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"Her ability to pinpoint exact years of major occurrences was uncanny. And her sensitive insight brought such clarity to the reading."
-- D.H.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/30/2014: New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon in Aquarius begins at 4:38PM ET, offering us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle.  Around February 6th, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on the 14th, we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on the 22nd, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon cycle on March 1st.

Aquarius is a airy (mental), fixed (organizing) energy. Keywords for Aquarius include innovation, eccentricity, friendship, humanitarian, unconventional, rocket scientist and/or mad genius. If you were born with the Sun in Aquarius, you have the energy to innovate and intellectualize with others. If your Moon is in Aquarius, you need to be socially significant — and dare I say appreciated for it. You probably need to be unusual, too. I learned these nifty, pithy expressions of solar energy and lunar needs from my mentor, Noel Tyl. “I love you, but don’t take it personally” is another nifty, pithy Aquarian  expression — and I came up with that one all by myself. If you have Venus in Aquarius, chances are you especially know what I’m talking about.

The chart for this New Moon has Uranus, ruler of Aquarius in a cooperative connection, suggesting  innovative, status quo-disrupting ideas affecting the masses (also ruled by Aquarius) are likely to be key throughout this lunar cycle. These ideas are likely to involve power and resources — who has it; who doesn’t. An overkill of emotions about these issues is also likely to be seen, along with visionary (or delusional) thinking, and courageous (or reckless) applications of willpower in order to maintain — or establish —  power and control. Sounds like a lot of excitement, and Mercury will be retrograde through most it, suggesting some spectacularly misfired communication signals making headlines. And we haven’t even gotten to the likelihood for supercharged action we’ll see later in the year — and discussed in this earlier forecast.

OK, so. What does this mean for you? The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon — at 11 degrees of Aquarius — is “man tete-a-tete (head-to-head) with his inspiration.” It’s not clear if this is an image of one man or “man” in a general sense, as in “mankind”.  Hmm.  As usual we turn to Sabian Symbol guru Blaine Bovee for additional insight, who writes: “a private experience of being aroused to a higher wisdom, knowledge or creativity…sudden brilliant flashes of a timely sort…a focus of inner, personal reflection of an exalted nature…re-collecting oneself around a sturdy inner core.”

Personal reflection and “re-collecting” just happen to be keywords for the aforementioned Mercury retrograde, starting on February 6th and turning direct on February 28th. Use this New Moon energy to reflect and reconnect with your own divine inspiration, i.e., that which delights you and makes you feel alive.

If you want to know where 11 degrees of Aquarius falls in your horoscope, here’s how I can help you.

A divine inspiration might be your soul purpose, a.k.a, your sole purpose. Why are you here? Right now?  That’s a big, fat question — and since we’re asking it on an Aquarian New Moon, we might also consider that all of our friends and associates — all of humanity, in fact — probably wrestles with the same big, fat question, too.  We are all in this together. We are each here to contribute something unique. This applies to people we may not like very much — or whom we don’t think are part of our collective. Ooooh, deep thoughts.

You are more personally affected by this New Moon energy if you were born around the 29th of January, April, July and October….or if you have a planet or angle around 11 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius. For clues to what we can expect as the Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014 increases in intensity (especially this April), talk to your Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn friends born in the first eight days of those signs. Ask them what empowering and/or emancipating upheavals they experienced in the past few years. Then ask your friends born 9-12 days into those signs what big changes they’re going through right now.

And now — a quick look at a recent headline. You may have heard of the New York congressman who blew up at a reporter and threatened to throw him over a balcony — all caught on camera at Tuesday’s State of the Union, yes?  Sounds like that congressman has a bit of temper, right? Immediately any skilled astrologer would be thinking,”Hmm….temper…sudden outbursts…gaining prominence now. There’s gotta be a Mars (aggression) – Uranus (hair-trigger) challenge in that horoscope…and I bet it’s impacted by the Uranus-Pluto square.” Well guess what? The congressman in question — Michael Grimm — was born February 7, 1970 — and he does have a challenge between Mars (10 Aries) and Uranus (8 Libra), and it is being impacted by the Uranus-Pluto square! Coincidence or conspiracy? You know I do not believe in coincidence.

