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Monday 10/14/2019: Sneak Peek at a Possibly Short Work Week

If your Monday began with a twist, flake or other slow start, chalk it up to the Moon being void in Aries until 12:24 PM ET. After that, when the Moon entered Taurus, you had no excuse for not turning your inspiration into a materially secure and comfortable form.

We all woke up to the ripple effect of today’s 3:34 AM ET square between the Libra Sun (leaders, heart, ego) and Pluto (power, corruption, breakdown; news from underground). Did Austin’s Parsley Energy just pay $1.65 billion to acquire Denver’s Jagged Peak Energy? Why yes — yes, it did.  And Iran made “a huge natural gas discovery that could power Tehran for 16 years.” Great! What will they do in Year 17?

Meanwhile, Mercury is digging for more dirt in Scorpio, in a cooperative alignment with Saturn. That was exact early this morning. The rest of the week goes like this:

  • TUESDAY:  More Moon in Taurus, mostly cruising without speedbumps, though a clash of mindset may erupt around 8:33 PM ET — see how that plays out during the Democratic Debate (which starts at 8 PM ). Visionary thinking is supported, courtesy of a harmony between Mercury and Neptune at 6:45 PM ET.
  • WEDNESDAY:  Chill, chill, chill, as the Moon goes void at 4:37 AM ET — not to enter the next sign — Gemini — until 10:30 PM ET. As Moon voids go, a Taurus Moon offers greater potential for focused accomplishment than most. Still, you may need a push to get started. Once you do, routine projects are favored; roll with any twists or flakes that disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line.
  • THURSDAY: A Gemini Moon drives the day with a need for chit-chat and to be the smartest kid in the room. Who knew it and when did they know it? Film at 11!
  • FRIDAY:  Note your dreams in the morning, as Moon squares Neptune at 5:26 AM ET. Double check the directions and look twice when crossing the street. A face-off between the newsy Gemini Moon and Jupiter around lunchtime may blow a tidbit out of proportion — or simply add an extravagant spin. Moon goes void at 10:14 PM ET and enters Cancer on…
  • SATURDAY:  at 6:43 AM ET. A Cancer Moon needs to focus on home and homeland security. A home-cooked meal or other domestic project is favored. You may have been especially persuasive or perspicacious in recent days, as Mercury harmonizes with Pluto at 6:17 PM ET. Good for getting the word out, especially if you’re an investigative reporter. Something especially assertive may be triggered, as Mars arrives at 10 Libra, activating the July 2 solar eclipse. If you have a planet around 10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you may be triggered, too, especially as we approach…
  • SUNDAY: …at 1:35 AM ET, when Mars squares the Moon. Saturn challenges the emotional security needs of the Cancer Moon around 9:29 AM ET; Pluto pushes feelings to extremes aournd 8:07 PM ET. In between, there’s an exact harmony between Venus and Saturn at 9:58 AM ET, which suggests a conservative approach in matters of money, women and aesthetics.

And now, the news.

I know of more than one astrologer who opined that October was a month for concern, as P45 was likely to push boundaries so far that we might be engaged in a military conflict. Not quite, so far…but still…. P45’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria has not only led to senseless deaths of declared allies (the Kurds), but the release of hundreds of people with “suspected links” to the Islamic State — all of which happened over the weekend. Sun square Pluto power plays involving heads of state indeed. The other part of the P45 October forecast is that — as they were in February and May —  boundary-pushing actions were not likely to result in consequences just yet. For example, not only does Deutsche Bank not have P45’s tax returns (an apparent anomaly, as reported over the weekend), but the good folks at the National Enquirer and American Media allegedly shredded whatever scandalous documents it might have had in its safe.

We will see what there is to see in late January/early February.

Meanwhile, the front-page story of Sunday’s NYT was a massive investigative report solving the mystery of who bombed four hospitals in May, in order to “crush the last pockets of resistance to President Bashar al-Assad.” Because really — who would bomb a hospital? The NYT reporters concluded beyond a doubt that Russia was the culprit. In other news, Vladimir Putin is in Saudi Arabia today for the first time in 12 years. Power plays and oil deals: apt for current planetary patterns.

