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I have been sitting with the incredible experience of your gift and knowledge and letting it sift down into my understanding and psyche. It was a powerful time for me. I told a friend, "she is the real deal." I don't say that very often!
--Diana S.
New York

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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/25/2013: A Day of Compassion for Humanity

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With the Moon in Pisces, issues of compassion, suffering, intuition, redemption and intangibles likely pull focus. There’s a certain contemplative/investigative depth to the morning — at least here, on the East Coast — suggested by a supportive contact to the Moon from Pluto. By the time mental Mercury contacts the Moon at 2:43PM ET, you may have had an urge — or solid opportunity — to communicate your feelings and findings. After that…chill, chill, chill…as the Moon goes void for the rest of the day…not to enter the next sign, Aries — until 5:29PM ET on Friday. If you’re planning a long weekend, good for you. The rest of us will patiently deal with whatever twists and detours crop up — and we will be very mindful in matters related to transportation and communication. We’ll also be looking for beautiful escapes (see earlier posts this week about tomorrow’s rose-colored opposition between Venus and nebulous Neptune). We  may need them to offset the demands for discipline and/or streamlining demanded by a humorless authority. Closing arguments in the Bradley Manning trial (very serious) are due today; arrests of hackers who breached the servers of certain credit card companies coming; a hedge fund billionaire is indicted on charges of fraud in “an unusually aggressive move”.  And have you seen the budget cuts House Republicans have proposed? I’ll excerpt the NYT article (found in the prior link) here:

The Securities and Exchange Commission, which has been flexing its muscle against hedge fund managers and insider trading schemes, would see financing cut 18 percent from the current level. Though Mr. Obama will finally get a fully operational National Labor Relations Board under a Senate agreement that forced Republicans to drop their filibuster of his three board nominees, House lawmakers are slashing spending on the board’s operations.

Under other House legislation, the budget for the Internal Revenue Service would be cut by 24 percent, Amtrak would lose a third of its financing, and clean water grants from the Environmental Protection Agency would be slashed by 83 percent.

So perhaps you can understand why I have been so reluctant to dive into some of the recent headlines about the battle for control of precious resources going on now — and the wake-up call to the 99% — necessarily reflected by the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square —  of just how much of everything is not in their hot little hands.  I’m distracted by a need for a Venus-Neptune rose-colored escape, too. However, there is one must-read article I am compelled to share about resources. Over the weekend, the NYT reported how big banks are reaping huge profits by driving up the price of aluminum…and also how three of these banks allegedly now control 80%…that’s right EIGHTY PERCENT of the world’s supply of copper.  The irony of some of this financial finagling happening in bankrupt Detroit shall not be lost upon us. The Times article did spark a Senate hearing this week and reportedly some regulators are mulling it all over.

In other news, there is Huma Abedin, the wife of NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner. Despite brand new dirt alleging that Mr. Weiner continued his habit of sexting women who were not his wife after he promised everyone he would stop, Ms. Abedin is standing by her man. What in the world could be going on in her horoscope? I could not confirm my suspicions without at least a birthday, which — at the time — could not be found on her Wikipedia biography (an article published yesterday finally disclosed it). But it was possible to speculate, based on what we know is going on in her life, and how she is perceived by others.   For the former,  1) do you think we could argue that she is facing a severe hardship, requiring great discipline , responsibility and commitment. What planet does that sound like, oh avid readers of this forecast?  2) Do you think that her belief in her husband would be described by many as idealistic?  What planet and/or planetary combination suggest strong idealism — a need to see things as more beautiful than they might be?  3) Ms. Abedin is quite mysterious, charismatic and magnetic.  What planets suggest those qualities? 4) She’s quite unconventional, too, isn’t she? What planet would we expect to find that reflects that quality?

If you thought of 1) Saturn; 2) Mercury-Venus or Mercury-Neptune; 3) Mars-Neptune and 4) Uranus, congratulations! According to an article published today, Ms. Abedin will be 37 on Sunday. 1)  She has Sun conjunct Saturn in Leo — that is one serious and disciplined combination. Currently, Saturn is squaring her Sun and Saturn, suggesting either a seriously hard knock and/or a reach for ambition. 2) She has Mercury conjunct Venus, both of which are in touch with Neptune. Idealism! 3) She has Mars square Neptune, usually found in the charts of charismatic entities who act on faith — or — who need to have their own version of the truth  (the U.S. has this aspect in its horoscope, too). 4) Her Sun is square Uranus — she needs to be unconventional, period, the end, goodbye.   Isn’t astrology amazing?

