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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/18/2012: After the Void, Engage!

So how are you enjoying this long void of course Moon in dreamy Pisces? Are you going with the flow? Feeling inspired or especially empathic? I couldn’t get Erik Satie’s romantic music out of my head  (see yesterday’s forecast), and recognizing that Pisces also rules the feet, I wandered off to a ballet class. Better to dance than shop for shoes when Moon is void of course (impulse purchases are not generally favored during voids). It was an incredibly productive use of time…

Speaking of impulses, Moon finally moves into Aries at 11:59AM ET, joining mental Mercury in Aries at 3:28PM ET. What an afternoon for quick thinkers and fast talkers! Don’t forget to write some of those great ideas down, especially since Moon will be hooking up with innovative Uranus at 11:45PM ET, likely accompanied by a surprise, jolt or revelation — especially in the tech sector.

More general notes: first, we are in the balsamic phase of the Moon — a time to wrap up projects begun at the New Moon and start thinking about the next lunar cycle, which begins at 3:18AM ET on Saturday. Second, Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy happens to be running wild in sensual, material Taurus, needing to find reward in creature comforts. Venus, which refers to love, beauty, money and women — is also running wild in oh-so-charming Gemini, seeking social expression by being informed, intense and entertaining.

Venus and Jupiter may well be reflected by actions that suggest feeling good, generosity, abundance and/or indulgence. Could this also be reflected in the 200-point surge on the Dow yesterday, along with seemingly-upbeat earnings reports from a few key corporations? Details on the surge are here

In your own personal world, find a few simple joys…..

P.S. Henri the Existential Cat is becoming quite the celebrity — you read it here first

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/17/2012: The Odd Synchronicity Of The Dreamy Fish

Moon in dreamy Pisces goes void of course at 10:34AM ET, on a supportive connection to expansive Jupiter (the cosmic sugar daddy). This sets a jolly tone to the brainstorming potential of the next 25 and a half hours. If you are new to this forecast and you are not familiar with the term “void of course Moon”, read the forecast posted on February 10, 2012 for a detailed explanation

Briefly, a Moon void is an ideal time to let your mind and body take a break. Efforts to move in a straight line are often thwarted by unexpected twists…some of which act like they are huge crises when in fact they are not.  Moon voids are not considered to be favorable for doing anything you hope will be of consequence, such as signing a contract or launching a company. Be prepared to roll with any punches that come your way — and just enjoy going with the flow, especially with this Moon in watery Pisces, which needs to work with intangibles: music, spirit, feelings, flickering images — you get the idea.

Speaking of music, a reader advised me that the cut from the Diva soundtrack that was used to score yesterday’s feature, Henri, The Existential Cat was “Gymnopedie No.1” by Erik Satie (born May 17, 1866 at 9AM in Honfleur, France). Did you know Satie also wrote a piece called The Dreamy Fish? How cool is that? No Pisces in Satie’s horoscope, but he did have Moon in (watery) Cancer in the 12th house, which is naturally ruled by Pisces. Even more fascinating: Moon conjunct rebel Uranus…square Mars, Midheaven (career point) and nebulous Neptune (ruler of Pisces). Satie is practically a Pisces by default. And isn’t is also interesting that Satie’s horoscope has patterns that are similar to patterns going on now? The dazzling, surreal, sublimely sexy — and/or bewildering connection between Mars and Neptune is just one of them.

Bottom line: if you need some musical inspiration today, Erik Satie will fit the bill. And I’ll wager fifty cents that Satie’s music — or the man himself — will be honored again between now and next year. Why? His Mars, Neptune and Midheaven are at 10 and 11 degrees of Aries, about to be supercharged by Pluto at 10 Capricorn and Uranus at 10 Aries. In the three years that I’ve been writing about people, countries and events making headlines, I can’t recall one that didn’t have one of those two heavy planets active in the horoscope when they were on the front page.

Meanwhile, if you enjoyed the ennui of Henri, here is a second installment.  And if you know the music in this episode — do tell.  It’s so much fun writing for such a super-smart, creative and talented crowd. Thank you for reading this astro-logical forecast.

For more on composer Erik Satie —

For more on the potential impact of Pluto and Uranus on your own horoscope, you may find this article helpful, especially if you are studying astrology


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/23/2012: Chill, Baby, Chill…

Moon is void of course all day in Pisces…not to enter Aries until 9:48PM ET. Until then go with the flow, chill, brainstorm — and be mindful of investing too heavily in crises that turn out to be much ado about nothing.

Be especially mindful on the road — and in all your communications. Aggressive Mars in perfectionist Virgo challenges mental Mercury in sensitive Pisces early in the morning, suggesting verbal and mechanical outbursts — likely due to disorientation. All those critics around you? They’re just confused. See the first paragraph for guidelines on handling any sudden onset of foot-in-mouth disease…

This evening, the mood becomes more RAMbunctious (it’s an Aries thing).


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 8/16/2011: Mind the Void (again)

If you liked yesterday, you’ll love today. Read yesterday’s forecast — especially the first paragraph — and get psyched for another day of more of the same. See if you notice a shift in energy at 8:10PM ET when Moon leaves soulful Pisces for me-me-me Aries, wanting your attention yesterday, if you don’t mind. Can’t you see it’s got something exciting to share, say or do?

Ride the sunny wave of inspiration and optimism into the night….Wednesday will likely be super-charged and/or bumpy, wanting to accomplish so much…

Don’t forget to check for typos and other misteaks (or be forgiving of those who make them). Remember also that in Mercury retrograde periods, especially combined with Moon voids, you can’t count on people to be thinking clearly. You may have to tell them more than once. Don’t take it personally.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/22/2011: Nebulous Neptune in the News

Keep your grounding cord down as the Moon in soulful Pisces continues its free fall, not to enter the next sign, Aries, until after midnight. For details on the energy of a void-of-course Moon, check out the ESSAYS section on my website, If you must move in a straight line today, then move you must; just be advised that the chances of getting off track are increased, so roll with whatever twists may come your way. If you do have freedom to float, follow your bliss. Creative and healing activities are highly favored.

Two powerful aspects from nebulous Neptune in its home sign of Pisces are exact today. Neptune squares aggressive Mars and trines the life-giving Sun. Neptune tends to dissolves whatever it touches, especially structures and other material things. Clouds, fog, glamor, charisma and other intangibles such as music, photography, healing and spirit are related to Neptune. When Neptune is strong in a horoscope, things may not be as they seem. Fact checking and reading the fine print more than once becomes essential.
How might Neptune square Mars manifest in an individual horoscope? For one possibility, look no further than today’s front-page profile of would-be president Michele Bachman  Sarah Palin has this aspect. So does Glenn Beck. Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton also have intense connections between Mars and Neptune (not squares, however).

In the headlines yesterday I noted a few Neptune-influenced stories in the headlines. In the business world, it was noted that the debt-ridden city of Harrisburg, the capital of PA is appealing to God to help solve its financial woes with a three-day prayer and fast in which the mayor will participate  In the media, a UK newspaper apologizes for publishing a sex scandal that turned out to be fake …and so was this press release announcing that a US company had been accused of fraud  Meanwhile, JP Morgan Chase will pay millions to settle with the SEC over charges it misled investors And finally, we have this front page story about an innovative new camera