degrees of any sign — and especially Aquarius, let me know if you win anything on a lottery ticket you purchased before 4:08PM ET. As they say in New York, “hey, ya never know.”

On WEDNESDAY, the information junkie needs of the Moon in Gemini are structured and advanced by an easy flow between Mercury (mindset) and Saturn, exact at 3:16 PM ET. Make that outline; finish that draft.  If your pitch is designed to disrupt the status quo, it’ll fit right in with the innovative, game-changing potential suggested by THURSDAY’s challenge between the emotional/homeland security-seeking Sun and rebel technogeek Uranus. How curious that Beth Owls Daughter’s Tarot Card this week is The Fool. A great leap forward, perhaps — especially if you have a planet or point around 28 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra. My money says you’ve been feeling the pressure to make a break in whatever area of your life symbolized by that planet. Would you like to talk about it?

The Sun in a challenging aspect to Uranus suggests disruptive news involving heads of state. As I type, WaPo reports that P45 met with Vladimir Putin not once at the G20 summit, but twice.  Surprise! Also surprise: visitor logs from Mar-A-Lago are slated to be released after September 8th. That’s fascinating because that is the week that Mars and Mercury will trigger the August 21st total eclipse of the Sun, which falls directly on P45’s 29 Leo Ascendant. Secrets often come out in the aftermath of an eclipse.

This week, two planets leave Cancer for Leo. Mars goes first. As of 8:20 AM ET on THURSDAY,  the planet symbolizing action and aggression shifts its focus from emotional/nurturing concerns (Cancer) to one of simply lording it over everyone with drama, showmanship and other regal efforts to shine. Mars in Leo needs to act  with entertaining flair, even as it blithely gets away with murder. Travel with a friend who has Mars in Leo if you want to up your chances of complimentary upgrades and other perks.

On SATURDAY at 11:16 AM ET, Sun enters Leo, the sign it rules. Wish your favorite drama king/queen a happy birthday between then and August 22nd, or there will be hell to pay.  ON SUNDAY at 5:46 AM ET, we’ll have a New Moon in Leo — time to plant seeds that will enable you to shine, shine, shine. We are likely to see a few spectacular assertions of will between that New Moon and next Wednesday’s meet-up between the Leo Sun and Leo Mars.

And now, the news.

I don’t know about you, but once the Moon charged into me-me-me Aries last Friday at 7:52 PM ET, I noticed the energetic shift immediately. A faster pace and more heated exchanges  — even among friends. What’s the Aries motto, according to fellow Aries astrologer Rick Levine? “Ready. Fire. Aim!” Ramping up the potential for hair-trigger tempers and other impulsive actions was the challenging square between that cranky Mars in Cancer and eccentric Uranus, exact at 9:35 PM on Monday (yesterday). Uranus suggests the unusual or unconventional. Add to that yesterday’s soulful challenge between Venus and Neptune, and we see the potential for feminine ideals, healing, spiritual concerns to make news in ways that disrupt the status quo.

So what was one of the big stories yesterday? An Australian woman shot dead by police in Minneapolis. Justine Damond was a meditation teacher, life coach and a bride-to-be who recently posted on Facebook how she rescued eight  baby ducks. Samaritan that she was, she called 911 “after hearing a possible sexual assault taking place in an alley behind her Minneapolis home”.  And somehow this unarmed, pajama-clad woman ended up being killed by a police officer. Reflecting the unconventional potential of Mars in contact with Uranus, turns out the police officer is Somali-American.   Reflecting the fog suggested by Neptune in touch with Venus, details of this event are — at the moment — shrouded in mystery.  You may recall Minneapolis made news not too long ago when the police officer who killed driver Philando Castile during a traffic stop was acquitted. One of these days we may have to look at the horoscope of Minneapolis.

Here’s a list of other stories in line with planetary patterns — anticipated in the last forecast:

In other news, efforts to repeal and replace — and then just simply replace — the Affordable Care Act have been disrupted, thanks to the compassion of three women Senators: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Shelley Moore Capito. Although, perhaps not being included in the whole drafting process might have had something to do with it, too. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Venus-Neptune (sensitive feminine) with Mars-Uranus (rebel) is everywhere this week.

