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“I can't thank you enough for the incredible adventure in astrology. You have that rare gift that certainly all who call themselves astrologers don't possess... you're the real deal!! It seriously blew me away that you were able to not only nail so much from my past (exact times/years certain events took place, along with situations with family, relationships and beyond) but you've already helped with my present! The answers you gave to the specific questions I asked pertaining to important career-related happenings this week have already proven true. I will look forward to an update in a year or so.”
– S.L.
New York, NY

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/6/2014: Sneak Peek at a Rollicking Week

Good Morning!

Just roll with that salutation if you happen to be reading this at 10PM; after all, Mercury is retrograde. This was obvious at Costco on Friday night, when the cash register at the checkout line went on the blink. That was fixed, and then the clerk rang up the Kleenex and butter twice, and missed the goat cheese. Efforts to remedy the situation failed; a higher authority had to be summoned, which presented its own unique challenge.  And so on.

Meanwhile, on Sunday my neighbor was howling with indignation when she was cited for making a left turn at an intersection where it has always always always been legal…until NOW. Yeah, signs were allegedly posted advising motorists of the change in traffic patterns, but she did not see them  — and the traffic cop was unsympathetic. So please stay focused out there, OK? Especially around 6:35AM ET on Monday, when the dreamy Pisces Moon will be challenged by action hero Mars in Sagittarius, the sign which rules righteous opinions and banana peels.

The rest of the day is held together by a stabilizing connection to the Moon from constructive Saturn. This can aid your focus on routine tasks once the Moon goes void at 3:38PM ET. Moon enters Aries at 6:07AM ET, adding its me-me-me impulsive drive to the electric and emotional release suggested by Wednesday’s Full Moon and lunar eclipse at 6:51AM ET. And here I would be referring to the electric and/or rebellious potential of Tuesday’s face-off between the Sun in Libra (relationship) and Uranus in Aries (a maverick, if ever there was one). This is followed by Wednesday’s challenge between Venus (love, women, money, art) and ruthless Pluto, bringing the relationship issues suggested by this cycle’s New Moon into sharper focus.

Here’s what happened the last time Venus made contact with the Uranus-Pluto square; here’s what happened when the Sun was similarly engaged. On Wednesday and Friday, we’ll experience a likely abundance of physical energy, for better or worse, as expansive Jupiter supports Mars (action!) and the Sun (ego drive). There is plenty of potential for breakthroughs, if you can just keep from tripping over the furniture in all of the excitement. Focus. Double check everything. Thrice. Enjoy! In your own personal world, you’ll be more affected by current patterns if you have a planet or point around 15 degrees of Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer…or if you were born halfway through those signs. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Your Moon voids for the rest of the week: Wednesday, 10:20AM ET until 7:44AM ET on Thursday; Friday 8:49PM ET until 11:51AM ET on Saturday. Avoid impulse purchases, finalizing important decisions and making mountains out of molehills…especially since Mercury is retrograde!

And now, the news.

A number of travel glitches made headlines over the weekend…coincidence or conspiracy? Tires blew out on an attempted take-off at LAX; a smoker caused delays at JFK…amd meanwhile, did we not say to keep an eye out for some “especially interesting sports matches” during the Moon void on Saturday? Yes, we did, and the Giants and the Nationals did not disappoint in an “epic” 18-inning match in San Francisco. And I almost typed “18 hours” instead of “18-inning”. Focus!

