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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 5/9/2016: New Moon in Taurus; Transit of Mercury; Jupiter Direct; Sneak Peek at the Week

An information junkie Moon-in-Gemini has been driving whatever buzz you may be feeling since 12:34PM ET on Saturday. At 12:15Am ET on Monday, that Moon will go void with a sigh, not to enter Cancer until 1:24PM ET. There’s your explanation for any foggy morning false start, or if the barista at your local coffee emporium cheerfully greets you with “Good Afternoon!” instead of “Good Morning!”  She would be cheerful — and perhaps a  bit dreamily-spaced out.  At 8:41Am ET, Venus and Neptune form an easy alliance, suggesting an artsy or musical spin  — or something healing, charitable or spiritual. Whatever it is, it’s likely to reflect a need for a beautiful ideal, along with a bit of indulgent idealism, as Venus is also in harmony with expansive Jupiter — exact Tuesday at 3PM ET.

Even earlier on Monday — at 8:16AM ET, Jupiter turns direct at 13 Virgo, where it’s been hanging since April 17th. If you know what area of your horoscope is ruled by Jupiter (hint: it’s the house with Sagittarius on the cusp), it may feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern in the areas related to that house since January 7th, when Jupiter turned retrograde. A horoscope with Jupiter ruling the second house of finances and self worth, for example, may have experienced a delay regarding those issues over the past five months.  With Jupiter turning direct, forward motion can now be expected.

But wait — there’s more! Mercury — which refers to information, mindset and communication makes a rare conjunction with the Sun at 11:12AM ET. Why is it rare? Because the Messenger Planet will pass in front of the Sun and this Transit of Mercury will thus be visible in various parts of the world. These transits  only happen a dozen or so times in a century. The last Transit of Mercury happened back in 2006; the next one will happen in 2019. What can we expect?

First, see where 20 degrees of Taurus falls in your horoscope. This is the degree of Monday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction. Look back to 19 April, when Mercury was last at 20 degrees of Taurus. Note June 3rd on your calendar, which is when Mercury will hit 20 degrees Taurus again, once it turns direct on May 22nd. Consider that Mercury in Taurus refers to thoughts and communication about  material comfort and security; values, banking, money, sensual pleasures — just to name a few. So wherever 20 Taurus falls in your horoscope, this is the area of your life which may be receiving information about these material concerns you simply can’t miss. I find it fascinating that May 9th is when we can expect the next information dump from the Panama Papers, in the form of “the largest ever release of data on secret offshore companies and the people behind them.” Coincidence or conspiracy?

I also find it fascinating that the Sabian Symbol for 20 Taurus is “wind,  clouds and haste,” suggesting, as Blain Bovee points out in his wonderful book, “an image of accelerated ideas that create a stir, excitement or massive confusion…extremes of revelation and being heavily covered; shedding light on something previously hidden.” Extremes? We’ll see how that plays out over the next few weeks.

Once the Moon enter Cancer at 1:24PM ET, we can expect the next few days (and the headlines) to reflect a focus on building and maintaining emotional/family and home/homeland security. The Moon will be void again on Wednesday between 3:34AM ET and 5:32PM ET, after which it enters Leo, looking for a party or a ginormous stage. A cluster of alignments among Mercury, Venus and Pluto on Thursday and Friday suggest depth in communication and social expression, with more potential for revelation. Moon goes void on Friday at 1:02PM ET — sounds like a fine time to skip out of town early.

Speaking of which, I skipped out of town last Friday — heading to Philadelphia in the dark of the Moon with two artsy friends. Our mission: to see a special exhibit at the Museum of Art. Thus I did not post a forecast for the New Moon in Taurus, which occurred at 3:29PM ET on Friday, at 17 degrees of Taurus. Let’s talk about it now.

