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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/14/2015: Late New Moon Post; Sneak Peek at the Week; Leonardo DiCaprio, Right on Scehdule

Good Morning!

I hope you accomplished much over the weekend, driven by the Moon’s ingress into Capricorn at 1:47AM ET on Saturday. The need to make things happen could have flowed beautifully that day; maybe with a few bumps early Sunday AM ET, as the Moon made its weekly clash with disruptive Uranus and Pluto, followed by Mars — all before 11AM ET.

After that, an easy flow resumed, with festive spirits perhaps lifted by a connection to expansive Jupiter at 6:07PM ET. Moon went void at that time – wandering without specific direction until 7:59AM ET on Monday. So if you’re reading this early Monday on the East Coast, and you are having trouble getting focused as you head to the office, trust that the energy will feel more engaged soon — and big!

Make the most of this week. It offers New Moon energy to move things forward — with an expansive vision and a potentially dreamy, healing aesthetic. How so? This New Moon happened on Friday in Sagittarius, an expansive, pie-in-the-sky sign if there ever was one. Big, bold, collective beliefs and opinions are expanded exponentially by a charge from Jupiter — exact Monday at 10AM ET. If you have a planet or angle around 20 degrees of Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini or Pisces, you are likely feeling the lift more than others.

The dreamy vision comes courtesy of an communicative flow between Mercury (mindset) and Neptune, exact Monday at 2:40PM ET. The healing and/or idealized aesthetic is suggested by the afterglow of Friday’s easy flow between Venus (beauty, women, values, money) and Neptune (fantasy, empathy, spirits of all kinds). There’s even a potentially disruptive, quirky, macho and/or humanitarian element to it all, in the aftermath of Thursday evening’s face-off between Mars in Libra (partnership) and Uranus in Aries (freedom of the individual). And let’s not forget the big upheaval potential of an increasing tension between Uranus and Pluto.

Let’s pause for a minute and consider a few headlines reflecting the themes outlined noted above. In the category of big, bold, collective belief — with a healing vision and humanitarian thrust — how about the “major leap for mankind” a.k.a. the Paris climate deal that was announced over the weekend? Sounds pretty awesome on paper, though some scientists see more of the “pie-in-the-sky” potential suggested by planetary patterns than hardcore action.

As for hardcore action, sprinkled  with idealized Venus-Neptune pixie-dust and emotionally detached, Mars-Uranus techno-geekness, consider this item entitled, “Sex, Love & Robots: Is This the End of Intimacy?”   Looks that way to me. Over on the homepage of the NYT, we find these planetary patterns reflected in an article about one of the first transgendered women in New York to have her hi-tech surgery paid by Medicaid. And if that’s not controversial enough for you, consider this NYT “Modern Love” essay entitled “The Heart Said Yes; The Horoscope Said No”. It’s actually wonderful how many positive reader comments the article received. And we will forgive the NYT fact-checkers who didn’t correct the essayist when she referred to Rahu and Ketu as planets, when they are in fact two axis points of the Moon — but significant nonetheless.

OK, back to the rest of the week.

But first — a thought about your holiday shopping list (you can still get a gift for Hannukah — they won’t care if it’s a little late). Why not gift some lucky someone with a personal astrological consultation? Isn’t that a fabulous idea? Here’s the 411 on the many options available, including reports and those Really Useful Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide Bookmarks that would make such super stocking stuffers, especially with Mercury turning retrograde on January 5th, 2016 — you have been warned.

Back to the week.

We’ll have a Moon void on Wednesday between 2:17AM ET and 12:45PM ET — no big deal for most of the Americas. Stick to routine matters; chill out over any crisis that erupts (as it is likely much ado about nothing); avoid making impulse purchases. Get back to work on Thursday and then chill on Friday, when the Moon will be void between 10:14AM ET and 4:25PM ET. Just go with the flow of any twists, delays or other upsets that may derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. If you do not know what a Moon void is, shoot me an email; I’d be happy to explain.

During Friday’s six-hour void, we’ll be processing the challenge that may be presented by the First Quarter Moon, exact at 10:14AM ET. We will also be feeling the mental buzz of Mercury as it makes contact with 1) Pluto on Saturday at 1:54PM ET; 2) Uranus on Sunday at 10:07PM ET. Words and commerce that disrupts the status quo, likely revealing some bit of potent dirt is my take on it. You’ll be more affected by Mercury’s supercharged action if you have a planet or point halfway through Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra.

And now, a little more news.

Other reflections of disruptive planetary patterns suggesting headlines involving gender: 1) in Saudi Arabia, women went to the polls for the first time ever — and 17 women were elected to public office.  2) in Oklahoma, an all-white jury found a police officer guilty of multiple counts of rape. His targets: African-American women. Read the article if you do not understand why that point is significant.  After over two years of seeing horrific accounts of  abused sexual energy (thank you Saturn in Scorpio) in the headlines, perhaps we can now argue that the raised awareness is beginning to effect change. 3) Angela Merkel was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year — the first time in 29 years that a woman has received that honor, how depressing is that? What’s interesting is that 29 years ago, Saturn was in Sagittarius — around the same degree it is right now. Wonder how that relates to the horoscope of Time Magazine? Wish we had a birth time for Angela Merkel, too. Oh , well.


