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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/21/2015: Opportunity Knocks in a Horoscope

Allll-righty then!

Wednesday’s drive is brought to you by the Moon in humanitarian Aquarius, looking for a way to be appreciated for being such a good buddy to so many people, especially those on the fringe. It travels without much interference, boosted by an easy connection to mental Mercury at 6:11PM ET. You wanna talk about it rationally, with emotional detachment? Go for it. Because on Thursday at 5:20PM ET, Mercury will be challenged by ruthless Pluto, adding a mental catharsis or investigative power play to the mix. What news from underground will be added to what has already been uncovered this week?

And now, the news.

Monday’s election in Canada did result in a surprise upset, unless you’ve been reading this forecast regularly. If so, you were not surprised at all that Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party was soundly defeated by the opposition, and that Justin Trudeau will be Canada’s new prime minister. Astrology is amazing. And Mr. Harper’s lean, mean thinking machine of Mercury (mindset)-Saturn in Capricorn (conservative; authority)-Mars in Cancer (assertive homeland security needs) in a unsettling T-square pattern is out of a job. And Canada is out of Syria and Iraq.

Comedian John Oliver must be delighted, because he was hoping for an upset, too. It’s against the law in Canada for an outsider to tell a Canadian how to vote, but Mr. Oliver did it anyway. I wish I’d seen his informative and highly entertaining take on the three — (yes, there were three major contenders in the Canadian election), before I emailed Monday’s forecast to subscribers, but here it is now — just for them.  Watch and laugh uproariously…and experience the bewildering fog so notable in Canada’s horoscope (Neptune conjunct Ascendant), Stephen Harper’s(Sun opposite Neptune) and Justin Trudeau’s (Neptune opposing Saturn  — both square Ascendant). What a weird (Neptune), wacky (Canada’s Sun is conjunct Uranus). fiercely independent country it is, astro-logically speaking…

UPDATE: A few days ago I noted that we could expect supercharged action (and now, apparently disrupted ambition) from former Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb, given patterns of stress in his horoscope. Today he bowed out as a Democratic contender…but hasn’t given up the idea of running as an Independent.

UPDATE: Paul Ryan’s horoscope has assertive and potentially expansive patterns involving his career for the next several days (not unlike VP Joe Biden). He reportedly took a meeting Tuesday to discuss running for House Speaker. No surprise, even if he did so reluctantly. Meanwhile, Harry Reid (D-NV) just endorsed him. And right this minute — 8:13PM ET — the NYT reports breaking news that yes, Mr. Ryan is willing to run for Speaker, if his party can get its act together. This comes less than two days before we see transiting Mars (action!) hitting his Midheaven (public status; career). Jeb Bush announced his campaign launch on a similar transit. Joe Biden will have this same transit exact on October 27th. You’re not surprised about any of this, either, being Avid Readers.

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I would like to find out how much it would cost to get 10 Mercury retrograde bookmarks – I am so tired of my idiot friends who don’t get it, they just know something is off. To have your bookmark on hand to give them is the best idea ever.

My thoughts exactly. Make sure you include your snail mail address when you make your bookmark donation, as opposed to relying on telepathy.

OK, more news.

The lingering artsy idealism of Venus opposing Neptune! The enormous physical effort and optimism of last week’s Mars-Jupiter trine Pluto! A make-it-happen empire-friendly Moon in Capricorn during Monday Night Football….and why not air the trailer for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS? The movie opens on Christmas Day. It will be a HUGE ENTERPRISE.

And while we’re on such a sci-fi bent, here’s a story about Back to the Future II, in which hero Marty McFly travels forward in time to October 21, 2015 — that’s today! What did the filmmakers get right when they imagined how things might be now back in 1989?

Finally, a healthcare PSA because helpful Aquarius Moon. If you’re a woman, the American Cancer Society now thinks you should have mammograms less often.

But wait! Don’t forget to grab a few bookmarks! Or if you’d really like to be thoroughly informed, consider booking a personal consultation. Just think how much easier it could be for Paul Ryan to make his career decisions if he was aware of the cycles of timing in his horoscope. He’d be far less stressed, I’m sure…

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/23/2012 & the Weekend: Darth Vader Explains It All For You

Not much exact planetary action today. Moon continues charging through pioneering Aries, as you may have noticed by the way folks are careening all over the highways. Seriously. En route to work yesterday I was certain our van driver was about to buy the farm on multiple occasions. Do be mindful if you are traveling.

The edge on verbal expression and hair-trigger tempers is softened as of 9:22AM ET, as Mercury backs up into the sign of Pisces, where it will linger until April 17th. Intuitive powers are highlighted; don’t be afraid to let your mind wander. The next lunar aspect happens on Saturday: a serious, potential wet blanket, courtesy of controlling Saturn opposing the feisty Aries Moon at 1:17PM ET. You could easily shrug it off for the next several hours, as the Moon is void of course from 1:17PM until 5:43PM ET…then it enters Taurus, sign of material comforts and sensual delights.

The weekend’s most intriguing aspect is the Sun’s annual hook-up with rebel Uranus, at 2:21PM ET, suggesting declarations of independence, a celebration of the unique, the bizarre, the inventive — and anything else that disrupts the status quo. Uranus aspects are often felt ahead of time, so we may experience some volatility and surprises on Friday.

Sunday offers the potential for deep satisfaction, as Moon makes smooth connections to assertive Mars, resourceful Pluto and expansive Jupiter. The Jupiter connection happens at 6:02PM ET, setting a jolly, indulgent tone for the evening. Have a friend or two over for dinner.

And now, another take on the symbolism of the New Moon in Aries horoscope, prompted by a 45-second clip a co-worker sent me Entitled “Darth Vader in a Kilt On a Unicycle Playing the Bagpipes”, it is a perfect example of the abundance of creativity and innovative thinking this lunar cycle offers, especially the powerful, kooky hook-up between mental Mercury and inventive Uranus.  Notice that it is also a one-man show, true to the spirit of me-me-me Aries and the self-sufficient Earth Grand Trine (read yesterday’s forecast for a breakdown of the patterns in the New Moon horoscope). It’s got a dark side (Darth), representing the Pluto challenge to Uranus…and it’s got plenty of Hollywood glamor (Star Wars!), representing the sensational opposition between Neptune and  Mars. This clip even captures the spirit of Mars, Mercury and Saturn retrograde. Why? Because Mr. Darth, for all his unique talent, is going in circles. Not quite ready to hit the road yet…but don’t worry…he will be. Check out the video — it will make you smile — and may inspire your own creativity during the current lunar (uni)cycle.

Happy Friday!!!