A New Moon in Taurus suggests a focus on values, finance and other material concerns.  It needs to build material comfort and security — preferably meant to last. One major pattern in the New Moon chart is an Earth Grand Trine among love/money/beauty Venus, the Sun and Moon, Jupiter and Pluto. This suggests a projection of material self-sufficiency — big time. And there I was in a big ginormous museum, stuffed to the gills with treasure. I was so happy to be spending the day in (five planets retrograde) contemplation, wandering the galleries and taking in the art on display. It was a relief to gaze upon images that weren’t moving. I was grateful for the chance to pause and focus on these static moments in time. It was humbling to think of how many hours had been invested in creating them — and how many hundreds of years had passed since then.

One painting’s monochromatic glow stood out from the others in the gallery. I was intrigued by the artist’s combined use of ink and oil. It’s called   Sine Cerere et Libero freget Venus (Without Ceres and Bacchus, Venus Would Freeze).  There is no love without food and drink. How apt for a Taurus New Moon, with patterns suggesting contemplaytion — the typo is intentional — on simple core values.

Another major pattern in the New Moon chart is this ongoing loose T-square among Jupiter — opposed by Neptune and squared by Saturn. Here’s what I wrote about it back in September of last year:

I can see how that theme could tie into escalating delusional fears about foreigners and borders, as Saturn (control) progresses through Sagittarius (foreigners) and squares Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo now and into 2016. No, I am not suggesting we will have a repeat of the 1930s & 1940s. I am suggesting that I can appreciate why similar issues might be up for consideration over the next few years, given the repeat of planetary patterns.

After a lovely grey, rainy day gazing at art, we headed to the Greyhound bus terminal to catch our pumpkin coach back to New York. There were just over 50  of us waiting to board the bus, and in front of me stood a serene, small-sized dumpling of a woman wearing a bright pink and green hijab. She was number 50 in line, and she was asked by the ticket taker for identification. As she fumbled in her big, black purse for her papers, her little suitcase on wheels tipped over. I picked it up and held it upright while she searched her purse. The ticket-taker — not a security officer, mind you — almost pulled her out of line — for what? Questioning? I have no memory of the ticket-taker asking anyone else in line for ID. The woman managed to produce her “papers” just in time.  She had  a U.S. passport.

This episode of “security theater” — in the words of Artsy Friend #1 — has been bothering me all weekend.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 17 Taurus is “a battle between the swords and the torches.” It was one of the two Symbols in the Full Moon in Scorpio back in May of 2012 — how time flies. Blaine Bovee is the go-to guy for further explanation:  “strife between powers of the mind and powers of spirit and passion…of that which cuts apart and that which twines together. ” Possible manifestations include “matters of spirit over ideas…Gothic romances where passions collide with social and political realities; campaigns to supplant cold technology with agrarian simplicity…choosing between cutting away from or twisting together.”

And now, the news.

Was there any news  over the past several days? Surely I jest. Ted Cruz and John Kasich abruptly dropped out of the Republican race for president, perhaps in a fit of Mars retrograde frustration. If you are tempted to impulsively toss in the towel between now and June 30th, the conventional wisdom suggests you carefully reconsider. On the part of Cruz, it’s a textbook case of the likely fizzle/backfire of impulsive alliances formed under Mars Rx conditions. Carly Fiorina lasted nine days as Cruz’s would-be VP.

Which leaves only Donald Trump standing — ready to claim his official nomination at the Republican convention in July. You, dear Avid Reader, are not at all surprised. Nor are you surprised that House Speaker Paul Ryan did is reserving his endorsement at the moment. Trump is not pleased — not pleased at all –– but you read here several weeks ago that Speaker Ryan’s horoscope is building to a release in mid-July.  You expected a bit of drama.

You’re also not surprised that Bernie Sanders won Indiana last week, even if the rest of the media was “shocked.” With his second Saturn-Sun square behind him, Sanders can now look forward to an expansive period into June. After that, we’ll see. Meanwhile, with transiting Uranus moving into closer contact with his Venus and Mars, you won’t be surprised to see the words “erratic” and “Sanders” in the same sentence.

