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"I'm a skeptic by nature and I still don't know how she does it, but Elisabeth told me more about myself and about critical points in my life than she could've known beforehand or can possibly be dismissed as coincidence or a parlor trick. And she helped me to use this as a framework to analyze the here and now more clearly. The session was definitely a positive, eye-opening experience."
Attorney, NY

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Friday 9/1/2017 & the Holiday Weekend: Eclipse Triggers Ahead


A proactive Moon in Capricorn ends the work week, encouraging you to get it all done before the holiday weekend (Labor Day, here in the U.S.). Note your dreams upon waking, as the Moon will be in touch with visionary Neptune at 6:22 AM ET. Then get ready for the next few days of all sorts of bottlenecked energies busting out. Why? Because Mercury has re-entered Leo and it’s about to meet up with Mars at 28 Leo, triggering the degree of last week’s Big Fat Solar Eclipse. Mercury refers to communication. Mars refers to action and assertion. Leo is fiery, willful, playful, regal, dramatic and stubborn. Make it so!

At 2:28 PM ET the Moon makes its weekly clash with ruthless Pluto, suggesting power plays and emotional catharses, for better or worse. SATURDAY at 12:30 PM ET, the Moon clashes with Uranus, suggesting a disruption of the status quo. Moon then goes void until 4:06 PM ET. Moon then enters humanitarian, who’s-yer-buddy Aquarius for the rest of the holiday weekend – perfect for hanging with your new best friends. A tech savvy alliance between Mars and Uranus favors innovative action — this has been in effect all week and will be exact tomorrow at 8:13 AM ET. See how it blends with the wiggy potential of next week’s Sun-Neptune opposition in this story:  Dr Con Man: the rise and fall of a celebrity scientist who fooled almost everyone.

The eclipse-triggering meet-up between Mercury and Mars happens at 5:39 AM ET on SUNDAY.

Lots of action while you are sleeping early MONDAY morning. A face-off between the Moon and Mars at 1:15 AM ET suggests provocative action in the hours beforehand. Another face-off between the Sun and Neptune happens at 1:25 AM ET; we’ve been feeling this one all week. Neptune refers to the surreal, oil, chemicals, toxins, spirits of all kinds, water, oceans, floods, refugees, faith and charity. Here’s what was going on in the news in the wake of the annual Sun-Neptune opposition in 2015.

But wait, there’s more. Mars leaves regal Leo for perfectionist Virgo at 5:35 AM, channeling its action/assertion drive into making things right. Or, as John McCain says in a WaPo op-ed,  “It’s time Congress returns to regular order.” Off the top of my head, the horoscopes of P45, Steve Bannon, Stephen Miller and the city of Houston will be directly affected that day. Extreme patience and focus in all travel/communication is advised, as Mercury turns direct at 7:30 AM. The Moon will be Pisces, waxing to its fullness on TUESDAY at 3:03AM ET. Empathy, compassion and water rising — with something about to be illuminated or released.

And now, the news.

UPDATE: on P45, who is living life as forecast months and months ago. Reflecting restrictive Saturn’s big squeeze on his Sun and Moon, I submit these headlines for your consideration:

And so it goes, with P45 doing his best to make everyone else feel as miserable as he is, e.g., Donald Trump to end ‘Dreamers’ immigration program.

Reflecting a focus on chemicals and toxins suggested by the Sun-Neptune opposition:  New Hazard in Storm Zone: Chemical Blasts and ‘Noxious’ Smoke — this is happening in Houston, with more likely to follow. FYI, the New York Times and the Washington Post have suspended their paywalls in deference to Hurricane Harvey. There’s a ton of great investigative journalism to be found — dive in! Or  you can REview a series published last year by Pro Publica, explaining why Hurricane Harvey was just waiting to happen:

Scientists, other experts and federal officials say Houston’s explosive growth is largely to blame. As millions have flocked to the metropolitan area in recent decades, local officials have largely snubbed stricter building regulations, allowing developers to pave over crucial acres of prairie land that once absorbed huge amounts of rainwater. That has led to an excess of floodwater during storms that chokes the city’s vast bayou network, drainage systems and two huge federally owned reservoirs, endangering many nearby homes…

Now getting off the soap box and noting that floods are pulling focus all over the world today, as the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Neptune hot in the cosmos suggests fraud making headlines. Mercury retrograde suggests a REview. Today in Kenya:   Supreme Court annuls presidential election result for irregularities, orders new vote .  Just like that.   And this: Radio host and accused Ponzi schemer used ‘hoodoo spell’ to thwart probe, feds say. Surreal.

Who remembers last month’s post about the current semi-square between rebel Uranus and wiggy Neptune? It’s the next step in a cycle that began in the early 1990s, when Uranus and Neptune met up in Establishment Capricorn, dissolving boundaries in Establishment structures and looking something like this:

NYT op-ed writer David Friend has no idea he’s writing about the Uranus-Neptune cycle, but he is when he notes a pattern that appears to be repeating:  The 1990s Gave Us the Trump Teens.  Wait until Saturn enters Capricorn in January 2018, retracing the steps it made in mid 1988-1991.

Meanwhile, other pundits have no idea they’re writing about the Uranus-Pluto cycle when they note a similarity between this decade, the early 30s and the mid-60s. One of the similarities is illustrated by this disturbing story: a Utah nurse was arrested in July because she refused to be bullied by a police detective who wanted to obtain a patient’s blood sample without patient consent or a warrant. In other words, she was upholding the law, supported by her supervisors. The arrest — and assault — was caught on tape. The detective still has a job.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on consultations and reports.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and have a great holiday weekend!