In light of the curious Sabian Symbol of this New Moon cycle, I’ve been keeping an eye out for news involving matters of race. So here’s a curious item: a lesbian couple is suing a sperm bank for a major screw-up, pun obviously intended. The couple was expecting a blonde, blue-eyed child; instead they are raising an adorable bi-racial daughter. The “grievances” they cite in their suit are sobering and may well foster plenty of water-cooler debates. As it turns out, Mercury was retrograde when the couple first selected their donor, and may have been in its “shadow phase” when the second order was placed and sent. It does appear Mercury was retrograde when the baby was conceived in December of 2011. Fascinating…

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney may continue to enjoy some of the most supportive measurements a horoscope could hope for into early 2015. With what’s going on in his horoscope, it’s no surprise that one poll taken during the summer reported that he would be elected over Barack Obama if the election were held then. And there he was, getting lovely press in the NYT magazine on Sunday. Will he run again? We could see him giving it serious consideration between now and early October, with thoughts of an expanded public outreach in late summer. Time will tell.

Last, but far from least: reflecting the empowered position of Pluto in current planetary patterns, it seems the symbolic Lord of the Underworld has moved one step closer to regaining its status as a planet. Funny that on April 1st, the rocket scientists at the website FromQuarksToQuasars posted an announcement saying the same thing — on a day with a similar empowering square between Pluto and the Sun. That announcement was supposed to be a joke. Looks like Pluto may have the last laugh. As it well should. Bwahahahahahaha!

What’s going on in your horoscope?

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 10/3/2012: Jupiter Retrograde; Presidential Debate


Moon is still in Taurus, needing to establish material security and keep things as they are or as they should be. Moon in Taurus does not like change — and it’s good thing planetary patterns are relatively quiet today.

At 2:59AM ET, Venus — which refers to social expression, arts, women and money — left luxurious, regal, drama queen Leo for the pristine, detail-oriented, potentially hypercritical sign of Virgo. What a perfect placement for all those fact checkers at tonight’s 1st debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Facts could get blurry in spite of it all, however, thanks to an exact aspect between Venus and nebulous Neptune at 6:28PM ET. But if you are a dreamer, a healer, a lover or an artist, you may well find the rose-colored vibe inspiring.

There were reports this week that Mitt Romney was “memorizing zingers” in preparation for the debate tonight. Because that is what will make or break this election, folks:  a ten-second sound bite played over and over on media outlets everywhere. And with Jupiter standing dead-still in the middle of information-junkie Gemini (it turns REtrograde at 9:18AM ET Thursday), big verbal pronouncements made now may well have to be REviewed over and over again. In your own personal world, Jupiter retrograde can put a hold on plans for expansion. In Gemini, which refers to mindset, communication and information, it suggests you rely on your own sense of inner knowing to define or confirm your reality, rather than that 10-second soundbite they’re playing incessantly on TV. Seriously.

Jupiter will turn direct on January 29, 2013…why that is just after Inauguration Day in the US — isn’t that interesting?

So. Can we expect Mitt Romney to be zingy tonight? Right now aggressive, action-oriented Mars is at 27 degrees of Scorpio, a sign known more for stings than zings. And this Mars is sitting right on top of Romney’s Moon-Jupiter conjunction at 27 Scorpio, which is verrrry close to the area of the horoscope referring to public projection. I hope Mr. Romney has been at the gym all week, because this pattern suggests a tremendous amount of energy built up for release. It could be a burst of passion…or irritability and/or combativeness.

In Obama’s horoscope, this ornery Mars in Scorpio is sitting close to the top of chart (Midheaven), which refers to his public status. Go ahead, make his day. Note that at the beginning of the debate — 9PM in Denver, CO — Obama’s Moon in Gemini will be exactly aligned with a key angle (the Ascendant) in the chart for that moment in time. Wearing his heart on his sleeve? Projecting an aura of assertive action and passion? That’s what I expect to see, with the same caveat of potential irritability noted in Romney’s horoscope.

Nebulous Neptune is also active in both horoscopes. For Obama, it is close to a square to his Gemini Moon, suggesting either a bewildering or an inspiring experience of his need to be the smartest, most engaging kid in the room.  For Romney it exactly squares his Gemini Ascendant, — reflecting the confusing personal image even fans of Mr. Romney have bemoaned all year long.  Where have we seen this pattern before? Anyone remember Rick Perry’s inability to name what three agencies he would abolish if he became President? That happened when Neptune was exactly challenging his Ascendant, too.

