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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/14/2015: Power & Control; Ambition and Perspective

My spies tell me that yesterday’s Mercury-Neptune alignment (translation: mindset influenced by idealism, vision or escapism) was especially spacey. I can appreciate that feeling, given that we’re still dealing with a “dead” Moon…in Cancer, btw. Cooking at home tonight? What a lovely idea…

Mercury-Neptune aspects may be bewildering, but they also reflect the sublime. For example, I was on the subway at 3PM ET, 14 minutes before the exact Mercury-Neptune trine. My ride downtown was embellished by a barbershop quartet’s rendition of “Under the Boardwalk”, followed within two minutes by a jazz saxophonist. Both performances were pretty darn good, above and beyond the usual subway talent. Neptune does refer to music….

And now, the news.

I’ve reading about the state budget Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) signed into law on Sunday, just after 4:30PM in Waukesha, WI. The budget cuts funding for education and conservation, replaces the words “living wage” with “minimum wage” and other fun things Governor Walker says will “benefit taxpayers”. The horoscope for the budget signing has Saturn (control) in Scorpio exactly on the Ascendant, squaring Venus (money, social expression, women, aesthetics) There is nothing fun about that aspect. It’s harsh. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Saturn-Venus aspects are also reflected in stories of “women of steel”. Here’s one about a woman who survived a plane crash in Washington state….

The streamlining potential of this Venus-Saturn aspect, combined with the force of Mercury (mindset) and Mars (action) in Cancer (homeland security) challenged by Pluto (perspective, transformation, power, plutonium) is reflected in a rare ALL CAPS headline on the NYT: IRAN AND 6 WORLD POWERS REACH DEAL TO CURB ITS NUCLEAR PLANS. In exchange for the “curbs”, it seems that economic sanctions will be lifted, resulting in this joyful reaction from some Iranians.  This makes sense when you consider that Saturn symbolizes ambition and advance, as well as limits and controls. It is up to us to decide how it energy will be used. Meanwhile, over at the Washington Times you can see how homeland security concerns shaped its headline for the story: “Iran Reaches Landmark Nuclear Deal After Compromise on UN Inspections”. Ditto for some members of Congress, where heads may well explode.

And then there is Pluto the planet,  which is also pulling big  focus this week, as NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zips by it. How big is it? Bigger than was thought

When Pluto is active in your own unique horoscope, you are challenged to transform your perspective, often with considerable effort. Resistance is futile….and it’s an experience you might want to know about beforehand, so you can plan a strategy for maximizing opportunities. Here’s how to contact me to schedule a personal consultation.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & the Weekend 7/3-5/2015


Exact planetary patterns are light today and tomorrow, with the Moon now in Aquarius. Fitting for the U.S. as it celebrates another birthday tomorrow. It was born with an Aquarius Moon. With “liberty and justice for all…” or at least that was the idea, and how appropriate, given that humanitarian Aquarius is a cerebral sign. Get together with all of your eccentric friends and brainstorm matters of social significance. Planetary patterns among mental Mercury, Jupiter and Venus favor expansion and idealism in your thoughts and communication.

The Moon goes void for two hours on Sunday morning, entering soulful Pisces at 10:23AM ET.  A heavy square between the Moon and Saturn at 8:31AM ET may put an edge on the morning. We’ll likely see more “news from underground,” including matters of power and resources, as the nurturing Cancer Sun is opposed by Pluto on Monday at 11:36 AM ET. The announcement of BP’s $18 billion settlement for its part in the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster falls into that category. So does this piece about a ginormous dome of radioactive waste in the Marshall Islands that is now leaking.

Right now I’m thinking about Saturn transits, as I scan the headlines. On the plus side, Saturn suggests opportunity for an ambitious reach and/or increased executive authority. On the down side, it suggests separation, streamlining and loss — of favor, material goods and sometimes — sadly — loved ones.

Three men whose horoscopes are undergoing heavy Saturn transits are Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Joe Biden. We’ve been tracking the progress of Saturn in the President’s horoscope for years. Search the archives for the latest. In the case of Donald Trump, Saturn squaring his Ascendant (combined with other authority-seeking measurements), has coincided with a run for public office.  However, his big Moon-in-Sagittarius mouth has offended numerous business partners who have consequently severed ties.