Back to you in the studio…

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/17/2012: Reflections on Sandy Hook

The work week begins with Moon in Aquarius, a helpful, humanitarian placement that favors making connections of all kinds, no matter how unconventional. Soulful unity and a need for beauty is also suggested, courtesy of the lingering effects of yesterday’s challenge between loving Venus and rose-colored Neptune. Sharing opinions that broaden horizons is also favored, suggested by an opposition between Mercury (mindset) and Jupiter (expansion).

East Coasters, note that the Moon goes void-of-course at 1:11PM ET…not to enter empathic, dreamy Pisces until 7:48PM ET. Get it off your desk before the void, if you can. West Coasters, your entire work day may be best applied to projects involving creative brainstorming, as efforts to move forward in a straight line have a much higher potential for delays, detours and other sudden twists. Writers may find this particular Moon void especially productive, thanks to the supercharged communication power of the aforementioned Mercury-Jupiter opposition. If you are new to the forecast and want more information on Moon voids, you will find it here. Welcome!

I hesitate to write much about the heartbreaking news that broke on Friday, which continues to dominate the headlines. Suffice it to say that if you read the forecasts posted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you would note that the planetary patterns described were reflected in a horribly destructive way in Newtown, Connecticut…and in too many other U.S. cities to link here.  Violence in  China also made headlines.

With rebel Uranus turning direct on last Thursday’s New Moon, we anticipated a seismic shock to the system.  With Mars (action!) running wild in “make-it-happen” Capricorn (i.e., like  a loose cannon), we anticipated that acts of aggression might pull focus. Last week, the horoscope of Adam Lanza (April 22, 1992 in Kingston, NH — time not confirmed), was clearly triggered by transiting Uranus and Mars (and I suspect by a couple of other major astrological measurements) — no surprises there. Maybe someday it will become a matter of course for all people to become aware of the patterns in their horoscopes, to help them make choices that are constructive, rather than destructive, especially during periods of stress, which would be identified before they happen.

As an astrologer, I am constantly identifying patterns in order to make sense of this world. As a writer, I can’t help but notice patterns in words, too. Last month we had Hurricane Sandy. Friday’s tragedy happened at a school named Sandy Hook. What’s with the word “Sandy” making headlines? Coincidence or conspiracy?

As I do not believe in coincidence, I must have a theory.  Here it is (cue Anne Elk now). But seriously, folks. This is my theory.  Sand is an irritant. An oyster reacts to an irritating grain of sand by creating a pearl.  The pearl protects the oyster; it is a defense system. Would you believe that the name “Sandy” means “defender of men?” Pearls  made me think of the expression “pearls of wisdom”. It’s time for us to wake up, wise up — and take action.

As suggested by the patterns in last Thursday’s New Moon, we are presented with an opportunity to do what must be done in order to create a better world. There is tremendous potential for action that brings positive results, if that is what we choose to create. Who’s in?


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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/13/2012: New Moon in Sagittarius

So yesterday we were talking about the potential downside of Mars (action-oriented) energy running wild in the heavens. But how is that going to impact the New Moon at 21 Sagittarius, exact as of 3:42AM ET? Happily, this New Moon offers superb potential for broadening your horizons and breaking down barriers, provided your high-flying ideals have a solid, practical game plan to support them.  And that “Mars-running-wild” energy can be applied to support your New Moon game plan. Before we get into the New Moon chart, you should know that the Moon will be void of course between 3:42AM ET and 4:43PM ET…potentially throwing a wrench into your plans to charge ahead in a straight line. When the Moon enters Capricorn at 4:43PM ET, that is when you can consider taking action.

Back to the New Moon chart:

Two other aspects dominate this month’s New Moon. First, a constructive connection between Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn — and it is rare to see such a cooperative aspect between the planet of structure and the planet of transformation. This connection is especially significant because Saturn rules the sign of Capricorn and Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio…and thus, the two planets are said to be in “mutual reception”. “Mutual reception” is an astro-logical technogeek term for “really constructive connection”…but for doing what? How about…moving forward on doing what needs to be done when the writing is on the wall…without whingeing about it? As in tighten your belts and put on your big girl panties. Deal with it — no more kicking the can down the road. This is your challenge– whether it is dealing with a ginormous budget deficit, or taking your own impossible dream to the next level. Whatever you need to do, DO IT. You may find yourself surprised at the positive results!