Pass the popcorn, please…and enjoy the show.





Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 8/16/2012: Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney’s Perfect Match

Will the dust have finally settled after the emotional storms many have noted over the past few days? Probably, although the Moon is still in royal Leo, which may encourage the continued reign of a few drama queens for a day or two. For those not wrapped up in their own pomp and circumstances, this day offers an innovative and optimistic approach to whatever crosses your path. You can even make time to play — perhaps with the weird but refreshing friend you encountered under the influence of unconventional Uranus challenging Venus (exact at 2:49AM ET).

A brief pause while I consider whether to write about Friday’s New Moon or Paul Ryan, as I promised earlier this week — and look what just popped up on my Facebook feed — so Paul Ryan it is. I have been watching his horoscope for well over a year, thanks to his numerous appearances on CNBC. I’d see him on TV and think, “Is he for real?” And this was before astrologers had a birth time for the horoscope (reportedly 2:37AM on Jan 29 1970 in Janesville, WI), and we could see nebulous Neptune sitting exactly on Ryan’s Ascendant, shrouding personal projection in a rose-colored fog, made all the more dazzling by a charismatic support from Mars in pioneering Aries. He is perceived as either a visionary or delusional — as you can see in this Esquire commentary — (which also contains quotes from those who believe he may be a visionary, so as to present both perceptions). Isn’t it interesting that “vision” and “delusion” are both potential manifestations of a strongly placed Neptune? So if someone you meet strikes you as expressing one or the other, one thing to look for in their horoscope is a strong Neptune. You can decide for yourself how Mr. Ryan brings Neptune energy to life.

Ryan is an Aquarius with Moon in Libra, suggesting a need to be cerebral and scientific with a romantic bent. With only one planet (Jupiter) in a Water sign, it is likely more comfortable for him to think than to feel.  It makes perfect sense that he would be very interested in managing finances, especially the finances of other people.  In his horoscope, the Libra Moon rules the 8th house of collective resources/values, and it is unaspected, which strongly suggests that it runs away with the horoscope.   He needs to help manage resources. What else does that Libra Moon running wild need It desperately needs appreciation — and will do whatever it takes to get it.  Also running wild are ruthless, power-seeking Pluto, ruling the 12th house of government institutions…and mental Mercury in earthy Capricorn. Hmmm…there’s that theme of ideas being easier to process than feelings again. Ryan likely has an overwhelming need to express his thoughts to the public. And such serious thoughts!  His Mercury is anchored by a midpoint between Saturn and Pluto that suggests (as defined by astrologer Noel Tyl) “morbid thoughts; depression; deep thoughts; stark realism” — and isn’t it interesting that Ryan’s proposed budget reflects those qualities? You can believe he has thought it all through in great detail.  With Sun and Venus happily rushing into the area of the horoscope related to writing and communications, supported by the innovative — or eccentric — energy of Uranus, disruptor of the status quo, he needs to sell it to you persuasively.

His needs for reward — and his mission in life  — are BIG, as we see with expansive Jupiter in deep, deep Scorpio challenging that idealistic Sun-Venus hookup (Jupiter in hard contact with the Sun needs to inflate the ego).  This horoscope seeks its reward in applause for being of depth and substance. The ambition is to preserve material security “the way things should be” (Saturn, which refers to ambition, is in possessive Taurus). Realizing that ambition is at the core of his creative self-expression. With Sun and Venus in Aquarius, he’d like to come across as everyone’s best friend (and he can — beautifully), but action-oriented Mars in me-me-me Aries needs to be obsessed with the glory of individual achievement and self-expression. This persuasive drive has served Ryan well so far in his career, and it has been especially empowered and daring during the past two years, as first  ruthless Pluto — and now rebel Uranus — have made contact with his Mars (at 3 degrees of Aries). The magnetism and charm of the Sun-Venus hook-up are currently being supercharged by Pluto, too. This horoscope is hot! Finally, it is not surprising to see ambitious Saturn (and Mars) hooked up with the Moon on the day Ryan was officially tapped to be Romney’s running mate, especially since he was elected to Congress on a similar contact in 1998.

