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Monday 11/5/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Jupiter in Sagittarius

Happy Monday!

A Libra Moon drives the day with a need for fairness and balance. Its weekly clash  with Pluto at 12:57 PM, suggests an emotional catharsis or power play, energized by a harmony with action hero Mars at 9:43 PM ET.  Moon goes void at 3:02 AM ET on TUESDAY, which is Election Day in the U.S. Its last aspect is a meet up with Venus (women, money, social expression).

Here’s the layout for Tuesday:

  • First, we are in the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle, a time for wrapping up projects started on the New Moon of October 8th. Back room meetings and other covert activities reflect the potential of these days with no light reflected by the Moon from the Sun. A “dead” Moon suggests listlessness or restlessness, as we sense something new is around the corner, but we don’t know what.
  • A harmony between the Sun and Neptune, exact at 1:41 AM ET, suggests oil poured on troubled waters, healing, pacifism and empathy. That’s the upside. Sample non-political headline: Spanking is Ineffective and Harmful to Children, Pediatricians’ Group Says. Downside: rose-colored glasses bordering on the delusional.
  • Voting begins on the East Coast with a void-of-course Libra Moon, increasing the potential for flakes, twists and upsets favoring underdogs until 8:02 AM ET, when the Moon enters Scorpio. A Scorpio Moon is driven by a need for emotional depth, power, control and possibly payback. The disruptive potential is increased by Moon’s weekly clash with rebel technogeek Uranus one minute later, at 8:03 AM ET. What could go wrong? Tech snafus, perhaps. Meanwhile, are we surprised to learn that the weather forecast for Election Day includes thunderstorms and tornadoes on the East Coast? No, we are not. Here’s the forecast for the whole country — get out and vote anyway, as if your life depends on it.
  • Uranus makes another dramatic shift at 1:50 PM ET, leaving comfort-seeking Taurus for me-me-me Aries. Uranus, as you know, is retrograde. It turns direct on January 6th, three days after the start of the 116th Congress. Between November 6th and March 6th, Uranus will retrace the steps it made at the last degrees of Aries in March and April 2018. A review of headlines in early spring offer clues to what we’ll see again over the next months; search the archives. In Aries, Uranus brought us the self-driving car, robot warfare, the gig economy, the selfie and any other revolutionary me-me-me idea about being first.
  • The Scorpio Moon’s drive for control is aided by a cooperative alignment with Saturn, planet of structure and discipline. Whatever is on your plate for tomorrow, make it so.

Planetary patterns for the rest of the week:

  • WEDNESDAY: Note your dreams upon waking, as nebulous Neptune harmonizes with the Moon at 8:31 AM ET. The New Moon begins at 11:02 AM ET at 15 degrees of Scorpio. Pause; light a candle and make a list of intentions for the next cycle.  I am intrigued by the Sabian Symbol for this New Moon: “A girl’s face breaking into a smile.” Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee calls it “an image of a sudden shattering of a rigid expression…” conveying many things, e.g., sudden joy, amusement or smug conceit. It suggests a release of tension, a lightening of the mood and a big exhale. Given all the press in the U.S. of how women are likely to decide — and how many are running in —  this election, I find it encouraging. Meanwhile, did you know that in Ethiopia, half the cabinet ministers are women, and that last week, a woman was sworn as the first woman Supreme Court chief? 
  • THURSDAY: The Scorpio Moon goes void on a clash with Mars at 5:42 AM ET, as someone’s Twitter feed is sure to explode.  Chill through the  six-hour “crisis” and resume focus when Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:59 PM ET, lifting spirits everywhere.
  • THURSDAY: Jupiter leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius at 7:38 AM ET. Jupiter refers to expansion, for better (good fortune, abundance) or worse (bombast, excess). Jupiter rules Sagittarius, sign of righteous opinions and enthusiastic boundary-pushing. Sagittarius refers to collective belief systems (law, education, philosophy, dogma), mass media, horses, professional sports leagues, broad comedy, internationalism, the hip, the liver, the pancreas and more. These are areas in which we will see efforts to push the limits with exuberance or hubris.
  • Issues of control that were hot when Saturn was in Sagittarius (December 2014 – December 2017) will be back in the spotlight, big time. Those issues included border control (Saturn refers to limits; Sagittarius refers to foreigners) and control of mass opinion (via mass media), with no small touch of the surreal. The “surreal” was suggested by three hits of Neptune (in Pisces) squaring Saturn. Here’s a recap of that, posted in 2015.
  • FRIDAY: Venus trines (harmonizes) with Mars, in effect all week and exact at 10:12 AM ET. We have an opportunity to soften the cranky edginess of Venus being retrograde (the shock of realizing that our social circles and investments may not reflect our true values) through effective action (Mars). In the news, look for harmony between the yin and the yang.
  • NEXT FRIDAY: Venus turns direct on the same day that Mercury turns retrograde. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW.

And now, the news.

