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Monday 1/9/2017: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mercury Direct; Meryl Streep, Right on Schedule

Good morning!

Note your dreams this AM, as the info-junkie Gemini Moon is challenged by visionary Neptune at 9:09 AM ET. Neptune aspects can be fuzzy, and combined with Mercury’s move forward Sunday in sloppy (but righteous) Sagittarius, you may need to take it slow. A day with Moon in Gemini suggests a need to be the smartest kid in the room; to chat up a storm; to seek out the facts — but still…

Not that the electrifying and rebellious buzz generated by Uranus making a hard contact with the Sun on TUESDAY at 11:21 AM ET is inclined to be patient. Combine that with the rising emotions reflecting the Moon waxing to its fullness (on THURSDAY). Add the yuge potential for expansive and empowered action suggested by WEDNESDAY’s challenge between the Sun and bigly Jupiter, along with a harmony between Mars (action) and Pluto (power). Color it prominently rose, suggested by a meet-up between Venus and Neptune on THURSDAY, along with Mercury — now direct — at the Aries Point.

Bottom line: the rush to act rebelliously is supported; however, chances are good that the action plan needs a re-think. We’ll see if it gets one.

The Gemini Moon goes void on TUESDAY between 4:38 PM ET and 5:49 PM ET — you might not even notice. On THURSDAY, however, the Cancer Full Moon goes void at 6:34 AM ET…not to enter Leo — the next sign — until 7:08 PM ET. That’s a heads up to focus on routine concerns and not make a mountain out of a molehill. And no impulse shopping, if you please. Roll with whatever twists and flakes may crop up in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. If you oversleep, don’t worry — you probably did not miss anything of consequence. Chill!

That’s the overview of planetary pattern for this week.

And now, the news.

On a day with Mercury turning direct in Sagittarius — a sign not known for its attention to detail — we could expect a few glitches in print. Even a newspaper like  The Guardian — usually a reliable source — can screw up. “Barack Obama says Donald Trump may have ‘enough craziness’ to be president,” is the headline that’s been on its home page all day — and that’s not what President Obama said at all. Which you’d find out if you read the first paragraph of the article:

Barack Obama thinks Donald Trump is “very engaging and gregarious” and “not lacking in confidence”, to the point where he may have “enough craziness to think [he] can do the job”.

Yuge difference there — right? C’mon, Guardian proofreaders! Stay focused and pay attention to planetary patterns!

Meanwhile, a newspaper in Germany has taken pains to dispute an utterly false story reported by Breitbart. No, hundreds of Muslims did not set fire to an historic church on New Year’s Eve.  And if these fake news stories tick you off, the NYT offers this empowering piece: “How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News.”  More effective than signing your name to a petition — go for it!

Last Monday, the top story was the secret vote taken by members of the Republican Congress to hobble the Office of Congressional Ethics. Ordinary voters  were given credit for helping to save it by flooding the offices of Congressional members with phone calls — depending on where you get your news. Over the weekend, ethics was again a hot topic. Why? Because there are at least nine Senate confirmation hearings scheduled to begin this week — for incoming Cabinet nominees who have not yet been cleared by the Office of  Government Ethics: “Ethics Office Warns Confirmations for Trump Nominees Are Moving Too Fast.”

Let the record show that House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell clearly outlined his expectations for how Cabinet nominees were to be vetted and confirmed — in a letter to Harry Reid dated February 12, 2009. This is one of two must-sees in today’s forecast. His response to Democrats demanding the same standards now: “Grow up.”   If you’d like to contact Senator McConnell and remind him of the courageous letter he wrote back in 2009, here’s how to contact him. You’ll also find contact info for all members of the Senate. Phone calls are more effective than emails.

UPDATE: Meryl Streep, whose horoscope I ve been following for several years. She and Elizabeth Warren are astrotwins — born on the same day and year — at the beginning of Cancer, suggesting an essential being focused on caring and emotional/home (land) security. Their Suns are conjoined with Uranus, a planet symbolizing rebellion and lightning bolt clarity. They are both born to be prominent — as fiercely humanitarian individualists, daring to buck the system. Their Moons are in Taurus, also seeking comfort and stability — but in a material form. They need to build something tangible out of all that caring energy. You can feel that, right? As if they are cut from the same cloth. They are!

