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"I'm a skeptic by nature and I still don't know how she does it, but Elisabeth told me more about myself and about critical points in my life than she could've known beforehand or can possibly be dismissed as coincidence or a parlor trick. And she helped me to use this as a framework to analyze the here and now more clearly. The session was definitely a positive, eye-opening experience."
Attorney, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for May 30 2012: Chance of Afternoon Thunderstorms

Moon enters relationship-oriented Libra at 6:46AM ET, shifting the need of the day to justice, fairness, balance and — oh, wouldn’t it be nice if those people-pleasing efforts  were appreciated, fuhgawdsake? That’s a broad and patently irreverent summation of the potential flow of this day: everything going all nice and smooth in perfect harmony…and then — surprise — around 7:56PM ET or sooner, the equilibrium is disrupted, perhaps because Venus is retrograde and someone forgot to say, “please” and “thank you”. Will it evolve into the surreal, like those clever “get rid of cable” commercials currently airing on TV?  With aggressive Mars in perfectionist Virgo challenging mental Mercury in glib Gemini at 8:20PM ET, impassioned speech and ideas — possibly leading to a verbal outburst — may be on the horizon as the evening unfolds. But there’s no need for your house to explode. Keep up with planetary patterns and you can be a centered observer in the middle of any storm.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/22/11: Dark Side of the Moon

In terms of planetary activity, yesterday was the quietest day of the week. We have an interesting dichotomy now of having an abundance of weird, innovative, creative, possibly resourceful and/or forceful energy to use, suggested by a number of stable contacts between rebel genius Uranus and the Sun (life force), action-oriented Mars and indefatigable Pluto and disciplined Saturn and loving Venus…all of which will be exact today and tomorrow. BUT — 1) we are in the last phase of the lunar cycle, suggesting that our focus is best spent wrapping up old business and clearing the way for the New Moon, exact at 1:10AM ET Friday; and 2) Mercury has reached its station of 21 Sagittarius, about to turn retrograde on Thursday at 2:21AM ET, suggesting our minds are not working as deftly as they usually do. Back up your computer NOW. No, really. RIGHT NOW.

Today the Moon in Libra suggests a need for balance, peace, justice and fairness in all interactions, even as we adjust to the wild shift made by the Sun’s ingress into adventurous, fiery Sagittarius at 11:08AM ET. Whereas Sun in Scorpio can keep much under wraps for the sake of control, Sun in Sagittarius is more inclined to let it all hang out, and never mind the mess. If you were a Centaur (half-human, half-horse), aiming at arrow at the sky, whilst galumphing across an open field, you’d trip over your four left hooves on occasion, too. But what a fitting festive energy for the beginning of the holiday season…

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/25/2011: Hints of a New Moon…

More of the same from yesterday: a relationship-oriented, cerebral Moon in Libra seeks appreciation and balance…but if it’s a new agenda you’d like to discuss, the New Moon on Wednesday (not Tuesday, as I mistakenly typed yesterday) is a more favorable time to launch it.

Wrap things up and shake off any restlessness or listlessness with something physical: a walk or a workout, with or without a partner.  Take note of the following, suggested by soon-to-be-exact planetary patterns,  which will set the tone for the month when the New Moon is exact at 3:56PM tomorrow:  intense idealism, highly-charged attraction or conflict,  especially between the sexes, and a spotlight on expanding resources, which can be good for business. Is that why corporate earnings this quarter have been relatively positive (over 68% of companies reporting so far are up). Hmmm….

Also anticipated this week: news from underground, related to nuclear power, radiation, mines, quakes — and here’s what I’ve noticed so far: our most powerful nuclear bomb is being dismantled; mammograms (a.k.a. “slammo-grams”) are reassessed and Caterpillar, a company heavily invested in mining dominates the market on Tuesday And while I’m on the CNBC website, here’s a piece by yet another author/expert pointing out the similarity between our current economy and the 1930s  One day maybe we’ll see an astrologer on a network news program confirming that yes, indeed, there is a striking similarity between planetary patterns we have now…and patterns then.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/8/2011: Rupert Murdoch

The First Quarter Moon likely brings a challenge to your New Moon agenda of “what do I really need in order to feel secure”. It happens at 2:29AM on and then goes void for 24 hours and 2 minutes with a big, long sigh. You and the members of the US Congress can mull over that deep thought…or contemplate skipping town early for the weekend. Remember, whatever “crisis” crops up during a Moon void is often a molehill turned into a mountain; try to go with the flow.