The United States isn’t the only country whose political process and voter preferences are bewildering. The Philippines seems set to elect a president who is definitely not of the Establishment. Austria’s Chancellor has suddenly resigned after a nearly eight-year run.   There’s a ton of other news to discuss — stay tuned for the next forecast. And if you’d like to find out what all of these patterns suggest for you personally, consider scheduling a consultation.  We will have an excellent discussion together!

Thank you for reading this forecast.

venus at the museum





Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/18/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; A Guide to Mars & Pluto Retrograde

Ease on into the work week.

Monday is driven by a Virgo Moon, seeking to be efficiently correct in its quest for a more perfect union. It went void at 8:29AM ET, first making easy contacts to Mercury and Pluto. It’s a self-sufficient blend of mindset and transformation that may gently glide you through a day of  focus on routine analysis and organizational efforts.

Roll with the twists and delays that may crop up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Crises that arise during voids are often much ado about nothing. Real-life example: a friend had an interview scheduled today — the second with this particular company. I told him last week that it might be rescheduled.  It was. No worries.

At 10:38AM ET disciplined Saturn makes an easy connection with Venus (money, women, art, love, beauty), facilitating a flow in the management of  resources and relationships. After today, matters related to Venus are subject to the supercharged disruption and/or empowerment suggested by 1) a square to Pluto on Tuesday at 4:49PM ET; followed by 2) a meet-up with Uranus at 5PM ET on Friday, in the aftermath of Friday’s Full Moon in Scorpio. Here’s what hit the headlines under a similar pattern last year.

Also of note: tomorrow the Sun leaves firebrand Aries for earthy Taurus at 11:30AM ET. That may bring the volume down a notch or two over the next few weeks. Moon voids this week are today (Monday) until 7:24AM Tuesday; Thursday 2:13AM ET until 8:17PM ET; Saturday 5:46PM ET until 8:46AM ET on Sunday.

The biggest news in the cosmos is  — as noted last week — Mars turning retrograde yesterday — Sunday — and Pluto turning retrograde today at 3:23AM ET.  Is that good or bad? That’s the question I most often hear when reporting on a planetary pattern. Good or bad — as if it necessarily must be one or the other. Isn’t it interesting how programmed we are to think in terms of duality? Why is that (she typed, rhetorically)?

Sounds like the perfect time to repeat the tale of the Chinese farmer. There are plenty of versions online. The first one that came up on Google is this one from the website of Dr. Marlo, a psychologist in Arizona.

A farmer and his son had a beloved stallion who helped the family earn a living. One day, the horse ran away and their neighbors exclaimed, “Your horse ran away, what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

A few days later, the horse returned home, leading a few wild mares back to the farm as well. The neighbors shouted out, “Your horse has returned, and brought several horses home with him. What great luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

Later that week, the farmer’s son was trying to break one of the mares and she threw him to the ground, breaking his leg. The villagers cried, “Your son broke his leg, what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

A few weeks later, soldiers from the national army marched through town, recruiting all the able-bodied boys for the army. They did not take the farmer’s son, still recovering from his injury. Friends shouted, “Your boy is spared, what tremendous luck!” To which the farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”

Planetary patterns are neither good nor bad. When it comes to choosing how to use these (symbolic) patterns, some choices are better than others. It depends on what you are trying to achieve!

Getting back to Mars and Pluto, neither of which are marshmallows….

Mars refers to energy applied; Pluto refers to “news from underground,” among other keywords noted below. It wasn’t surprising to note a series of earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador occurring as both planets were turning retrograde.

Retrograde planets symbolize an opportunity for introspection and review. They may also suggest a need to connect with an inner authority, as opposed to an external outlet.  If Pluto refers to power, control, regeneration, transformation and healing, one suggestion might be to cease trying to control the world around you.  Instead use the next few months (until September 26th), to work on controlling (mastering) your own inner world.  After your awesome inner focus, perhaps the world around you will start to reflect your newly-masterful self.   You’ll feel the potential for a change of perspective more personally if you have a planet or angle around 14 to 18 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer — and especially Capricorn. Keep an eye on Governor Paul Le Page (R-ME), whose Sun is at 16 Libra.