Elsewhere, awesome power was on display in the world of sports, especially for women. Stunning Venus opposition Uranus upsets occurred as Kenyan Brigid Kosgei smashed the women’s world record at the Chicago Marathon, just hours after fellow Kenyan Elius Kipchoge (unofficially) smashed the men’s world record with a time of under two hours.  World records were smashed by gymnast Simone Biles  and tennis champ Coco Gauff.

File under “Awesome Power” that’s actually “Much Ado About Nothing”: during this morning’s Moon void, there was much pomp and cirumstance in Parliament, as the Queen gave a speech that was actually written by PM Boris Johnson (and other ministers)  who don’t even have a majority. The Guardian called it “a show without substance.” Right. Next!

Pluto refers to purges. These two purges have silver linings — because they were thwarted. In Kentucky, a judge ordered 165,000 “inactive” voters restored to the rosters. In Ohio, 20% of 235,000 voters were found to be on a list to be purged in error.    Which makes it a good time to invite you to check your voter registration status — and share this link with all your friends.  There are many reasons why a voter might purged; one reason is failure to consistently vote. There are elections next month. Vote!

I leave you with another Really Useful Article about finding happiness in interesting times.  Or watch this fun sketch from SNL. To find happiness using guidance provided in your horoscope, here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/14/2015: Power & Control; Ambition and Perspective

My spies tell me that yesterday’s Mercury-Neptune alignment (translation: mindset influenced by idealism, vision or escapism) was especially spacey. I can appreciate that feeling, given that we’re still dealing with a “dead” Moon…in Cancer, btw. Cooking at home tonight? What a lovely idea…

Mercury-Neptune aspects may be bewildering, but they also reflect the sublime. For example, I was on the subway at 3PM ET, 14 minutes before the exact Mercury-Neptune trine. My ride downtown was embellished by a barbershop quartet’s rendition of “Under the Boardwalk”, followed within two minutes by a jazz saxophonist. Both performances were pretty darn good, above and beyond the usual subway talent. Neptune does refer to music….

And now, the news.

I’ve reading about the state budget Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) signed into law on Sunday, just after 4:30PM in Waukesha, WI. The budget cuts funding for education and conservation, replaces the words “living wage” with “minimum wage” and other fun things Governor Walker says will “benefit taxpayers”. The horoscope for the budget signing has Saturn (control) in Scorpio exactly on the Ascendant, squaring Venus (money, social expression, women, aesthetics) There is nothing fun about that aspect. It’s harsh. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Saturn-Venus aspects are also reflected in stories of “women of steel”. Here’s one about a woman who survived a plane crash in Washington state….

The streamlining potential of this Venus-Saturn aspect, combined with the force of Mercury (mindset) and Mars (action) in Cancer (homeland security) challenged by Pluto (perspective, transformation, power, plutonium) is reflected in a rare ALL CAPS headline on the NYT: IRAN AND 6 WORLD POWERS REACH DEAL TO CURB ITS NUCLEAR PLANS. In exchange for the “curbs”, it seems that economic sanctions will be lifted, resulting in this joyful reaction from some Iranians.  This makes sense when you consider that Saturn symbolizes ambition and advance, as well as limits and controls. It is up to us to decide how it energy will be used. Meanwhile, over at the Washington Times you can see how homeland security concerns shaped its headline for the story: “Iran Reaches Landmark Nuclear Deal After Compromise on UN Inspections”. Ditto for some members of Congress, where heads may well explode.

And then there is Pluto the planet,  which is also pulling big  focus this week, as NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft zips by it. How big is it? Bigger than was thought

When Pluto is active in your own unique horoscope, you are challenged to transform your perspective, often with considerable effort. Resistance is futile….and it’s an experience you might want to know about beforehand, so you can plan a strategy for maximizing opportunities. Here’s how to contact me to schedule a personal consultation.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 7/13/2014: Sneak Peek at the Week

Good morning!

A dreamy buzz drives the day, courtesy of the Moon in information-junkie Gemini. Talk, talk and more talk. The dreamy part is the inspiration suggested by an easy connection between mental Mercury and nebulous Neptune, exact at 3:14PM ET.  This is wonderful if you’re a poet or some other visionary creative type. It’s also useful if you’re trying to sell someone a bridge in Brooklyn. Mercury-Neptune aspects suggest a tendency to see things through rose-colored glasses.