Speaking of “crisis”, Friday night features an exact opposition between loving Venus and ruthless Pluto. If you’re looking for brutal honesty, this is could be a night for it. Venus-Pluto connections can arouse intense passion — sometimes to excess. Wounded feelings (brought on by insecurities) can lead to cutting remarks — or simply being cut off. On the plus side, there are some intensely passionate and/or emotionally deep experiences that are wonderfully cathartic — or just plain wonderful. The Moon is still in relationship-oriented Libra…

Will write more on the rest of the weekend later. Meanwhile, I’m dying to hear how your Thursday went. Any surprises?  I thought there might be. I actually received an email from a Designated Authority Figure with “Surprise!” in the subject line. In the spirit of the appreciative, people-pleasing Libra Moon, ruled by sugar-loving Venus, the D.A.F. expressed thanks to his team for work well done and rewarded us with ice cream sundaes. Sweet! In other news, a commuter van containing myself and other colleagues came closerthanthis to running another car off the highway, which really would have put a crimp in our day. Surprising ups and downs — but mostly up, if you read some of the financial reports released yesterday.

Another surprise twist: Rupert Murdoch suddenly shuts down the scandal-plagued tabloid News of the World. Alleged journalists are accused of hacking into the voice mail of celebrities and crime victims — quite unsavory. A quick glance at Murdoch’s horoscope (Mar 11, 1931, Melbourne, Australia — time not confirmed — but perhaps 11:59PM) suggests he could be a visionary with a need for everyone to be entitled to his opinion (Moon in Sagittarius), as well as an obsession about power, perspective and how it relates to his own identity. It’s fascinating to note that in each of the last three eclipses (June 1, 15 and July 1), Murdoch had a planet or point impacted by the eclipse (Midheaven at 11 Virgo, Moon at 24 Sag and Jupiter at 10 Cancer). Something  in his sphere had to build up — and be released — dramatically! Restrictive Saturn and disruptive Uranus are also quite active in the horoscope, in patterns that suggest, among other things, a sudden break or illumination.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/6/2011: Obama’s Horoscope July 2011

Re-read yesterday’s forecast. Moon is void of course, “freefalling” in perfectionist Virgo, countered by a strong, supportive aspect between constructive Saturn and assertive Mars. This can be a highly productive day. Special memo to the US Congress: this is an excellent time to refine your homework assignment  on resolving the US debt crunch, in preparation for your big meeting with President Obama on Thursday. Write a three-paragraph essay on the major transformation of perspective/philosophy you are going to have regarding material resources. Thursday’s exact connection between ruthless Pluto and expansive Jupiter demands it.
I’m getting ahead of myself with thoughts on Thursday, but here they are:  Moon will be in Libra, sign of “make nice with others”, rational debate and striving to find a balance (while swinging wildly from one side to the other). The need for appreciation (of everyone’s position) will likely rule, even as feelings are knocked around throughout the day, as suggested by the planetary heavies: Pluto, Uranus and Saturn challenging that Libra Moon. I anticipate unusual, innovative — perhaps even shocking — attractions and alliances — not limited to the big powwow at the White House (disruptive Uranus is challenging Venus, planet of love, money and social expression). Perhaps we’ll see something wild or quirky in the financial markets, too.

Warning: ruthless Pluto opposes Venus on Friday night.  Could be witchy-bitchy. Ouch.

Of course it doesn’t take an astrologer to appreciate how big the stakes are for Obama this month. But it does take an astrologer to see those stakes clearly confirmed by the planetary patterns in his horoscope. Ruthless Pluto exerting pressure on controlling Saturn in Obama’s horoscope suggests this is a time of intensely hard work, under the threat of great loss (I’ve mentioned this particular pattern in previous forecasts).  This pattern is exact on July 26th. Whether you agree with his policies or not, it is highly unlikely that he is slacking off on the job.

And now that I’ve pretty much covered the whole week, perhaps I’ll have time tomorrow to answer a reader’s query about world events in 1848. Yes, there is an obvious similarity in the patterns that were active then compared to the patterns happening now. Stay tuned…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 6/9-10/2011: More on Congressman Anthony Weiner

As I advised earlier this week, Moon went void in Virgo at 4:13AM EDT — not to enter the next sign, Libra, until  6:31PM EDT. For East Coasters, this suggests a day to chill, brainstorm, take care of that which is routine (with Virgo, you could go nuts cleaning and/or organizing). It does not suggest panic, although the likelihood of someone flipping out over an imagined crisis (that turns out to be nothing of consequence), is increased during Moon voids. If you are challenged to move in a straight line today, just be mindful that you may encounter a twist, a flake or otherwise find yourself somewhat off course. See where it takes you.

