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- M.T.
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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/22/2013: Sneak Peek at the Week

As reported on Friday, the perfection-seeking Virgo Moon will be void-of-course as of 2:02AM ET on Monday, not to enter Libra until 3:25AM ET on Tuesday.Take care of what is routine, chill, meditate, cogitate — but refrain from shipping if you can. Roll with whatever twists may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line; exercise patience even though it may feel like the day is not in gear.  And note the voids for the rest of the week:  Wednesday 8:12AM ET until Thursday 6:25AM ET; Friday 4:56AM ET until Saturday at 7:32AM ET. Apparently the cosmos thinks we all need these long breaks after last week’s intensity — and certainly we may need one after Thursday’s Full Moon/Eclipse in moody bastard Scorpio. Well, I did say the shift of planets from fiery Aries to earthy Taurus would likely slow things down.

That being said, there are a few lovely aspects this week to facilitate creative inspiration, soulful healing and music to soothe the savage breast, courtesy of a communicative connection between mental Mercury and jolly Jupiter on Tuesday, as well as two hits to the Taurus Sun and Mars (also in Taurus) from rose-colored Neptune on Wednesday and Friday, respectively. More on those as the week progresses. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of news to discuss…

First, a number of stories reflecting ruthless power plays involving information, suggested by Sunday’s square between mental Mercury and potent Pluto. The Koch brothers are allegedly exploring the acquisition of eight regional newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. Meanwhile, a 28-year-old grad student shakes the “intellectual foundation of the global austerity movement”  when he discovers the data used by said proponents is, um…like…faulty. Even so, in Denmark, the Danes are now rethinking “a welfare state that is ample to a fault”. Yet the number of people living in near poverty in New York City now appears to be 46%. Maybe we should house them all in residential internet cafes like the ones in Tokyo.

You may recall that last week’s volatile hook-up between Sun and Mars in Aries was likely to have a strong impact on anyone with a planet around 27 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It should come as no surprise to learn that two brothers who wreaked such havoc on Boston fall into this category. The older brother (deceased) was reportedly born on October 21, 1986 — Sun at 27 Libra; the young brother (arrested, alive) was born on July 22, 1993 — Sun at 29 Cancer. As you might imagine, the planetary patterns on both dates were rather complicated.

In the case of the older brother, an immediate red flag is suggested by an idealistic conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. So there’s a need here for mindset and social expression that needs power and control, along with depth and substance.  Scorpio is a particularly challenging placement for Venus,  and an emotional short-circuit is further suggested by Venus being retrograde. This is the brother who said he had no American friends because he didn’t “understand Americans”. Not understanding something or someone had to be difficult for a man apparently born with Moon in Gemini, which needs to be informed, intense and clever.

Another red flag for potential violence: aggressive Mars in “rebel with a cause” Aquarius, challenged by ruthless Pluto in Scorpio This young man was an accomplished boxer, which would be a more positive channel for Mars-Pluto energy. Transiting Saturn is currently in contact with that forceful Mars-Pluto aspect; this is a transit that can be very tough to manage. Adding to the potential for anti-social or loner behavior is a probable T-square involving stern Saturn opposing the restless Moon in Gemini and squaring a sometimes bombastic Jupiter. Also tough to manage in this chart: the Libra Sun, righteous Jupiter, rebel Uranus, visionary/fanatic Neptune all apparently running wild, demanding attention as separate needs in the persona — and not integrated with anything else. The horoscope for this brother’s death at 1:35AM on April 19th in Cambridge, MA is shows a power-packed 3rd house (the younger brother apparently ran him over); stern Saturn and ruthless Pluto are on the angles of the chart.

