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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 8/15/2013: Sagittarius on My Mind: The Ballad of Bette & Larry

A rollicking good time can be had with today’s Moon in rowdy Sagittarius, even if a few feet land in a mouth or two. Sag does need to let the whole world know its opinion; thus there may be much banter at the water cooler about…well, anything, especially anything righteous.

The morning begins with a rose-colored connection between Moon and nebulous Neptune at 4:24AM ET, so do note your dreams upon waking. Perhaps you have journeyed to far-out places? Throughout the rest of the day, Moon will touch base with yesterday’s trine between mental Mercury and rocket scientist Uranus, suggesting some of the stances taken will come across as extremely self-contained, perhaps even a tad above the law — even if they are pure genius. Take note of that aspect, if you are in the legal profession.

Ship it today — or at least before 1:32PM ET tomorrow, when the Moon goes void and skips out of town early. Sounds like a casual Friday to me. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, in the news….it figures that Larry Summers, a controversial candidate for Chairman of the Federal Reserve, would be a Sagittarius. This gentleman has quite the reputation for a rough-around-the-edges style, especially when it comes to making statements about women. Bette Midler is all over Mr. Summers on Twitter — as noted in the first link in this paragraph (which takes you to NYT op-ed by Maureen Dowd). What’s in his horoscope that could reflect that behavior pattern, hmm?

How about a scathing T-square (a very tense pattern that looks like a T-square) among macho Mars opposing ruthless Pluto, with mental Mercury in (often) brutal Scorpio sandwiched in the middle. Yeah, this pattern could definitely pick a fight — and stubbornly hold its ground. Then, there’s a potentially chilly, disciplined hook-up between stern Saturn and Venus, both quite frankly challenged mightily in Scorpio, with nobody to connect with but each other. A heavy, controlling, corporate approach when it comes to administering (Saturn) financial concerns (Venus)? Really, I am not seeing any fluffy bunny rabbits in this picture. And Venus, which refers to social expression, women and aesthetics (in addition to money), is also retrograde, suggesting an emotional disconnect in relationships and/or a double agenda. He just doesn’t get it. Whose side is he on? How could he say that about women, anyway?

Well — there is one sort of fluffy bunny rabbit, in the shape of the inexplicable magnetism suggested by a seductive connection between Mars in unconventional Aquarius (the rebel with a cause) and nebulous Neptune. Oh…just hang a rose-colored fog over the whole package, why don’t you? We don’t have a birth time for Mr. Summers — born Nov 30 1953 in New Haven, CT — so we do not know if he has Moon in Capricorn or Aquarius. I’ll hazard a guess and say Aquarius — suggesting a need to be socially significant, driven by a current challenge from ambitious Saturn.

…and hey, guess what? Bette Midler is a Sagittarius, too — with Moon in Scorpio and a fearless Aries Ascendant. Born on December 1, 1945 — here’s her horoscope. That Scorpio Moon needs to be seen as mighty deep, using knowledge for the sake of power and control. Fascinating….

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/1/2011

On a day with Uranus (the space program) in pioneering Aries and Jupiter both making prominent connections, how cool is it to see this headline: “Juno to Circle Jupiter for Planetary Recipe”

A busy start to the work week began with a harmonious connection between humanitarian, unconventional Uranus and loving Venus. Can we all be friends? The weirder, the better. That’s the Uranus connection. At 10:43 AM ET Jupiter challenges the Sun, suggesting the potential for the expensive and the expansive, a wildly optimistic idea, general good cheer or ego-aggrandizement and royal pains. You choose!

Moon in perfectionist Virgo will have its plate full sorting out all the details, trying to make everything exactly correct. And this on a day with Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, stationary retrograde, suggesting that whatever grand plan is signed, sealed and delivered may have a few glitches upon further review. That’s my take on this debt ceiling agreement, allegedly being presented today.

But getting back to the general good cheer, Mercury retrograde notwithstanding. This week does hold potential for visionary, charismatic types, as suggested by a harmonious connection to Mars from nebulous Neptune. The aggressive nature of Mars is softened by Neptune, which may well aid you in whatever New Moon project you’re launching. It can be downright magical.  It can also tempt you to buy into a con man’s scheme, so do your due diligence if you stumble across something that seems too good to be true.

Moon goes void at 7:38PM ET, not to enter Libra until 6:04AM Wednesday. On Tuesday Mercury officially goes retrograde at 11:50PM ET. Take it slow. Double check for accuracy. Note the probability for twists, flakes, red herrings and communication snafus is increased. When in doubt, chill out.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 9/10/2010 and the Weekend

William Shatner is getting a lot of press these days. A story about him appeared in the New York Times Magazine last week — and he’s starring in a provocative new sitcom, “$#!@ My Dad Says”. And on March 22, he’ll be 80 years old! With all this activity happening for him this year, do you think he might be personally affected by the empowering, life-altering Big T-Square Party (see forecast for 7/27/10 for details)? I had to investigate — and yes, in fact, he is. Shatner’s Sun is at 0 degrees of Aries; transiting Uranus (intensification, individuation) and expansive Jupiter are right on top of that Sun and making a supportive connection to his ruling planet, Mars. An astrologer counseling Mr. Shatner a year or so ago would have told him to be on the lookout for “breakout” roles that enabled him to shine in ways that might be seen as quirky or shocking….or just being himself. Break a leg, Mr. Shatner!

The Neptune-Mars connection (spirituality, saviors, fanatics), dominating the headlines this week continues to hold sway on Friday, apparently softening harsh edges enough to mollify even that aforementioned (see yesterday’s forecast) would-be book-burning Florida resident. How beautiful can life possibly be? Allow yourself to explore that question this evening — with a partner, even better.

You can continue to explore the depth of a beautiful connection over the weekend. Moon moves into Scorpio Saturday AM, demanding substance along with the sweetness of Friday’s dreamy seduction, augmented by a connection from loving Venus (in Scorpio) to transformational Pluto (ruler of Scorpio). It’s just all so potentially…juicy.

Mercury turns direct on Sunday at 7:09PM NY — be careful on the roads — be patient with yourself and others as we get used to our brains moving fully forward again, which will take until September 27th.  If you’ve been thinking about scheduling an appointment to review your horoscope and chart your course for the next six – twelve months, this is an excellent time to do it.

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 9/9/2010

Today’s Moon in cerebral, relationship-oriented Libra spends the morning being buffeted by the planets involved in the ongoing Big T-Square Party (see forecast for July 27 for details on this powerful planetary pattern that mirrors the current upheavals and/or transformation happening now on Earth).  This potential burst of emotional intensity and/or proactivity has been happening about once a week — every time the Moon moves into the signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — for a few months now.  The last day this happened was Friday — and I do recall seeing several posts on facebook that day of people reporting an uptick in intensity.

An easy connection between Mars (action) and Neptune (escape) will likely soften the above mix for most of us, inspiring daydreams and soulful acts of charity — and empowering those who rely on charisma to make their pitch. We may see this reflected in the headlines, along with a possible flipside of Mars-Neptune connections: fanaticism, as in that Florida resident who’s hosting a book-burning on Saturday of a certain text he apparently does not like.

Meanwhile, Jupiter moved back into Pisces around 1AM NY, where it will stay for the rest of the year. This will likely take the edge of  big, pioneering plans that cropped up over the summer — but don’t worry, they’ll be back with a vengeance early next year. Until then, we’ll be given plenty of opportunities to empathize, empathize, empathize.

Special note to those born March 18th – 19th: September 18th could be your lucky day, thanks to Uranus and Jupiter hooking up with your Pisces Sun. Let me know what happens a few days before and after.