Looking at the synastry between Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, it is easy to see why Romney can’t help but love the guy:

  • Romney’s Venus in Aquarius (“Corporations are people, my FRIEND” — see what I mean about Aquarius and friendship?)  sits on top of Ryan’s Sun-Venus conjunction, suggesting an instant rapport.
  • Ryan’s Sun-Venus sits on top of Romney’s Aquarius Midheaven, helping Romney shine.
  • Romney’s Uranus challenges Ryan’s Midheaven, changing Ryan’s public status — suddenly(!) — why, almost overnight, as Uranus aspects can do.
  • Romney’s Saturn is square to Ryan’s Ascendant and Neptune, suggesting Romney may be a limiting authority figure to Ryan — or the best mentor Ryan ever had.
  • There’s a feeling of being intellectual soulmates, suggested by Romney’s Mercury (mindset, communication) conjunct Ryan’s North Node in Pisces; however, this karmic connection of the minds may become a drain on Romney.
  • Romney’s optimistic Moon-Jupiter conjunction is right on the cusp of Ryan’s 7th house (partnerships) — another sign of rapport. And Ryan’s equally optimistic Jupiter can’t cheer loudly enough for his partner as it squares Romney’s Venus and Midheaven, expanding Romney’s public status.

What’s really intriguing to me is that Mitt Romney’s Gemini Ascendant has been challenged (squared) by nebulous Neptune for many months, suggesting a period in life where personal projection is confusing to the public. Romney’s recent gaffe-ridden visit to London is one manifestation of this Neptune phase. And who does Romney pick for a running mate? Someone who apparently was born with nebulous Neptune on the Ascendant. Well, some do say “if you want to know where you’re at, look at who you’re with.” Coincidence or conspiracy?





Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 2/2/2012: Neptune in Pisces

Another day light on planetary activity, though the buzz that began yesterday afternoon continues with Moon still in Gemini, needing to be the smartest one in the room. Who, what, when, where and how? Ideas can flow easily and with feeling as you wake up this morning, courtesy of a smooth connection between Moon and mental Mercury.

Today is your last chance to experience a full day of nebulous Neptune in Aquarius — and here, I mean the last chance in your lifetime. On Friday at 1:52PM ET, Neptune enters Pisces, the sign it rules.  Neptune energy can be challenging for people who live in a material world, as it prefers the immaterial and ephemeral to the material and permanent. Neptune tends to dissolve whatever it touches, leaving you with the feeling that you’re standing in quicksand. Or in a fog. It doesn’t strike with a lightning bolt, like Uranus, or blow things to smithereens, purging and/or transforming, like Pluto. Its effects are much more subtle, but no less powerful.

Here are a few key words for Neptune:  intangible forms (wireless communication including film, photography, telepathy, intuition, spirituality, rarefied art forms, including music), oil, dreams, drugs, blood, alcohol, poisons, viruses, water, oceans, seafood.   A few key words for Pisces: surrender, empathy, compassion, collective consciousness, belief, martyr, saint. We can anticipate with confidence that headlines over the next 14 years will reflect these keywords with increasing levels of intensity.