Pluto is retrograde for months at a time, so unless its retrograde directly impacts your horoscope, you might not even notice it. Not so with Mars, which retrogrades “every two years or so,” according to an official NASA site, so it must be true.  That NASA site has a nifty animation explaining why planets seem to be moving backwards in the sky, btw.

As the planet of action, you might imagine that Mars moving backwards is not a comfortable orientation. Thus you may notice an uptick in the levels of irritation, impatience and frustration between now and June 30th, when Mars turns direct. Projects you thought were good to go since  February 17th, may hit an unexpected snag, as Mars backtracks over the ground it covered since then. Initially the issues involved may include free speech and other matters of opinion; collective belief systems (legal, religious), publishing, foreigners, sports and entertainment. Why? Because Mars is retrograding in Sagittarius. After May 28th, when Mars backs into Scorpio, we may note a shift to matters of sex, death and money. Whatever the hitch, bear in mind that there may be a second opportunity for a revision when Mars moves forward again, finally moving into new territory  when it hits 9 degrees of Sagittarius on August 23rd.

Depending upon where Mars is traveling through your horoscope, you may feel like a truck spinning its wheels in the mud. Frustration built up can lead to an urge to jump into reckless action. This is a potential pitfall of Mars retrograde. You are more personally affected if you have planets or angles at 8 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and especially Sagittarius.  You are also personally affected if you have a planet or angle around 23 degrees of Taurus, Aquarius, Leo and especially Scorpio. That’s where Mars will be sitting for almost a month starting in mid-June.

Right now Bernie Sanders has Mars squaring his 8 degree Virgo Midheaven, Adding to other patterns noted in prior forecasts this month, you can see why his public status could be energized by an invitation to jet off to the Vatican to deliver a speech to  global economic forum, as befitting his position as a U.S. Senator representing the people of Vermont. Bernie’s Ascendant is 25 degrees Scorpio, so June and July are also hot for his horoscope. Equal time: Hillary will have transiting Mars hitting her Midheaven during the second week of May. If the 8:02AM birth time is correct, let the record show that her Ascendant is 22 Scorpio — to be almost exactly hit  by Mars in June/July, still creating tension. Her South Node is 24 Scorpio — that’s a definite hit. Hmm.

Back to what it means for you. An appropriate use of Mars retrograde would be as an opportunity to plan an effective review and strategy in the area of your horoscope impacted. Think of a coach calling a time out on the playing field. Everyone gets into a huddle — literally turning inward.  Are those players sitting around doing nothing? No!

That being said, conventional astrological wisdom suggests caution when contemplating launching certain initiatives during this time:

A marriage contract
A sexual relationship
Filing for divorce
Elective surgery
Taking title to property
Buying a car
Hiring a new employee (unless it’s a temp)
Quitting your job in a frustrated huff
Starting a lawsuit
Signing a contract
Starting a war

When in doubt, consult your local astrologer about your own personal horoscope, which has a lot of moving parts!!

In a natal chart, Mars retrograde suggests a need to go over and over an action plan before letting it fly. Since we’re on the subject, Bernie Sanders has Mars retrograde in pioneering Aries. My money says he’s got “strategy” covered, but perhaps Mars retrograde reflects why it took days longer than you might think it ought to finally let his tax return fly. Equal time: Hillary has Mars in Leo — not retrograde — and in a supercharged meet-up with Saturn and Pluto, squared to an idealistic meet-up of Mercury and Venus.  Mars in Leo needs to act with drama and regal entitlement. With Saturn and Pluto, it has discipline and persuasive force in spades, channeled into how she needs to think and what she values and her social expression. Those five planets in fixed signs — not to mention her Scorpio Sun — can be tenacious as heck.