“Vote your values.” That’s a quote from Oprah Winfrey that made headlines over the weekend, as she went door-to-door in Georgia, campaigning for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. But if you Google “vote your values” you’ll find a slew of organizations — blue and red — using that call to action. Reviewing values — how very Venus retrograde.

It’s a dead Moon. The Sun is trine Neptune. I can’t bear to write another word about a political campaign. I am holding my breath and cautiously optimistic. Tomorrow I’ll be at the polls at 5 AM, serving as a pollworker. It’s something I have within my power to do: help others exercise their right to have a say in how things get done.

Neptune refers to music and idealism. It’s quite prominent in the horoscope of Barbra Streisand, squaring Mars at the Aries Point. That’s one suggestion of enigmatic charisma. It’s a key component in her professional status, as it trines Uranus and Saturn, ruler of her Capricorn Midheaven (career point). Saturn with Uranus suggests a need to reinvent the wheel, blending the best of the old guard with the avant garde.  With Saturn at the top of her horoscope and squaring her me-me-me pioneering Aries Ascendant all this year, it’s no surprise to see her back in the public eye, and at the top of her game.

Ms. Streisand is a Taurus with the Sun conjunct Mercury, both of which square the Moon and Pluto in drama queen Leo. Idealism and more star power potential! Those four planets were activated by this summer’s Mars retrograde, Venus retrograde and the July 26th eclipse. Humming in the background is the breakout potential of transiting Uranus on her Sun and Pluto — exact in 2019. That would be an apt time to finish her memoirs, now four years in the writing.

Last week she was a guest on James Corden’s Car Pool Karaoke, belting out tunes and talking up her new album, Walls.  That’s the link to the segment, along with other stories from the Good News Network, which is all I’d like to read under current planetary patterns.

Finally, here’s Beth Owls Daughter’s Tarot card for this potent week.

Hopefully there will be more good news in the next forecast. Whatever happens, there is sure to be good news in some part of your life. What’s penciled in to your cosmic calendar? I’d be delighted to give you the 411 in a personal consultation. Here’s how to contact me.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with your friends.

And now, a message from our sponsor:

I actually got into a heated discussion last week with two usually informed adults who insisted that all 435 seats in the House were NOT up for re-election. Wrong! Here’s how to find your polling place and confirm that you are registered to vote.


Thursday-Sunday 10/18-21/2018: News, News and More News

Alll-righty then!

The Moon is in Aquarius: arise, go forth and organize your network — rose-colored as it may be, given mental Mercury’s fast-approaching harmony with Neptune, exact tomorrow — FRIDAY — at 5:48 AM ET (note your dreams upon waking).

Ship it today if it needs to be of consequence, as the Moon goes void on Friday at 8:27 AM ET until 4:20 PM ET (at that time you may head to Canada, where marijuana has just been made legal). Right. And be mindful of a potential clash of wills/combative discourse around lunchtime ET on Friday, as Mercury (talking) and Mars (walking) will clash.

After 4:20 PM ET on Friday, Moon enters Pisces for the rest of the weekend. Shop away, as there will be no Moon void to render your purchases less able to fulfill what you think will be their useful purpose. Just be cautious with major investments in aesthetics, e.g. — art, wallpaper, cosmetic surgery, etc., as Venus is still retrograde.

Moon goes void on SUNDAY at 7:47 PM ET until 2:58 AM ET on MONDAY. Chill on Sunday night. You’ll need your beauty sleep to get  you through the driving energy of Monday’s  me-me-me Aries Moon. That — combined with Tuesday’s face-off between the Sun and rebel Uranus, plus Wednesday’s Full Moon — should start the week off with more than a few jolts and revelations.

And now, the news — over a week of it to cover. Ready?

Avid Readers will recall that last week was scheduled to be especially action-packed in the P45 administration, as transiting Mars opposed P45’s natal 12th House Pluto on October 9th.  Mars also clashed with the Scorpio Moon in the chart of the P45 inauguration. Not only that, but transiting Uranus made the second of three scheduled squares to the inaugural Sun, suggesting a disruption, a break-out or something just plain wacky. So what happened?

Wednesday had three tough patterns: a brutal square between retrograde Venus and Mars; an opposition between Mercury and disruptive Uranus and a Moon in depth-seeking Scorpio. Reflecting the potential for big wave/wash-out suggested by October 8th’s New Moon, Hurricane Michael slammed into the Florida Panhandle on October 10th. It was the strongest hurricane to hit Florida in 80 years. Did you know Rick Scott — Florida’s governor —  banned the words “climate change” from state agencies? It hasn’t stopped the hurricanes or the red tide, which now extends north from Miami all the way up to the Space Coast.

Fun fact: initially there was talk of Michael heading for Tampa, so I calculated the New Moon chart as it was seen in Tampa. Wasn’t convinced. Recalculating the New Moon for Panama City, however, shows a ton of tension making contact with the angles of the chart. Much more convincing as a point of impact. Michael hit land at  1:30 PM in Mexico Beach, just a few miles down the road. Again we see heavy tension on the angles of the chart.

