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“I can't thank you enough for the incredible adventure in astrology. You have that rare gift that certainly all who call themselves astrologers don't possess... you're the real deal!! It seriously blew me away that you were able to not only nail so much from my past (exact times/years certain events took place, along with situations with family, relationships and beyond) but you've already helped with my present! The answers you gave to the specific questions I asked pertaining to important career-related happenings this week have already proven true. I will look forward to an update in a year or so.”
– S.L.
New York, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thurs 1/29-2/1/2015: Super Bowl Musings

Today, the fast-talking, quick-think Gemini Moon is sparked by several contacts from other planets, which helps keep balls in play. Tomorrow at 4:24AM ET, that Moon goes void-of-course, suggesting a higher potential for efforts that wander off course. So get it off your desk today if you can, and consider the possibility of an early start to the weekend tomorrow. The Moon won’t enter the next sign — Cancer — until 2:09AM ET on Saturday.

The wee hours on Friday have three exact aspects of note that we can expect to be reflected in the news and perhaps in your own personal world. First is a challenge between Venus in Pisces and taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius. Pisces can refer to martyrs. A challenge between Venus and Saturn suggests chilly or controlled emotions and/or “women of steel” in the headlines. Here’s an example of past headlines under this aspect.

One story I’m watching is the hostage situation in which a Jordanian pilot and a Japanese journalist may be released in exchange for a female suicide bomber whose efforts did not succeed. Her prominence in the news at this time seems an apt reflection of planetary patterns, even though some media may be baffled. Consider also that Mercury is still retrograde, suggesting projects and people from the past may suddenly reappear.

Around 8:30AM ET on Friday we’ll have a meet-up between Mercury and Sun in Aquarius, suggesting a high level of idealism, likely with a revolutionary, technological or humanitarian bent. At the same time we’ll have an easy alignment between action hero Mars (in Pisces) and ruthless Pluto (Capricorn), suggesting potentially effective power dynamics. These patterns, combined with Sunday’s meet-up between Venus and Neptune could suggest a greater inclination for compassion and empathy. Certainly it’s a perfect time for an op-ed column in the NYT asking “how do we increase empathy”, along with one from Angelina Jolie about the refugee crisis in Syria and Iraq.

It’s this soulful Venus-Neptune meet-up that sets the tone for the weekend, once the Moon enters equally sensitive, nurturing Cancer at 2:09AM ET on Saturday. Healing on the home front? Moon in Cancer does favor energy invested in home, family, Mom, nourishment — whatever stokes your need for emotional security.

Take care of your weekend shopping on Saturday. On Sunday, Moon makes its weekly clash with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square early in the morning. Then it goes void at 8:37AM ET for the rest of the day. No major shopping sprees! A void Moon suggests upsets, surprise twists and maybe a few spectacular communication snafus at the Super Bowl. Which team is the underdog? They’d be my pick…but — wait — a few days ago, there was no underdog in this match. Verrry interesting, but with a sports match on a day with Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces, you might wish we could all just get along instead of fighting battle after battle.

I predict that the biggest winner in Sunday’s game will be the advertiser that airs the most sentimental, soulful commercial. It certainly won’t be GoDaddy. Their effort was deemed offensive by animal lovers everywhere and will not air during the game. But what else might we expect from a company whose CEO hunts big game animals in Africa for sport? GoDaddy is not the only web hosting and domain service provider in the marketplace. I use Host Duplex and Hover. Ask my wonderful webmaster for details.

Here’s another story in tune with planetary patterns. The “Friendship Nine”, refers to nine young men who dared to sit at the counter of a “whites only” South Carolina diner in 1961. They were arrested, convicted and served time for their “crime”. Their convictions were overturned this week, and here’s how Justice Antonin Scalia’s favorite paper covered the story. And here’s how the New York Times reported it (one of two articles).

I love how this story incorporates themes of Friendship (Aquarius) and forgiveness (Pisces) against the backdrop of Mercury retrograde (remembrance of things past) and the Uranus-Pluto square, whose conjunction in the mid-60s planted the seeds of the civil rights movement that is struggling to firmly take root today. Yes, struggling — in certain places. Did you hear that the Senate subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights has just dropped “civil rights” and “human rights” from its name?