As for the Vice-President, it was anticipated here last year that 2016 would likely be a time of expansion in his career, preceded by the heavy focus of Saturn on three planets in his horoscope this year. And in fact, it has been heavy for Biden. His son Beau passed away on May 30 at age 46. Loss. But now there is talk of the Vice-President contemplating another presidential run. Ambition.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders continues to gather steam, as anticipated — under pressure from Uranus and Pluto

Where is Saturn in your horoscope? Are you on the brink of an ambitious reach? Are Uranus and Pluto putting pressure on you to make a fresh start? Maybe you’re up for a major reward or promotion, courtesy of a Jupiter transit. Awesome, but here’s the thing: if you do not know that this potential is on the horizon, you might miss a valuable opportunity. I could tell you many stories about chances taken because someone knew of an upcoming transit that suggested positive results IF an effort was made. That is the benefit of knowing where you are at in planetary cycles of timing.

People ask me all the time, “how often should I consult with an astrologer”? I’d advise a check-up on your horoscope at least once a year — as often as you would make an appointment with any other healthcare practitioner. If you’re in a crisis mode, you might see an astrologer more often.

And just for fun, check this out:


One of the Sabian Symbols for last month’s Full Moon was “a flag turning into an eagle that crows”. And here it is in the flesh, just in time for 4th of July. Here’s the full story. Thank you for reading this forecast. Have a happy 4th!



Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/12/2015 & The Weekend: Saturn Back in Scorpio; A Bit of Schadenfreude

Roll with any twists you may encounter in your morning routine. The energy of the day slows down and stabilizes once the Moon becomes engaged in Taurus at 10:16AM ET. Taurus needs to build material security and comfort, and those are your marching orders for the day and most of the weekend.

Take care of shopping on Saturday; the Moon does not go void until 6:06PM ET. Chill and enjoy a few stimulating sensual pleasures until 1:51PM ET on Sunday, when the Moon enters Gemini and invites you to talk about it. Why stimulating? Because that would be one productive way to channel the willful and potentially provocative release suggested by Sunday’s exact meet-up between the Sun and action hero Mars at 21 Gemini.

The build-up to that release may well be felt between now and then, especially if you have a planet or angle at 21 degrees of Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini. If an angle is involved, work it out at the gym, not on a human being. I would not be surprised to hear you’re feeling restless, irritable or seriously motivated. Be careful around steel, including motor vehicles.

When Mars hit my Ascendant last year, it inspired me to take up dance classes after a lapse of some years. When Mars hit my natal Mars a few months ago, I sparked a friend’s de-cluttering of her apartment with a zealous focus. There are plenty of positive applications for Mars! The down side of a Mars transit happens when the release of energy is taken out on the body in the form of an accident or illness — often inflammatory in nature. Thus, it is helpful to know when Mars is active in your unique horoscope. Consult your local astrologer for details.

The other pattern of note this weekend is Saturn’s retrograde movement baaaaaaaaaaaaack into Scorpio on Sunday at 8:38PM ET.  So from now until September 18th, we’ll see an uptick in efforts made to resolve the heavy issues raised by Saturn’s transit through Scorpio which began in October of 2012. Resistance is futile.

Scorpio is concerned with issues of power and control, of building all the way to Heaven and all the way down to Hell.  These depths and heights apply in  matters of sex, death and (other peoples’) money. Saturn in Scorpio forces us to face the nitty-gritty consequences of our highest and basest instincts; we can not look away. Significant headlines about reproductive freedom (or lack thereof), sexual abuse, capital punishment and crushing debt are likely to return with a vengeance. Once Saturn turns direct August 1 and gets back to Sagittarius, Saturn’s controlling agenda will be more focused on collective belief systems, righteous opinion and other forms of mind control, including religion, journalism and education.

If you have a planet or angle at around 29 degrees of Scorpio, my money says you are feeling a squeeze to streamline or else. This is an opportunity to formulate an ambitious reach based on that feeling of lack or loss. It’s another life transit that would be helpful to discuss with your astrologer. Barack Obama (whose Midheaven is 28 degrees of Scorpio), that means you. Sir Tim Hunt, we’ll talk about you in a minute.

And now, the news.

First, an update on Dominique Strauss-Kahn, whose horoscope we’ve been tracking for a few years now, ever since he was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a chambermaid in a New York hotel. This upset dramatically altered the course of his brilliant career and is an excellent example of a horoscope under pressure from Uranus, Pluto (and Saturn. too).  That pressure is now off, and as noted here some months ago, patterns in his horoscope suggest success and acceptance. Yesterday, as predicted, he was acquitted of charges of pimping. Thank his lucky stars.