Special Bonus News Analysis Just Because


Compelled to share a few news items I found delightfully in synch with planetary patterns — a bonus for the holiday weekend — huzzah!

The first one refers to the Sabian Symbol for Monday’s New Moon. Here are excerpts from Monday’s forecast:

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon — at 20  degrees of Aquarius — is “a big white dove, a message bearer”. As usual we turn to Sabian Symbol guru Blaine Bovee for additional insight, who notes this image is “one of communication borne by a creature of the sky; a peaceful message from a heavenly source.” Interestingly, he also notes that that “white” is seen when light is reflected “without sensible impression of the visible rays of the color spectrum”….

How are we to apply this Symbol? What might we see reflected in the headlines? On the upside, Bovee suggests “genius that finds the sacred everywhere…listening for unique language; messages of relief precipitated by intense, burning reverence…”

How interesting that one of yesterday’s meaningful headlines was the confirmation that gravitational waves have absolutely, positively been detected — and heard!  Listen to their “unique language” — it’s like a heartbeat. Consider how cool it is

that scientists have finally tapped into the deepest register of physical reality, where the weirdest and wildest implications of Einstein’s universe become manifest.

Here is a wonderful NYT op-ed explaining why this confirmation (it was hinted at a few weeks ago; I almost linked it) is so significant. Here’s a fun piece in which several scientists attempt to explain gravitational waves in terms a five-year-old can understand. If you’ve been reading this forecast for at least two years, you’re no stranger to gravitational waves. I linked an aptly-timed piece about primordial gravitational waves here in March 2014.

Meanwhile, remember when I wrote that people with planets around 16-19 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Leo & Aquarius and/or 16-18 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer were more likely to be affected by last weekend’s heavy patterns among Venus, Mars, Uranus and Pluto? Filmmaker Michael Moore falls into that category. When I glanced at his horoscope last month, here’s what I wrote:

Toxins in the water came to a head last week in Flint, Michigan. Gov. Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency nearly two years after an apparent cost-cutting measure poisoned the city’s water. Flint native Michael Moore penned a sharp letter outlining the situation, calling for Governor Snyder’s arrest. How interesting to note that in Mr. Moore’s horoscope, his Jupiter is being squared by transiting Jupiter right now — like Sean Penn. Transiting Uranus and Pluto are supercharging his natal Mercury-Uranus square. We’d expect an intense buzz in mindset and communication all last fall and into the spring, suggested by other patterns — helpful if you’re promoting a new film (which he is).

I wrote about Mr. Moore’s horoscope in 2012, focusing on the time he was elected to the local school board at age eighteen. Looking at his horoscope now, 2013 and 2014 looked like challenging years for him personally, starting with his second Saturn return.  There were other challenging measurements, too — and for Mr. Moore, the outcome was a divorce.

Michael Moore has his Mercury at 17 Aries, squaring Uranus at 19 Cancer and the Nodal Axis at 18 Cancer. He needs to be a provocative thinker who leads an innovative crusade. His mindset needs to be ahead of its time! Mercury-Uranus contacts suggest a quirky sense of humor. Ted Cruz has Mercury square Uranus, too — but those not in those signs. Isn’t that interesting? Cruz is known for his sharp mind and disruptive communication style, as well as a need for quirky humor, as his  latest campaign ads might suggest. Cruz has Venus at 17 Scorpio and Saturn at 16 Taurus — also influenced by last week’s provocative Mars transits. What could happen? Turns out that a soft-core porn actress (transiting Mars to Venus in sexy Scorpio) had been cast in that ad, and once that became known, the ad had to be pulled. So frustrating (transiting Mars to Saturn)!

Back to Michael Moore:

His horoscope has had exact hits from Uranus, Mercury and Venus in recent days. Transiting Uranus exactly squared his Mercury on Feb 2nd. So his need to be a provocateur has been all fired up. He has a 16 degree regal Leo Ascendant, which was hit by transiting Mars at 16 Scorpio on Feb 4th. Let the record show that the Ascendant is one of the health centers of the horoscope, and that when Mars hits the Ascendant, health concerns are not uncommon. This all happened against the background hum of a pattern called a solar arc between Neptune and Jupiter, exact on February 6th.

A solar arc is a long-term pattern — in effect for a few months before and after its exact hit. Neptune refers to film, healing, water, toxins and….infection! Jupiter refers to…expansion! And we must keep in mind that Jupiter squared Mr. Moore’s natal Jupiter last month, too. He’s been in an expansive mode…and perhaps pushed beyond comfortable limits.

On January 31st, at the end of that month’s supercharged Mercury madness, Mr. Moore was admitted to the ICU of a NY hospital with pneumonia. It is often the case that particularly explosive transits will manifest a couple of days before they are exact. The timing of the illness was especially frustrating, as it forced him to cancel two weeks of interviews and PR work promoting his new film, “Where to Invade Next”. So what did he do? Using supercharged technology (social media), he launched an innovative PR campaign, reaching out to his fan base, asking them to spread the word on his behalf. Here is one of the posts. The film opens today.  I expect we’ll hear more from Mr. Moore over the next couple of days, as transiting Mars is about to make contact with his Venus-Pluto square at 23 Taurus and 22 Leo, respectively. His social expression and values need to have depth of perspective and emotion. And yes, sometimes he might use a sledgehammer when a little mallet might do.