In other news, a potential revelation on the heavy topic of depression, as a recent study has found a link between depression and inflammation of the brain. I remember reading a theory somewhere that depression was “anger turned inward.” How interesting that inflammation of the mind (reflecting tomorrow’s Sun-Mercury meet up!) would be observed…

That’s the brain dump for the next few days. Have a great weekend…thank you for reading this forecast, and don’t forget that…

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/3/2014 & the Weekend: Power Surges & Mercury Retrograde

A power surge that carries through the weekend, provided you can stay focused. Moon is in humanitarian Aquarius, which excels at networking with all kinds of cats, the more unconventional, the better. And if you can showcase your  own quirky individuality, why then, go for it. The challenge at staying focused is suggested by Mercury, now at a standstill, and about to turn retrograde Saturday at 1:02PM ET. No whingeing, and I’ll tell you why in a minute. But seriously, double check the details today in matters of communication, travel, documents and electronic gizmos. And plan to do that for the rest of the month.

The power surge is Saturday’s challenge to potent Pluto at 4:03AM ET, soon to be followed by a face-off with rebel Uranus on Tuesday. Since 2011, whenever a planet has made contact with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, we’ve come to expect themes of revolution, breakthroughs, news from underground and other disruptions of the status quo in the headlines – even more so than usual.  And here I would be thinking of the protests in Hong Kong, which first started just as Pluto turned direct on September 22nd.

Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn suggests the potential for one maverick individual to shake-up the Establishment. Do you know who is leading the Hong Kong “Umbrella Revolution”? Joshua Wong, a 17-year-old student who has been rallying his peers for the past two years! And if you’ve been reading this forecast regularly, you’re probably thinking, “Wow! The Uranus-Pluto square must really be hot in his horoscope!” And you’d be right. We don’t have a birth time, but Joshua was born October 13, 1996 in Hong Kong. And the action continues for him well into 2016.

OK, back to the weekend forecast. Power surge and Mercury retrograde notwithstanding, your Friday afternoon and evening is made light by easy connections to the Moon by Venus and the Sun in gracious Libra. On Saturday, there’s a optimistic boost to the Moon from expansive Jupiter in the early AM to get you going, but the mood may get serious around 2:32PM, when the Moon goes void on a challenge from Saturn. Forget about impulse shopping then and chill, perhaps while wandering off on an innovative adventure, as action hero Mars trines technogeek Uranus just after midnight. Maybe even do something physical, inspired by this timely piece on how exercise wards off depression (the scientists finally figured out why). Should be an especially interesting day for sports matches.

By 5:24AM ET Sunday, Moon will be in soulful Pisces, supported by easy and dreamy aspects to facilitate some super-fun Mercury Retrograde-appropriate activities, such as RElaxing and REcharging. No sleeping in on Monday, but do take it slow and remember to FOCUS.

General notes on handling Mercury retrograde:

Those who know just enough about astrology to make them dangerous often curse Mercury retrograde, and that’s a shame. It gets a bad rap because we are geared, in this crazy modern age, to always be thinking, doing, moving FORWARD. Ya know what that gets you? Burn out! We need our down times, and Mercury retrograde is a perfect time to give our minds a rest — and an opportunity to review our progress over the past few months. Why else would your computer, phone and/or car choose THIS time to malfunction? Because you are supposed to be slowing down!

Be prepared for travel delays, scheduling screw-ups, mechanical breakdowns, computer crashes, having to repeat what you’ve just said, misunderstandings, people you haven’t seen in years showing up on your doorstep,  and having to repeat what you just said. Take advantage of this prime opportunity to review and rethink a project you may have abandoned. It’s probably worth a second look. Get out your Rolodex and reach out to people. Trust that they will be delighted to hear from you. Take a break from your routine. Take a vacation. Unplug your computer and cellphone.  Avoid signing contracts, making major purchases (especially electronic ones) and losing patience. Practice the art of FOCUS. Make sure the restaurant you’re meeting at is still in business. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers, and ignore the juicy gossip at the water cooler. Do plan on RElaxing, REviewing, REsearching, REorganizing, REgenerating, REconnecting and REcreating.

Mercury will turn retrograde at 2 degrees of Scorpio, so if you were born a few days into Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio…or if you have a planet or angle around 2 degrees of those signs, you’ll feel the challenge of staying focused more than most. Mercury turns direct at 16 Libra on October 26th, so wherever 16 Libra to 2 Scorpio falls in your chart is where you’ll likely feel the need to review, rethink, recharge.

This particular Mercury retrograde is also a superb time to review your life in consultation with an astrologer. If you’ve never consulted with me before, I’d like to invite you to do so this month. And I’m happy to further inspire you to take the plunge by offering 10% off on ab60 or 90-minute consultations. Here’s how to contact me to schedule an appointment.