The other significant aspect in this New Moon is rebel Uranus, turning direct after being retrograde since July 13th. You will feel this release more strongly if you were born around the 25th of December, March, June and September….or if you have a planet or angle around 4 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.  This suggests a feeling of release…in the spirit of independence, rebellion, originality and revelation. Pay attention to the buzz around you over the next few days as we adjust to this “shock to the system” planet moving forward again. Look for potential “news from underground” in the form of seismic shocks…and also for technological breakthroughs and news from outer space. Wherever  4 degrees of Aries falls in your horoscope is where you will likely experience this push forward. Consult your local astrologer for details.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon seems puzzling, given the high-flying optimism presented at the start of this lunar cycle. It is “a Chinese laundry”. Keep in mind that these symbols were divined almost 100 years ago.  A Chinese laundry refers to the entrepreneurial efforts of an immigrant trying to gain a foothold in a strange new world. A Chinese immigrant could be a rocket scientist, but if she isn’t fluent in English, she may have to start at the very bottom of the economic ladder…literally doing the dirty work of other people, e.g., airing out their dirty laundry.  I confess I am not sure how this symbol will play out. Maybe we will uncover more secrets — dirty laundry — of those who currently are at the top of the food chain.  Maybe it’s a suggestion that we all could stand to “clean up our act” in order to meet the challenge of the high-flying optimism suggested by the New Moon in Sagittarius. What do you think?

What I do know is that this week’s Mercury-Neptune square is still dominating the news. All over Facebook, people are tuning in to a charity (Neptune) concert (Neptune) happening at Madison Square Garden. That, and music legend Ravi Shankar passed away….RIP. And you would not believe the stories of spaciness and missed connections I have been hearing from friends, clients and colleagues over the past two days. Yesterday’s forecast, for example, was riddled with typos — and I thought I had proofed it thoroughly! My apologies.  I promise you by Friday things will be feeling much more invigorated and down to earth.

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Astro-logical Forecast for 2/12/2012: Whitney Houston, RIP

From Saturday through Wednesday we build to a potential outpouring of emotion and inspired thinking that can be delusional, practical and/or transcendental. The emotions are suggested by Wednesday’s challenge between ruthless and oh-so-deep Pluto and Venus (love, women and money); the thinking is suggested by Tuesday’s exact hook-up between mental Mercury and nebulous/inspired Neptune and Monday’s easy connection between Mercury and disciplined, sober Saturn. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that these patterns seem perfectly aligned with the outpouring of emotion expressed by the public after Whitney Houston’s sudden passing at age 48 on Saturday afternoon. I’d say 85% of the posts on Facebook right now are tributes to Whitney Houston. The other headline I’m seeing right now is that Catholic bishops are rejecting Obama’s compromise on contraception, which could be seen as another possible manifestation of a Pluto (ruthless, resources) challenge to Venus (women, money) and Neptune (fantasy, illusion, intangible) connected to Mercury (mind, communication)

In your own personal world, Sunday may well begin on a balanced note, with an ease of communication courtesy of a trine between Moon in cerebral Libra and mental Mercury in equally cerebral Aquarius. As the day progresses, sober Saturn weighs in, either dampening spirits or providing needed structure to your plans for world domination. This Saturn-Moon hook-up is exact at 4:09PM ET, followed by an hour long void; Moon enters moody bastard Scorpio at 5:01PM ET, promptly co-mingles with nebulous, glamorous Neptune and sets the tone for the nebulous, glamorous celebration of music (an intangible), known as the Grammys.

Whitney Houston was born August 9, 1963 at 8:55PM in Newark, NJ. Sun in regal Leo, with Moon-Jupiter conjunction in Aries. The prime directive of this horoscope is a huge need to be seen as inspiring, pioneering and Number One (if you have Moon in Aries, or if you are in a relationship with someone with Moon in Aries, now you know what they need). With Moon and Jupiter in the first house, we’d expect her to be an entrepreneur — someone who needs to do her own thing in her vocation. All together, these planets are in a pattern that suggests tremendous projection of an aura of self-sufficiency and a defensive posture that interferes with relationship.