Second, Sir Tim Hunt, whose sexist remarks about women scientists caused an uproar earlier this week has resigned his university professorship and inspired a debate in the pages of the New York Times. Let the record show that Sir Hunt — whose horoscope was briefly discussed earlier —  has transiting Saturn exactly square his Sun and opposing his Uranus right now. For Sir Hunt, it’s time to cut his losses and regroup. His expansive and robust Mars-Jupiter opposition is being hit by Uranus and Pluto, suggesting the potential for, among other things, an upset to the status quo involving his need for earthy, practical, no-nonsense action.

Sir Hunt does not always say stupid things. In April he made headlines in India:

SRINAGAR: Nobel laureate Sir Tim Hunt today said any scientist can win a Nobel Prize if he or she is ready to work hard and persevere with research in the chosen field of study.

“Anyone can win the Nobel Prize if the scientist works hard on his research subject,” Hunt told young students, research scholars and faculty members at Kashmir University here.

Oh, if only he actually had said “his or her”…

Meanwhile, Neptune. It refers to drugs, fraud, music, film, spirits and oceans, for starters. Look at the headlines — filled with such stories. Actors Christopher Lee and Ron Moody passed away, as did jazz great Ornette Coleman. In New York, a psychic is behind bars after taking over $700,000 from a man who wished to be “reunited” with an unrequited love, even when it turned out that the love interest had died.

I once went to a storefront “psychic” as a research project. As the linked article notes, most of the time these storefronts are empty. How do they make a living with such a high overhead, when their advertised walk-in fees are five or ten dollars? I had to find out for myself.

The psychic made some valid observations. But there was so more she could do to help me, she said. And this involved potions and herbs she could gather — blah blah blah — to break spells and such — for additional — heftier — fees. I was absolutely fascinated. And I said thanks, but no thanks, and left, with my wallet intact.

Speaking of possible deceptions, have you heard about Rachel Dolezal, the civil rights activist who has been accused by her parents of misrepresenting herself as an African-American? It raises an interesting question about unconventional ego-identity (thank you, freaky Uranus in me-me-me Aries), doesn’t it?  Because if Caitlyn Jenner and others like her can convincingly and credibly identify as female despite having been born with a Y chromosome, might I declare myself Hispanic (as Jeb Bush once did) despite my English-Italian-Russian genes? Why or why not?

Meanwhile, the latest leak of the so fabulous that we’re not going to let anyone read it until it gets signed even though it will impact everyone Trans-Pacific Partnership is out. This section pertains to drug companies and public health. You have heard about the TPP, yes?

Update: for those who watched yesterday’s linked video of John Oliver railing about how bail is set in our criminal justice system, note that country singer Randy Howard was killed yesterday by a bounty hunter….

…while in Zimbabwe, a celebrated bounty hunter of another sort was crushed to death by a baby elephant. That’s your schadenfreude for the weekend.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 4/24/2015 & the Weekend: Party On! (Except Barack Obama)

Today’s major planetary action occurred in the early morning, with the sensitive Cancer Moon rattled and/or fired up by contacts to intense Pluto, action hero Mars and rebel Uranus — all by 9AM ET.  No chance of sleeping in today with that kind of buzz.

At 1:04PM ET, Moon goes void on a communicative connection to Mercury, facilitating whatever you might have to say about getting needs for emotional and home(land) security met. No need to make a crisis about it, though some may be inclined to do so while the Moon is in a wandering freefall — challenged by its efforts to move forward in a straight line. Take care of routine matters; roll with whatever twists and flakes may crop up; avoid shopping sprees and  making mountains out of molehills. An evening at home — or with your favorite gal pal — is not a bad strategy under the light of the Cancer Moon.

Moon engages in Leo at 9:13AM ET, encouraging drama queens everywhere to take center stage in efforts to be loved and adored. An easy flow between Moon and Saturn  at 4:09PM ET facilitates serious effort. Use it to push through the challenges that may emerge regarding seeds planted on last week’s visionary New Moon, thanks to the First Quarter square between the Sun and Moon at 7:55PM ET.

An exuberant meet-up at 11:04AM ET on Sunday between the Moon and Jupiter lifts spirits. Dinner with unusual friends or an appreciation of some other innovative, unconventional aesthetic would be favored, courtesy of an alignment between Venus and Uranus. Did you know that astrology is ruled by Uranus? Don’t be surprised if your conversations have a metaphysical flavor, as Moon will be engaged with both Uranus and Venus around 8PM ET.