The reality check arrives as we move into the later part of evening and Tuesday, courtesy of a tense aspect between Venus (money, aesthetics, women and social expression) and stern Saturn. This is the aspect that coincided with the first big story I noticed about the so-called “bitchy resting face”. Seriously. Better to be a creditor than a debtor with that aspect in the cosmos. Here’s what hit the news on another tough Venus-Saturn day a couple of years ago (including the bit about the bitchy resting face).

Note that we are in the dark side of the Moon. The new cycle starts on Wednesday at 9:24PM ET when the Sun and Moon meet up in Cancer. Between now and then you may feel a bit listless or restless, sensing that a fresh start is just on the horizon, but you can’t quite see it yet. This is a good time to wrap up projects begun on the last New Moon and think about your intentions for the next cycle. It’s also a good time to negotiate or take action on a matter you’d like to keep fairly under wraps. It’s the dark of the Moon, after all.

And as if on cue, here’s a article that just showed up in my newsfeed about the start of a military exercise in Texas called Jade Helm. Maybe you heard about this operation back in March or early May, when conspiracy theories about its true nature ran amok. Said theories were ridiculed by Jon Stewart. In any event, the exercise is presumably now underway, and media observers are strictly prohibited. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Certainly military/militant themes are favored this week, as warrior Mars in homeland security-focused Cancer joins forces with Mercury and opposes potent Pluto on Wednesday. That configuration suggests action and mindset that is potentially ruthless and/or explosive. It is fascinating to look at the headlines on the NYT home page right now: Japan arms makers want to sell to new markets aboard; a treasure trove of WWII history has been revealed in the form of boxes and boxes of letters written by an army private to his wife in Brooklyn; the firing of a female commander in the Marines is controversial; 23 are dead in the collapse of a military barracks in Russia.

More news…

When I was drafting the forecast last night, I read that Governor Scott Walker was probably going to announce his bid for president today. And in fact, he has. A launch video has been posted — in the dark of the Moon — and the New York Times writes about it thusly:

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who built a national conservative following by crippling public employee unions and then defeating a forceful effort to recall him, announced on Monday that he is running for president as a Washington outsider whose taste for big fights would lead to a smaller federal government.

All those words in italics are an apt reflection of the potential of this week’s planetary patterns. They also reflect patterns in Scott Walker’s horoscope, which I first wrote about in early 2011. 

Also reflecting this week’s planetary patterns: the announcement that a “deal” has been reached so that Greece can have a bunch of money and still stay in the EEU. It happened in a “breakthrough” negotiating session early this morning. Speaking of breakthroughs, we’ve just had a significant pattern suggesting breakthroughs in the form of last night’s challenge between the Sun and innovative Uranus.

OK, so what kind of deal is it? “Draconian…harsh…vindictive” are some of the words being bandied about. And not only that, notes the linked article above:

In order to get these desperately needed funds, the radical left government of Alexis Tsipras had to submit to draconian economic reforms that the Greek people had rejected in a referendum barely a week before.

Enjoy today’s dreaminess. We’re off to the start of a volatile week.

On a lighter note…

Add the surprising jolt of Sunday’s Sun-Uranus square to this week’s focus on Mars-Pluto (explosive, news from underground), and it’s fun to see this item about  scientists who were looking for lobster larvae and instead found “Huge and Ancient Volcanoes Discovered Off the Coast of Sydney”.

For another jolt — but hopefully one that will make you smile — check out this video that first launched on Valentines’ Day, on a Venus- Mars meet-up in boundary-dissolving Pisces. It was making the rounds on the internet again on Sunday. Love, love, love…though my money says Scott Walker would hate it.

Last, but hardly least, if you are enjoying these forecasts and wondering what’s going on in your own unique horoscope, I invite you to wonder no more! Schedule a personal consultation and we will have an enlightening and Really Super Useful conversation about who you are and where you are likely heading.  I also invite you to support my efforts to keep you up-to-date on planetary patterns, improve your timing and better understand why things are happening in the world. How? By sharing this forecast with your friends. If you would also like to express your appreciation by making a donation, you would really make my day.

