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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/22/2016 & The Weekend: Full Moon; the Queen, the Prince & Other Regal Types


Moon entered Scorpio as of 8:17PM ET last night and may have already waxed to its fullness by the time you read this, assuming you’re reading this after 1:24AM ET.  A Scorpio Moon seeks to fulfill its need for emotional depth and substance — people-pleasing be damned. Scorpio represents resources and values that are ours-ours-ours,  as opposed to resources and values which are mine-mine-mine, symbolized by the Taurus Sun. Therein lies the potential for conflict, as Taurus and Scorpio are known to be a wee bit fixed in their respective positions.  Where do 3 degrees of Taurus and Scorpio fall in your horoscope? That’s where you may find a bit of illumination in matters of mine vs. ours.

The fallout of this Full Moon includes the exact meet-up between Venus and Uranus in me-me-me Aries at 5PM ET — noted earlier this week. Possible reflections include a demand for independence; an attraction to the unconventional; a leveling of the playing field in gender issues and feisty warrior women, among others. Watch the headlines.

In Hillary Clinton’s horoscope, this Full Moon falls exactly on her Scorpio Sun, so we might expect a bit of illumination on her essential being in the immediate future. That’s what I was thinking a few days ago when prepping to write this forecast. If we use the proposed yet unconfirmed 8:02AM ET birth time, we note that the Sun is the 12th house — of the unconscious, the self-undoing and institutions — ruling the 9th house — of publishing and international concerns, to name a few. How interesting to see an in-depth profile of Mrs. Clinton in the NYT Sunday magazine entitled, “How Hillary Clinton Became A Hawk.” Also interesting is the fact that the NYT did not publish this article until after the New York primary.

On Saturday, you can wish John Oliver a happy birthday. You’re free to shop until 5:46PM ET, when the Moon goes void until 8:46AM ET on Sunday. There are no exact aspects to any planet on Sunday, including the Moon, which will have moved on to Sagittarius with a sigh of relief. Take a gambol or gamble; express your righteous opinion; broaden your horizons; get out in nature or some other expansive space. No sleeping in on Monday; the next void won’t kick in until Tuesday.

So much news to cover. Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday on Thursday. Transiting Uranus makes the first of three squares to her obviously Capricorn Ascendant on the 26th; the third happens in early 2017. That suggests a significant move or fresh start for Her Majesty. What will happen?

Prince passed away. His Gemini Sun was about to be opposed by Saturn, just before Saturn turned retrograde last month. We talked about Saturn-Sun transits in the last forecast. It’s fascinating that he passed away just before Venus met up with Uranus, as Prince has a Venus-Uranus square in his horoscope. He needs to be unconventional in his values and social expression, likely focused on material/sensual comforts, with Venus in Taurus. His Mars is at 0 Aries — running wild and ruling the 5th house of creative self-expression/sexuality. Was he hot or what? You bet — and he makes a powerful impact, too – with Pluto sitting atop his chart, opposed by a sensitive Moon in Pisces.

Meanwhile, Kelly Ripa is making disruptive waves at the office — as in not showing up for work this week. Does she want to keep her job? Her 19 degree Virgo Ascendant, along with her Mars and Mercury will be hit again by Jupiter (expansion) this summer. Well, that’s certainly an expansive hit to a feisty front — just ask Donald Trump. But Saturn will square that trio later in the year, while also opposing her 17 degree Gemini Midheaven.  An advance or a separation — and a need to focus on shoring up family and core foundation concerns.

I wish I had time to post links and more details, but I just can’t do it today. Today is Earth Day. Do something nice for the planet.  And if you’re really feel like making a dramatic Venus-Uranus change, a new environmental study suggests you consider this. It’s a mine-mine-mine vs. ours-ours-ours kinda thing. And Venus refers to food, doncha’ know…

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/3/2014: Pluto Power Plays and a Super Virgo

Today’s Virgo Moon continues its quest for perfection relatively unimpeded all day — great for sorting, organizing and hammering out details. Try not to overthink it around 7PM ET, when the Moon is challenged by Mercury. Should you find yourself tempted to engage in a verbal spat, consider that ruthless Pluto will oppose the sensitive Cancer Sun at 4AM on Friday. Do you really want to pull a power play?

Power plays are all over the headlines — as expected — all over the globe. In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe circumvented Parliament by simply reinterpreting Japan’s pacifist Constitution, so that its military may play a more assertive role. This was not done without dramatic protest; a few days ago a Tokyo man set himself on fire.  In Hong Kong, huge crowds gathered to support democracy, defying Beijing — with plans for another protest brewing. In Israel, after three abducted teens were found murdered, reports of a suspected revenge killing of a Palestinian boy made headlines.

I’m glad I waited until this morning to post so I could discover another power play happening in India. The new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has issued a directive ordering government employees to clean up their offices — which apparently have been accumulating clutter for the past 67 years. So there’s huge purge (Pluto) going on, as The Guardian reports:

…with his obsession for order and cleanliness, he has been able to energise bureaucrats to take ownership of their working space to make it more presentable – and potentially more productive.

Of course the minute I read that, I’m thinking, “wow — there must be some hyper-Virgo stuff in his horoscope” — and sure enough, in his Western chart, Mr. Modi has Sun in Virgo in a tight conjunction with Saturn (discipline) and Mercury (mindset). Isn’t that cool? His Venus (social expression) is also in Virgo, though not tied in to the Mercury-Sun-Saturn configuration. His Scorpio Ascendant suggests a need to present an image of power and control. Pluto sitting right at his Midheaven (top of the chart) supports that need for power in his career. And with his Moon in Sagittarius, we would expect him not to be shy about letting workers know they need to clean up their act:

Clean, well-ordered offices is not the only thing Modi is demanding from Delhi’s bureaucrats. He also wants them to come to work on time at 9am sharp, rely more on computers, abjure extended lunch and tea breaks to play cards in nearby parks (the junior ones) or golf at the club (an elite bunch of 200), say no to foreign junkets, be more responsive to the public and resist political interference by ministers and MPs.

The last instruction could be a potential gamechanger. The new prime minister has made it clear to the top bureaucrats in government that if they have a good proposal that is blocked by their own minister, they can pitch it directly to him (but only in a PowerPoint format please, since Modi hates reading long files and documents).

Modi’s approach may seem to undermine the cabinet system of shared ministerial authority, but it has made top civil servants enthusiastic about work after a demoralising phase under the previous regime.

“The top, secretary-level officers are feeling empowered for the first time and are hoping Modi succeeds in putting the new system in place,” said Soma Chakravarthy, deputy editor of Bureaucracy Today.

I’ve italicized words in the article that reflect the empowering, purgative energy of Pluto squared by the rebellious, autonomous energy of Uranus in Aries. The whole article has other tidbits. In other news, it was fun to discover that the New York Times ran a piece on what astrologers in India were predicting about Mr. Modi years before the election. The astrologers got it right — as indicated in this 2011 report that the Times may not have seen.

To be continued…

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