Two years ago I wrote about Ms. Streep’s horoscope and noted the strong potential for significant recognition right about now, given that transiting Pluto is squaring her Midheaven.  Action to the Midheaven suggests action in matters  of reputation and professional status. Pluto suggests fame and empowerment, and it will hit Ms. Streep’s MC three times in 2017. 

Last night, with transiting Mercury (communication) at the Aries Point, thus making contact with her Sun and Uranus conjunction, Ms. Streep was awarded the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes. Her acceptance speech is the other must-see item in this forecast. It lit up social media and brought many listening to tears.

Astrology is amazing. Want to know when you’re likely to win an award — and/or otherwise rock the world? Consult your local astrologer. Here’s the 411 on consultations. Together we will plan a strategy for this New Year. 

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 12/30-31/2013: Persuasive Action

Ready for a break? The high-flying Sagittarius Moon goes void-of course with a long sigh at 6:36AM ET, not to enter the next sign — Capricorn — until 1:01PM ET on Tuesday. Trying to move forward in a straight line during Moon voids can feel like you’re herding an infinite number of cats. Go with the flow of whatever twists and delays crops up, and remember that crises — including panic attacks — that manifest are often much ado about nothing. Example: in my other life in TV news, I can’t tell you how many times a “urgent” deadline has suddenly pulled focus in a Moon void and then turned into a big “NEVER MIND” once the Moon got back into gear. So if you feel under the gun over the next two days, please maintain perspective and  chill, chill chill!

Given that we are the end of the lunar cycle, the wandering potential of the Moon void may be especially augmented by the listlessness or restlessness often felt in the dark side of the Moon. We sense the new cycle is coming, but we don’t know what it is. Clear your desk of projects started at the New Moon, and also consider letting go of these 20 things in preparation for the powerful New Moon in Capricorn that’s happening Wednesday at 6:14AM ET. We are starting the New Year off with a bang!

Today’s  Moon void should take some of the potentially forceful edge off the the potent challenge between aggressive Mars and ruthless Pluto (exact at 8:16PM ET), though I still expect to see some notable acts of violence (downside) and/or extraordinarily energetic efforts (upside) making headlines. Same goes for the intensely perspicacious hook-up between mental Mercury and Pluto happening Tuesday at 6:24AM ET, as well as the clash of will and mindset suggested by a challenge between Mercury and Mars a few hours later. Communications may be exceptionally persuasive and/or forceful — especially with Venus (social decorum) in full-blown retrograde mode through the end of January (interesting to see this op-ed piece on political bullies in Sunday NYT).

If you were born around the 1st of January, April, July and October…or if you have a planet or angle around 8-11 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you are more likely to feel the pressure to “make it or break it” continuing on for the next few days….for better or for worse; the choice is up to you.

At 1:01PM ET on Tuesday, Moon enters “make it happen” Capricorn, infusing the day with an earthy practicality. A soft connection between the Moon and rose-colored Neptune offers a dreamy spin to the “Auld Lang Syne” you’ll be singing at midnight.  Do be careful around the fireworks, as the Capricorn Moon makes contact with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square in the wee hours of the first day of 2014. Did I mention that the New Year might start off with a bang?

Last, but not least, some tech innovations on deck for 2014, as well as this piece about “brain-like” computers, brought to you by rocket scientist Uranus making contact with Mars, Mercury and the Sun all last week…enjoy!

Plan your strategy for the the New Year with a personal astro-logical consultation! Here’s how to contact me.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/25/2013: A Day of Compassion for Humanity

The Daily Astro-Logical forecast is a labor of love. Your  donation will make my day, and inspire me to keep writing — with gratitude.