My Moon void began with the realization that the technology I brought with me to an undisclosed rural Maine location does not support posting the daily forecast, and the only car available to take me into town had been driven to a golf course. OK, fine, there are worse commutes than walking two miles down a country road. Off I went, and after a mile or so, a passing car gave me a lift to my final destination, the local library.The resident library cats here are curious and affectionate, excellent company, and highly effective mousers.  So yes, the forecast is late, but all in all, this break in routine has been refreshing and restful. May you have a similar peaceful break today!

At 6:31PM EDT Moon enters socially-conscious, people-pleasing Libra, where it makes an immediate happy connection with loving Venus. Grab your rose-colored glasses, as the planet of love, beauty and money is also challenged by nebulous Neptune, exact at 4:25AM on Friday. If those rose-colored glasses turn out to be beer goggles, don’t say you weren’t warned. Under the influence of Venus-Neptune aspects transcendental, story-book connections can happen. They can also fade away in harsh light of reality. Artistic and spiritual vision can also be stimulated, so this is good news for creative types — and may be good news for your local con man.

Up in rural Maine, there is no sign of Congressman Anthony Weiner in the local paper. Instead I’m looking at a front-page article commemorating a teacher’s 40+ years of service. And on this Page 6, an exciting piece about a reporter’s daring rescue of four abandoned baby raccoons. But I see from the NY Times and other sources that l’affaire Weiner is still hot.  

When I was looking at the Congressman’s chart a couple of days ago, tracking patterns that reflect this unfortunate event in his life, I could not help but notice not one, but multiple measurements that suggest the period of 2008 (that’s as far back as I looked) up to now was generally a time of great fulfillment and joy in his personal life. Even without an exact birth time (which we need for rising sign and midheaven), there are enough connections between Sun and Venus — as recently as March  2011 — that would likely be reflected as a happy time for marriage — and yes, the birth of a child. And yesterday it was revealed in the New York Times that Weiner’s wife is….pregnant.

Drilling down even deeper, I examined aspects between planets and the midpoints among planets. In November of 2009, we see an arc between disruptive, risk-taking Uranus and the midpoint of loving Venus and horny Mars which translates, according  to Noel Tyl’s outstanding reference texts as “intense passion; high nervous involvement with things sexual; sexual experimentation; dangerous liaison.” Weiner reportedly began his sexting adventures three years ago. His horoscope strongly suggests a need for risk and excitement. Makes me wonder what others born around September 4, 1964 have been doing in their spare time…

Life is complicated and filled with contradictions. Planetary patterns reflect life. Was it inevitable that this unfortunate series of events would happen in Weiner’s life? I would argue it wasn’t inevitable. But his horoscope suggests a vulnerability to such events. And maybe, just maybe…if Weiner were aware of this vulnerability beforehand, he might have used his awareness and free will to make more empowering choices under clear-as-day times of stress. That’s one way astrology can be of service.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 9/9/2010

Today’s Moon in cerebral, relationship-oriented Libra spends the morning being buffeted by the planets involved in the ongoing Big T-Square Party (see forecast for July 27 for details on this powerful planetary pattern that mirrors the current upheavals and/or transformation happening now on Earth).  This potential burst of emotional intensity and/or proactivity has been happening about once a week — every time the Moon moves into the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — for a few months now.  The last day this happened was Friday — and I do recall seeing several posts on facebook that day of people reporting an uptick in intensity.

An easy connection between Mars (action) and Neptune (escape) will likely soften the above mix for most of us, inspiring daydreams and soulful acts of charity — and empowering those who rely on charisma to make their pitch. We may see this reflected in the headlines, along with a possible flipside of Mars-Neptune connections: fanaticism, as in that Florida resident who’s hosting a book-burning on Saturday of a certain text he apparently does not like.

Meanwhile, Jupiter moved back into Pisces around 1AM NY, where it will stay for the rest of the year. This will likely take the edge of  big, pioneering plans that cropped up over the summer — but don’t worry, they’ll be back with a vengeance early next year. Until then, we’ll be given plenty of opportunities to empathize, empathize, empathize.

Special note to those born March 18th – 19th: September 18th could be your lucky day, thanks to Uranus and Jupiter hooking up with your Pisces Sun. Let me know what happens a few days before and after.