Caveat: on a clash between the regal Moon and assertive Mars at 11:34PM ET, avoid going to bed angry on Sunday night. Do something else with that willful force of nature. On Monday, the Moon will be void from 10:12AM ET until 9:07PM ET. Same way we started the work week last week…

And now, the news.

All I have to say right now is that ever since Barack Obama read a collection of Mean Tweets directed at him on Jimmy Kimmel’s show last month, I’ve been noting how transiting Saturn has been impacting Mr. Obama’s horoscope. Avid readers will recall that Saturn (authority, ambition, structure) was at the top of his chart at the end of last year, suggesting (as I had been writing for months and months), that he would be at the top of his game. Saturn has moved off his 28 degree Scorpio Midheaven and is now at 3 degrees Sagittarius. That’s an exact opposition to his Gemini Moon. Saturn-Moon transits can lead one to feel lonely and unlovable.

Yea verily, this is a heavy pattern, and with the Moon and Saturn ruling areas of Mr. Obama’s horoscope that refer to “behind the scenes” influences, one can only imagine what’s cooking. Yesterday, we saw a few manifestations. First, a fast-track approval process for the seriously behind-the-scenes Trans-Pacific Partnership appears to have been OK’d in Congress. Some people think this is a very bad idea. They might be happier to hear that in Florida,  the president took a hard line against those who deny that climate change is real — Happy Earth Day, America! Third, and heaviest of all — was the announcement that an unmanned drone strike in Pakistan had killed an American and an Italian hostage, both of whom were being held by al-Qaeda. That drone strike allegedly happened on a militant Mars-Saturn pattern on January 15th. Mr. Obama accepted “full responsibility” for this Epic Fail. Heavy.

Saturn will be exactly at the top of Mr. Obama’s chart from July 3rd until September 1st, offering plenty of opportunities for him to demonstrate more hard lines and executive authority. Saturn will oppose his Moon for the third and final time the week before Halloween.

In your own personal world, it’s good to know about Saturn transits. Much can be accomplished, but discipline and focus is required. Feelings of depression and isolation are also not uncommon, which is why it is super-helpful to have an astrologer to help you put these heavy times in perspective. You can plan ahead for these challenges — and actually look forward to them. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Here’s how to schedule a personal consultation.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 4/20-21/2015: Neptune Musings; Sneak Peek at the Week

Good Morning!

A double dose of earthy, steady Taurus energy kicks off the work week, as the Sun enters the sign of the Bull at 5:42AM ET and joins the Moon — currently void until 7:28PM ET. Perhaps you will need an extra push to get you going this morning. Or your plans may be subject to a higher than average “flake factor” of twists, delays and “crises” that later prove to be much ado about nothing.

Once you do get started, however,  you are likely to find an easy flow of applied action and resources, driven by some big idea. Why? Because mental Mercury and expansive Jupiter are making exact contact just past midnight on Tuesday. By happy hour Tuesday, Mars (action) and Pluto (resources) will also make contact. Got it? What are you working on today that will build upon your need for material security?

At 7:28PM ET, there may be plenty to talk about, as the Moon enters pixie chatterbox Gemini. Tuesday looks productive, for reasons noted in the preceding paragraph. Get the word out — gather the facts — for your New Moon plans for world domination.  On Wednesday, the Moon will be void all day, suggesting you resist the urge to formally launch anything you wish to be of consequence. Planetary patterns on Wednesday do favor serious research and resourcefulness, however, as Mercury moves on from Jupiter to potent Pluto and then Mars. Or we may see a lot of talk, but no action.

The only other Moon void this week happens on Friday at 1:04PM ET….until 9:13AM ET on Saturday. Overall, a week that begins with solid enthusiasm, backed by brainpower, resources and good cheer. If your unique horoscope is experiencing more challenging transits, call or shoot me an email and we will make an appointment to talk about it. Astrology is a wonderful tool for gaining clarity, whether you’re struggling to make sense of your own life or others around you.

And now, the news.

More headlines cropped up in the “big is beautiful” vein, courtesy of last week’s charged connection between Mars (action) and Jupiter (big).  Big money in politics received another  tax break from our elected representatives in Congress. Do not despair, as George Lucas demonstrated what Sir Isaac Newton first determined: that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. With that Mars in Taurus (building and maintaining material security) and Jupiter in regal, generous Leo,  he announced he’d build and finance 224 units of affordable housing on his own land, “because we’ve got enough millionaires here,” thank you very much.