And what of the surviving brother?  The Virgo Moon needs perfection. He’s also an idealist, with mental Mercury retrograde and opposed by a tight Uranus-Neptune conjunction. The Uranus factor suggests innovative thinking (this brother won a scholarship); the Neptune factor suggests a need for a dream, a vision, an escape (he is known among his friends as a “pothead’). This chart also has a number of planets running wild, reinforcing a sense of not fitting in. One is Saturn, which was under a foggy influence by transiting Neptune during 2011 and part of 2012; another is expansive Jupiter at 8 Libra, which was hit by the Uranus-Pluto square last year and this year, too. Such a shame, as the potential for positive accomplishment in life-affirming persona is so great. This transit often suggests a windfall or other lucky break, and perhaps it is lucky for him that he was not killed.  If you know anything about midpoints, run a chart for this date and check them out.

Last but not least — today is Earth Day! Give a hoot; don’t pollute — and appreciate the beauty of our home planet here.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/19/2013 & the Weekend: The Buzz in the Air

Waking up to a buzz in the air, perhaps, as the roarin’ Leo Moon trines rebel Uranus….that’s how I started writing the forecast last night, and then put it aside in favor of serious REM time.  Let the record reflect that Uranus is now almost exactly conjunct mental Mercury (travel, mindset, transportation), and this aspect has been pulling serious focus this week. We are all waking up to a dramatic buzz, with news that all public transportation  in Massachusetts is shut down and stores in much of Boston closed as law enforcement searches for the second suspect in Monday’s Boston Marathon bombing, with one suspect dead after violent clashes last night.

On the fly, I am noting how strongly this Mercury-Uranus pattern seems to be playing out in this crisis, noting how it was in the 8th house (death) of the chart of Monday’s bombing & now reflecting the identified suspects: two brothers — young men (Mercury) of an unexpected foreign origin (Uranus). At the time of the beginning of last night’s shootout drama — 10:30PM ET in Cambridge, MA, Mercury and Uranus were in an obsessive aspect (quindecile) to the Midheaven (public prominence) of the horoscope. Prayers and white light to all in Massachusetts, until the second young man is stopped. In your own personal world, the Mercury-Uranus buzz may be experienced as unconventional and innovative thinking and communications. Note your creative ideas today.

There are no exact aspects for the rest of the day, save for an easy connection between the dramatic, partying Leo Moon and jolly Jupiter in newsjunkie Gemini at 5:06PM ET. That Moon goes void until 9:08PM ET on Saturday, giving us a well-deserved rest from the intensity of this week. Finally, a chance to slow down, as suggested by two other important planetary shifts:  the Sun’s ingress into earthy Taurus at 6:03PM ET, followed by Mars early tomorrow morning — 7:48AM. Though Mars and the Sun may prefer the fiery mode of Aries to sometimes pokey Taurus, the rest of us may appreciate the relief, as proactive efforts can now be channeled into preserving the security of the material world, as opposed to setting the world on fire.

With the long Moon void on Saturday, avoid yard sales and impulse purchases. Make time to play. When Moon enters Virgo at 9:08pm ET, its need for perfection and analysis is well-supported by the Sun and Moon. And there’s no doubt that the truth will come out, as mental Mercury next approaches a square to ruthless Pluto Sunday at 7:45AM ET. And what we find may not be pleasant or peaceful. Watch for especially sharp — and yes, explosive — communication and possible power plays. This Mercury-Pluto challenge occurs in tandem with a potentially chilly or downright heartless connection between loving Venus (money, women, art, social expression) and stern Saturn, which is exact at 3:43AM Monday. Cut your losses, perhaps and consolidate.

In the news, reflecting the potential of mental Mercury and innovative Uranus in pioneering Aries, I offer these tidbits. First, as you may already know, a computer glitch grounded all flights at American Airlines earlier this week. Today, a possible fix for those Dreamliner woes may be approved by the FAA. Meanwhile, two possible brave new worlds have been discovered in a far-out place —  possibly the most Earth-like planets yet.

Have a fabulous weekend — be aware that the Moon will be void of course all day on Monday. Enjoy!

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 4/18/2012: After the Void, Engage!

