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"Last night’s session was a delightful time for me. IT WAS ALL ABOUT ME!!! You are so articulate and caring, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time, all the nu- ances you brought to it and your obviously experienced, long- time expertise."
- Bill R.
Los Angeles

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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/14/2015: Power & Control; Ambition and Perspective

My spies tell me that yesterday’s Mercury-Neptune alignment (translation: mindset influenced by idealism, vision or escapism) was especially spacey. I can appreciate that feeling, given that we’re still dealing with a “dead” Moon…in Cancer, btw. Cooking at home tonight? What a lovely idea…

Mercury-Neptune aspects may be bewildering, but they also reflect the sublime. For example, I was on the subway at 3PM ET, 14 minutes before the exact Mercury-Neptune trine. My ride downtown was embellished by a barbershop quartet’s rendition of “Under the Boardwalk”, followed within two minutes by a jazz saxophonist. Both performances were pretty darn good, above and beyond the usual subway talent. Neptune does refer to music….

And now, the news.

I’ve reading about the state budget Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) signed into law on Sunday, just after 4:30PM in Waukesha, WI. The budget cuts funding for education and conservation, replaces the words “living wage” with “minimum wage” and other fun things Governor Walker says will “benefit taxpayers”. The horoscope for the budget signing has Saturn (control) in Scorpio exactly on the Ascendant, squaring Venus (money, social expression, women, aesthetics) There is nothing fun about that aspect. It’s harsh. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Saturn-Venus aspects are also reflected in stories of “women of steel”. Here’s one about a woman who survived a plane crash in Washington state….

The streamlining potential of this Venus-Saturn aspect, combined with the force of Mercury (mindset) and Mars (action) in Cancer (homeland security) challenged by Pluto (perspective, transformation, power, plutonium) is reflected in a rare ALL CAPS headline on the NYT: IRAN AND 6 WORLD POWERS REACH DEAL TO CURB ITS NUCLEAR PLANS. In exchange for the “curbs”, it seems that economic sanctions will be lifted, resulting in this joyful reaction from some Iranians.  This makes sense when you consider that Saturn symbolizes ambition and advance, as well as limits and controls. It is up to us to decide how it energy will be used. Meanwhile, over at the Washington Times you can see how homeland security concerns shaped its headline for the story: “Iran Reaches Landmark Nuclear Deal After Compromise on UN Inspections”. Ditto for some members of Congress, where heads may well explode.

And then there is Pluto the planet,  which is also pulling big  focus this week, as NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zips by it. How big is it? Bigger than was thought

When Pluto is active in your own unique horoscope, you are challenged to transform your perspective, often with considerable effort. Resistance is futile….and it’s an experience you might want to know about beforehand, so you can plan a strategy for maximizing opportunities. Here’s how to contact me to schedule a personal consultation.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday – Friday 12/27-31 2010

Happy Monday after Christmas! Really it’s not a bad week to be on vacation: Mercury retrograde and other patterns creating weather and travel havoc – and a Moon void on the East Coast today from 7:20AM to 12:38 PM NY time, suggesting you sleep in, chill out and take care of routine details, if you must take care of any details at all. Returning unwanted gifts to retail stores is favored during voids — but you are advised to wait until after the void before taking advantage of massive clearance sales; purchases made during voids often turn out to be disappointing.

As for the “news from underground” anticipated over the weekend, a few earthquakes were noted, including an aftershock in Christchurch, NZ  (a follow-up to the 7+magnitude quake on Sept 4th)…and then there was this intriguing page-turner dominating the front page of the NY Times:  “Deepwater Horizon’s Final Hours” — piecing together minute-by-minute events leading up to the April 20th blowout of BP’s infamous oil well. Overall theme:  poor communication, confusion, an inability to process information in a timely fashion and mechanical failures; in other words, the conditions astrologers have observed often occur with greater frequency during Mercury retrogrades. And Mercury had just turned retrograde on April 18th…two days before that blowout.

Please be advised that Mercury will be turning direct this week at 2:21AM NY time on Thursday…and we will likely feel the shift a day or so before. Be patient with yourself and others should you be caught in a travel/communication/mechanical breakdown snafu. Be mindful of those with a “my way or the highway” attitude as we move closer to Wednesday’s square to aggressive Mars from rigid Saturn. A bit of saber-rattling, perhaps?

OK, so in brief — Monday:  Moon void until 12:38PM NY time. Moon enters Libra with a bit of edginess thereafter, bringing you the last challenge to the New Moon agenda you set a few weeks ago. What relationship issues — perhaps triggering old tapes — will land on your plate? Tuesday: more of the same. Wednesday: that potentially irritating and/or frustrating, but definitely driven Mars-Saturn square, accompanied by a Moon void from 10:05AM – 3:49PM NY time. The void should soften the teeth of the challenge posed by the square…before moving into moody bastard Scorpio until 8:21PM NY time on Friday. Thursday the planetary patterns are not as edgy, though the vibe will likely still be intense. Friday the vibe is still intense, but with a much more pleasant spin…and looking downright jolly when  Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius that evening — just in time to ring in the New Year. I hope you’re planning something festive — enjoy!