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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/22/2011: Nebulous Neptune in the News

Keep your grounding cord down as the Moon in soulful Pisces continues its free fall, not to enter the next sign, Aries, until after midnight. For details on the energy of a void-of-course Moon, check out the ESSAYS section on my website, If you must move in a straight line today, then move you must; just be advised that the chances of getting off track are increased, so roll with whatever twists may come your way. If you do have freedom to float, follow your bliss. Creative and healing activities are highly favored.

Two powerful aspects from nebulous Neptune in its home sign of Pisces are exact today. Neptune squares aggressive Mars and trines the life-giving Sun. Neptune tends to dissolves whatever it touches, especially structures and other material things. Clouds, fog, glamor, charisma and other intangibles such as music, photography, healing and spirit are related to Neptune. When Neptune is strong in a horoscope, things may not be as they seem. Fact checking and reading the fine print more than once becomes essential.
How might Neptune square Mars manifest in an individual horoscope? For one possibility, look no further than today’s front-page profile of would-be president Michele Bachman  Sarah Palin has this aspect. So does Glenn Beck. Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton also have intense connections between Mars and Neptune (not squares, however).

In the headlines yesterday I noted a few Neptune-influenced stories in the headlines. In the business world, it was noted that the debt-ridden city of Harrisburg, the capital of PA is appealing to God to help solve its financial woes with a three-day prayer and fast in which the mayor will participate  In the media, a UK newspaper apologizes for publishing a sex scandal that turned out to be fake …and so was this press release announcing that a US company had been accused of fraud  Meanwhile, JP Morgan Chase will pay millions to settle with the SEC over charges it misled investors And finally, we have this front page story about an innovative new camera

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/11/11: Pluto square Mars; Katie Couric, Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera, Glenn Beck & Donald Trump

Waking up Monday to the challenge of the First Quarter Moon, exact at 8:05AM EDT. Where has your willful heart taken you over the past eight days? Hopefully it has been your heart leading you — not your big, fat ego, which is always a possibility with so much me-me-me Aries energy flying around. Need to make an adjustment? Your big ideas for the next step in your strategy may not have quite the impact today because just as you realize the challenge to your agenda (that’s how First Quarter Moons function), the Moon goes void for the rest of the business day — until 11:37PM EDT. And don’t forget that Mercury is still retrograde, suggesting brilliant ideas that occur to you now may not be so brilliant upon review once Mercury turns direct. Not that the day won’t have its share of excitement and drama, though you are well-advised not to engage in ego spats and power plays. First of all, perceived slights are likely “sound and fury, signifying nothing.” But that doesn’t mean they won’t have an especially brutal charge. That’s the flavor of the potent challenge between ruthless Pluto and trigger-happy Mars I wrote about last week, exact today at 4:39PM EDT.

When Mars and Pluto square off, the effects are usually felt a few days before. Bloody, violent, explosive, brutality, news from underground — these are likely elements to be anticipated in the headlines. And over the past few days, we’ve seen violence in the most unlikely places:  a deadly explosion of fireworks stored in an underground facility in Hawaii, a shooting rampage at a mall in the Netherlands that left seven people dead …even the subject of the theater review published in today’s NY Times was entitled, “We’re Gonna Die” — also reviewed in the New Yorker  More evidence of cosmic black humor: China fights back and releases its assessment of human rights violations — in the US  Brutal! On the other hand, if you’re…say…a professional athlete, you can use this intensely physical energy to your advantage…