I once had the opportunity to meet Michael Moore — must have been in 2004. An acquaintance invited me to attend an event for Dennis Kucinich, who was then running for president. I did not know much about Mr. Kucinich at that time, but it sounded interesting. The event was at the home of a famous artist.  It was a little overwhelming, as there were a few celebrities among the guests, along with maybe 30 or 40 others. And Mr. Moore.

I can be quite a reserved person in some social situations (thank you, Capricorn Ascendant), and I found myself wrestling with an impulse to walk across the room where Mr. Moore was standing. Finally I summed up my courage. He was surrounded by about eight other people all trying to sell him something. Seriously — and it was an event to support someone else! One person had even brought drawings of whatever great project he was envisioning — what chutzpah, for better or worse. I stood there for several minutes listening, and thinking to myself that there might be definite drawbacks to being a celebrity, especially one who is perceived as Someone Who Has Some Power to Make Things Happen. Of course Michael Moore would need to make things happen, with his Moon and Mars closerthanthis in enterprising Capricorn.

Finally the man with the drawings finished his pitch and Mr. Moore looked at me. “Errm…” I said, not really knowing what I was going to say. “I’m Elisabeth Grace. And I’m not here to tell you about a project or show you drawings or ask for your help”.

A brief pause, as perhaps Mr. Moore wondered, “Well what IS she here to do?”  So I continued, along the lines of, “I saw you here and I’ve always admired your work. And I just had to come over to tell you, because when will I get the chance again….so I just had to come over and say THANK YOU. For doing what you do. And that what you do makes an impact — on all kinds of people, even though you may not realize it. Your work matters.

“For example,”  I pushed on, naming a few examples, including “…that series you did called TV Nation — that was awesome! Like the segment when you went to Washington and tried to get the ambassadors from Serbia and Croatia to MAKE PEACE OVER PIZZA…it was brilliant and so funny — who could forget that?”

“Thank you,” said Mr. Moore.

And then I said (because like Marco Rubio, I’ve been known to repeat myself), “I just needed to say this to you,” not knowing what else to say.

“Thank you,” he said again…and he might have added “That’s very kind”. Then he definitely asked, “What was your name?”

“Elisabeth Grace.”

“Elisabeth Grace,” he said. “Elisabeth Grace.”

Then I wandered off, and later that evening, an older woman tapped me on the shoulder and told me how much she appreciated what I had said to Mr. Moore, and that it had meant a lot to him.  Now it was my turn to be surprised. I did not know who the woman was, though I suppose it must have been his wife.

Funny how often “you teach best what you need to learn” — which is one of the pithy sayings in The Messiah’s Handbook from  Richard Bach’s novel, Illusions. Amazing to imagine that our thoughts and actions could continue to ripple through space and time, much like those gravitational waves, even though we are unaware of their reach. I had an uplifting encounter with a fellow human being almost twelve years ago. That human being’s simple appreciation has rippled outward.  Now I’m carrying it further by sharing and inviting you to see his latest movie.

It looks like fun, no matter what your political beliefs may be.

If you want to compare your political beliefs to what the candidates say they believe, check out It’s thorough and cool.

If you want to discuss what’s going in your own personal horoscope, here’s the 411 on consultations.

If you appreciate the time and energy I put into these missives (which I’ve been posting now for almost seven years), and you think it would be fun to make my day with a donation, here is a link to do that via PayPal.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/4/2016

The boundary-pushing Moon in Sagittarius is challenged even further by contact with expansive Jupiter at 5:04AM ET. A big idea bogged down by details? Can’t see the forest for the trees? What wandering adventure will your mind embark upon, given that the Moon will be void thereafter until 7:44PM ET?

Regular readers know that Moon voids suggest a time to focus on routine concerns, while being prepared to roll with whatever twists and flakes deter your efforts to move forward in a straight line. I don’t know about you, but to me, time often feels like it flows more slowly during voids. Sometimes it feels downright meditative — an opportunity to seize if you’re a meditating type.

Moon voids suggest a higher probability of surprise upsets. Here’s an example. Did you hear about the grand jury in Texas that was supposed to investigate allegations that Planned Parenthood was illegally selling fetal tissue? Last Monday, when Mercury turned direct and the Moon was void all day, the grand jury cleared Planned Parenthood and instead indicted two of the people who made the undercover videos.  Surprise, surprise.

I’d argue that Mercury being supercharged by Pluto and Uranus a few days beforehand was also reflected in that grand jury decision. More on that in a minute.

At 7:44PM ET, Moon enters earthy Capricorn, looking to make things happen. Enough of the high-flying progressive ideas; the need is to get things done. Where have we heard that before?

And now, a bit of news.

Speaking of progressive and getting things done, how cool was it that the Sagittarius Moon was in harmony with futuristic Uranus at 7:58PM ET last night,  when Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were making headlines by talking about those very subjects?

Over the past two weeks, Mercury supercharged by erratic Uranus and persuasive Pluto suggested the potential for seriously fringe thinking and dirt dug up. Add to this pattern a triple-dose of bombastic bewilderment, suggested by an obsessive-compulsive connection between nebulous Neptune and Jupiter. It was positively stupefying see  Rapper BoB’s insistence that the Earth is flat-out flat making headlines.

