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"She brings more to it than just doing the chart: depth, intuition, as well as tremendous research."
- M.T.
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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/26/2011: New Moon in Scorpio

A potent day, with a New Moon exact at 3:56PM ET, at 4 degrees of Scorpio, a deeply emotional sign that needs to seek knowledge for the sake of power and control. Resilient, resourceful, relentless, ruthless — often operating with a passionate agenda kept tightly under wraps, “Scorpios build all the way up to Heaven and all the way down to Hell” (wrote astrologer Linda Goodman), and that’s what makes them so interesting.

The Sabian Symbol for 4 Scorpio is “a youth holding a lighted candle in a devotional ritual”. If you recall the symbol of last month’s New Moon (“a group gathered around a campfire in communion”), then you’re already amazed by how the themes of last month appear to be continued for this month as well, but this time with a clearer focus on spirit —  in an environment more crafted and contained by a society (a candle) than primal and open (a campfire). How does this intensity of spiritual connection function meaningfully in a civilized society? Last month we may have focused on the spark. This month we focus on organizing the spark into something we can get our hands on…literally and figuratively. Oooohhhhh…that’s so deep…and it’s likely to be big …suggested by the New Moon’s challenge from expansive, enthusiastic, philosophical Jupiter. Would it surprise you that my favorite Sabian Symbol guru, Blain Bovee,  writes that one suggested manifestation of 4 Scorpio is “being incensed over poverty”? I could not make this up if I tried…

The chart for the New Moon contains a number of patterns ripe with the potential for release, as we’ll see in the headlines and in your own personal world. I mentioned a few of them earlier this week. Mercury (mind, communication) is hooked up with Venus (social expression, money, beauty, women) in sexy Scorpio…and both planets are challenged by Mars (action, aggression) in drama queen Leo. What does that suggest? First, an idealistic drive for depth and substance in communication suggests an opportunity to investigate and confront issues you might usually prefer to overlook. (Libra might overlook; Scorpio dives right in). This drive may be expressed quite proactively (some may find it overbearing) and may result in dramatic confrontations and/or juicy, messy — but oh-so-creative co-minglings. Take note of romantic prospects encountered at this time — and deal with what comes up in your existing relationships. Face the reality of your investigations fearlessly and be willing to release whatever isn’t working.

Another strong pattern during this cycle is the second trine between ruthless, transformational Pluto in Capricorn (the establishment) and expansive, optimistic Jupiter in Taurus (material security/bliss). The first trine happened on July 7th; the third and final trine happens in March of 2012; and what we can expect to pull focus is a change — or strong efforts to chage —  a personal or collective perspective/philosophy regarding material resources. Back in July 7th, the U.S. Congress was just starting to deal — or not deal — with the U.S. debt “crisis”. So that theme will likely return with a vengeance. Humming in the background of all of this is the status quo-disrupting, resistance-is-futile challenge between rebel Uranus and potent Pluto, a pattern that’ll continue to be reflected in world events for the next few years.

Overall, the potential for a super-productive lunar cycle. Get your plans for world domination off the ground now, especially in light of Mercury going retrograde on November 24th, just in time for the holidays. Of course, when launching really big plans or anticipating potential crises in your own personal world,  it’s helpful to know what’s going on in your own unique horoscope. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Last but not least, a look at headlines reflecting current planetary patterns. Here’s an example of the  worst potential of a sexually-charged Venus in Scorpio challenged by Mars in dominating Leo  is brought to light  Headlines about rethinking resources are everywhere, including China’s approach to water  a major arrest in an insider trading case and Apple takes the initiative in solar energy

Would love to write more, but the New Moon approaches! Must post now! Meanwhile, keep those cards and letters coming…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/28/2011: Chock Full ‘o Nuts

Review Monday’s forecast for an overview of the week and next, especially with regard to the alleged debt ceiling negotiations.
Moon left chatty Gemini (which needs to KNOW) and moved into Cancer (which needs to be emotionally secure) Wednesday at 9:11PM, destined to be energized (a potential positive manifestation) or bitch-slapped (a potential “negative” manifestation) by the heavies in the Big T-Square Party all day today: disruptive/illuminating Uranus at 5:15AM ET; ruthless/transformational Pluto at 7:08AM ET and controlling/disciplined/wet blanket Saturn at 7:03PM ET, after which it goes void of course until 2:16AM ET on Saturday. This suggests a major chill tonight and tomorrow — and a reminder not to get thrown by whatever strange twist may come your way.