Finally, a few articles appropriate for Mercury retrograde — and how we need to think. First, a bit on how curiosity improves memory, which is just so totally awesome.  Second, a lengthy piece on how the brain processes information gleaned from articles we read online vs actual paper….in case you were curious. Ooh — and here’s one for Saturday’s Sun square Pluto (news from underground), thanks to The Guardian:

a new map of the Earth’s seafloor using satellite data, revealing massive underwater scars and thousands of previously uncharted sea mountains in some of the deepest, most remote reaches of the world’s oceans.

Ooh — and holy Mars trine innovative Uranus, Batman — here’s a flying car (Mars rules cars)!  And photos of Mars from that Indian spacecraft. Sooo kewwwwl.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday-Wednesday 8/25-27/2014: New Moon in Virgo; Sneak Peek at the Week

Happy Monday — and Tuesday!

Did anyone else notice the subtle shift in energy around 10:13AM ET, the exact time of today’s New Moon? I was up very early this morning, as I have been in recent days, checking on the comfort of my beloved but ailing 17-year-old kitty. I planned to write this forecast in the dead of the Moon, but as it turns out, I needed more rest. What time did I wake up — without an alarm? 10:13AM ET — to the minute. Coincidence or conspiracy? I offer this an example of how you can use the times provided in this forecast. If something notable happens in your own personal world, see if it’s in synch with an exact planetary pattern. If you know your horoscope well enough to know what degrees your angles and planets are at, you can really have fun with this exercise. If you don’t know where your planets are, there’s a little Astro-Basics Report you can order here that will clue you in.

The New Moon — i.e.,  the monthly meet-up of the Sun and Moon — happened at 2 degrees 19 minutes of Virgo. For those of you who like to look up the Sabian Symbols, read for 3 degrees of Virgo (always round up to the next number when using these Symbols).  A New Moon offers us an opportunity to re-set  intentions and goals for the next lunar cycle.  Sometime today or tomorrow, light a candle and make a list.  Around September 2nd, on the First Quarter Moon, we can expect a challenge to those goals, with appropriate adjustments made. At the time of the Full Moon on the 8th, we can expect illumination on the success or failure of our goals for the cycle. If we succeeded, we can consciously release our success into our reality; if we failed, we let go of whatever did not work. After the Third Quarter Moon on the 15th, we can review our achievements, tie up loose ends and get ready to begin another New Moon on September 24th.

Last month’s New Moon in Leo focused on creative self-expression. How do you express your bliss? Keywords for this month’s Virgo New Moon  include perfection, discernment, work, service, integration, analysis. Whom or what does your creative self-expression serve? How does it function? How have you cooperated with and/or integrated it into your daily routine?

Virgo also rules the digestive tract, where it keeps busy instinctively separating the wheat from the chaff. It keeps elements that provide nourishment and eliminates those which do not. Some digestive systems work more efficiently than others, depending on what they are given to process. What is your process? Is it efficient? What does your gut tell you? Your instincts may well be functioning with laser beam intensity and accuracy in the wake of this New Moon — and I was delighted to see its potency reflected with the usual astonishing synchronicity in Beth Owlsdaughter’s Tarot Card of the Week.

So what’s so potent about this New Moon? First, a potentially ruthless application of penetrating energy, for better or for worse , suggested by today’s hook-up (at 3:30PM ET) between action hero Mars and stern Saturn in take-no-prisoners Scorpio. If you’re in a vengeful mood, you could do some damage. If you want to execute a meticulously detailed plan that might even have a humanitarian purpose, you could create something wonderfully helpful and healing. What will you choose? Aiding and abetting this meticulous plan or a genius germ of an idea is mental Mercury in Virgo, supporting the Mars and Saturn. This suggests exacting efficiency and ease of communication. Not a bad week to make a pitch — just avoid the Moon voids.

As for the humanitarian part, this morning at 5:38AM ET we had a lovely alignment between Venus (love, money, social expression) in drama queen Leo and Uranus in pioneering Aries. Venus-Uranus contacts suggests a willingness to go outside the box, and as long as you’re not a cat, that is usually a very good thing. Expressed with passion, this plan may well challenge the established order, suggested by a tense connection between Venus and the Mars-Saturn hook-up. In the past we’ve seen Venus-Saturn challenges reflected in “cutting” or  “chilly” or “reality check” headlines…. and also by stories of “women of steel” (up side). This challenge is exact at 2:22PM ET on Tuesday. An example of an reality check just in:  a report from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. An example of a “woman of steel” — see note on author and pioneer Laura Ingalls Wilder in a few paragraphs.