Jupiter also refers to law and lawyers. When in touch with Neptune, legal matters may be foggy or shady. Exhibit A concerns some undercover videos perhaps showing how some US lawyers might make it easier for clients wishing to make certain investments with “suspect funds”. Exhibit B would be the announcement last month of a crack down against foreign investors purchasing luxury Manhattan real estate with “dirty money”.

Neptune refers to viruses, water and poison. It refers to faith, empathy and charity. It refers to victims, suffering and the sublime. It refers to spirits of all kinds. It refers to music, film and other intangible arts. When Neptune is in touch with Jupiter, we see the potential for expansion in Neptunian concerns.

Dominant stories in the news in recent days include the poisoned water scandal in Flint, Michigan (and possibly other cities); the expanded reach of the Zika virus (including here in the U.S.). Shades of Neptune-Jupiter reflected therein, as well as in this item Avid Reader Paula sent me about the E.coli outbreaks (Neptune) plaguing Chipotle (Jupiter in Virgo — food), with extra-special allegations of especially underhanded activity. Frankly, every headline on the above-linked webpage reflects an arguably  obsessive Jupiter-Neptune theme!

Note the recent developments in the Zika virus story. We have a case of it being sexually transmitted in the U.S. The virus is especially harmful when contracted by pregnant women, and this may spark a new debate in Brazil, where abortion is illegal “under most circumstances”. It’s interesting to see these stories break during a week  in which sexy Mars (men) and Venus (women) are so supercharged. And how about this one that just hit the NYT homepage: “Pentagon to Offer Plan to Store Troops’ Eggs and Sperm”.

I know what you’re thinking. “What does all this have to do with Marco Rubio?” Absolutely nothing, but I’m now typing this in a Moon void. And Gail Collins has penned a cheerful opinion on the subject, so much ado, much ado. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with the rest of the Free World. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 11/18/2014: Gravitas

Today’s Libra Moon puts a focus on people-pleasing, fairness and balance in relationship, with no small amount of talk and rationalization about it. Bumps and jolts, minor emotional power plays and catharses may also be experienced around 1:39PM and 4:03PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Uranus and Pluto. On the plus side, this clash offers the potential for breakthrough and revelation.

West Coasters, take note of a third lunar clash — this time with aggressive Mars — at 1:30AM ET. Zip it, and yield graciously to the self-absorbed troglodyte on the freeway.

Meanwhile, use this morning’s infusion of gravitas suggested by the annual meet-up between Sun and taskmaster Saturn  (at 3:50AM), to take care of some heavy lifting.

And now, the news.

First, gratitude to Helen, who shared this heavy news item and the no-nonsense consortium of journalists who regularly break all sorts of status quo-disrupting, Uranus-Pluto corruption-exposing stories:

The ICIJ – International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is a hard-hitting group of global investigators who are making huge inroads in opening global cans of worms involving financial corruption on an international scale, and also investigative stories within their individual countries.  They aren’t well enough known and of course a lot of what they uncover is suppressed in local media.

They have recently ripped the veil off of the illegal agreements made by Luxembourg to help big corporations avoid taxes in their home countries – and the guy tasked with policing this activity happens to be – yep, the European Commission President who is from Luxembourg.

Second, sobering news on the increasing levels of income inequality in the United States. Those at the top are still rising; incomes for everyone else are declining….but what’s really sobering is how the U.S. compares to a whole bunch of other countries.

Before the impact of tax and spending policies is taken into account, income inequality in the United States is no worse than in most developed countries and is even a bit below levels in Britain and, by some measures, Germany.

However, once the effect of government programs is included in the calculations, the United States emerges on top of the inequality heap.

Add the sobering Sun-Saturn realism to the focus on intangibles and spirit suggested by Neptune turning direct on Sunday, and we find in the NYT a frank piece on one woman’s near-death experience. So what? Big deal.

Neptune also refers to empathy, and I was truly delighted by this op-ed titled, “On Smushing Bugs”.  Neptune also rules Pisces, which rules the feet. So as a break from the gravitas of all the Sun-Saturn in Scorpio headlines (especially the ones I did not report that made headlines this morning), I leave you with this story of a family that inherited a building in which they discovered a perfectly preserved shoe store that closed 50 years ago. I bet none of the shoes pictured were made in China.

Thank you for reading this forecast. To schedule a personal astro-logical consultation, here’s how to contact me.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/17/2014 & the Weekend: Playtime!


Planetary patterns suggest plenty of sunshine, should you choose to bask in it. If you’ve got a planet or angle around 18 degrees of any  sign, you’re more likely to be experiencing the wind at your back.  Like Neil Patrick Harris, who has Uranus at 18 Libra and Mercury (mindset, communication) at 18 Cancer. He also has Venus (social expression) at 12 Cancer, currently supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square. What a week he’s had: a book published and a new gig hosting next year’s Oscars. And just a few weeks ago, he got married. Of course that success would be reflected in planetary patterns in his horoscope, even without an exact birth time. And if we had his exact birth time, we’d see still more dynamic potential happening right now.

So make those calls and pitches, especially of the REconnecting kind. If you’re not feeling the love, there’s likely a planetary pattern of a more challenging nature happening in your horoscope. Consider consulting your local astrologer for details, especially since she is offering a special Mercury retrograde incentive for the curious but timid. Take the plunge!

And now back to our regularly scheduled forecast.

