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Monday 12/10/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Tree Story Update

Happy Monday!

The Moon in enterprising Capricorn continues to drive the day, as it has been doing since 7:01 AM ET on Saturday. How much business did you take care of — even around the house — over the weekend, hmm? Practical communication that is also innovative and/or disruptive is suggested in the afternoon, as Moon sextiles (harmonizes) with Mercury at 3:38 PM ET, followed by its weekly clash with rebel Uranus at 4:27 PM ET.  Chill during the ensuing two-hour Moon void and remember that crises which crop up during Moon voids are often much ado about nothing.

At 6:39 PM ET, Moon enters humanitarian Aquarius, looking for its new best buddy. It drives the bus until THURSDAY at 7:40 AM ET. Then Moon enters Pisces for the rest of the work week, seeking to work with ideals, impressions and empathy.

As noted in the last forecast, there are no exact aspects among the planets this week, except from the Moon. Uranus and Pluto are especially isolated from the other kids in the cosmos. What does that suggest? It suggests that issues symbolized by Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are running wild, including, but not limited to: self-driving cars, rebellion, news from underground, the PTB, corruption exposed, etc. I’m ready for anything. We’re working with New Moon energy, with every planet except Uranus moving full speed ahead, with no trippy Moon voids to space people out. Onward!

On WEDNESDAY at 6:43 PM ET, Mercury leaves Scorpio and re-enters Sagittarius. See if you notice the shift in the headlines, as thought and communication once again push the envelope with optimism, righteousness and sloppiness.

On SATURDAY at 6:49 AM ET we’ll have the First Quarter Moon between the high-flying Sag Sun and the empathetic Pisces Moon. This suggests a necessary adjustment to the New Moon agenda you set last week. Go with the Pisces Moon flow and roll with the twists and flakes, as the Moon will be void until 7:44 PM ET. Save the impulse shopping for SUNDAY, as purchases made during Moon voids often do not measure up to expectations.

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And now, the news — most all of which reflects the Alice in Wonderland potential of last week’s Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces; Sun square Neptune.

UPDATE: on John F. Kelly, the now soon-to-be-departing White House Chief of Staff. We discussed his horoscope a couple of times, here and here. Last year, Kelly’s Saturn was under the bewildering spell of transiting Neptune. The fog has now lifted. Not only that, but transiting Mars just opposed his Saturn, suggesting an encounter with a brick wall. Thus it has been announced that he will leave the White House by the end of the year. On December 20th, transiting Mars will oppose his natal Mars, suggesting action on his part or an attack. Perhaps he’ll skip out early.

UPDATE: on the Uranus-Neptune semi-square, which has been active since August 2017. Its purpose is to give us the chance to take a hard second look at the “we are all connected” potential of 1993’s Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn. Is Facebook really that great? Are we happier together with our faces perpetually glued to tiny screens that may well make us go blind? On the lighter side, fashionistas will recall that 1993 brought us goth and grunge. How totally cool to find this fashion supplement in today’s NYT: “Redux Grunge Collection 1993/2018 by Marc Jacobs”  And by “cool,” I’m referring to the apt timing. I’m not convinced the collection itself qualifies. What do you think?

UPDATE: on the maple trees in my courtyard, because many Avid Readers have asked. You are so awesome to ask about trees! I’m pleased to report that most were saved — but not without drama. After rallying a few dozen neighbors to petition our less-than-transparent co-op board, a landscaping committee was formed to steer the courtyard renovation project.  It took almost two months to get a written report from the arborist — the darn thing was supposed to be delivered to us by Labor Day. The report recommended taking out only a select few trees that had been declared dead or “compromised.”  Three saplings would be transplanted to more spacious accommodations in the courtyard.

It’s a good thing we formed a committee of Concerned Treehuggers. Why? Because as you may recall from my original post in August, a dozen trees in the courtyard were marked for destruction with red paint. The paint can’t be removed, because it might hurt the trees. Meanwhile, the landscaping crew was working without supervision. Apparently they did not understand the Actual Plan, which was to only cut down three trees.

A member of the landscaping committee just happens to live in an apartment overlooking the courtyard, and was working at home that day.  She watched the crew cut down a perfectly healthy tree. Fortunately she was able to reach the super and a board member, who ran outside just as the crew was preparing to chop down another tree — I kid you not. The landscaper will replace the tree that was cut down in error. Ya think?

