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-- D.H.

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Monday 8/12/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Aquarius

Arise, go forth and make it happen. Jupiter, planet of expansion, is finally moving forward — pushing boundaries in Sagittarius, the sign it rules. A Capricorn Moon drives the day, starting with a heavy focus around 5:53 AM ET (Moon meets Saturn), followed by a dreamy lunch (Moon harmonizes with Neptune at 11:59 AM ET), ending on a catharis or power play (Moon meets Pluto at 6:11 PM ET). Chill after hours, as the Cap Moon immediately goes void, not to enter Aquarius until TUESDAY at 11:35 AM ET. During the void, roll with the twists and flakes that may disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Remember that crises and worries which crop up during Moon voids are usually much ado about nothing. Stick to routine concerns — and do not worry if you oversleep the next day.

The rest of the week goes like this:

  • TUESDAY — the day officially gets into gear when Moon enters Aquarius at 11:35 AM ET. It cruises through the day without much input from other planets, save for an opposition to Mercury in regal Leo at 4:33 PM ET. Mercury refers to how we need to think; in Leo, the thoughts may be more like pronouncements. An Aquarius Moon — with its focus on innovation and all of humanity — may force an illuminating challenge. Sunny idealism is in the air, as a meet-up between  the Sun (leaders, willpower) and Venus (women, art, money, social expression) suggests optimism that may be worth its weight in gold. If you have a planet around 20 degrees of Leo pick up a couple of lottery tickets and let me know what happens. This is a research project, mind you  — not a guarantee.
  • WEDNESDAYMoon makes its weekly clash with rebel Uranus, reflected by a disruption of the status quo around 1 AM ET. at 2:07 AM ET, the Sun-Venus meet-up will be exact? Did you win anything? Caveat regarding planets that get too close to the Sun: they can’t be clearly seen against that bright light; hence the potential for idealism. Meanwhile, emotions are likely running high, as on…
  • THURSDAY — at 8:29 AM ET, the royal Leo Sun is challenged by the Moon in “we the People” Aquarius.  Happy Full Moon! The Sabian Symbols offer clues to form and content of a likely illumination and release.  For the Sun “a bareback rider; for the Moon “a big bear sitting down and waving all its paws.” “Bear” and “bare” in the opposing Symbols…how did Elsie Wheeler (the intuitive who downloaded the Sabian Symbols) manage to do that? I don’t know, but this bare-bear pair suggests a powerful surge of creativity that may be harnessed, if you stay centered and seated on a bumpy ride. Blain Bovee writes that we should apply this pair “with a mind to attempting to bring grace to raw power; bring beauty to beast; rein in animal nature through practice and training.” Know what else Bovee says? He notes that Chiron, the wounded healer, was not only the first centaur (an immortal bareback horse and rider), but that “the wild race of centaurs was known only for their rude lust for women and wine: immature, below-the-belt instincts causing harm.” Well, whoaaaaaaa Nellie. Do you think we’ll be seeing any of that in this week’s headlines? More in a minute. Moon goes void at 9:02 PM ET and enters Pisces at 11:49 PM ET.
  • THURSDAY — Also note that Mercury officially comes out of its shadow period. It’s at 4 degrees of Leo, which is where it was when it turned retrograde on July 7th. See if any communications that were hot back then get a bump forward today. The Messenger Planet is abuzz this week as it prepares to square Uranus on…
  • FRIDAY — at 1:06 PM ET. The tension between Mercury and Uranus suggests shocking communications involving technology and transportation, especially aviation. Countering the disruptive buzz is the Pisces Moon, which seeks to simply go with the flow…and flow it may well do all day, as it travels without much interference.
  • SATURDAY — More Moon in Pisces flow, which may be especially dreamy or foggy around 12:09 PM ET, when Moon meets up with Neptune. Chill after 6:34 PM ET, when the Moon goes void…and feel free to sleep in (but not shop) until…
  • SUNDAY — when the Moon charges into Aries at 12:33 PM ET. There are no exact planetary aspects on this day, but Mars — planet of action — will exit Leo and enter Virgo at 1:19 AM ET, Mars in Virgo needs to execute its action plan with detailed precision. Soon we’ll have even more details when Sun and Venus enter Virgo next week.