Venus will challenge Mars on Wednesday at 11:46AM ET. We can expect combustion or fiery passion between the sexes, and the latter can be quite juicy. It seems to me that this Virgo New Moon, together with these challenges to Venus,  is inviting us to consider how we can better integrate feminine archetypical expression (Venus) vs. masculine/patriarchal archetypical expression (Mars-Saturn) — perhaps with a spiritual perspective, suggested by an opposition between Moon and nebulous Neptune, exact today at 6:15PM ET. For those seeking a dreamy escape tonight, there’s your opportunity.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 3 Virgo is “two guardian angels”. Now this is a very comforting image. But why two? Perhaps one is masculine and the other is feminine — or some other duality? Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee writes that the angels suggest “divine stewardship”, and that we might consider this Symbol as with an eye open for “soft, imperceptible realities that stand guard” in the face of hard or otherwise unyielding structures, or new ways of thinking seeking to penetrate old forms.

You will be more personally influenced this New Moon if you have planets or points around 2 degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius. And this week, those of you with planets or points at around 16-19 degrees of Leo, Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius may well experience a release of the conflict or ambitious call to action suggested by the tension among Venus, Mars and Saturn. For example, Barack Obama’s Ascendant is 18 Aquarius. Today he authorized “air surveillance flights of ISIS over Syria,” as a “potential precursor to actual airstrikes”.

In other news, the autobiography of Laura Ingalls Wilder, author of “Little House on the Prairie,” will be published this autumn for the first time. Yup, finally the real story of her life, not the fictionalized — albeit much-loved — version.  Wilder’s horoscope has the Sun at 18 Aquarius and Mercury conjunct Jupiter at 15 Aquarius — a powerhouse combo for a writer.  Also of note: her charismatic Mars-Neptune square has been supercharged by Uranus and Pluto for several months now. And the book publication will coincide with her fifth Saturn return, an event everyone experiences every 28-29 years. A Saturn return is a critical stage in life development, usually offering an opportunity for a new lease on life.  Isn’t astrology amazing?

Keep your organizational focus going on Tuesday, as the Virgo Moon is well-supported during business hours. Get if off your desk if you can, as the Moon goes void at 10:29PM ET… until 5:54PM ET on WEDNESDAY. That should make for some interesting upsets at the U.S. Open. Go with the flow of whatever twists and delays may crop up in your efforts to more forward in a straight line; stick to routine and chill, chill, chill. Your other Moon void this week happens Friday at 12PM ET — until Saturday at 4:53AM ET. Sounds like an early start to the Labor Day weekend….

…which you might as well enjoy to the fullest, given the “bitter, frigid conditions” predicted this winter by the Farmer’s Almanac. This is the same publication that correctly predicted last winter’s polar vortex (modern meteorologists did not). How does the Farmer’s Almanac do it?

The publication, not to be confused with the New Hampshire-based Old Farmer’s Almanac, uses a secret formula based on sunspots, planetary positions and lunar cycles for its long-range weather forecasts.

Of course it does.

Your donations never fail to make my day, with much gratitude to you for  your appreciation. Gratitude also to those of you who share this forecast with friends. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Have a wonderful day!







Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/13/2014 & the Weekend: Venus Opposing Saturn in the News; Mars Square Pluto; RIP Ruby Dee

My, my, my…will the sound of sirens never end? Way more than usual over the past week…

The high-flying Sagittarius Moon is void this morning until 1:04PM ET. Go with the flow of whatever twists you may encounter in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. After the void, the Moon gets into gear in “make it happen” Capricorn, carrying us through most of the weekend. Lunar aspects are light today, but are power-packed tomorrow (Saturday), as Capricorn’s enterprising energy is supercharged by contact with the Uranus-Pluto square, and also aggressive Mars. The dust settles around 9:17PM ET, with a harmonious connection between the Moon and Venus in material security-seeking Taurus. t

Sunday’s only exact aspect is an exuberant challenge to the Capricorn (patriarchal) Moon from jolly Jupiter at 2:35AM ET, on which it goes void until 1:27pm ET. Perfect for dads who want to chill on Father’s Day — not good for buying last-minute gifts for said dads. The rest of the day has a friendly, networking vibe, courtesy of the Moon in Aquarius. No sleeping in on Monday.

And now, the news.

As noted in earlier forecasts, this third square between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn is especially potent. War and guns (downside); great efforts and cars…there are so many headlines about cars this week. A car crashes into CNN headquarters and makes the homepage. We already talked about Uber and the traffic jams irate taxi drivers are creating in Europe. Tesla’s Elon Musk opened up his company’s patents, perhaps hoping to  increase acceptance and usage of electric cars.  And even a headline about a sports match sounds like a crash: “Heat’s Crash Course Can’t Prevent Another Wreck Against the Spurs”.  It’s like the writers at the NYT are influenced by planetary patterns, whether they know it or not. Speaking of sports matches, Mars-Pluto aspects suggest especially intense competition: here’s to the World Cup (and what’s left of the Stanley Cup).