So how are you enjoying this long void of course Moon in dreamy Pisces? Are you going with the flow? Feeling inspired or especially empathic? I couldn’t get Erik Satie’s romantic music out of my head  (see yesterday’s forecast), and recognizing that Pisces also rules the feet, I wandered off to a ballet class. Better to dance than shop for shoes when Moon is void of course (impulse purchases are not generally favored during voids). It was an incredibly productive use of time…

Speaking of impulses, Moon finally moves into Aries at 11:59AM ET, joining mental Mercury in Aries at 3:28PM ET. What an afternoon for quick thinkers and fast talkers! Don’t forget to write some of those great ideas down, especially since Moon will be hooking up with innovative Uranus at 11:45PM ET, likely accompanied by a surprise, jolt or revelation — especially in the tech sector.

More general notes: first, we are in the balsamic phase of the Moon — a time to wrap up projects begun at the New Moon and start thinking about the next lunar cycle, which begins at 3:18AM ET on Saturday. Second, Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy happens to be running wild in sensual, material Taurus, needing to find reward in creature comforts. Venus, which refers to love, beauty, money and women — is also running wild in oh-so-charming Gemini, seeking social expression by being informed, intense and entertaining.

Venus and Jupiter may well be reflected by actions that suggest feeling good, generosity, abundance and/or indulgence. Could this also be reflected in the 200-point surge on the Dow yesterday, along with seemingly-upbeat earnings reports from a few key corporations? Details on the surge are here

In your own personal world, find a few simple joys…..

P.S. Henri the Existential Cat is becoming quite the celebrity — you read it here first

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/23/2012 & the Weekend: Darth Vader Explains It All For You

Not much exact planetary action today. Moon continues charging through pioneering Aries, as you may have noticed by the way folks are careening all over the highways. Seriously. En route to work yesterday I was certain our van driver was about to buy the farm on multiple occasions. Do be mindful if you are traveling.

The edge on verbal expression and hair-trigger tempers is softened as of 9:22AM ET, as Mercury backs up into the sign of Pisces, where it will linger until April 17th. Intuitive powers are highlighted; don’t be afraid to let your mind wander. The next lunar aspect happens on Saturday: a serious, potential wet blanket, courtesy of controlling Saturn opposing the feisty Aries Moon at 1:17PM ET. You could easily shrug it off for the next several hours, as the Moon is void of course from 1:17PM until 5:43PM ET…then it enters Taurus, sign of material comforts and sensual delights.

The weekend’s most intriguing aspect is the Sun’s annual hook-up with rebel Uranus, at 2:21PM ET, suggesting declarations of independence, a celebration of the unique, the bizarre, the inventive — and anything else that disrupts the status quo. Uranus aspects are often felt ahead of time, so we may experience some volatility and surprises on Friday.

Sunday offers the potential for deep satisfaction, as Moon makes smooth connections to assertive Mars, resourceful Pluto and expansive Jupiter. The Jupiter connection happens at 6:02PM ET, setting a jolly, indulgent tone for the evening. Have a friend or two over for dinner.

And now, another take on the symbolism of the New Moon in Aries horoscope, prompted by a 45-second clip a co-worker sent me Entitled “Darth Vader in a Kilt On a Unicycle Playing the Bagpipes”, it is a perfect example of the abundance of creativity and innovative thinking this lunar cycle offers, especially the powerful, kooky hook-up between mental Mercury and inventive Uranus.  Notice that it is also a one-man show, true to the spirit of me-me-me Aries and the self-sufficient Earth Grand Trine (read yesterday’s forecast for a breakdown of the patterns in the New Moon horoscope). It’s got a dark side (Darth), representing the Pluto challenge to Uranus…and it’s got plenty of Hollywood glamor (Star Wars!), representing the sensational opposition between Neptune and  Mars. This clip even captures the spirit of Mars, Mercury and Saturn retrograde. Why? Because Mr. Darth, for all his unique talent, is going in circles. Not quite ready to hit the road yet…but don’t worry…he will be. Check out the video — it will make you smile — and may inspire your own creativity during the current lunar (uni)cycle.

Happy Friday!!!