Meanwhile, the whole P45 Jr. Russian Swamp Thing keeps on going and going and going. We’re up to eight people being present  in the meeting that was set up with the Russian lady lawyer for the purpose of obtaining dirt on Hillary Clinton. The eighth is a Russian-American businessman accused of money laundering. Nothing to see here, including tax returns. Right?

Rumor has it that it’s a good time to be a criminal defense lawyer in Washington…which is probably why the third most popular article on the WaPo homepage is about a video of a dog saving a drowning baby deer. Hey WaPo — they’re called fawns. You’re welcome :D

Words. Use ’em or lose ’em. That serious thought is brought to you by tomorrow’s Moon in Gemini on a day with  Mercury trine Saturn.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Gotta fly!



Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/18/2013: Forward March!

Good Morning!

As of 9:18PM ET on Wednesday, Moon charged into the fiery sign of Aries. This pioneering, inspiring, me-me-me, let’s-get-it-done-yesterday energy is a dramatic shift from the watery, go-with-the-flow-that’s-going-nowhere-in-particular energy of the void-of-course Moon in Pisces we experienced for 18 hours yesterday. I heard plenty of stories of people sleeping late, wandering around and/or flaking out. I also heard stories of some who were frustrated because their efforts to move forward in a straight line felt a lot like herding cats.

Today you can charge forward with intense focus, with a couple of caveats. First, emotional energy is running high, as reflected by the Moon waxing full tomorrow at 7:38PM ET. So try not to run over everyone’s toes in your rush to move ahead. The Moon will make its weekly engagement with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square between 1:36PM ET and 3:01PM ET, so some may experience a shock, revelation or emotional power play.  Second, mental Mercury turns retrograde on Monday, so know that some of what is accomplished may be up for review and/or delayed implementation during the three week retrograde period (Mercury turns direct November 10th). Third, as noted in prior forecasts, a challenge between aggressive Mars and nebulous Neptune (exact late Saturday), suggests plenty of pixie dust, and thus the potential for magic and miracles…or illusions and delusions that lead to disappointment.

Towards the end of the business day, a lovely alignment between Venus and the Moon smooths ruffled feathers and offers potential for a pleasant evening, leading to indulgent expansion as the morning approaches. Woo-hoo!

And now, the news. Had I taken the time to actually type up the forecast that was in my head in yesterday’s Moon void, I would have written that any freakout over the debt ceiling deadline was likely “much ado about nothing”, and that a deal would get done before everything hit the fan. Why? Because although planetary patterns are volatile now, they get really intense in the horoscope of the United States in 2014.  It’s just too soon for the wheels to come flying off the bus. Plus, as noted in the forecast for Obama’s second term, it is suggested that the President can prevail in any stubborn impasse with this equally stubborn, but petty, misguided, health insurance-obsessed and ineffective 113th Congress.

Even more important: the re-opening of the government and the raising of the debt ceiling lasts only until January 15th and February 7th, respectively. That’s good news for corporations worried about consumer spending and profit margins during the holiday season, as Gail Collins implies in her usual irreverent style. The bad news is that we’re set up for another round of insanity after the first of the year. So here’s another piece of good news — about the increasing power and influence of certain women in the U.S. Senate. Check out this article about how Susan Collins (R-ME) spearheaded a cooperative effort that led to a Senate deal to end the shutdown. You go, girl! Did I mention that the early part of this week featured a lovely alignment between Venus and rebel Uranus, suggesting the potential for news of innovative women and unconventional social expression?

Finally,  just because it is cool: a post-script to last week’s artistic challenge between Venus (social expression) and Neptune (music): “Is Music the Key to Success?”

Arise, go forth and practice those scales…





Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/9/2013: A Dreamy Plan, Man

It never fails to amaze me when life events reflect planetary patterns…and vice versa. I’ll consult with a client and see the potential for a promotion, or a serious new relationship heading their way…and sure enough, the promotion and/or relationship materializes, exactly as anticipated. Still, I’m amazed. I do not claim to know why astrology works. I just know that it does, and I’m thrilled that I understand it well enough to help people live their lives better.