Meanwhile, war and the breakdown of the established order in Iraq is the subject of today’s NYT editorial, FYI. Here’s a piece about the economic benefits of “major wars”. For a piece on ginormous energy resources, here’s the latest video on solar flares. In other news, I’ve noticed that triggers to Pluto and Uranus by other planets seem to reflect more “news from underground” in the headlines. Apparently scientists have discovered an underground ocean three times the size of those on the Earth’s surface. In Venezuela, however, no one is going underground, because there’s a shortage of coffins. Why is this story making headlines now (I ask, rhetorically).

I’m going to ship this to subscribers now — but will add a few more worthwhile headlines reflecting this AM’s Venus-Saturn opposition — check the website within the hour…

…and here we go. Venus opposing Saturn. One of the most compelling stories I found was about an unemployed mother (Venus) of seven who died in jail because she could not pay $2000 in fines accrued because her children skipped school. Saturn refers to debt. Even more compelling is how this story was reported by various papers. Here’s how the Cleveland Plain-Dealer told it, and here is how ThinkProgress told it. Which publication did the best job of covering this story? Which publication actually told the whole story?

If Venus opposing Saturn were a person, this might be its favorite joke:

Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: That’s not funny.

Interesting to see a theater review in the NYT with this headline: Sex, Violence and Power — with a Feminist Slant.  Meanwhile, another heavy note involving a woman in the arts (Venus): actress and civil rights activist Ruby Dee passed away. Here is her horoscope; she has a Scorpio Sun conjunct Mercury and Saturn; these three planets are trine Mars in sensitive, vulnerable Pisces. Very heavy indeed and also “enduring,” which is how her career is described in the NYT obituary; she often played “the loyal, worried loved one”.

Ms. Dee’s people-pleasing 25 degree Libra Moon was eclipsed in April; her Pluto at 13 Cancer has been supercharged by the Cardinal Grand Cross. That Libra Moon would be sensitive to social graces, fairness and justice, and her Sagittarius Ascendant would suggest a mask of most righteous opinion.  As noted in the NYT, “in 2005 Ms. Dee received a lifetime achievement award from the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. ‘You can only appreciate freedom,’ she said then, ‘when you find yourself in a position to fight for someone else’s freedom and not worry about your own.'” RIP.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Mercury retrogrades are excellent times for reviewing your life with an astrologer. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/25/2014: Mind the Void; MH370 Update

East Coasters, you may leap out of bed this morning ready to tackle the world, courtesy of a constructive connection between the practical Capricorn Moon and disciplined Saturn (exact at 6:47AM ET) and an energetic boost from action hero Mars, exact at 8:35AM ET. Be advised that your efforts to move forward in a straight line may be subject to odd twists, flakes and detours, as the Moon goes void-of-course right on that feisty Mars connection. D’oh! Roll with the twists; keep calm and carry on…preferably with tasks that are merely routine.

This natural cosmic rest period continues until 6:39PM ET, when the Moon finally gets into gear in the sign of Aquarius.  West Coasters, that’s when your work day may finally feel focused…and when you might consider pitching the big ideas you’ve dreamed up, suggested by an exact connection between mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter at 9:11AM ET on Wednesday. Mercury-Jupiter aspects suggest headlines about “big picture” belief and communication systems: publishing, broadcasting, law, religion, travel. Oh look — here’s a ginormous seven-figure advance being paid to the lucky writer who will pen Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner‘s biography. The book will be published in 2017, right when empowering Pluto conjoins Wenner’s Sun at 16 Capricorn. Comme c’est bizarre et quelle coincidence….except it’s astro-logical, where there is no such thing as coincidence. We are still in the rosy glow of the weekend’s Mercury-Neptune hook-up in Pisces, which ofter refers to music…

On Monday the Malaysian prime minister confirmed what many have been suspecting: that MH370 is presumed to lost — with no survivors — and its last known position suggests the flight ended in the South Indian Ocean. Two weeks ago I wrote that we might expect some significant developments around the 21st, noting a number of transits to the angles of the event chart for the flight’s departure. The transits involved Mercury (news) and the Moon (an event marker); Mercury, Moon and the Ascendant (an angle of the chart) were also active yesterday (24th), when the official announcement was made. RIP.

Two eclipses. The fifth of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares — in a Cardinal Grand Cross. April is going to be a power-packed month!  How will your horoscope be affected? Book a personal astro-logical consultation and maximize opportunities for growth and change.  Here’s the 411.