Oh — almost forgot — your Moon voids for the week: Monday 11:31PM ET until Tuesday 2:14AM ET and Thursday 7:24AM until 10:15AM ET. We’re not due for a lengthy Moon void during business hours until the 23rd, which will make some people very happy. If you are new to the forecast (welcome!) and unfamiliar with these natural cosmic rest periods, here’s a full explanation.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/12/2014: Still More Power Plays

Mind the Cancer Moon void between 4:16AM ET and 1:44PM ET. That’s your excuse should you encounter any twists or flakes in your morning routine. Chill out and focus on routine tasks if you can; don’t turn a molehill of a crisis into a mountain.

Once the Moon enters Leo, a regal sense of play and a need to shine shifts the energy of the rest of the day.  If you’ve been thinking seriously about a relationship or business alliance, an advance forward may manifest, as we get closer to a meet-up between Venus (money, love, art, women) and Saturn (discipline, structure, business) at 8:02PM ET. Minutes later, at 8:29PM ET, warrior Mars clashes with rebel Uranus and adds a surprising upset or revelation to the night.

And now, the news.

The power plays and revelations suggested by action hero Mars engaging with the Uranus-Pluto square keep on coming. This just in from Beijing:  after months of secret negotiations, the U.S. and China have reached an agreement to actually get serious about reducing carbon emissions. Of course, Mars is also the warrior, and when supercharged by technogeek Uranus, it’s no surprise to see a front-page item about “smart” missiles that apparently can choose their targets without input from humans. A more positive application of this innovative potential that can be found in another front-page item, happening right now, is the Rosetta spacecraft’s effort to land on a comet — 37 million miles from Earth.

Other power plays and revelations include the Supreme Court’s decision, announced on Friday, to hear a case that could strip the word “Affordable” out of the Affordable Care Act — in 36 states. Is one of those states yours? Meanwhile, in the world of law enforcement, a practice known as “civil asset forfeiture” made headlines. What motivates some law enforcement officers to seize private property suspected of being used in a crime — even if the property owner hasn’t been convicted or even charged? The findings are disturbing.

Throw in yesterday’s alignment between Mercury and Neptune, and matters of faith and other intangibles pull focus. In Salt Lake City, the Mormon church finally admitted that its founder, Joseph Smith, had 40 wives, after 200 years of apparently insisting that he was monogamous. In Baltimore, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is “struggling” to adapt to the changes brought about by the revolutionary Pope Francis.

Add today’s meet-up between Venus (women, money, art) and Saturn (structure, business, wet blanket) to the mix, and pop superstar Taylor Swift makes headlines over her hardnosed decision to pull her entire body of work off of the music streaming service Spotify, claiming that the royalties Spotify offers artists are too lean and mean.

Following up on yesterday’s item about Senator Ted Cruz’s Tweet comparing net neutrality to Obamacare, the Oatmeal has put together a whimsical rebuttal filled with helpful facts for those who aren’t sure what net neutrality actually is and what it means to you.

I’m still looking for a good projector and would love to trade the one sitting in your closet that you never use for astrology services. Drop me a line if we can make a win-win deal.

If you’re interested in booking a personal astro-logical consultation and want to take advantage of the Mercury retrograde incentive, please contact me today. Going once…going twice….

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/10/2014: Sneak Peek at a Blockbuster Week

Good Morning!

Lots of potential this week. Are you ready? As of 3:38AM ET, Moon entered watery Cancer, seeking security in family, nurturing and other home/homeland concerns. Note your inspirations in the early part of the day, as the Moon is in harmony with mental Mercury and visionary Neptune. At 6:03PM ET, warrior Mars aligns with potent and/or ruthless Pluto, suggesting a significant power play that may be especially volatile or explosive. On the plus side, this pattern may be reflected as much-needed push through a roadblock.

The Cancer Moon’s need for emotional security may be rattled in the wee hours on Tuesday as it makes its weekly clash with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square, and suffers a aggressive challenge from Mars. Attention is advised behind the wheel and in the handling of any sharp objects, including the tongue. With passions running high, tensions can easily escalate. You may feel the power surge more personally if you have a planet or an angle around 12 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Your mission is to channel the surge productively.

Dust settles after 5AM ET on Tuesday, and as the day progresses, a sense of inspired balance is suggested, courtesy of a lovely connection between Mercury and Neptune. On Wednesday, Moon will be void between 4:16AM ET and 1:44PM ET; that’s the time to chill out and focus on routine business matters. Once the Moon enters Leo, a serious focus on relationship is suggested by a meet-up between Venus (money, love, art, women) and Saturn (discipline, structure, business) at 8:02PM ET. Minutes later, at 8:29PM ET, warrior Mars clashes with rebel Uranus and adds a element of surprising upset to the night.