Power, resources and status quo disruptions are of course what we expect in the wake of the seven Uranus-Pluto squares. I love this one — the most-emailed article in Sunday’s NYT: “Solar Power Battle Puts Hawaii at the Forefront of Worldwide Changes” — guess who prevented one homeowner from installing solar panels that would have saved him $12,000 in one year? Meanwhile in California, a battle over another resource is brewing, as residents consider whether it makes sense for a private company to export bottled water for profit when they are being asked to reduce water consumption because of a drought. The San Bernardino Desert Sun did some investigative reporting and found that Nestle’s bottled water business “has been taking water from some of California’s driest areas on permits that expired as long as 27 years ago“.

Update on Meryl Streep, whose horoscope was last written about here in mid-February. Planetary patterns suggested themes of empowerment and emancipation, along with a fresh start in matters of career and reputation. Over the weekend, on that big Mercury (writing) – Jupiter alignment, laced with a dash of Venus (women) square Neptune (charity, arts), her “significant” contribution to an initiative supporting women screenwriters over 40 was announced.

Update on Jon Stewart, also last covered here in mid-February:  in a lengthy interview published in The Guardian, he explains what motivated him to leave The Daily Show — and it all sounds exactly what you’d expect to hear from someone going through a heavy period of Neptune, followed by Saturn. Translation: feelings of dissatisfaction, lack of purpose and bewilderment….followed by ambition and gravitas.

Update on Monsanto, which was written about here last week:  U.S. regulators announce they “may” start testing food for glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up, Monsanto’s ubiquitous pesticide, which was labeled a “probable carcinogen” in a recent WHO study.

Update on John Harrison, a British clockmaker who has never been covered here before. He made news, as his horoscope suggested he might, despite having died over 200 years ago. Mr. Harrison’s has Sun at 14 Aries, conjunct Mercury at 16 Aries, and if you’re an avid reader of this forecast, you know that any planet or point at 14-16 Aries would likely be pushed into prominence or celebrated for its uniqueness — big time — thanks to two eclipses and the seventh Uranus-Pluto square all happening in that part of the zodiac.  Here’s an excerpt from the whole piece in The Guardian:

One of Guinness World Records’ more unusual awards was presented at the National Maritime Museum yesterday. After a 100-day trial, the timepiece known as Clock B – which had been sealed in a clear plastic box to prevent tampering – was officially declared, by Guinness, to be the world’s “most accurate mechanical clock with a pendulum swinging in free air”.

It was an intriguing enough award. But what is really astonishing is that the clock was designed more than 250 years ago by a man who was derided at the time for “an incoherence and absurdity that was little short of the symptoms of insanity”, and whose plans for the clock lay ignored for two centuries.

I appreciate the “maritime” theme of this story, given Neptune (ruler of oceans, fish) being so prominent in the weekend’s planetary patterns. Neptune also refers to refugees. With Neptune in a loose square to Saturn in Sagittarius (travel, foreigners), it is not surprising to read of an ocean tragedy: an estimated 700 migrants presumed perished while attempting to cross the Mediterranean from Africa to Europe.

On a lighter note, I appreciated the timing of Sunday’s NYT piece on trout-fishing — in the sports section — which included this dreamy Neptunian prose:

We stand in the stream and we become part of the circulatory system of the planet — the rivulets, brooks, streams and rivers that pulse throughout our lands and connect the land to the sea, and those seas to other seas (and through water vapor and clouds, and migratory birds and fish, those seas back to the land). Through fishing, we can, for brief moments, achieve a kind of immortality when we step into this perpetual flow, and see our reflection in the water, and become part of it.

Isn’t that lovely?

For another transporting experience, I submit this breath-taking and thought-provoking illusion: a time-lapse recreation of the evolution of the New York skyline — from 515 years ago to the present. It’s what visitors to the new World Trade Center Observatory during the elevator ride to the top.

Your horoscope is also awesome. If you’ve never taken the time to learn about its mystical patterns — and been amazed at how they have manifested in your real life, I invite you to do so now. Checking in with your  astrologer every six-twelve months will help you plan, prioritize and keep things in perspective. You can also use astrology to build better relationships with family, colleagues and friends.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with the rest of the Free World.