The good news is that the way our building is managed is changing for the better. Residents are more involved, because we have insisted on being a part of managing our shared investment. Our group of Concerned Neighbors continues to meet once a month for pow-wows. We are building a more caring community. One day, perhaps we will take over the world.

Now don’t forget: Mercury retrograde bookmarks! Gift certificates for everyone on your shopping list! Appointments for yourself — to plan your strategy for 2019! Astrologers are like dentists, doncha’ know. For maximum effectiveness, schedule regular check-ups every six months to a year.

Thank you for reading this forecast.




Monday 1/8/2018: Sneak Peek at the Week; Women in Black

The week begins with a quest for fairness and balance in relationship, driven by the Moon in Libra. Take advantage of the easy flow we’ve got up until around 5 PM ET. At 5:25 PM ET we’ll see the 3rd Quarter Moon clashing with the Capricorn Sun, suggesting a supercharged advance or obstacle requiring reconciliation. That’s quickly followed by the Moon’s weekly clash with potent Pluto, suggesting a power play or catharsis.

On TUESDAY, the Moon makes its weekly clash with rebel Uranus, suggesting an upset or surprising revelation around 4:45 AM ET, likely involving big time power and resources. Moon goes void Tuesday at 11:12 AM ET and enters moody bastard Scorpio, seeking to establish power and control. Again with the power this week? Yes. But East Coasters can take a long lunch…and West Coasters can sleep in during the Moon void.

Other voids this week: THURSDAY 9:53 AM ET until 2:04 AM ET on FRIDAY. Ship it before Thursday if you can, as actions initiated during voids have an odd way of being of little or no consequence. Avoid impulse shopping. Remember that crises which crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing. Stick to routine, chill and go with the flow. We’ll have another long void on SUNDAY between 3:48 AM ET and 2:42 PM ET.

A truckload of shifts and major planetary patterns this week include:

MONDAY: Sun and Venus in Capricorn in harmony with Jupiter in Scorpio; Mars in harmony with Pluto. Action. Power. Purges. Women. Money. Expansion.

TUESDAY: Sun, Venus and Pluto all together in Capricorn. You’re more personally affected if you have a planet or other point around 19 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra or Aries. The color of Capricorn is black, which is a color of power and potential. Of course all of the women (except three)  at the Golden Globes would be wearing black  — it’s a perfect reflection of planetary patterns. Here’s a write-up of the Sun’s annual meet-up with Pluto from last year, including a forecast for the 115th Congress.  Here are past posts about Venus in Capricorn.

WEDNESDAY: (or late TUESDAY for West Coasters) Sun in harmony with Mars at 12:37AM ET. Get thee to the nearest gym. Work it out.

THURSDAY: Mercury leaves sloppy Sagittarius and finally enters Capricorn. Here’s a post about that from 2014, under similar patterns among Venus, Pluto and…Uranus.

SATURDAY: Venus with Uranus? Yes. The two will square, creating tension and action. That happens at 2:07 PM ET, suggesting headlines about unconventional attractions, gender-benders and maybe an astrologer or two. The Sun will square Uranus on SUNDAY, suggesting tech breakthroughs and shake-ups, especially involving heads of state. The other pattern of note happens 12 hours earlier: the last of three in a series of meet-ups between Mercury and Saturn, likely offering a reality check on or consolidation of whatever heavy/sloppy idea was hot around November 28 and December 6th.

And now, the news.

Gender equality. Fairness. Empowerment. Last night’s Golden Globes reflected it all, from sharp jabs about the 23% pay gap between men and women actors and how there hasn’t been a Best Director award given to a woman since the mid-80s (to the one and only Barbra Streisand). Oprah rocked. Natalie Portman and Barbra jabbed. Frances McDormand dazzled by refraining from indulging in any pixie-dust whatsoever.  Her Cancer Sun is at the Aries Point, given added prominence and gravitas by transiting Saturn. Her Venus at 20 Cancer is opposed by the Sun-Venus-Pluto pile-up in Capricorn, adding persuasion and empowerment. Her Moon is in earthy Taurus — no-nonsense, no frills and no make-up — and she’s still a winner.