On Thursday, the Leo Moon continues to seek outlets to play and shine dramatically, bolstered by an optimistic (or bombastic) contact between the Sun and Jupiter. Jovial expansion or wretched excess? Those with planets or angles around 21 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius may be feeling the push to think big.

You may learn if a New Moon project has legs on Friday’s Third Quarter Moon.  Over the weekend, the Moon in Virgo offers an opportunity to sort, refine and assimilate the outbursts and advances made this week, with a serious and streamlined focus due next Tuesday as the Sun makes its annual meet-up with taskmaster Saturn in Scorpio.

And now, the news.

But first, a barter offer. I plan to be doing more teaching and workshops in 2015, and I need to be technologically self-sufficient. If you have a good projector that you’re not using and you’d like to trade it for one or two astro-logical consultations, I would love to hear from you. Here’s an example of a good projector.

OK, now the news.

Over the weekend Venus was squared by expansive Jupiter. Did you know that in medical astrology, Venus rules the thyroid? How fascinating, then, to note the astonishing surge in the number of thyroid cancers diagnosed in recent years, along with evidence that aggressive treatment of this presumed health threat may be wretchedly excessive — and utterly unnecessary.

Meanwhile, did you also know that in medical astrology, Mars rules the head? Mars also refers to war, combat and other physical acts of aggression and violence. With Mars now in Capricorn, intensely empowered by Pluto and Uranus, the New York Times’ Sunday Magazine cover story was this: “How One Lawyer’s Crusade (Uranus in Aries) Could Change Football Forever (Pluto in Capricorn)“.  How? By publicizing the fact, documented by evidence, that the concussions many professional football players experienced on the field led to serious brain damage. And by filing a class action suit against the NFL.

Mars also refers to guns and assassins, and I found it interesting to note this headline about another Navy SEAL claiming credit for the death of Osama Bin Laden, so now it is a matter of debate. But Fox “News” will be airing a documentary about the SEAL this week, perfectly reflecting planetary patterns!  Elsewhere, the headlines have more than the usual “if it bleeds, it leads” stories, as anticipated. Be careful out there.

Meanwhile, in the wake of last week’s illuminating Full Moon, Rolling Stone published investigative reporter Matt Taibbi’s latest page turner. Who remembers that one of the Sabian Symbols of the Full Moon referred to a “muffled voice”? Taibbi’s piece concerns Alayne Fleischmann, a securities lawyer at JP Morgan Chase who presented damning evidence of alleged criminal wrongdoing by senior executives at that bank in the years leading up to the financial crisis of 2008. Yet somehow, no criminal charges have been filed, despite a massive — as in — $9 billion fine paid as a “settlement”.

As reported in this forecast, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon personally called US Attorney General Eric Holder on a Pluto-Mars transit which suggested extraordinary effort and persuasion. So let’s see…Eric Holder resigns before the mid-term elections…and then Matt Taibbi’s article, in which a previously “muffled voice” speaks, is published. Coincidence or conspiracy?

To be continued…

…and just a reminder, if you are interested in booking a personal consultation, my special Mercury retrograde incentive for new clients (and gift certificates — the holidays are almost here!) — ends on November 12th. Here’s the 411.


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 11/6/2013: Heavy People Wearing Rose-Colored Glasses

The heavy focus of the annual conjunction between stern Saturn and the Sun (life force) gets the day rolling at 7:01AM ET. You’ll feel this more personally if you were born 14-15 days into the signs of Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus and Leo….or if you have a planet or angle around 14 degrees of those signs. Potentials of this transit include feeling restricted, controlled and/or a need to streamline. Some may find this transit grounding, facilitating an ambitious reach.

Meanwhile, the opinionated, horizon-expanding Sagittarius Moon is anything but focused. It’s been void of course — wandering aimlessly —  since 11:48AM ET yesterday….but when it finally engages in Capricorn at 4:44PM ET today, I’m thinking you’ll feel a need to take action. And what actions are taken could be rather rosy, in spite of the heaviness of the Sun-Saturn hook-up. Nebulous Neptune will be pulling focus over the next few days, aligning pleasantly with mental Mercury and Venus. Idealistic? Yes — but also lovely patterns for artists, visionaries, romantics and healers. The down side? A potential overindulgence in mind-altering chemicals and other flights of absolute fantasy, if you know what I mean.  Otherwise, dreamy.