Adding to this potential roller coaster are the “wobbles” of adjustment required by two planets changing signs. Venus (love, money, beauty) leaves clingy Cancer for regal Leo; Mercury (mind, communication) leaves regal Leo for perfectionist Virgo. Look for a few weeks of increased drama, playfulness and/or extravagance in social expression and at least a week of trying to get all the numbers to add up correctly in our thought process and communication. I say “trying” because we’re also feeling the influence of nebulous Neptune challenging Mercury (“this is your brain on drugs”), which is slowing down in preparation for the retrograde period of Aug 2- 26.  Feeling a bit fried? Need an escape? A bit of vision/inspiration? How about a vodka tonic — and/or a weekend that starts a day early.

But wait — there’s more! We’re in the dark side of the Moon, a time to be wrapping up your New Moon agenda and preparing for the new cycle, which begins on Saturday at 2:40PM ET. Readers of this forecast will recall that this is often a time of anticipation and listlessness. We know something is around the corner, but we don’t know what. So add that energy to what’s already flying around the headlines coming out of Washington. Remember that you have total control over your reaction to people and events around you. Stay grounded and attentive to what brings you security in your own personal world. An evening at home  or wherever feels like home — far from the madding crowd — may remind you of what’s really important.

If you are far, far, FAR from said madding crowd, look up in the sky at the Delta Aquarids Meteors

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/6/2011: Obama’s Horoscope July 2011

Re-read yesterday’s forecast. Moon is void of course, “freefalling” in perfectionist Virgo, countered by a strong, supportive aspect between constructive Saturn and assertive Mars. This can be a highly productive day. Special memo to the US Congress: this is an excellent time to refine your homework assignment  on resolving the US debt crunch, in preparation for your big meeting with President Obama on Thursday. Write a three-paragraph essay on the major transformation of perspective/philosophy you are going to have regarding material resources. Thursday’s exact connection between ruthless Pluto and expansive Jupiter demands it.
I’m getting ahead of myself with thoughts on Thursday, but here they are:  Moon will be in Libra, sign of “make nice with others”, rational debate and striving to find a balance (while swinging wildly from one side to the other). The need for appreciation (of everyone’s position) will likely rule, even as feelings are knocked around throughout the day, as suggested by the planetary heavies: Pluto, Uranus and Saturn challenging that Libra Moon. I anticipate unusual, innovative — perhaps even shocking — attractions and alliances — not limited to the big powwow at the White House (disruptive Uranus is challenging Venus, planet of love, money and social expression). Perhaps we’ll see something wild or quirky in the financial markets, too.

Warning: ruthless Pluto opposes Venus on Friday night.  Could be witchy-bitchy. Ouch.

Of course it doesn’t take an astrologer to appreciate how big the stakes are for Obama this month. But it does take an astrologer to see those stakes clearly confirmed by the planetary patterns in his horoscope. Ruthless Pluto exerting pressure on controlling Saturn in Obama’s horoscope suggests this is a time of intensely hard work, under the threat of great loss (I’ve mentioned this particular pattern in previous forecasts).  This pattern is exact on July 26th. Whether you agree with his policies or not, it is highly unlikely that he is slacking off on the job.

And now that I’ve pretty much covered the whole week, perhaps I’ll have time tomorrow to answer a reader’s query about world events in 1848. Yes, there is an obvious similarity in the patterns that were active then compared to the patterns happening now. Stay tuned…