While her Mars is not retrograde, Hillary’s Mercury is retrograde, suggesting a need to go over and over things in her head before she commits them to paper or the spoken word. Perhaps that’s why she finds it so difficult to answer a direct question, such as whether she personally supports a carbon tax, with a simple yes or no. Fun Fact: Bernie and Hillary both have only one planet retrograde: rebel Uranus, suggesting — as astrologer Bil Tierney writes on page 191 of Dynamics of Aspect Analysis:

These individuals…often feel polarized or alienated by the social standards they nevertheless are expected to submit to.  Their desire is to know internal freedom before advancing social freedom. The inner path to liberation they tend to follow may seem counter-productive to what society wants or demands from such a generation.

Like Pluto, Uranus is retrograde for more than a few months at a time. Lots of people have it — perhaps even you.

Finally, my favorite “news from underground” story of the past few days: “Barn conversion unearths palatial Roman villa.”

Thank you for reading this forecast.




Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday-Sunday 4/7-10/2016: New Moon in Aries; More Rolling Heads and Warrior Women

Feeling especially charged this morning? Fizzle out as the day progressed?

Between 4:33AM ET and 10:56AM ET, the me-me-me Aries Moon made contact with Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, before going void for the rest of the day on that Me-Without-Compromise Moon-Uranus meet-up. At 7:24AM ET, the new lunar cycle officially began, as the Moon met up with the Aries Sun. Light a candle; make a list and take time to re-set your intentions for the next thirty days.

A New Moon in Aries suggests a need — or an opportunity — to be a courageous, inspiring pioneer and/or warrior, preferably on the side of the angels. At its best, Aries is a champion for the weak and vulnerable. It inspires people to take initiatives and defy the odds…yes, sometimes foolishly, but hey — if Plan A blows up, there’s always a Plan B, a Plan C and D. A true Aries never never never gives up. There is always a tomorrow.

At its worst, well…let’s just say Aries can be utterly self-absorbed and go to disturbing extremes in order to get there FIRST. Wherever, whatever…so long as something gets started. Astrologer Rick Levine — who celebrated his Aries birthday yesterday — aptly describes the Aries strategy for success as “Ready? Fire. Aim!” I like to say that Aries falls down stairs because it is faster than walking. You got a problem with that?

New Moon seeds planted now may be imbued with a strong need for freedom and empowerment, suggested by Moon’s contact with Pluto and Uranus.  They also hold an easy structuring flow, courtesy of the Moon’s early AM contact with Saturn. Also in an easy flow: prominent crusading values and righteous opinion, suggested by Mars in Sagittarius trine to Venus at 2 Aries, at the Aries Point. Want some pixie dust with that? Mars and Neptune have been in a tense pattern for weeks, and the tension continues through May, returning for a last huzzah at the end of August. Your dusted pixies may be fanatical, magical, scandalous, seductive or drunk on their own delusions. It’s we who choose how we will manifest the potential suggested by planetary guideposts. Upside or downside — we decide.

Many astrologers have noted that this New Moon makes contact with Eris, known in mythology as the Goddess of Discord. File this under “increased potential for righteous outrage from those who perceive they haven’t been offered a seat at the table.” Also file it under “bullheaded/intractable  thoughts and communication, potentially running wild,” suggested by Mercury unaspected in Taurus.

In the New Moon chart for Washington DC, we see this Mercury exactly on a 2 degree Taurus Ascendant, with the Sun and Moon exactly squaring an 18 Capricorn Midheaven, atop which sits Pluto at 17 Cap.  There are four planets, plus Chiron, Eris and the South Node in the 12th house. This house traditionally refers to covert concerns, secret enemies, institutions, the self-undoing and issues we bury in the subconscious. Sounds like a lot of behind-the-scenes, backroom power plays which — with that Mercury on the ASC, we should hear about in plodding detail or pixie-dusted spin. Also hidden away in the chart for Washington: Mars and Saturn in the 8th House. Intriguing.

You’re more personally affected by this New Moon if you have a planet or important point at 19 degrees of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn, and especially Aries. Bernie Sanders has Moon at 20 Aries, Mars at 24 Aries and Venus at 23 Libra. The entity that continues to wreak havoc in the Middle East and elsewhere has Sun at 20 Aries, Venus and Eris at 23 Aries and Mars at 22 Aries.  Justin Trudeau has Moon at 18 Aries. Pope Francis has Mars at 20 Libra — and he’ll be making headlines on Friday.