The Moon in Leo is nearly always up for a party, and its hook-up with expansive Jupiter at 8:05PM ET favors good times tonight. If there’s a downside,  it’ll be some Royal “We” with its knickers in an egocentric twist. Or wearing a pair of seriously idealistic blinders. Or consuming way more than they can handle.  Maybe around 3:35AM ET Saturday, they’ll wish they hadn’t eaten the whole thing, but that’s the only speedbump between now and Saturday brunch.

At 9:10AM ET on Saturday, the Leo Moon goes void with a long sigh…not to enter Virgo until 7:08PM ET. Chill and take care of routine tasks, but avoid impulse purchases like the plague. Test this theory out for yourselves:  impulse purchases made during Moon voids rarely turn out to be as useful as you thought. Better to save  your money for another day, and just roll with whatever twists and flakes may detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Saturday night and all day Sunday facilitates putting things back in order. Yes, you can shop with efficiency and discerning taste, courtesy of that Virgo Moon. Note your dreams upon waking on Sunday, courtesy of a Moon-Neptune contact. There’s an especially deep and regenerative aspect to the action around 5:41PM ET Sunday night, thanks to an easy contact to the Moon from potent Pluto.

No sleeping in Monday; it’s stellar for REvisions and REorganizations of all kinds, thanks to the Virgo Moon and other easy patterns which you will learn about in the next forecast.

And now, the news.

To inspire whatever organizing you end up doing when the Moon enters Virgo, here’s a helpful article about the link between clutter and depression, with suggestions for streamlining your space.

Meanwhile, more nebulous Neptune running wild, in an obsessive relationship with expansive Jupiter, ruler of broadcasting and publishing. Thus no surprise to hear HBO and CBS both announce that they will soon be offering a direct online subscription for their programming. Yep, you can soon kiss your cable company goodbye and get the programs you want straight from the source.

Another story with other Neptune themes, such as betrayal and victimization: David Glassberg, the brother of convicted spy Ethel Rosenberg, died in July — though we’re just learning about it now. His testimony against his sister sent her to the electric chair — and guess what? His testimony was a lie. Meanwhile, in New York, a man wrongfully convicted of murder as a teen had his sentence overturned almost 30 years later. Empathy and forgiveness (also Neptune), anyone? Seems we see a story about a wrongful conviction overturned nearly every week now.

If your appetite for scandal hasn’t been sated, consider this lengthy read about a fine mess at the Picasso Museum, which is finally re-opening after being closed for five years. On another note, this one involving pharmaceuticals (more Neptune) and nebulous fog, Wikileaks has leaked yet another section of a draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement that is being negotiated in a back room far, far away. The headline reads thusly: “…Would Be a Disaster for Public Health”.

Speaking of dark matters, file this one under “cosmic,” as actual dark matter may have been detected, which would be a historic breakthrough….huzzah!

Have a lovely autumn weekend, and thank you for reading this forecast.

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/16/2014: If It’s Out There, It Must Be Neptune

OK, chill time is over; time to walk your talk. Why? Well, the Moon entered love-love-me-do Leo at 6:29AM ET, looking for a stage or a kingdom on/in which to shine. It glides along without interference today, bolstered by an idealistic hook-up between mental Mercury and the Sun, aiding and abetting a bit of sweet talk. Said mental Mercury is well-supported by action hero Mars in gamboling/gambling Sagittarius; thus, the walking of the talking. Caveat: Mercury is retrograde and Sag is a klutz. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the trip.

And now, the news.

Nebulous Neptune, which refers to illusion, fantasy, drugs, toxins, glamor, spirit and spirits, etc., has been running wild in the cosmos and also in an obsessive relationship with expansive Jupiter, currently parading through potentially bombastic Leo. This suggests a bit of scandal and deception, on the one hand, and potentially “out there” collective beliefs, on the other.

With Mercury retrograde, things from the past have a way of turning up. So earlier this week it was interesting that the NYT published an in-depth investigation about thousands of chemical (Neptune) weapons that were uncovered in Iraq between 2004 and 2011  by U.S. troops. These weapons were made decades ago, and the rest of the story has plenty of  other Neptunian elements: deception, cover up, denial, toxins, abandonment, etc. It’s a long, compelling piece — one of the reasons why being a NYT subscriber is worth every penny — though a shorter editorial summary is here.

Following up on last week’s supercharged contact among Venus (women, social expression), Uranus (unconventional) and Pluto (transformation/perspective), here’s another NYT exclusive reflecting changing perspectives on gender identity: “When Women Become Men at Wellesley“.  If you’re not familiar with Wellesley, it’s a women’s college outside of Boston and the alma mater of two former secretaries…of State: Madeleine Albright and Hillary Clinton. And I’m proud to say it’s my alma mater, too.

I’m not sure what concoction of planetary patterns this next item reflects. The surreal world of runaway Neptune? Gender equality issues of the Uranus-Pluto square we thought we covered during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-60s? The outrageous action of macho Mars in righteous Sagittarius with the gaming spirit of Jupiter in Leo? The brutal bullying potential transiting Pluto to U.S. Saturn?  Probably all of the above, but here’s the story: Anita Sarkeesian, who has written a lot about the deplorable portrayal of women in the videogame and other media (Neptune) industries, was scheduled to speak at a university in Utah. Threats were made against her life, and the speech was canceled....because Utah is an open-carry state and the school did not believe it had the legal authority prevent people with guns from attending the lecture. Brutal? Surreal?