So yesterday I’m having a conversation with someone — not a client, mind you — and  he’s telling me about a colleague whose email signature includes a particular quote. And he just loves this quote — and I am amazed by this quote because it so perfectly reflects yesterday’s planetary patterns. It’s a sobering thought that I hope will inspire you to make good use of the rest of the week, if you haven’t done so already. Ready?

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Do something productive about this, won’t you? You’ll have plenty of fuel for high-flying dreams, courtesy of the Moon’s continued sojourn in optimistic, big-picture oriented Sagittarius. A need to express it all in some rose-colored ideal is suggested by a curious challenge to Venus (love, beauty, women) from foggy, dreamy Neptune — this connection is exact early Thursday morning, but definitely in effect now. Why else would Diana Nyad (Venus) be doing a 48-hour swim (Neptune) in New York as I type?

Venus-Neptune aspects are great for wishes — and artists, lovers, healers, creative types and spiritual escapes. Now ground those wishes with the substance-demanding fallout of yesterday’s Mercury-Saturn hook-up. We’re talking blueprints and other building blocks. Aspects are light today — favoring cooperation and innovation. Tomorrow, when the Moon enters “make it happen” Capricorn, you can get even more earthy and practical.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/17/2012: Reflections on Sandy Hook

The work week begins with Moon in Aquarius, a helpful, humanitarian placement that favors making connections of all kinds, no matter how unconventional. Soulful unity and a need for beauty is also suggested, courtesy of the lingering effects of yesterday’s challenge between loving Venus and rose-colored Neptune. Sharing opinions that broaden horizons is also favored, suggested by an opposition between Mercury (mindset) and Jupiter (expansion).

East Coasters, note that the Moon goes void-of-course at 1:11PM ET…not to enter empathic, dreamy Pisces until 7:48PM ET. Get it off your desk before the void, if you can. West Coasters, your entire work day may be best applied to projects involving creative brainstorming, as efforts to move forward in a straight line have a much higher potential for delays, detours and other sudden twists. Writers may find this particular Moon void especially productive, thanks to the supercharged communication power of the aforementioned Mercury-Jupiter opposition. If you are new to the forecast and want more information on Moon voids, you will find it here. Welcome!

I hesitate to write much about the heartbreaking news that broke on Friday, which continues to dominate the headlines. Suffice it to say that if you read the forecasts posted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you would note that the planetary patterns described were reflected in a horribly destructive way in Newtown, Connecticut…and in too many other U.S. cities to link here.  Violence in  China also made headlines.

With rebel Uranus turning direct on last Thursday’s New Moon, we anticipated a seismic shock to the system.  With Mars (action!) running wild in “make-it-happen” Capricorn (i.e., like  a loose cannon), we anticipated that acts of aggression might pull focus. Last week, the horoscope of Adam Lanza (April 22, 1992 in Kingston, NH — time not confirmed), was clearly triggered by transiting Uranus and Mars (and I suspect by a couple of other major astrological measurements) — no surprises there. Maybe someday it will become a matter of course for all people to become aware of the patterns in their horoscopes, to help them make choices that are constructive, rather than destructive, especially during periods of stress, which would be identified before they happen.

As an astrologer, I am constantly identifying patterns in order to make sense of this world. As a writer, I can’t help but notice patterns in words, too. Last month we had Hurricane Sandy. Friday’s tragedy happened at a school named Sandy Hook. What’s with the word “Sandy” making headlines? Coincidence or conspiracy?

As I do not believe in coincidence, I must have a theory.  Here it is (cue Anne Elk now). But seriously, folks. This is my theory.  Sand is an irritant. An oyster reacts to an irritating grain of sand by creating a pearl.  The pearl protects the oyster; it is a defense system. Would you believe that the name “Sandy” means “defender of men?” Pearls  made me think of the expression “pearls of wisdom”. It’s time for us to wake up, wise up — and take action.

As suggested by the patterns in last Thursday’s New Moon, we are presented with an opportunity to do what must be done in order to create a better world. There is tremendous potential for action that brings positive results, if that is what we choose to create. Who’s in?


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