Contrasting that need for self-expression and affirmation is a heavy emphasis on planets in the Western hemisphere, suggesting Houston gave herself away to others at the expense of developing her own strengths. An emotionally sensitive, downright watery Pisces ascendant would add to that vulnerability…and Mars, running wild in the area of the horoscope related to partnership, suggests tremendous energy applied to relationships and/or the general public for the sake of self-worth (or lack thereof).

Houston’s Sun (life force) and Venus (social expression, aesthetic sense) together in Leo suggest a sunny idealism; both are squared by Neptune, which likely reinforced an idealized or bewildered sense of self. Artistic talent and charismatic appeal would be another potential…and a need for a rose-colored outlook on life. How far does someone go to keep those rose-colored glasses on? Drugs? Well, drugs are one possible avenue for a horoscope with a strong Neptune under high tension.

Meanwhile, an intense hook-up between mental Mercury and ruthless Pluto in Virgo (the eternal perfectionist/critic) is a sure sign of sharp verbal communication (vocal perfection?) — and in Houston’s case, likely experienced in one-on-one relationships (the two planets are in Houston’s 7th house).  Rebel Uranus adds nerves, excitement, genius and risk — again likely played out in partnership — and in the body. Other aspects suggest a huge influence on the part of the mother; a remote or overly strict relationship with the father (the latter relationship likely created anxiety over her ability to be loved). Another connection involving Jupiter, Pluto and the Aries Point is nearly always a sign of fame — or at least association with — the rich and famous. Which is likely why everyone in the Free World is posting tributes on facebook…and I’m writing this forecast instead of the one I planned to write about Clint Eastwood, the perfect timing of his”Halftime in America” Super Bowl commercial (given that Mars is retrograde), and what the heck is going on in Greece.

As one would expect, there are patterns of dynamic stress active in Houston’s horoscope at this time.*  Ruthless Pluto, for example, is exactly square that runaway Mars, suggesting tremendous force and a potential for accidents. Stressful patterns or not, 48 seems way too young to exit, stage right. Rest in peace, Ms. Houston. Right now, you are Number One in our thoughts and prayers.

*the horoscope never dies; it is not unusual for posthumous tributes and/or a resurgence in popularity to coincide with planetary patterns…amazing, isn’t it?


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/6/2012 & The Weekend: Rick Santorum and Other Mind-Blowing Potential

More buzz on Friday as Moon continues in information-junkie Gemini, and Mercury (mind, communication, travel) pulls strong focus through the entire weekend. Really, this is an apt time for big, bold, innovative, inspired  — possibly revolutionary — statements and ideas. For details on the Mercury connections please see forecasts posted earlier this week. I’ll be seizing the day by launching a redesigned website on Saturday. Just think — you’ll never have to search for an astro-logical forecast again; you’ll be able to sign up on the site and have forecasts delivered to your emailbox as soon as they are posted. Won’t that be fun?

No exact planetary aspects happen on Friday until just before the witching hour. One is a lovely connection between Moon and Venus (sweet!); the other is a potentially combative challenge between Moon and Mars (action/aggression). Hmmm. Watch for brief flare-ups of temper and see if you can find a positive channel for that rambunctious energy — it is Friday night, after all…

On Saturday Moon goes void at 2:52PM ET for 73 minutes, and then flows into emotional-security seeking Cancer. Note the potential for a jolt, flash or other upset around 5:58PM ET, when Moon is challenged by rebel Uranus. Emotions may be running high, as we are building to a Full Moon in the sign of the Crab at 2:30AM ET Monday. But first we’ll need to adjust to Mercury’s shift from outrageously opinionated Sagittarius to ambitious, strategic Capricorn at 1:34AM Sunday. Given the rush of energy channeled into mental Mercury by expansive, enthusiastic Jupiter and Uranus, the mad scientist, more than one circuit — or mind — may be blown. Could be exciting.

