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"Thank you SO much for the reading on Wednesday. It's really helped me get back on the road to moving along. You prep so well and are so damn thorough. And moreover, you've got great sensitivity to the material and the patience to listen."
-- Michael D.
Editor, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/11/11: the November 2011 Elections

As I type, a group of colleagues are enjoying an impromptu pizza lunch, sponsored by one of the department’s Designated Authority Figures. All was quiet initially, but now, nearly an hour after the lunch began at 12:30PM ET,  they are still in the conference room, chilling out and going with the flow. All this after Moon in Taurus was challenged by nebulous Neptune at 11:27AM ET and then went void of course…not to enter chatty Gemini until 3:10PM ET. Sounds like a long lunch hour to me!

With the Moon in Gemini from 3:10PM ET today until 10:43PM ET on Sunday, you may find your weekend driven by a need for diversion, communication and information. No Moon voids suggest it is not an unfavorable time for making purchases, and the Gemini Moon suggests your purchasing decisions will be informed ones. In fact, making major purchases now, especially electronics, is not a bad idea, given that MERCURY WILL BE TURNING RETROGRADE  on NOVEMBER 24TH. That should put an interesting spin on holiday travel plans. Be prepared for delays and other snafus.

Finally, about the recent election, as promised. If you’ve been reading this forecast for over a year, you know that in the weeks leading up to last year’s election, Mercury was retrograde, suggesting that the information we got about the candidates during the campaign might be incomplete and/or just plain misleading or wrong. As we got closer to Election Day, Venus was retrograde, suggesting the strong possibility that we’d fall for a partner — or a political candidate — that was wholly unsuitable. As soon as Venus turned direct and got back to where it was when it turned retrograde, we’d have a serious case of Coyote Date Syndrome on our hands  We got to that point last year, about the time that Scott Walker, then newly-elected governor of Wisconsin, revealed his agenda and set off a then-unprecedented round of protests at the State Capitol.

So where are we now?  Across the country, voters pushed back against the agenda that seemed to be so popular a year ago. We’ve seen the rise of protests groups around the world, beginning with Occupy Wall Street. As suggested by the planetary patterns, especially the approaching challenge between disruptive, freedom-loving Uranus and ruthless, corruption-exposing, transformational Pluto, the masses are beginning to wake up from their collective trance, exactly when it was anticipated they would.  This is just the  beginning…

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/24/2011

Today’s forecast — no rest for weary! We’ll wake up with Moon in high-flying Sagittarius, which should lighten the mood and give everyone a soapbox from which to opine. Note your dreams upon waking. Try not to step on anyone’s toes with your brilliant, willful points of view, if a clash of wills is not in your best interest. If you need to clash, you’ll likely have a chance to do so today.

As the day progresses, say around 3 or 6PM, depending on your time zone, another challenge may emerge related to your New Moon agenda from three weeks ago. What did we say it was? Oh, here: What quantum leaps of consciousness and/or efficiency are within your potential this month? What other “great leaps forward” will we see in the headlines? Think humanitarian, socially significant, rebellion, freedom, technology and whatever else disrupts the status quo. Dare to be boring (the word “boring” has been corrupted; it means to pierce through), with your New Moon agenda, and push through to the light on the other side. Consider this, as a jovial mood settles in for the evening, just in time to wish Steve Jobs a happy birthday. Where would we be without him?

Meanwhile, coincidence or conspiracy? Yesterday’s forecast: “dare to make a deeper connection,” and what makes headlines? A daring, deep connection made by a blogger impersonating billionaire and alleged Tea Party financier David Koch in a phone call to Governor Scott Walker, whose horoscope you may also recall from yesterday’s forecast. I had not heard Walker speak — you can find a recording and a transcript here  — and I was intrigued to hear him barrel through his agenda with a singular focus, determined to maintain control and not budge one inch from his established goals, which he clearly believes in 1000%. — just as his horoscope suggests. I was particularly struck by Walker’s reference to what appeared to be an admired ideal — Ronald Reagan’s firing of the air traffic controllers during their strike in 1981 — do you recall how Walker’s horoscope suggests a strong idealism?

Another dare to make a deeper connection: the Defense of Marriage Act will no longer be defended in court by the Justice Dept: And here’s another, by a college student daring to seek a deeper connection with Newt Gingrich

A brief word on the events of 1981-82 — and why they may be coming around again. The US is currently experiencing a Saturn return. The last one we had was in — you guessed it — 1981-82. Saturn is related to ambition, structures, control–  and it takes 28-30 years to circle through a horoscope and return to its original position.  So every 28-30 years we (and here I’m talking about “we” as Americans, not your own personal Saturn return), get to re-assess decisions we made way back then. What ambitions did we set? How are they working out? What are we going to reach for in the next 28-30 years? Does it feel like the US is currently re-evaluating ambitions set in 1981-82?