And now, the news…brought to you by:

  • Jupiter in Sagittarius turning direct: BIG, publishing, education, collective beliefs/opinions, boundary-pushing, travel, sports
  • Uranus in Taurus turning retrograde: SHOCK, revolutions, nuclear, seismic, innovation, bizarre, unique, technology….against the backdrop of…
  • Saturn conjunct Plute-South Node in Capricorn: authoritarianism/control in matters of the PTB; anguish
  • Neptune in Pisces square Jupiter: refugees, victims, religion/faith, vision, dreams, drugs — BIGtime


Meanwhile, we had the big shock of Jeffrey Epstein’s reported suicide in a NY federal jail cell, just hours after the release of unsealed court documents naming names one of Epstein’s accusers says she was  forced to have sex with, including “many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known Prime Minister, and other world leaders.”   How the death of this man — who is believed by many to have serious compromat on scores of aforementioned powerful men — was allowed to happen simply boggles the mind. And yet, this bizarre, scandalous and mysterious “wipeout” does reflect the potential of planetary patterns in Epstein’s horoscope.

We don’t have a birth time for Epstein; all we have is January 20, 1953 in Coney Island. Could be a Capricorn or an Aquarius — but definitely driven by the Moon in me-me-me-first Aries. Epstein’s exact Venus-Mars conjunction in Pisces dissolves boundaries in relationships and can suggest an element of victimization. That conjunction has transiting Neptune sittting right on top of it, further adding to the potential for scandal, fog, victimhood, martyrdom or escape. Epstein may no longer have a body, but his horoscope is still very much alive — and over the next few years his “life events” may be aptly described as surreal, streamlined and anguished in the extreme.

Why are these scandals of rich and powerful men — of all political persuasions, thank you very much — victimizing women (allegedly with assistance from at least one gender-betrayer) happening NOW? Avid Readers will recall the opportunity to heal “toxic masculinity” suggested by Chiron’s ingress into Aries in March. I tip my hat again to astrologer Eric Francis, who pointed out that Chiron is meeting up  (as I type) with a planet called Salacia (think of the word “salacious”). This planet was  discovered at the Aries Point a couple of years ago — and Franics opined that we’d be in the throes of a major major scandal in September, when that Chiron-Salacia conjunction is exact. Indeed. You can read Francis’s post about it here — Salacia is at the bottom. And you can listen to me talk about Chiron in Aries here. Astrology. Is. Amazing.

Meanwhile, I was fascinated by this WaPo interview with Steven Hoffenberg, who spent 18 years in prison for partnering with Epstein in a Ponzi scheme. So why wasn’t Epstein held accountable for that? As I said, the interview is fascinating, and an astrologer trying to divine a birth time for Epstein would do well to pay close attention to the words his former close associate uses to describe him.

Finally, an UPDATE on Anthony Scaramucci. Seems like it was only yesterday that he was appointed White House Communication Director — a post he clung to for exactly eleven outrageous days. It wasn’t yesterday– it was two years ago — and I found that reassuring, Because time really does fly, and it won’t be long before we can’t believe it’s been X number of years since an alleged malignant narcissist with possible dementia occupied the Oval Office.

In any event, Scaramucci was once P45’s biggest fan — but not anymore. Now he says P45’s “racism and bullying are bad for the country”, and the GOP should run another candidate. What could possibly have happened to reflect Scaramucci’s change of heart? And why is he all over the news NOW? Well, we have his horoscope — with an approximated birth time. And the publicity is reflecting transiting Jupiter sitting right on top of his natal Pluto (expansion of power and resources). Meanwhile, transiting Saturn is sitting right on top of his 15 degree Capricorn Sun — and squaring his people-pleasing Libra Moon AND his me-me-me-fall-down-stairs-because-it’s-faster-than-walking Aries Ascendant. Translation:  a sobering reality check and/or an ambitious advance.  Coincidence or conspiracy?