With the Moon in Pisces, issues of compassion, suffering, intuition, redemption and intangibles likely pull focus. There’s a certain contemplative/investigative depth to the morning — at least here, on the East Coast — suggested by a supportive contact to the Moon from Pluto. By the time mental Mercury contacts the Moon at 2:43PM ET, you may have had an urge — or solid opportunity — to communicate your feelings and findings. After that…chill, chill, chill…as the Moon goes void for the rest of the day…not to enter the next sign, Aries — until 5:29PM ET on Friday. If you’re planning a long weekend, good for you. The rest of us will patiently deal with whatever twists and detours crop up — and we will be very mindful in matters related to transportation and communication. We’ll also be looking for beautiful escapes (see earlier posts this week about tomorrow’s rose-colored opposition between Venus and nebulous Neptune). We  may need them to offset the demands for discipline and/or streamlining demanded by a humorless authority. Closing arguments in the Bradley Manning trial (very serious) are due today; arrests of hackers who breached the servers of certain credit card companies coming; a hedge fund billionaire is indicted on charges of fraud in “an unusually aggressive move”.  And have you seen the budget cuts House Republicans have proposed? I’ll excerpt the NYT article (found in the prior link) here:

The Securities and Exchange Commission, which has been flexing its muscle against hedge fund managers and insider trading schemes, would see financing cut 18 percent from the current level. Though Mr. Obama will finally get a fully operational National Labor Relations Board under a Senate agreement that forced Republicans to drop their filibuster of his three board nominees, House lawmakers are slashing spending on the board’s operations.

Under other House legislation, the budget for the Internal Revenue Service would be cut by 24 percent, Amtrak would lose a third of its financing, and clean water grants from the Environmental Protection Agency would be slashed by 83 percent.

So perhaps you can understand why I have been so reluctant to dive into some of the recent headlines about the battle for control of precious resources going on now — and the wake-up call to the 99% — necessarily reflected by the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square —  of just how much of everything is not in their hot little hands.  I’m distracted by a need for a Venus-Neptune rose-colored escape, too. However, there is one must-read article I am compelled to share about resources. Over the weekend, the NYT reported how big banks are reaping huge profits by driving up the price of aluminum…and also how three of these banks allegedly now control 80%…that’s right EIGHTY PERCENT of the world’s supply of copper.  The irony of some of this financial finagling happening in bankrupt Detroit shall not be lost upon us. The Times article did spark a Senate hearing this week and reportedly some regulators are mulling it all over.

In other news, there is Huma Abedin, the wife of NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Despite brand new dirt alleging that Mr. Weiner continued his habit of sexting women who were not his wife after he promised everyone he would stop, Ms. Abedin is standing by her man. What in the world could be going on in her horoscope? I could not confirm my suspicions without at least a birthday, which — at the time — could not be found on her Wikipedia biography (an article published yesterday finally disclosed it). But it was possible to speculate, based on what we know is going on in her life, and how she is perceived by others.   For the former,  1) do you think we could argue that she is facing a severe hardship, requiring great discipline , responsibility and commitment. What planet does that sound like, oh avid readers of this forecast?  2) Do you think that her belief in her husband would be described by many as idealistic?  What planet and/or planetary combination suggest strong idealism — a need to see things as more beautiful than they might be?  3) Ms. Abedin is quite mysterious, charismatic and magnetic.  What planets suggest those qualities? 4) She’s quite unconventional, too, isn’t she? What planet would we expect to find that reflects that quality?

If you thought of 1) Saturn; 2) Mercury-Venus or Mercury-Neptune; 3) Mars-Neptune and 4) Uranus, congratulations! According to an article published today, Ms. Abedin will be 37 on Sunday. 1)  She has Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo — that is one serious and disciplined combination. Currently, Saturn is squaring her Sun and Saturn, suggesting either a seriously hard knock and/or a reach for ambition. 2) She has Mercury conjunct Venus, both of which are in touch with Neptune. Idealism! 3) She has Mars square Neptune, usually found in the charts of charismatic entities who act on faith — or — who need to have their own version of the truth  (the U.S. has this aspect in its horoscope, too). 4) Her Sun is square Uranus — she needs to be unconventional, period, the end, goodbye.   Isn’t astrology amazing?

Now, in the spirit of today’s compassionate Pisces Moon that knows too well the suffering of all humanity, we will say no more about Huma Abedin. Take it away, Tammy Wynette