In the news, it’s no surprise Chris Christie coasted to victory yesterday, keeping his job as governor of New Jersey. As noted in a post from last year (third paragraph from the bottom), Christie’s Mars and Mercury continue to be supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square, suggesting exceptionally persuasive efforts in action and communication into 2014 (regardless of his vulnerability to foot-in-mouth disease). Special bonus: if you do read the post in the link above, you’ll find a write up of what we can expect when Venus engages with the Uranus-Pluto square on November 14th and 15th.

Oh the drifting energy of the void void void…I’m just going to stop right here…to be continued…


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 6/8/2012 & A Perfectly Lovely Weekend

Ahhhhh…a sigh of relief, as the edge is finally softened after a week of challenging connections among the planets. Today we’ve got Moon — which refers to the reigning need of the day — still in humanitarian, rebel-with-a-cause Aquarius. The need is to be socially significant, and it is aided and abetted by lovely connections from loving Venus and the Sun. Add to this mix an inspired connection between mental Mercury and ethereal Neptune at 9:50PM ET, and you have a Friday night that’s ripe for something sublime.

An exuberant connection between expansive Jupiter and the Moon hits at 2:33PM ET on Saturday (watch for indulgent purchases or consumption), keeping spirits lifted. Moon enters Pisces less than an hour later, at 3:22PM ET, supporting the inspired/sublime Mercury-Neptune connection left over from Friday. Plan a suitable rose-colored escape.

Sunday brings us more “go with the flow” Moon-in-Pisces energy…and no cranky aspects to the planets whatsoever…at least among those closest to Earth. We’ll talk again about the hum of the approaching challenge between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto (exact June 24th) some other time. Yes, this powerful pattern has been reflected in the headlines for months, especially in stories of upheaval, corruption and power struggles — and it will continue to do so.  For now, enjoy the relative peace and quiet in the heavens. Ahhhhh…..

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/18/2010

Creative, inspirational, mystical, healing, transcendental…or bewildering, delusional, escapist, martyred? What will you encounter this week when a Neptunian fog rolls in? Looking at all the action from Neptune this week makes me think of movie CATFISH, which I saw over the weekend. Angela, one of the key players in the movie, seems to be an extraordinary expression of Neptunian energy (see first sentence of this paragraph). I don’t know when Angela was born (CATFISH is a documentary), but I would bet Neptune is very strong in her chart — and she embodies the very best and the very worst possible manifestations of Neptune in our daily lives. CATFISH is not a perfect film, but it’s one of those experiences that likely will stay with you after you leave the theater.

Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. Tangible boundaries vanish into the ether. Under the influence of a strong Neptune transit, we can sometimes feel lost or untethered. Making commitments becomes quite a challenge; going with the flow is often preferable (read the forecast for 10/13/2010 to see if you’re having a Neptune transit to your Sun Sign).When Neptune entered the mental, humanitarian, technology-oriented sign of Aquarius back in 1998, joining revolutionary Uranus, which had entered its home sign in 1995, I thought to myself, “the catch phrase for the next fifteen years is going to be ‘we are all connected'”. Unlike internet, cell phone and GPS tech pioneers like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, however, I never thought much about how to make a fortune exploiting that deductive intuition. We have one more year of Neptune in Aquarius — then we’ll be on to a new catch phrase — stay tuned for updates.

Today Moon is in the watery sign of Pisces, where it needs to work with the intangible: music, spirit, feeling, art. As I type this Mercury (mind, communication, travel) is approaching a lovely connection to — Neptune, which happens to rule Pisces. And Tuesday, the Sun will make that same easy connection. Look for sublime inspiration — in art, music and spirit today, including the spirit of service, faith, hope and charity — that’s the plus side. Even waspish Venus retrograde in Scorpio can be softened under these Neptunian vibes. On the downside — there’s the potential for delusional spin — lies, lies and more lies — watch the headlines, listen to the political debates oh-so-carefully and rely on your own efforts to double check the facts — the media, alas, is likely to be part of the spin.