Now, in the spirit of today’s compassionate Pisces Moon that knows too well the suffering of all humanity, we will say no more about Huma Abedin. Take it away, Tammy Wynette

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 7/13 – Monday 7/16/2012: How to Handle Mercury Retrograde

A subtle shift this morning: freedom-loving Uranus turns retrograde 5:49AM ET, not to turn direct until December 14th. When a planet is retrograde, the energy it represents is best expressed by turning inward, instead of outward. When direct, Uranus tends to rebel against the status quo set by others. When retrograde, Uranus needs to set itself free from limits that are self-imposed. That is your subtle mission over the next few months, guided by the Sabian Symbol for 8 degrees of Aries: “a crystal gazer”.

Someone who looks into a crystal ball is intending to see a vision of the future. So what limits do you need to release internally in order to see that vision clearly — and have a real shot at making that vision come true?  Those born with planets between 3 and 10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be feeling the need for freedom more than most. Don’t know where your planets are? Consider booking a consultation with your local astrologer.

Friday is relatively quiet. The weekend begins early when Moon goes void of course at 3:46PM…not to enter Gemini until 8:26 AM ET on Saturday. Friday should be another great night for music and other charms to soothe a savage…beast, including a pair of rose-colored glasses.

That rosy outlook continues into Saturday, as Mercury and Venus make an idealistic connection at 6:42PM ET. That suggests a need to confirm what you hear, given that mental Mercury turns retrograde at 10:16PM ET. It turns direct on August 8th. What can we expect?

Mercury retrograde gets such a bad rap because we are geared, in this crazy modern age, to always be thinking, doing, moving FORWARD. Ya know what that gets you? BURN OUT. We need our down times, and Mercury retrogrades are a perfect time to sloooooooow down.  We see this reflected in the curious increase in gizmo crashes (computers and phones), communication and transportation delays and other snafus.  We may also find ourselves having to repeat what we’ve just said, running into people we haven’t seen in years and having to repeat what we’ve just said.

Getting through Mercury retrograde periods requires FOCUS and PATIENCE. During this time, avoid signing contracts, double check details a zillion times, avoid making major purchases (especially mechanical ones) and don’t believe everything you see in the headlines. With Mercury retrograde, chances are high that there’s more to the story. Gossip is to be avoided, too.

Do plan on RElaxing, REviewing, REsearching, REorganizing, REgenerating, REconnecting and REcreating. Clean out those closets. Organize those files. Get back in touch with people. Turn off your cell phone — or your computer — for a while. Take a trip — yes, really — or any break from your normal routine.  Is that why we so often see people going on strike during Mercury retrograde? When in doubt,  practice the art of SILENCE.

This Mercury retrograde kicks off at 12 degrees of Leo. The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “a old sea captain rocking”…and it’s a nice complement to “a crystal gazer”. Of the sea captain, my go-to Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee writes that we should keep in mind “maintaining poise while reading how the tides change; knowing what is coming by sensing the prevailing mood. Watch for forecasting trends…” in all areas of life. Hmmm…sounds like a time for FOCUS.

In Leo, Mercury retrograde suggests REviewing or REconnecting with our sense of play, passion and noble honor. Potential pitfalls are stubborn pride and/or delusions of grandeur. Watch the headlines. And look to see where 1 to 12 degrees of Leo falls in your horoscope, as that is the area where the influence of Mercury retrograde will be experienced in your own personal world.

Also influencing the weekend: stern Saturn challenging the Sun, exact at 12:14AM ET on Sunday. Watch the headlines as fearless leaders may need to make tough choices. The rest of Sunday is light and gabby…and if you’re taking a long weekend, lucky you. Because on Monday, Moon will be void of course from 6:56AM ET until 8:31PM ET — perfect for a day off.

Yesterday I shared a few headlines expressing the symbolism of Neptune in Pisces: drugs, deception, infections, oil, oceans. Not the most upbeat of topics, I know. So to make it up to you — here is Neptune referring to music, spirit and blissful communion. I guarantee it will make you smile — put on your rose-colored glasses, your dancing shoes and enjoy!


