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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & The Weekend: The News is The News; President Obama Update

Moon continues its sojourn through Sagittarius today, armed with a spirit of high-flying righteousness. The need to expand horizons may be tripped up by the adjustments required by Mercury’s change of direction — forward, now — on Wednesday. Sorry, travelers, but United won’t honor that $70 first-class ticket from Heathrow to Newark you thought you’d scored, thanks to a computer glitch. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush and his staff scrambled to redact a boatload of sensitive personal data of Florida constituents that was inadvertently released (because no one bothered to read it before they hit “send”). Oops.

This isn’t the only tech headache Mr. Bush has suffered in recent days. With Saturn also in Sagittarius, serious consideration of the opinions we spout — with swift karmic consequences — can be expected.   Just ask Justine Sacco, who made headlines last year when a “stupid Tweet blew up her life”. Her story can be read in this Sunday’s NYT magazine.

A friendly, techy connection to the Moon from Uranus around 1PM ET today, followed by an expansive connection to Jupiter at 6:07PM ET suggests a lighter vibe than yesterday. If you wake up itching for a fight tomorrow, you may be living out the potential of a combative connection between the Moon and aggressive Mars. See if you can channel that passion into something better suited for Valentine’s Day. However far out your exploration takes you is likely to be of no consequence , and sometimes that can be a good thing. The Moon goes void at 10:15AM ET,  not to enter Capricorn until 5:24PM ET. Chill, avoid the malls and enjoy the wandering adventure.

Dinner with your Valentine on a night with Moon in Capricorn may not be the most romantic backdrop, but all of the props should be in place, as Capricorn strives to make things happen. Expect whatever is de rigueur. On the other hand, a meet-up between Venus and Mars in Pisces (exact next Sunday, but in effect now) suggests soulful passion. On the other hand, Pisces does refer to victimization, and Capricorn is a masterful user. You’re not really going to see That Movie, are you?

Sunday features a dreamy alignment between Moon and Neptune — lovely for lingering. If you’re using part of the holiday weekend to take care of practical chores, go for it in the afternoon, but be aware that the Moon makes its weekly clash with Uranus and Pluto between 4:30PM and 6PM ET, suggesting sudden jolts, power plays and other emotional charges. Monday’s patterns are lighter, and there’s another Moon void between 3:17PM and 7:13PM ET, after which Moon enters quirky, friendly Aquarius.

And now, the news.

And again, news is The News, courtesy of Saturn in Sagittarius (potential reality check for the media), challenged as it is now by Neptune in Pisces (visionaries, dreamers, frauds, victims, martyrs).  First, we find out we’re losing our favorite fake newsman (Jon Stewart, whom we take more seriously than most real ones). Then our favorite real newsman turns out to be not-so-real and he’s out, too (Brian Williams, for at least six months). And then, on Wednesday, we lose a seriously real newsman, Bob Simon, whom you may know from CBS’s  venerable 60 Minutes.

Mr. Simon was killed in an accident.  The driver of his Town Car hit another car that was stopped at a light. I looked at the chart for the time of the accident: Saturn and Neptune  are exactly on the angles of the chart, suggesting confusion, with grave consequences. Freaky. And there’s more: on Thursday night’s heavy meet-up between the Moon and Saturn, highly respected NYT columnist David Carr — whose beat was the media (Sagittarius!)  — suddenly passed away. Mr. Carr’s own life story has plenty of shades of Neptune (addiction & redemption) and Saturn (authority, gravitas). Two tributes published today are well worth the read:  here and here.  The writing is beautiful.

Briefly — because I’d like to get this posted by 9AM ET — an update on President Obama’s horoscope and how recent actions reflected the expansive reach suggested by last week’s 17 degree  Aquarius Sun-Jupiter in Leo opposition. You will note that the President’s Ascendant is 18 Aquarius. We noted months ago that  he was likely to be “at the top of his game” with transiting Saturn at the top of his chart in Nov-Dec 2014 (surprise, surprise — but not to astrologers)…and again this summer. We should also note that transiting Saturn in Sagittarius has just made the first of three oppositions to his 3 Gemini Moon, reinforcing a need for ambition and advance. Right after that Sun-Jupiter opposition, the President asked Congress for “expansive authorization to combat ISIL

Oh, there is so much more to report. But let’s stop for now and end on a horizon-expanding story about how, like humans, plants are all connected,  too– but by an underground network of fungus. It’s really neat.