You’re having a personal Saturn return now if you were born in Sep/Oct 1981, Apr-Aug of 1982 or Sep/Oct of 1952 — this is a very important time in your life — consult your local astrologer for details.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday for 2/22/2011

Oh let’s see….upheavals in Libya, Wisconsin, etc.; earthquakes in NZ, volcanoes in the Philippines, traffic jams in LA (caused by snowstorms) — though honestly, it’s hard to get too excited by any of it because it’s in so line with what has been anticipated by many astrologers — for at least the past five years. We live in interesting times. When will things get reeealllllly interesting for us in the United States? Mid-2012 or so. But we’re starting to see cracks in the system now. Interesting times indeed. Keep calm and carry on — and express gratitude whenever you can for the abundance you have in your life. Guaranteed to keep you sane!

Today you can wish George Washington, Ted Kennedy, my dad and one particularly loyal –albeit nameless — reader a very happy birthday (the reader has Sun in the 12th house — those types tend to prefer to remain behind the scenes). And beside, by the time you wake up this AM, Moon will be in Scorpio, a sign known for intrigue, depth, control (of knowledge) — all that cloak and dagger stuff — y’know, “behind the scenes.”

Be productive today. Really, you have no excuse…even with that rebel planet Uranus running wild. Harness the energy and keep moving forward.

Meanwhile, thought this would be a good time to re-post a blurb I wrote about last year’s big astro-event: the Big T-Square Party among the heavies: Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Mars in a challenging configuration at the Aries Point. You do remember why the Aries Point is significant, yes? If not, re-read last week’s forecasts. Though Saturn and Mars are no longer part of this picture, Uranus (rebellion, freedom, technology) is more definitely active here — and at a place it has not been in 84 years. Read below for the opening number to what we can expect over the next several years. Stay tuned…

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/27/2010

A quick recap of the ongoing Big T-Square Party if you’re just tuning in — that T-Square/Right Triangular shaped pattern happening now among the planetary heavies: Uranus and Jupiter together at the beginning of Aries…opposing Saturn in Libra (joined by Mars at the the end of the week)…with Pluto forming a square (right in the middle) of all of this at the beginning of Capricorn.First, Pluto in Capricorn — where it hasn’t been since around 1762: Pluto, Lord of the Underworld (mines, volcanoes, power, perspective, things hidden below the surface) is in Capricorn (government, politics, “respected” hallowed institutions), where it has been busy exposing corruption therein – big time.

Second, Uranus (rebellion, revolution, genius, intensity) in Aries (pioneering, self-reliant), where it hasn’t been since the 1930s, currently conjoined with expansive Jupiter (optimism, excess, philosophy and other “group think” consciousness). Uranus will be in Aries for seven years; the square to Pluto will likely bring changes on a global scale to our notions of what government is and what it should do; note that the last Pluto-Uranus square in the 30s led to FDR’s “New Deal” and other social programs; note that the conjunction between Pluto-Uranus in the 60s led to the Civil Rights Act and — correct  me if I’m wrong — Medicare.

Third, Saturn, which takes about two and a half years to go through a sign — now in Libra, sign of relationships and diplomacy, fairness and justice for all. The opposition to Uranus/Jupiter suggests a conflict between the old guard vs. the avant garde — with the end result being a reinvention of traditional forms in new and exciting ways. The square between Saturn (control, the immovable object) and Pluto (change or die; resistance is futile) suggests those in power fighting tooth and nail to hang on to what they have and a period of hard realizations and hard, hard work.

Mars, planet of action, energy applied and at its worst, war and aggression  — triggers the whole T-Square at the end of the week and all through next — and it’s just no coincidence at all that with this pattern activated, here in the US we see leaked documents about what’s really going on in Afghanistan AND we face a vote in Congress on whether to extend funding to the alleged war efforts therein (if you DON’T want to send your tax dollars to fund the war, this is a good time to make your opinions known to your elected representatives).

What’s significant about this T-Square pattern is that it’s happening between planets that haven’t all gotten together like this since the 1930s — a time that most of us on the planet did not live through. Thus it feels like it’s happening for the first time — and it is — to US — but not to humanity. What have we learned since the 1930s? Anything? If we didn’t, we’re bound to repeat the pattern…and its influence will continue for the next few years (we’ve already lived through two years of it — and look what’s happened so far: major meltdown and corruption exposed in our financial sector, just for starters).

This T-Square is ESPECIALLY affecting all those born in the early days of the cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn (example: Mel Gibson, a Capricorn with Moon (feelings) at 1 degree of Libra, has a meltdown). By cardinal I mean FIRST, as in the first of each of their elements: Aries is the first Fire sign, Libra/Air, Cancer/Water and Capricorn/Earth. Cardinal signs INITIATE — they are very action-oriented. Note that the early days of these signs all connect to something astrologers call the Aries Point — laymen think of it as the first day of spring. And what happens on the first day of spring? Everything comes back to life; a new cycle of growth begins. Bottom line: T-Squares happen all the time in astrology, but one hanging around for soooooo long at the point which marks the BEGINNING OF A NEW CYCLE is especially significant.

If you have questions about any of this, email me. Isn’t this an exciting time to be on Planet Earth?  : )