Speaking of mad scientists and minds being blown, I haven’t been paying much attention to the current marathon race for the White House, since I’m not a big fan of reality TV shows.  But Rick Santorum has suddenly captured the limelight, which means something is active in his horoscope — probably Pluto (prominence) or Uranus (sudden breakthroughs) — so let’s see what it is.

Santorum was born May 10, 1958 in Winchester, VA — birth time not available. He’s a Taurus with Moon in Aquarius, which suggests a need to be of social significance, along with the potential to come across as a little detached emotionally, echoed by a Grand Trine which suggests a strong aura of self-sufficiency. There’s also a likely conflict between building material security for himself (Taurus Sun) and helping others (Aquarius Moon); which appears to have manifested as described here Issues of spirit and what might be called the paranormal — or just plain weird —  are also likely prominent.

Santorum’s natal Mars is running wild, suggesting action/aggression/machismo taking over the horoscope (perhaps reflected in his staunchly anti-gay credo); but given that Mars in is the sensitive sign of Pisces (“Macho” is not the first word that comes to mind when I think of Pisces), perhaps this drive is overcompensating…for…??  But what’s hot right now is Santorum’s natal Venus (social expression) challenged by ruthless Pluto — hello! — there’s a bit of prominence for you. And this: rebel Uranus currently connecting with Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion), suggesting “explosive expression, breaking loose, domination”. Amazing.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/21/2011: Uranus Conjunct Sun in Aries

Re-read the Friday forecast for thoughts on the shake-ups suggested by today’s meeting between Sun and rebel Uranus at the very beginning of the zodiac. Shake-ups can be positive, as in shaking out cobwebs from our minds and/or getting us out of a rut.  Wherever zero degrees of Aries falls in your horoscope is likely the area of your life in which you might be experiencing shake-ups — or seeking liberation. Consult your local astrologer for details.

It’s another work week of full-speed ahead. Mars, planet of action, aggression (and war!), continues to run wild today. Channel your enthusiasm productively and the sky’s the limit.  We’ve got a brief Moon void from 2:35 – 3:17 PM EDT, after which the Moon leaves cerebral Libra for moody Scorpio, a sign which demands substance, not theory. That freedom you’re seeking? Deep down, you know what you have to do…

Courage, self-reliance, inspiration and a pioneering spirit are keywords for the beginning of the astrological new year, the time when the Sun is in Aries, sign of the ram — and the lamb.  In the Northern hemisphere (the birthplace of Western astrology), it is a time of renewal and rebirth — a chance to let go of old patterns and make a fresh start.  Happy Monday!

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/8/2010

More on color, music and other non-verbal, intangible contemplations. Yesterday (Saturday) featured a strong connection between Mercury (mind, travel) and nebulous Neptune (spirituality, fantasy, sacrifice) often seen in the horoscopes of people with rich imaginations and an aptitude for making music. Is this why the forecast has been delayed (words have failed me) or why I could not stop thinking about a musical episode on the bus ride home from last Sunday’s Rally for Sanity? (Bear with me, this really is going somewhere…eventually about the New Moon):

I asked our eccentric lady bus driver if she’d mind changing the static-ky  (stat-icky?) radio station that was poisoning the airwaves,  and she said she’d be happy to replace it with a CD, if a passenger had one handy. A CD? How quaint…but darned if a college kid didn’t happen to have one he was excited to share. “These are bluegrass instrumental arrangements of some songs by the Beatles!”, he says (with a great deal of authority),  as we were treated to the opening bars of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” a la banjo . Cheesy? Yes. But darned if those Lennon-McCartney tunes didn’t hold up with every twang — and I found myself marveling at the beauty of each chord progression and wondering WHY — as in, “why do these sounds gathered together in this particular way have so much power to move the soul — why are they so beautiful?”