Meanwhile, I wasn’t surprised by Laura Dern’s win. Had a feeling her horoscope was hot, after seeing her in The Last Jedi and Downsizing (what an apt title for Saturn moving into Capricorn). Her Sun in Aquarius suggests the essense of humanitarianism — albeit quirky and unconventional. Her character in The Last Jedi was absolutely kick-ass, even with soft lavender curls and flowing long gown.  In Downsizing she stole the show covered in bubbles and dripping in diamonds. Ms. Dern’s horoscope has Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Ascendant all in Pisces, and transiting Neptune is on her Ascendant as I type.  That can be dreamy, romantic and magical. Current patterns suggesting she is at the top of her game in whatever pond she swims in would be transiting Saturn at the top of her horoscope, squaring her natal Saturn.

UPDATE:  for the latest on how events in Laura Dern’s life experience are in sync with patterns in her horoscope, check out the AUG/SEP 2019 issue of Mountain Astrologer. My commentary (“Charts in the News”) can be found in the student section.


Have you ever heard of Patricia Douglas? I hadn’t. But a story in the NYT reminds us that:

…when Hollywood’s biggest stars wear black on the Golden Globes red carpet this weekend in solidarity with sexual assault victims, they will do so in part because, many decades ago, Douglas blazed a trail for the uprising we’re seeing today.

Ms. Douglas was raped in 1937 at a stag party hosted by MGM. As a pioneering Aries, she went where no woman had gone before — to court. The studio ultimately prevailed, but it is interesting to note that patterns that were hot in her horoscope back in 1937 were hot in 2003 (when her story was told in Vanity Fair)  — and are hot again now. A movie about her story — Girl 27 — was released in 2007 under Pluto transits to her Venus, Mercury, Mars and Sun — suggesting empowerment. Right now her horoscope (Mar 27 1917 in Missouri)  is experiencing a rare measurement between the Sun and Venus, suggesting she’s due for a bit of appreciation. Ms. Douglas passed away in 2003, but the horoscope lives forever, doncha know.

In other news…

BBC News Editor Quits Her Post to Protest Gender Pay Gap.

In astrology, Jupiter refers to the liver. Mars refers to the head. Pluto refers to regeneration. WaPo ran a story about a daughter donating part of her liver to save her dad, a OB who brought her into the world. The NYT ran a story about new technology behind face transplants.

Avid Readers may recall a post some months ago about the Uranus-Neptune semi-square. This suggests plenty of headlines to come about the potential downside of the urge to merge with technological wonders during the Uranus-Neptune conjunction in the early 90s. Exhibit A: “With Facial Recognition, China Tightens Grip on Society.”  Today there is no Exhibit B, only these assorted random op-ed thoughts, because with all the fire and fury of the past few days, you might have missed them:

  1. While the U.S. is enjoying sub-zero temperatures and  iguanas falling off of trees in Florida, it’s 117 degrees in Sydney.
  2. The P45 administration plans to kick 200,000 refugees from El Salvador out of the country, many of whom have enjoyed protected status for up to a decade.  How does this flow with Speaker Paul Ryan’s recent pronouncment that the solution to America’s problems is for us to have more children? And if we need more children in the country, why not create a path to citizenship for the El Salvadorans who are already here? I bet they have a few children. Insert your own snarky response here. Meanwhile, the push to purge the US of “undesirables” may be seen as a power play in sync with planetary patterns. It may also be seen as the bewildering meltdown of Neptune — currently hot in the U.S. horoscope.
  3. Last week P45’s bogus voter fraud commission headed by Kris Kobach was dissolved. The party line was “states weren’t handing over voter data and the adminstration thought it more important to pay for golf outings that run up legal bills at taxpayer expense.” However, let the record show that Matthew Dunlap — a member of the commission — had been kept out of the loop by the commission and successfully sued in court, demanding that documents and other commission communications be released to him. The commission refused. And now that the commission has been dissolved, the party line is that Mr. Dunlap is not entitled to the documents, because the commission no longer exists. Neptune much? What are they hiding? Here is the latest op-ed by Mr. Dunlap.

Finally — two essential items. First, reflecting the potential of Saturn in Capricorn at the Aries Point, suggesting prominence in Saturn/Capricorn concerns, one of which is depression: “Is Everything You Think You Know About Depression Wrong?”  I appreciate its empowering and transformational (Pluto) perspective. Second, Tarot Diva Beth Owls Daughter’s Card for 2018 is finally posted — brava!

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Thank you for reading this forecast.