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/19/2012: Sun Sets in Capricorn

More of Moon in Sagittarius, the philosopher clown, needing to spout off on all subjects, even if a foot somehow ends up in its mouth. Contrast the energy of this Moon with the energy of stern Saturn in judgmental Libra, challenging the Sun in practical Capricorn to realize its ambition, come up with a balanced plan, fish or cut bait. Much can be gained today…but if someone throws a wet blanket on you, remember this forecast and find a productive channel for any frustration. And by 11:10AM ET on Friday, the Sun’s trek through Capricorn will be over, and we will be near the end of Capricorn lunar cycle, too. Whew! I hope it has been a productive month for all of you. New Moon in Aquarius will be on the 23rd.

Meanwhile, in the news, I detected a theme of intellectual property rights: efforts to contain and monetize what is essentially intangible. Yesterday we had Google and Wikipedia leading a protest against alleged efforts to regulate the internet. The protests succeeded in tabling the legislation for the foreseeable future I also noted a SCOTUS decision allowing that Congress may reinstate copyright protection to IP that had fallen into the public domain  Even at the office, discussions have been had about music publishing — why now?  What’s the pattern here? Then I noted this bit about efforts to control another intangible, Time (which, oddly enough, is ruled by Saturn, the most tangible of all planets — although it can be said that Time controls us all) And this: Eastman Kodak, which captured intangible images (Neptune) on tangible film has filed for bankruptcy (Saturn – restructuring). Ooh — and one more: bone (Saturn) loss (Neptune). Hmmmm….

In addition to Saturn (bones, authority, control) in Libra (judgment, arts) square Sun, we also see Saturn in a harmonious connection to Neptune (intangibles, wipeouts, inspiration, music, high arts) and in a challenging connection with Jupiter in Taurus (seeking reward in material comfort and security, while trying to keep things as they are). These are current planetary patterns reflected in the news of the day. And that’s how I make sense of what I read on the front page of the New York Times. Coincidence or conspiracy?


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/18/2012: Lemons Into Lemonade & Paula Deen’s Perfect Timing

A productive morning of inspired organization is yours to be had, suggested by a communicative connection between the Sun in practical Capricorn and the Moon in “knowledge is power, baby” Scorpio. And the earlier you start, the better. At 1:31PM  on the East Coast, nebulous Neptune challenges the Scorpio Moon, suggesting the potential for dreaminess or perhaps a bit of disorientation, especially since it promptly goes void of course until 2:29PM ET, when it moves into Sagittarius. Perfect timing for lunch on the East Coast; West Coasters — that could account for any strange twists that show up mid-morning.

Moon in Sagittarius will do its best to facilitate the expression of opinions all around the globe — gee — perhaps in the area of international publishing  — and definitely in your own personal world. Here’s the obvious headline scenario: Wikipedia and other websites going dark on the “knowledge is power” Scorpio Moon…followed by a zillion opinions on the proposed legislation that sparked the protest — and Wikipedia won’t be the only site down — as you may have already noticed  I’m already bummed out that I couldn’t go to wikipedia for the deets on Jon Huntsman’s bio and birth data, now that he’s out of the race.

Moon in Sagittarius is well-suited for any experience that broadens your mind and/or horizons. Take in a foreign film, a philosophical discussion or a walk in the woods. Use this optimistic lunar energy to balance any serious demands that land on your plate over the next few days as stern Saturn approaches its challenge to the Sun on Thursday. What could possibly happen?

Well, if you’re Paula Deen, you will be turning 64 on Thursday, January 19th, and that Saturn square is impacting you personally. What restriction and/or ambition might be on your plate? How about: you’ve just revealed to the world that you were diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes…three years ago…and you’ve just signed a presumably lucrative drug endorsement deal.  Looking at Deen’s horoscope, it is fascinating to note that Jupiter, a planet often associated with health issues involving the liver, the pancreas and diabetes is very active right now — but in ways that are generally seen to be positive! Two connections that stand out are a connection* between Uranus and Jupiter, suggesting the potential for a  “the big break; boundless optimism”, exact in September of 2011 and another between Jupiter and the Sun exact on January 14, 2012, suggesting “being rewarded, success; a great vacation”.  Isn’t that fascinating?

Moral of the story: Saturn has many constructive qualities, even though it can be restrictive and controlling. If Saturn offers you lemons — don’t freak out. Turn those lemons into a nice meringue pie, Southern style — and consult your local astrologer to see  how you can channel Saturn’s discipline into something really positive!