OK, a quick look at some departing media figures, as requested by a dear Reader. Will we see a pattern here? Remember the astrological rule; if they’re making headlines, the horoscope is “hot”. For Katie Couric, soon to be leaving CBS (Jan 7, 1957 Arlington VA, time unknown): disruptive Uranus at the attention-demanding (and getting!) Aries Point making exact contact with Jupiter, ruling expansion — this suggests a big break. Connections from Saturn (structure) to Uranus (disruption) suggest change, as does a connection from nebulous Neptune (rules television, film) to Pluto (resistance is futile). Matt Lauer (12/30/57 in NY, NY) is planning to leave the TODAY show when his contract expires in December 2012 — which is perfect timing, Matt! By then ruthless Pluto will be sitting right on top your Capricorn Sun, squared by disruptive Uranus. You’ll be oh-so-ready for a big change; in fact, it’s likely you will not have a choice — so plan for it now! It’ll be interesting to compare where Matt and Meredith Viera (also born 12/30 — but in 1953 in East Providence, RI) are in 2013, because they both have their Sun at 8 degrees of Capricorn and will be experiencing those intense Pluto-Uranus transits at the same time! Why might Meredith be leaving in September of 2011 instead of 2012? How about disruptive Uranus bringing excitement and change to Meredith’s life by challenging her Mercury and Venus (two important planets in the horoscope of a TV journalist/presenter) at that attention-demanding Aries Point? And finally, Glenn Beck — also leaving his TV home — born Feb 10 1964 in Everett, WA. Would you believe: transiting Uranus challenging his Venus at the Aries Point, similar to Meredith’s horoscope; that was exact in March, when I believe Beck’s departure was first announced. 

As for Donald Trump, a media figure who is not departing anytime soon: born Jun 14, 1946 at 10:54AM in Queens, NY — and acting a bit strange lately, if you follow the headlines. He’s got nebulous Neptune exactly opposing his Leo rising sign right now (you knew it was Leo, didn’t you)  – suggesting puzzling behavior and confusion over one’s identity. We can look forward to more of the same from Mr. Trump all through 2011.

What’s going on in your horoscope?

P.S. — As of Feb 10, 2012, Matt Lauer is in negotiations to extend his contract. He’s now willing to stay on at Today for $30 million a year — up from his current salary of $17 million — and transiting Pluto has just conjoined his Capricorn Sun — suggesting empowerment. Transiting Uranus (sudden change based on a pressing need to assert one’s individuality) joins the pattern in June.  Will NBC pony up the dough to keep the one and only Matt Lauer?

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/10/2011

I confess I would have been disappointed if Wednesday’s exact hook-up between loving Venus and ruthless Pluto at 8:51PM EST had not coincided with at least one scandal revealed as a result of an encounter with a witchy-bitchy woman. And here it is:  “New York Congressman Resigns Over Emails”   What do we see active in Chris Lee’s horoscope — April 1, 1964 in Kenmore NY (time unknown)? Yes, there it is: nebulous Neptune currently in a challenging aspect to Lee’s natal Venus — suggesting a potential need for fantasy and/or escape in romance — and perhaps a possible deception or idealism. Note to elected officials: when this transit is active in your horoscope, better to pursue an artistic hobby, like cooking or watercolor painting.  Much less damaging to your career, not to mention your marriage.

Nebulous Neptune is influential in the horoscope of Glenn Beck, too, and today is his birthday. In Beck’s chart, we see a challenging aspect to the Sun, suggesting a difficulty seeing himself clearly, and that others may not see him clearly, either. President Obama also has this aspect in his natal chart. But Beck’s Neptune influence runs even deeper: it squares Mars, which suggests charisma, perfectly suited for an intangible medium like television. It can also manifest as a certain escapism or fanaticism. Beck’s Mars is also aligned with Saturn and Sun, suggesting a toughness, a discipline, an applied focus of energy possibly bordering on the militaristic. A rare connection between Mercury (mind) and Venus (social expression) suggests idealism, and his Moon in Capricorn works overtime to make things happen. And here’s a fun fact: Beck is just one day older than Sarah Palin. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Moon is still in steady, stable Taurus, with few aspects to color the day, save for a challenge to Moon from Mars (possible clashes of will or charged feelings) – but even that doesn’t occur until 11:13PM EST. The First Quarter Moon is exact Friday at 2:18AM EST — thought Thursday may be relatively quiet, a challenge to your New Moon agenda may appear between now and then. “Stubborn” may be its middle name.