Speaking of climate change, last week a coalition of international climate scientists presented another batch of dire findings and warnings, urging humankind to kick its fossil fuel habit not now, but RIGHT NOW, or we’ll be reeeeeallly sorry in a dozen years. Astrologically, I would expect the 2040s to be the decade of astounding upheaval, and since I’ve always thought I’d live to be 100, I’ll remind you in 2040 that I told you so. Until then, while Neptune continues through Pisces (until 2025), crises involving water, floods, droughts, displaced persons, toxins, drugs and oil will demand attention. After that, we’ll know what we need to fight for…and dream of a new frontier. Oh look…as if on cue…here’s a new missive from the Hathors via sound healer Tom Kenyon. We haven’t heard from the Hathors since April.

Meanwhile, as Michael and climate scientists were howling, P45 held a gathering of sorts with rapper Kanye West and 82-year-old retired NFL legend Jim Brown .  You can watch SNL’s version of it here (with much of the dialogue lifted from the actual event) or read the transcript of Kanye’s baffling 10-minute rant. The point of the exercise — dear Avid Readers — is to think about what might be going on in his horoscope .  If you guessed Jupiter (to reflect his ego that needs to be the size of Brazil), yes he does have Sun conjunct expansive Jupiter in blah-blah-blah Gemini. Good for you! And his Moon is in Pisces, so of course, he needs to feel stuff and, like, y’know.

Bonus points if you’re wondering how nebulous Neptune fits into the picture. Excellent, students! Not only does it oppose his Sun and Jupiter, it also probably squares his Pisces Moon. Does he have any idea who he really is? Frankly, with those four planets now in contact with…transiting Neptune, we can appreciate why he would be in his own personal Twilight Zone. Is there more? Of course! We have to pinpoint that buzz…which would be Kanye’s Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus suggesting a need for earthy comfort, with a flair for the unconventional, as the two are opposed by natal Uranus. That need for material security is being supercharged as I type by….transiting Uranus, too, suggesting he needs to be –shall we say — innovative and exciting —  in his action and social expression.

Volatility was also experienced in the stock markets last week — dropping  800 points in one day.  If you’ve been reading this forecast since forever, you know that hard patterns involving Uranus and Pluto are often reflected as dips or surges in the markets. Meanwhile,  in the horoscope of the United States, we see a potential focused streamlining in matters of women, money, art and expansion. Why? Transiting Saturn (Mr. Streamline) is opposing the U.S. Jupiter (expansion) and Venus (women, money, art, values). That’s good news for women of gravitas, who are ready to kick butt in the midterm elections…as voters and candidates. The flip side is the potential for harsh control. Next year, as Avid Readers will recall, Mr. Streamline will oppose the U.S. Sun and natal Saturn. More squeeze, focus and control…even as transiting Jupiter will expand the part of the U.S. horoscope that reflects our love affair with the American Dream, romanticized cowboys and Hollywood. Hmm…

In other news…

It’s too hard to write about Jamal Khashoggi, the exiled Saudi journalist who was murdered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2nd — by a hit squad allegedly sent by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Why? Presumably because words have power, and what Mr. Khashoggi was writing was seen as a threat to the Crown Prince’s authority. My coping strategy is to think about movies like The Shawshank Redemption, where truth and goodness do prevail over fear, cruelty and control…even if it takes a really long time. I can only say that when Jupiter enters Sagittarius on November 8th, over the next 12 months we will see significant stories involving freedom of speech pitted against the forces of authoritarianism. Today, for example, a Vietnamese blogger/human rights activist named Mother Mushroom arrived in the United States after being released from prison — only on condition that she leave her homeland. Proof that the pen is mightier than the sword?

On a lighter note…

As Uranus travels through Taurus for the next seven years, it will revolutionize our attachment for material comfort and security. With Venus retrograde, suggesting an opportunity to review our aesthetics, how cool is it to see “The Transformational Bliss of Borrowing Your Office Clothes.”    Save yourself money and time.

Oh! And this one is worth a Snoopy Dance: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expecting their first child in the spring — probably around the time transiting Jupiter squares his Virgo Sun. I’m psyched because when I wrote about their horoscopes a year ago, it was clearly suggested that they would waste no time starting a family. No, you won’t find that observation on the post, because I deleted it before publishing. It felt better to just let them be. Otherwise I might have ended up in a snarky commentary like this Guardian op-ed — and who needs that?

One more fun post! Kudos to the New York Times for daring to publish “Astrology is Hard, Even if It’s Fake”.   I appreciate their effort to shatter common myths about astrology, making people aware that it takes years of study and practice to become a good astrologer…and even longer than that to become truly excellent.   One day maybe NYT readers will be mature enough to be allowed to post thoughtful comments on such articles. As it stands now, the comments section in the article is closed. UPDATE on 10/19/2018:  the comments section is now open — feel free to post!

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have an inspiring discussion together.