If you’re not familiar with Sarkeesian’s work, here’s her website — with lots of engaging videos (Neptune) — enjoy!

Mercury retrogrades are excellent times to REview your life with an astrologer. Right now I’m offering a little incentive for new clients. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 8/11-12/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

Some on the East Coast may have experienced a delay or surprise twist in your early morning routine, given that the Moon was void of course until 8:55AM ET. If you are new to this forecast and want more info on Moon voids and how to handle them, look here. As of 8:55AM ET, if you are really paying attention, you may notice the shift in energy — not unlike the sensation of engaging the clutch of a stick-shift car — as the Moon goes into gear and moves forward in Pisces.

Pisces is an intuitive energy that at its best, expresses compassion and loving kindness for everyone and everything, in its understanding that we are all One. At worst, Pisces wallows in suffering and/or escapes life’s hard knocks by running away,  drowning its sorrows in drugs, drink or any other rose-colored glass it can find. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a challenging symbol for many to integrate in an individual horoscope. At best, it suggests a need for a sublime creative and/or spiritual vision. At worst, it suggests deception and betrayal. Not all visions are real.

Overall, a quiet day today, as there are no exact planetary aspects until 7:26PM ET, when the Pisces Moon hooks up with nebulous Neptune, facilitating  — yes, that ‘s right — a need for a dreamy escape — perhaps through a creative or spiritual practice: art, music, meditation. If you’re a night owl needing an energy boost for that novel you’re writing, easy connections between Moon, Mars (action!) and Pluto (depth, potency) late tonight and in the wee hours can carry you through.

Also happening overnight: Venus leaves nurturing ultra-Mom Cancer for royal Leo at 3:24AM ET Tuesday, infusing social expression for the next few weeks with drama, pomp and play. This may also fill up the social calendars of those born under the sign of the Lion, especially those born in July.

Get it off your desk by 12:01pm ET on Tuesday, when the Moon goes void of course on a constructive alignment with disciplined Saturn. Focus on routine tasks or chill until 9AM ET on Wednesday, when the Moon charges into Aries and quickens the pace until lunchtime on Friday. The long Moon void on Tuesday is the only void that may trip up your efforts to move forward in a straight line during the work week. The next Moon void happens between 8:26AM ET and 6:41PM ET on Sunday.

And now, the news.

As expected in light of the heavy Saturn influence during yesterday’s Full Moon, headlines on the NYT homepage are sobering. We see yet another incident involving the death of an unarmed person by a law enforcement officer making news, this time in St. Louis.   A candlelight vigil for the victim was held during last night’s long Moon void, along with reported looting and angry protests. Meanwhile, a freak accident that apparently happened after a clash of wills between two race car drivers made headlines on Saturday, resulting in the death of one driver allegedly attempting to “settle a score”.  Not surprising to see this story in light of patterns discussed in  Saturday’s forecast.

In other news, this headline caught my eye: “A Mother Lifts Her Son, Slowly, From Heroin’s Abyss”. It is an especially apt reflection of the heavy consequences and dogged ambition suggested by the  Full Moon, along with two patterns exact today: Venus (social expression, women) at the very last degree of Cancer (motherhood), as well as an obsessive aspect known as a quindecile between mental Mercury and Neptune (drugs, redemption, sacrifice). Planets close to the end of a zodiac sign suggest a heavy learning trip in whatever matters the planet rules. If you have planets like that in your horoscope, you know what I’m talking about.

Thank you for reading this forecast — with extra bonus gratitude to those of you who are sharing it with your friends.

P.S. Special thanks to Karen, a reader who sent in this article written by astrologer Richard Nolle, who coined the term Super Moon back in 1979.  I’ve linked it before, but it bears repeating and it may clear up misunderstandings you may have about Super Moons, especially since they are now being written about regularly by reporters who know little about astrology.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/4/2014: Venus Sextile Neptune in the News

A slow start or twist to your morning, suggested by the Moon still adrift in “love me do” Leo. That could be a beautiful thing, given a harmonious aspect between Venus and Neptune at 9:16AM ET. Have you been keeping track of your dreams?

As of 10:20AM ET, Moon gets into gear in earthy, discerning Virgo, an excellent placement for getting perfectly organized and refined. Not only that, but there’s an innovative connection between the Gemini Sun and techno-geek Uranus that’s in effect for the next few days — great for thinking outside of the box. So forge ahead today and tomorrow — and remember to BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW, given that Mercury will be retrograde as of 7:57AM ET Saturday until July 1st.

And now, the news.

I’m seeing plenty of headlines reflecting the beautiful ideal and/or escape suggested by the aforementioned aspect between Venus (women, art, money, beauty) and Neptune (faith, illusion, salvation, drugs). Here’s a story about a tattoo artist who helps women who have had a mastectomy recreate the illusion of a normal breast. Here’s a techno-geek story about one of America’s greatest illusions: Marilyn Monroe, who would have been 88 on Monday.  Here’s a kaleidoscopic image of the universe — in colors never seen before — courtesy of the good folks who work with the Hubble Space Telescope.  And speaking of kaleidoscopic bliss, Alexander Shulgin, known for creating over “200 psychedelic compounds,” including Ecstasy, passed away yesterday.  No birth time available, but I’d bet fifty cents that his Taurus Moon is squared by Neptune in Leo.