* for serious astrology buffs, we see SA Uranus = Jupiter in September 2011; SA Jupiter = Sun on January 14, 2012

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/17/2012: More Moon in Scorpio, Scott Walker & Feeling Hungary Again

The need to acquire knowledge for the sake of power and control continues today, with Moon in Scorpio aided and abetted by Mercury (mind, communication, travel) in a cooperatively placed in the practical sign of Capricorn. Last rose-colored glasses (courtesy of Neptune and Venus) have now been replaced by an approaching square (challenge) to the Sun by Mr. Reality Check, a.k.a. Saturn. Get real about what you’ve accomplished so far this year — and whatever pushes need to be made, do it this week, before Mars turns retrograde on January 23rd. After that we’ll be in a strategy session until April 13th, perfecting issues related to work, routine, organization, diet and discernment.

Yesterday I noted that the early morning hours were likely to be a bit restless, and I am hearing reports that I wasn’t the only one who woke up several during the night — which rarely ever happens. In other news, I see Hungary is once again making headlines, as predicted in this forecast on December 16th (check the archives) Hungary’s horoscope suggests continued upheaval in the area of resources (courtesy of rebel Uranus), and a ruthless squeeze for control, as transformational Pluto makes a mighty challenge to Saturn, planet of ambition and control. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, enough signatures have been reportedly gathered to ensure a recall — or a do-over — election intended to remove Scott Walker from the governor’s mansion,0,3781685.story?page=1 Regular readers have been kept abreast of planetary patterns in  Governor Walker’s horoscope since February 23rd (check the archives). As with Hungary, Walker is experiencing a ruthless squeeze from Pluto to his natal Saturn AND his natal Mars, suggesting “extreme force, brutality, persuasion, excessive effort” and “the threat of loss in any area of life; hard, hard work”. Click the link on the referenced articles for some examples of  “persuasion and extreme effort” as Walker pulls out all the stops to keep from losing his job this summer. Walker has Sun and Moon in Scorpio, that alone suggests he’s not going anywhere without a fight.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/16/2012: Of Dreams, Martin Luther King,Jr. and Mars Retrograde

A third challenge to your New Moon agenda may present itself today, even though you may not be at the office. It’s a holiday for most in the U.S., and the markets here are closed. Still, you can be energized by the 3rd Quarter Moon that pushes you up and at ’em this morning (the aspect is exact at 4:08AM ET).

Mixed messages at 10AM and 10:29AM ET — first from a serious connection to the people-pleasing Moon in Libra from disciplinarian Saturn, seeking to cut out the fat. More austerity is likely in store — and a challenge to leaders everywhere — when Saturn challenges the Sun on Thursday….but we’ll likely be feeling the influence all week. We’ll see how the European and Asian markets respond to all the downgrades issued on Friday

The second AM connection is a dreamy swoon between nebulous Neptune and that peace-seeking Moon in Libra (West Coasters note your dreams), followed by a Moon void until 11:33AM ET, suggesting a natural rest period and a slower than usual start to the day. At 11:33AM ET Moon enters moody bastard Scorpio, seeking knowledge for the sake of power and control…but lo! Today, the moody bastard Scorpio Moon is aspected by an enthusiastic and possible expensive connection from lucky Jupiter (1:34PM ET), and a delightful kiss from Venus at 5:05PM ET, which favors social connections of all kind. If you need to gather intelligence today, do it.Your target may actually play along and you can plumb some delightful depths….

Today we honor the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., who was actually born on January 15, 1929 at 11:21AM in Atlanta, GA. King was a Sun Sign Capricorn (the energy to make things happen in order to move forward), with Moon in Pisces, which needs to work with the collective soul and other intangibles…a dream, perhaps? Interesting to note that a child born today would have more than one pattern in the horoscope that is similar to King’s: Jupiter at the beginning of Taurus, which seeks the reward of material comfort and security; and rebel Uranus running wild at the beginning of the pioneering Aries. Also running wild: mental Mercury in humanitarian Aquarius and Venus, ruling social expression, in Pisces (echoing the Pisces Moon). Sounds like a recipe for a brilliant orator to me. Also noted in King’s horoscope: Jupiter is involved in a pattern that suggests tremendous self-sufficiency; and stern Saturn is challenging Mars in what could have been quite a militant, rigid approach…except that Mars is retrograde. King was wise to use this energy to advocate a peaceful approach. If you’re a regular reader of this forecast, you know that Mars will turning retrograde next week, suggesting a three-month long strategy session. Consider how MLK put a retrograde Mars to good use, and remember, as of January 23rd: No fights. No lawsuits. No wars! Got that?