Fast forward to yesterday (pun obviously intended), in which I persuade a composer friend to break down the chord structures of — you guessed it — “Yesterday”, etc. on a Yamaha baby grand — what exactly am I hearing when the juxtaposition of two chords strikes me as beautiful, and why is this music so timeless? Composer Friend explains that what I’m hearing is a chord in a major key immediately followed by a chord in the relative minor..blah blah “roots in church music dating from 500-600 AD through the Middle Ages”…blah blah Modal harmony, as in the “Dorian mode”, more church music, Mozart, Bach, etc., which goes back to the music of the Ancient Greeks…and while I’m kicking myself for not taking more music theory in college, am I also appreciating that the reason these Beatles tunes feel timeless is because they are; humans have been responding to the intrinsic beauty of these sounds for who knows how long, and at least as far back as and Ancient Greeks…

…which finally brings me to the Scorpio New Moon. Scorpio is opposite the sign of Taurus, which naturally rules areas in life related to the assets and values of an individual, including intangible values such as self-worth.  Scorpio rules, among other things, areas related to assets shared with an other, including shared values. Co-mingling shared assets can be incredibly creative — and procreative, as in great sex, great investments and a great inheritance. The keyword for Taurus is I HAVE. The keyword for Scorpio is I CREATE.

In the chart for the New Moon at 12:52 AM EDT 11/6/2010 we see five planets running wild — Mars (energy applied), Saturn (structure, control), Pluto (change) and Sun-Moon (union, new cycle, birth). By “wild” I mean that they are not connected to any other planet in the chart; each one is an island unto itself. A “wild” planet (the astrological term is “unaspected”), as my teacher Noel Tyl explains, it, makes a lot of noise in order to attract attention, with the hope that it will eventually be noticed and given a constructive outlet. With so many “islands” in this New Moon horoscope, is it any coincidence that the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 14 degrees of Scorpio is “telephone linemen at work”…”an image of men at work stretching lines of communication from pole to pole…connecting the telephone lines, repairing faulty or fallen lines”?

Wherever this New Moon at 14 Scorpio falls in your horoscope is where you may have an opportunity ripe with creative potential, where success will likely depend on effective lines of communication. You may have to lay down some lines in uncharted territory — ooh — adventure! You may need to repair lines downed by a storm (Venus is still retrograde in Scorpio). Finding a common ground between you and that “other party” (a Beatles tune?) is a recommended first step…

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/12/2010

Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette announced their split after 11 years of marriage, and I know the question on everyone’s mind has been — “Wow! Could this split be directly related to Venus turning retrograde and torpedoing their relationship?” If only it were so simple. A quick glance at Courteney’s chart (working without a known birth time, so my observations are limited),  two measurements leap out: 1) nebulous Neptune opposing Mars, planet of action, which runs wild in the horoscope, suggesting “change of course of action due to dissatisfaction; going to where the grass seems greener; losing focus” (source: astrologer Noel Tyl); and 2) Courteney’s Venus, planet of love/social expression, under extreme pressure from the heavies in the Big T-Square Party (see 7/27/2010 for details on Big T-Square Party) — all of this action has been in effect for a year. In David’s chart we see nebulous Neptune opposing Mercury (mind) and Jupiter-Neptune (Big Picture thinking; his need for reward), suggesting that his already active imagination is likely working overtime.  so bottom line, the only Venus retrograde that likely catalyzed this split is the retrograde Venus in Courteney’s own horoscope (very challenging position); the restless tension, bewilderment — perhaps feeling that there is something else better “out there” likely going on all year long.

Meanwhile, what’s up with this wacky weather? Thunder and lightning and HAIL in NYC as I type! Chalk this up to the third in a row of — get ready to learn a new astrological term — SUPER MOONS. A Super Moon is a New or Full Moon that occurs when the Moon is 90% or greater of its mean closest approach to Earth — the term was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle a few decades ago (so he says — no reason to believe otherwise) — and experience has shown that these New and/or Full Moons coincide with stronger tides, leading to heavy storms and other weather extremes. I’ve been reading his research for over a year now — and he’s been remarkably accurate about this phenomenon, calling the 11th-13th and the 18th-26th of this month as time spans of potential heavy weather action — so now I am sharing it with you.  August and September were also Super Moons; the next one happens in February 2011 — with likely serious winter weather.

For today, the first day back to work for East Coasters — we’ve got Moon (emotional response) in high flying Sagittarius, tossed around in the late afternoon by expansive Jupiter (4:15PM NY) and erratic Uranus (8:07PM NY). Could be some big ideas making a pitch — or an unsettling emotional encounter. Moon goes void at 8:07PM NY — take the evening off and relax.