The Sabian Symbol for 19 Aries is “a magic carpet.” Ooh — more pixie dust!  A magic carpet is empowered by something outside conventional norms, transcending the Earth, rising above it. What an interesting perspective you can get by introducing a little levity into your life. Or alternatively, as Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee writes:

Suspending natural laws implies effecting the extraordinary or not appreciating the gravity of the situation….

(cue “Shock Horror Riff” now, please)

Bovee’s  take on this Symbol seem to echo the overall patterns of this New Moon with its breakout, magical or delusional potential. In applying this Symbol in our daily lives, Bovee adds:

Think of magic as the wisdom to know when to stand above the fray; to transcend situations that could lead to bereavement; to ascertain the right moment to touch down.

How interesting that the Sabian Symbol for last month’s New Moon suggested the potential for being swept away by the madding crowd.

On Friday, the Taurus Moon seeks to build and maintain comfort and security — perhaps in ways that are fiercely unique, given Saturday’s meet-up between the Sun and rebel Uranus. The Taurus Moon will be void all day Saturday. Chill and avoid the malls.

Moon buzzes into Gemini at 1:59AM ET on Sunday, clashes with Mars at 4:06PM ET and squares off with nebulous Neptune at 7:59PM ET. Double check your communication channels to make sure what you heard is what was said.

No sleeping in on Monday, as the Moon will not be void in the morning.

And now, the news.

The disruptive Sun-Uranus-Pluto action this week continues to be reflected in rolling heads (the Sun) of state and other bright stars. In the wake of the Panama Papers massive leak, Argentina’s leader now faces an investigation. British PM David Cameron appears to be coming clean. In China, no heads are rolling, but websites posting the leak have been censored. Because if you censor it, that means it didn’t happen.

In Alabama, articles of impeachment were filed against Governor Robert Bentley (R-AL), who is currently mired in a sex scandal amid other questionable actions.  In other news, Thomas O. Staggs, thought to be the likely successor to Disney CEO Robert Iger, was suddenly let go.

Meanwhile, Don Blankenship, the former CEO of Massey Energy, received the maximum sentence — one year — for conspiring to ignore federal mining safety regulations. This is considered extraordinary, the first time such a high-ranking executive has been found guilty of a workplace safety violation.  You may recall that six years ago, 29 miners were killed in an explosion in one of Massey’s mines.

Venus entering Aries on Tuesday suggested prominent stories of fiery, independent and/or warrior women. I’d heard of Burning Man, but not the Dinah, where this year 20,000 lesbians gathered for a five-day festival in Palm Springs. The fest has been happening since 1991. Meanwhile, the NYT just posted a depressing piece about how Boko Haram is training abducted women to become suicide bombers. Feels like there are shades of Eris, Goddess of Discord in that one.

Discordant women in Indiana are attracting attention nationwide today, as a campaign called Periods for Pence made the home page of the NYT. In response to Governor Mike Pence signing a bill requiring, for instance, that a miscarried or aborted fetus must be now buried or cremated at the woman’s expense, Hoosiers with hoo-has have been peppering the governor’s office with status reports and questions about gynecological concerns. A suit challenging the constitutionality of the law has just been filed.

Meanwhile, in Australia, prominent Venusian themes of sugar, women, money and social graces made headlines in this story about a Gender Gap Bake Sale intended to expose wage disparity, yet exposed something even uglier. Also ugly: a very lengthy expose on sugar itself, arguing that it is poison. What’s interesting about that story — which I’ve heard before — it that it builds on research that was published in the aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions of  1965-1966. The research was not well-received, and now another scientist is having a go with research of his own.

That’s it for the news! Have a wonderful Moon in Taurus weekend, indulging in good food, drink and a snuggle with your sweetie. To facilitate your efforts to build material security, here’s how you can stash away some tax-free funds right here in the good ol’ USA. No need to call anyone in Panama.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s how to schedule a personal consultation. We will have a fabulous discussion together!