So pleased to see Leonardo DiCaprio nominated for a Golden Globe this year. His horoscope was hot back in 2013 (when he was also nominated for the award). Two years ago, I wrote

Solar arcs and transits in DiCaprio’s horoscope over the next 2-4 years suggest increased public prominence and acclaim. The synchronicity with Wilson’s horoscope is faaaaaascinating –I could write more — but for now,  I’m dashing this off — and we’ll see how this film project develops over the next two years. Di Caprio should do very well, regardless…

Mr. DiCaprio also made BIG headlines in April, as noted here.  Isn’t astrology amazing? What’s going on in your horoscope?

Dashing this off again — and wishing you a splendidly productive week.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with all of your friends and relations. Referrals never fail to make my day!




Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/9/2013: Woodrow Wilson & Leonardo DiCaprio’s Perfect Match

A sensitive, soulful Pisces Moon starts off the work week, along with First Quarter square from the gamboling/gambling Sagittarius Sun at 10:10AM ET. This suggests a challenge to whatever New Moon agenda you set last week, though there’s enough optimism offered by a harmonious connection from expansive Jupiter to give you hope of quashing whatever obnoxious fly lands in your ointment. Your brain could channel all sorts of innovation solutions today and tomorrow, courtesy of an inventive alignment between mental Mercury and rebel Uranus. Think outside the box!

Your Moon voids this week: Tuesday 1:41AM ET – 8:06AM ET; Thursday 10:37AM ET – 3:40PM ET — not bad for productivity and holiday gift shopping. Know anyone who might appreciate being gifted with a personal astro-logical consultation? I have a few gaily — yet tastefully — decorated gift certificates I would be delighted to send via snail mail or email. That “anyone” might even be you. Here’s the 411 on all the various consultations to choose from.

There’s plenty to report in the news, including ongoing upheaval in Thailand and the Ukraine — areas to watch for ever-escalating tensions at the end of the month.  More accidents and aggression pulled focus over the weekend, reflected by physical Mars at the prominent Aries Point (0 Libra, on Saturday). One accident led to a rare eruption of violence in Singapore; bad weather and careless driving led to another 50+ car pile-up — this time in Pennsylvania.  But the story I had to investigate further was Maureen Dowd’s Sunday NYT column entitled, “Woodrow Wilson, Stud Muffin”.

Really, Woodrow Wilson? Stud muffin? Yes, really — and a Pulitzer prize-winning author — A. Scott Berg — wrote a book about our 28th president that was published a few months ago. Not only that, but Leonardo DiCaprio has optioned the book. I had to investigate the planetary patterns behind these events. So here they are. Woodrow Wilson is a Capricorn — born Dec 29 1856 (here is the horoscope). If you’ve been paying any attention to my writings on the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square, you know that Capricorns born at the end of December were super-charged in 2012 and 2013. Saturn, which rules Wilson’s Capricorn Sun, is at 11 Cancer — also under the influence of Uranus and Pluto.  We’d expect Wilson to become more prominent and empowered during this time.

But Pluto and Uranus aren’t finished with Wilson’s horoscope yet. Wilson’s Ascendant is 15 degrees of Libra; his Midheaven (career status/reputation) is 17 Cancer; his Mercury is 18 Cancer…and all three points will be super-charged by Uranus-Pluto in 2015. If the film is made — and released in 2015, it should get quite a bit of attention. Let the record also show that right now, transiting Jupiter (expansion, publishing) is on Wilson’s Midheaven, suggesting public recognition/honor — and it’s been there since mid-September, when the book and movie deal hit the headline. Makes sense!

As for the “stud muffin” part, that’s easy to see — with loving Venus and horny Mars exactly conjunct in Aquarius (and square to Uranus), we could expect Wilson to have a bit of a buzz about him, unconventional relationships and a strong appreciation for friendship. Other aspects to Pluto in his horoscope suggest intense emotional engagement — even with all that “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius/Uranus emphasis.

There are other intriguing measurements in Wilson’s horoscope that suggest a strong connection with the public right now, and any students of astrology should check out the current solar arcs. They are fun, but what is going on in Leonardo DiCaprio’s horoscope is even more fun, as it reflects perfectly his connection to Woodrow Wilson! DiCaprio is a Scorpio — born 11/11/74– here is the horoscope. He has Moon at 15 Libra — exactly on Wilson’s Ascendant — this is a compelling emotional connection. Not only that, DiCaprio’s has three planets — Sun, Venus and Saturn — making an easy connection with Wilson’s Midheaven. Sweet!

Solar arcs and transits in DiCaprio’s horoscope over the next 2-4 years suggest increased public prominence and acclaim. The synchronicity with Wilson’s horoscope is faaaaaascinating –I could write more — but for now,  I’m dashing this off — and we’ll see how this film project develops over the next two years. Di Caprio should do very well, regardless.

Glad to hear so many enjoyed my thoughts on Mars in Libra — posted Friday. Thank you for your kind emails of appreciation.