And now this story won’t post until 10AM, because if I don’t take time to proof it, I won’t be able to correct half of the typos. Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday weekend!

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/6/2014: Sneak Peek at a Rollicking Week

Good Morning!

Just roll with that salutation if you happen to be reading this at 10PM; after all, Mercury is retrograde. This was obvious at Costco on Friday night, when the cash register at the checkout line went on the blink. That was fixed, and then the clerk rang up the Kleenex and butter twice, and missed the goat cheese. Efforts to remedy the situation failed; a higher authority had to be summoned, which presented its own unique challenge.  And so on.

Meanwhile, on Sunday my neighbor was howling with indignation when she was cited for making a left turn at an intersection where it has always always always been legal…until NOW. Yeah, signs were allegedly posted advising motorists of the change in traffic patterns, but she did not see them  — and the traffic cop was unsympathetic. So please stay focused out there, OK? Especially around 6:35AM ET on Monday, when the dreamy Pisces Moon will be challenged by action hero Mars in Sagittarius, the sign which rules righteous opinions and banana peels.

The rest of the day is held together by a stabilizing connection to the Moon from constructive Saturn. This can aid your focus on routine tasks once the Moon goes void at 3:38PM ET. Moon enters Aries at 6:07AM ET, adding its me-me-me impulsive drive to the electric and emotional release suggested by Wednesday’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse at 6:51AM ET. And here I would be referring to the electric and/or rebellious potential of Tuesday’s face-off between the Sun in Libra (relationship) and Uranus in Aries (a maverick, if ever there was one). This is followed by Wednesday’s challenge between Venus (love, women, money, art) and ruthless Pluto, bringing the relationship issues suggested by this cycle’s New Moon into sharper focus.

Here’s what happened the last time Venus made contact with the Uranus-Pluto square; here’s what happened when the Sun was similarly engaged. On Wednesday and Friday, we’ll experience a likely abundance of physical energy, for better or worse, as expansive Jupiter supports Mars (action!) and the Sun (ego drive). There is plenty of potential for breakthroughs, if you can just keep from tripping over the furniture in all of the excitement. Focus. Double check everything. Thrice. Enjoy! In your own personal world, you’ll be more affected by current patterns if you have a planet or point around 15 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer…or if you were born halfway through those signs. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Your Moon voids for the rest of the week: Wednesday, 10:20AM ET until 7:44AM ET on Thursday; Friday 8:49PM ET until 11:51AM ET on Saturday. Avoid impulse purchases, finalizing important decisions and making mountains out of molehills…especially since Mercury is retrograde!

And now, the news.

A number of travel glitches made headlines over the weekend…coincidence or conspiracy? Tires blew out on an attempted take-off at LAX; a smoker caused delays at JFK…amd meanwhile, did we not say to keep an eye out for some “especially interesting sports matches” during the Moon void on Saturday? Yes, we did, and the Giants and the Nationals did not disappoint in an “epic” 18-inning match in San Francisco. And I almost typed “18 hours” instead of “18-inning”. Focus!

In light of the curious Sabian Symbol of this New Moon cycle, I’ve been keeping an eye out for news involving matters of race. So here’s a curious item: a lesbian couple is suing a sperm bank for a major screw-up, pun obviously intended. The couple was expecting a blonde, blue-eyed child; instead they are raising an adorable bi-racial daughter. The “grievances” they cite in their suit are sobering and may well foster plenty of water-cooler debates. As it turns out, Mercury was retrograde when the couple first selected their donor, and may have been in its “shadow phase” when the second order was placed and sent. It does appear Mercury was retrograde when the baby was conceived in December of 2011. Fascinating…

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney may continue to enjoy some of the most supportive measurements a horoscope could hope for into early 2015. With what’s going on in his horoscope, it’s no surprise that one poll taken during the summer reported that he would be elected over Barack Obama if the election were held then. And there he was, getting lovely press in the NYT magazine on Sunday. Will he run again? We could see him giving it serious consideration between now and early October, with thoughts of an expanded public outreach in late summer. Time will tell.

Last, but far from least: reflecting the empowered position of Pluto in current planetary patterns, it seems the symbolic Lord of the Underworld has moved one step closer to regaining its status as a planet. Funny that on April 1st, the rocket scientists at the website FromQuarksToQuasars posted an announcement saying the same thing — on a day with a similar empowering square between Pluto and the Sun. That announcement was supposed to be a joke. Looks like Pluto may have the last laugh. As it well should. Bwahahahahahaha!

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