Fascinating to note that Mr. Shulgin was 88 — which is the third time that number has come up in this forecast in three days. Here’s what 88 suggests, according to those who know something about Angel Numbers.

Meanwhile, Neptune also refers to music, so it makes sense to see a feature story on a prominent woman in music on the NYT home page. This would be Beyonce, who just happens to have Venus sextile Neptune in her natal chart — and that’s the aspect exact today.  Interesting to see the word “vanishing” twice on today’s NYT homepage. That’s a very Neptunian word. Here’s story about a vanishing island in Louisiana. It’s vanishing because of rising sea levels (Neptune refers to water, oceans and toxins, too). The “vanishing” of recently-freed POW Bowe Bergdahl  (before he was captured by the Taliban) is another headline with Neptunian themes, including salvation and bewilderment.

Finally, a few other items involving ginormous quantities of water. First, a companion story to the vanishing island is this hard-headed look at how Norfolk, Virginia is responding to the fact that 1) the land it sits on is sinking; and 2) oceans are rising. Equally fascinating is that Norfolk is the site of our largest military base, and that a recent vote by the House “Science” Committee would “prohibit defense spending on climate change research and the social cost of carbon analysis,” i.e., as the linked article notes, “the Pentagon is being ordered to ignore climate science.” Maybe no one on the House Science Committee has ever been to Norfolk…

…which leads me to the last fun fact of the day involving water — in the form of hurricanes.  The headline was quite provocative: “Female-named Hurricanes Kill More Than Male Hurricanes Because People Don’t Respect Them, Study Finds”. Predictably, this story has sparked much debate and disbelief….to be continued at a water cooler near you.

…though I’d much rather talk about you and what’s going on your horoscope. Or about your child’s horoscope, which provides insight on helping you understand his or her needs (which are likely different from yours). Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/21/2014 & the Weekend: Eight Miles High?

More of the same Moon in Scorpio intense emotional energy today, which can be efficiently applied to tasks involving depth-seeking, organization and control. Note the potential for a need to speak out around 1PM ET, when Mercury is squared by the Moon. A lighter social vibe is suggested after lunch (ET), though the close of the work week may end on a serious focus, as the Moon aligns with stern Saturn at 5:10PM ET and then goes void with a deep sigh  until 5:12AM ET on Saturday. West Coasters: perhaps you can start your weekend early, as Moon voids suggest natural breaks in the action. Take the evening off to chill.

Saturday and Sunday feature an intriguing combination. Moon will be in high-flying Sagittarius, needing to tell everyone and their dog what they think in very righteous terms. Sag is an optimistic, big picture-oriented energy that loves a good gamble or gambol. Broaden your mind; get out in nature; treat yourself to a foreign movie or some other culture that is not your own.

On Sunday, as noted in a prior forecast, the Sun makes its annual hook up with nebulous Neptune at 1:11PM ET.  It’s an excellent weekend for vision, healing, music, spirit, art…as well as rose-colored escapes, delusion, fantasy, drugs, deception and maybe a story about oil and water — watch the news and the weather. Maybe catch up on all those movies you’ve been meaning to see in preparation for the upcoming Oscars, too…

Noting a couple of Sun-Neptune themed stories in the headlines, combined with the “windfall” potential of next week’s Jupiter-Uranus square (discussed earlier this week). Exhibit A: a story about a billionaire philanthropist and how he’s fixing things our government can not afford, y’know, like repairing national monuments. Neptune refers to to charity and salvation. Exhibit B: Colorado,  which has legalized pot,  is expecting windfall tax revenues from this mostly all-cash business (read the article to find out why it is all-cash); it’s fascinating. Neptune refers to drugs; Jupiter-Uranus refers to windfalls. Exhibit C: Neptune refers to charitable institutions and spirituality; Jupiter refers to religion (collective belief systems) and no small dose of pomp. Thus in New Jersey, we find an aging archbishop who is adding a 3000 square foot addition to his existing 4500 square foot vacation home…after closing a school two years ago that served a “working-class city” because of an alleged lack of funds. Quite a Jupiter-Uranus windfall for the archbishop, perhaps; while others may find it rather Sun-Neptune bewildering (Neptune can have a bewildering effect). Maybe if the Church started selling pot…

Monday morning features a Moon void between 4:25AM and 8:50AM ET — adding a potential twist to your commute if you live on the East Coast. After that, no slacking off, as the Moon will be in “make it happen” Capricorn. Why not make things happen in your own personal world and schedule an appointment for a personal astro-logical consultation. Or forward this forecast to five of your dearest friends, with gratitude…

P.S. the subject heading of today’s forecast is brought to you by the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-66,inspired by the current heady mix of planetary patterns and performed by The Byrds. Cue “Eight Miles High” now, please…

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/18/2013 & The Weekend: The Inauguration; Lance Armstrong

Seize the optimistic and pioneering potential of this day, which begins with an idealistic hook-up between mental Mercury and the Sun (life force) in practical Capricorn. The caveat with any day marked by idealism is, of course, that some may be driving with blinders on. On the plus side, that’s an effective way to stay focused, especially if you’re a horse pulling a carriage in Central Park. On the other hand, those blinders may cause you to miss a few details, some more glaring than others. Keep on making your pitch, and by the time we arrive at the First Quarter Moon at 6:45PM ET, you may see the first challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last week., which was something about “a general gracefully acknowledging defeat”. Why how very Lance Armstrong, eh? Coincidence or conspiracy? More on him in a minute.