It takes about 14 years for Neptune to travel through one sign of the zodiac; the last time Neptune entered Pisces was in 1847. Thanks to astrologer Steffan Vanel for bringing my attention to a post by astrologer Adrian Duncan noting some key developments during Neptune’s last transit through Pisces in the mid-19th Century. Note that the “social democratic demonstrations” (e.g., the “Year of Revolutions of 1848”, coincided with Uranus and Pluto hooking up in the cardinal sign of Aries. Note also that Uranus and Pluto are four months away from a three-year long series of seven exact challenges to each other (and that we’ve been feeling the build-up for over a year) in Aries and Capricorn, respectively. Note also that when Uranus and Pluto do make contact, the effect is one of upheaval. But I digress. Here’s the bit on Neptune’s last transit through Pisces:

“This was the period when Charles Dickens wrote his novels of social realism, and social democratic demonstrations shook the capitals of Europe. This was also a time when painters like Renoir, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet made their impressionist paintings, expanding the world of fantasy and imagination. On the scientific front Darwin’s theory of evolution completely undermined Christian tradition. The first photographs were taken, ultimately leading to the coming world of the movies. Anesthetics were used for the first time in hospitals. Opium became a socially acceptable drug. The accepted reality of the day was undermined and new spiritual, emotional and political realities took form.”

This year, Neptune in Pisces will affect you most strongly if you have a birthday — or a planet, rising sign or midheaven in the early degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. On the plus side, there is potential for a spiritual awakening or transcendence; artistic and/or romantic stimulation and/or success. On the down side there is the potential for bewilderment or listlessness. Consult your local astrologer for further details on how Neptune is likely affecting your own personal horoscope. Meanwhile, you can watch Mitt Romney in action as one example of how Neptune can completely fog up efforts of personal projection as it challenges his Gemini Ascendant. Here’s what happened yesterday:  Bewildering, eh?



Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/25/2012: Basking in the Afterglow, Except for Mitt

Note your dreams this AM for signs of a lingering rosy afterglow, suggesting by a sublime connection between nebulous Neptune and the Moon. Enthusiasm for making some of those dreams come true shows up at 7:47AM ET, when jolly Jupiter aligns with the Moon, which entered soulful Pisces at 4:11AM (shortly after that hook-up with Neptune).

Dreams, glamor, empathy, spirit — what else will drive a day when Pisces craves a connection with intangibles? Not to mention oil, fish, drugs and the sea (watch the headlines). Go with the flow…and note the revelations that may turn up toward 7:30PM ET, when Moon connects with Pluto, bringing whatever is hidden into the light.

And speaking of dreams, who was that man at the podium on Capitol Hill last night? A feisty State of the Union speech indeed – and so thrilling to witness, given yesterday’s astro-logical forecast. So many initiatives presented — and yet with Mars retrograde (darn it), I regret to say the chances of them materializing in the near future are not promising. But perhaps there will be some who heard the call and will begin to plan a strategy for execution at a later date…

Looking at yesterday’s patterns — with Venus (money) and Pluto (resources, empowerment, news from underground) running wild — I wondered how that might manifest in the headlines. Other than Apple posting stellar earnings at the end of the day and tomorrow’s Fed decision, another story really driving news was Mitt Romney’s tax returns Really not a good day for Romney, a Pisces born March 12, 1947 at 9:51AM in Detroit, MI.

For months, Romney has been lost in a cloud, suggested by a loooong challenge to his Moon in “knowledge is power” Scorpio by nebulous Neptune. His Jupiter in “I must have a mission” Scorpio is also affected — suggesting, perhaps, an overblown sense of what the mission might be — or a huge leap of faith. This Neptune-Moon connection also suggests a big blur and/or befuddlement around communication — and a certain amount of anxiety about popularity — odd for a horoscope that otherwise suggests a natural inclination to reach out to the public. It dampens the fires of ambition…and the ambiguity will likely continue as Neptune challenges Romney’s Gemini Ascendent (identity crisis?). This has to be hard to deal with, given other measurements in the chart that suggests the need to be known for having a strong sense of purpose. Note that Rick Perry just went through a Neptune challenge to his Ascendant (yes, that’s what all the confusion was likely about), and Barack Obama was having a Neptune challenge to his Midheaven (public status, authority) early last year (that influence has since left the building — in case you hadn’t noticed).