Thank you for reading this forecast, which I am pleased to present as an historical record and public service. May these astrological insights infuse the news with new meaning and understanding. If they do, please let me know.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 8/17-18/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Get to Work!

Allllllll-righty then!

The work week begins with the Moon still in perfection-seeking Virgo, supporting your efforts to sort, analyze, organize and prioritize your to-do list. At 1:16PM ET, Moon goes void on a supportive connection with taskmaster Saturn, helping you consolidate your plans. What is a void-of-course Moon? Details are here. In today’s case, the Moon makes contact with Saturn and then drifts through Virgo without making contact with another planet. Then Moon enters Libra at 4:23PM ET, officially engaging in the new gear suggested by the new sign — and thus ending the void.

It’s good to know when the Moon is void. You’re less likely to be thrown off kilter by any delays, twists or other “crises” that may crop up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Voids are good for chilling out and taking care of routine matters. Once the Moon enters Libra, see if you notice a more engaged focus, especially in the areas of diplomacy, cerebral debate, balance and fairness in relationships.  These are Libra concerns, and you may see them on your plate through Wednesday.

The only other Moon void during the work week begins on Wednesday at 10:56PM ET and ends at 5:24AM ET on Thursday. Plant those New Moon seeds!

Tomorrow (Tuesday), the morning is energized by an easy alignment between Moon and Mars.  This is a helpful alignment that may effectively channel the dramatic action potential of Mars in Leo, which has been running wild in the cosmos for the past few days. Mars in Leo can be explosive, fiery and dramatic,  “getting away with murder” and putting on quite a show. Around 7:30PM ET on Tuesday, note the potential for a power play or emotional catharsis, as the Moon is challenged by Pluto.

We have two patterns of note this week.  On Wednesday at 12:44PM ET, Venus (women, art, money, social expression) will trine Uranus. A trine is an easy connection between two planets. Uranus refers to friendship and that which is unconventional, innovative, humanitarian and independent — perhaps a little rebellious. Here’s a story reflecting Venus and Uranus, along with the idealized queenly potential of the weekend’s meet-up between Venus and the Sun — both in Leo (the king/queen): “The Village Where Men Are Banned”. As for the reasons why these women have established their own community, they are symbolized by Saturn at the end of its trek through Scorpio. Saturn leaves Scorpio on September 18th, hopefully driving people who think that 1o-year-old rape victims should be forced to give birth (as one did in Paraguay over the weekend), off the front page.

The other pattern of note is a square between Saturn (limits, structure, controls) and the life-giving Leo Sun. Here are some headlines from a prior Sun-Saturn square in 2014. Here’s a bit about Huma Abedin (who has a heavy Sun-Saturn pattern in her horoscope), and what happened in her life when Saturn made contact with her Sun by transit in 2013.

Finally — here’s an interesting piece reflecting the expansion of focus on work routines suggested by Jupiter’s recent ingress into Virgo: “Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas Inside a Bruising Workplace”. Shades of this week’s heavy, work-work-work Sun-Saturn square here, too. Would you be surprised to learn that the horoscope of the United States has a Sun-Saturn square?

Meanwhile, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has already responded to the unflattering expose. Here is his horoscope. You can see his all-business Capricorn Sun about to be disrupted by the break-out potential of transiting Uranus next year. A push for even greater independence and innovation would not be surprising. We also see the potential for a tight, disciplined and controlling social expression, suggested by Saturn and Venus together in his natal chart. In Aquarius, we can appreciate why he would need to be all things to all people. Venus in Aquarius needs to be everyone’s best friend — and they often are.

We do not have a birth time for Mr. Bezos, so we do not know his Ascendant, nor do we know for sure if his Moon is in high-flying Sagittarius or “make it happen” Capricorn. I’d have to do more research on his life, etc., etc. And why would I do that when I could spend time analyzing your horoscope, hmmm? If you have an important transit coming up, it will be helpful to know about it. Although if a friend of Mr. Bezos did happen to send him this forecast and he requested a personal consultation, I would be most happy to oblige….

Thank you for reading this forecast. It thrills me to no end that you are sharing it with your friends.