At 7:40PM ET, Moon goes void of course for just under an hour, entering comfort-seeking Taurus at 8:36PM ET. Ooh, I just love a weekend with Moon in Taurus….so lovely for earthly pleasures: good food, wine, music and a massage or two. You can shop ’til you drop all day Saturday and on Sunday, but only until 1:16PM ET, when Moon goes void-of-course until Monday at 9:04AM ET. Take a nice long break & enjoy wherever your wanderings take you.

Saturday is notable for two planetary shifts: both the Sun and Mercury leave practical Capricorn and enter innovative, humanitarian, unique, cerebral and  often weirdly stubborn Aquarius. This is a sign that is rarely in the middle of anything; Aquarians are usually found on one fringe or the other. Usually thought of as a future-oriented sign, some of the most extreme conservatives have strong Aquarian elements in their horoscopes: Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan, NRA henchman Wayne LaPierre, Kim Jong-Il, Ayn Rand — just off the top of my head. And then on the other side, you have extremely progressive Aquarians Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Barack Obama has an Aquarian Ascendant, which is one reason he comes off as so detached and cerebral, yet definitely unique.

Speaking of Obama, Sunday marks the beginning of his second term. He’ll be sworn in at noon, as specified by our Constitution. And though he’ll be doing it all over again on Monday in a public ceremony, for me the swearing-in on Sunday is the one that sticks.  In the chart for noon in DC on the 20th, I am relieved to see the Moon NOT void of course in Taurus, suggesting that it may actually function effectively. In Taurus, this suggests a reigning need to preserve and maintain material security, to keep things as they are or as they should be.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect a battle, as the Moon is squared by aggressive Mars in Aquarius, suggesting heated and stubborn challenges from the rebel factions. This is likely to be a term of office noted for idealistic, expansive and innovative ideas. And yes, I do believe we’ll see the President operating more independently than in his last term, as the Moon is placed in the 1st house, suggesting, as astrologer Noel Tyl defines it, an entrepreneurial “do your own thing” approach.

How does this chart compare with chart for the start of the 113th Congress? Interestingly, in that chart the Virgo Moon IS void-of-course — and running wild! This suggests a concern with details, organization and discernment that runs away with the whole chart — and, given the void, is likely to be ineffective or at least of no consequence. Hmmm. Perhaps the President will have the upper hand. Also notable is nebulous Neptune running wild, suggesting that elements of vision, idealism, delusion, deception, spirits of all kinds and artistry will be all over this legislative body like a cheap suit. When NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote about the first day of 113th Congress, she called it a “surreal world”. Yep. That’s Neptune running wild…

OK. Lance Armstrong, since several of you have asked. We don’t have a confirmed birth time for Armstrong, though I have seen two efforts to determine the time — one using computer software and the other calculated by hand. I do have a preference for which is likely correct,  but I haven’t done enough “chart crunching” to be completely sure.  Both charts propose a Sagittarius Ascendant, and this gambling, gamboling, often rough-around-the-edges fire sign works for me. Born on September 18th, 1971 in Plano Texas, Armstong has Sun and Moon in Virgo, and the Moon is running wild. This suggests a need for perfection driven to the max. The Moon rules the 8th house, suggesting a need to manage or help in the affairs of other people; it’s one indication that he could be effective in philanthropy, which in fact, he is.  One very interesting aspect in the horoscope — regardless of his birth time is the same witchy-bitchy hook-up  between Venus and Pluto we have been talking about all week — and which was exact on Wednesday. This pattern — suggesting intensity, emotional overkill and potential ruthlessness in social expression demands prominence in Armstrong’s chart (it’s at the Aries Point, for tech-savvy astrology buffs reading this). Venus and Pluto are both conjunct the Virgo Sun, suggesting a certain level of suppression, likely anger, that would be an immediate topic of discussion in a consultation. Can this horoscope be destroyed all the way to hell and be rebuilt all the way to heaven? Yea verily, the potential for regeneration and empowerment is great.

So what about all these drugs and deception? Now if you’ve been reading this forecast for some time, you know the answer: Neptune! Yes, nebulous Neptune is exactly conjunct expansive Jupiter at 0 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a strong statement of a need for faith; here, expansive Jupiter likely rules the Sagittarius Ascendant, which is all about self-image. Armstrong needs to believe he is “all that” — it makes sense he would be driven to perfection about projecting this holier than thou image to the world. And it makes sense that the world believes the illusion…until it doesn’t. Astrology buffs will immediately note that transiting Neptune is exactly square Lance’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, suggesting all Neptunian concerns are up — big time — including, but not limited to — redemption and  “tricky legalisms”.

In the forecast posted on January 4th, we were talking about the Grand Trine in Air Signs, suggesting — again citing my mentor, Noel Tyl — an intellectual elitism, a defensive posture and acting as if one is a law unto oneself. And surprise, surprise — Armstrong has this placement among Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Right now Jupiter, which likely rules his Ascendant, is exactly conjunct Saturn, suggesting a need to break free of patterns that have restricted his movement. Armstrong apparently wants to start competing again, but he has been banned from competition. So it is very interesting to see him working to do whatever he has to do to break free of those restrictions.

OK, time to ship this forecast, as I have consultations to prepare. When are you going to book yours? It’s sure to be profound…and fun!

Have a great holiday weekend.