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--Tim R.
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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/31/2013: Equilibrium in the Balance; Saturn Square Sun Recap

Moon is NOT void of course today, as many of you wrote to let me know. Apologies for the typo in yesterday’s forecast — and during a perfectionist, hypercritical Virgo Moon, too — quelle horreur! Moon enters Libra at 1:36AM Thursday morning, not Sunday, now seeking peace, social graces and popularity. However, thanks to the never-ending challenges of rebel Uranus, your equilibrium may be disrupted by a startling revelation or outburst around noon, Eastern time. My money says put a positive spin on it, courtesy of an optimistic boost from jolly Jupiter.  By dinner time (8:16PM ET), another challenge to peace and harmony may be raised, as ruthless Pluto squares the Moon. This is not necessarily an unpleasant prospect…though it may be deeply felt.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s headlines reflected planetary patterns perfectly.  When I write a subject line “Expansion & Contraction” and wake up the next day to a headline that blares “Economy Contracted Unexpectedly in the Fourth Quarter.” I can’t help but do a little Snoopy dance. It’s an astrology thing…though I confess I’d be even more thrilled if the hyperlink function in WordPress hadn’t suddenly decided to go on strike. Here’s the link to the article about the unexpected contraction And here’s another front page item about deep cuts and limitations…in the fishing industry And here’s another story about necessary controls — this one about China shutting down factories to curb pollution that’s running wild  Meanwhile, in France, the City of Lights is hitting the off switch, too — another necessary control  It’s all very Saturn (discipline) square Sun (life force). Coincidence or conspiracy?

That’s all, folks. Gotta find out why these hyperlinks are not working. Paging my computer guru now…

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/30/2013: Expansion and Contraction

Moon in Virgo continues to drive the needs of the day: to organize, analyze, be correct — or better yet, make it perfect. Pick one or more of these tasks and carry on. Read yesterday’s forecast for thoughts on who is personally affected by Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, turning direct at  6:37AM ET. Generally speaking, whatever plans for expansion were put on hold at the beginning of October may now begin to move forward. Thus the day likely begins on a note of optimism and especially big, bright ideas; like, for example, those presented by the creative genius who may have figured out a way of recovering losses suffered by investors in MF Global nearly 15 months ago. Or consider the joy of certain United Auto Workers who are about to receive profit-sharing checks worth $8300. Worth the wait?

At 5:49PM ET, a tenacious challenge of “get real” — for better or for worse —  gets serious. That’s the flavor of the Sun (life force) being squared by stern Saturn. Watch the headlines and your own personal world for stories of necessary controls related to authority and ambition…or sobering thoughts that may give one pause. And here I would be thinking of the deadly threats posed by cute kitty cats or why your daily shower may be such a fearsome activity. I’m also thinking of yesterday’s news release that Boeing and All Nippon Airways were apparently aware that batteries used on (now-grounded) 787 Dreamliners were problematic. What other releases of information held back will we see today, hmm?

Moon goes void-of-course at 9PM ET and enters Libra at 1:36AM ET on Thursday. Take the evening off to chill and count the ways you are perfect just the way you are. There’s a lovely connection to the Moon from socially gracious Venus that suggests an evening of pleasant, yet modest indulgence. Enjoy.



Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/29/2013: Grounded; More on Jupiter Turning Direct

Start this day with your feet firmly planted on the ground — and put this down-to-earth energy to good use over the next couple of days. Moon entered perfectionist Virgo Monday night at 6:27PM ET, suggesting a need for discrimination and organization. Granted, Monday night might have been a little spacey or dreamy…but that pattern is behind us now. Today’s patterns suggest the potential for investigative depth and practical structure. Consider that a positive, even if you’re dealing with an obstacle presented by an authority figure who just doesn’t get it. Perhaps there is a way to create a structure that renders the authority figure obsolete?

A further note on Jupiter, planet of expansion, turning direct on Wednesday at 6:37AM ET. If you were born around the 27th of May, August, November or February….or if you have a planet or point at 6 degrees of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, you may have been feeling pressure to expand issues involving that planet or point since January 11th. If expansion has been held back or “bottlenecked”, you may see a release or opportunity to move forward after January 30th and through February 18th.  That’s how long  Jupiter will be sitting at 6 degrees of Gemini — and I think that’s pretty exciting. This growth may be directly related to an issue that came up around the Full Moon/Eclipse on November 28th, which was also at 6 degrees of Gemini/Sagittarius — and here’s what was said about that back then. Just note that you’ll see the Sabian Symbol given for that eclipse was 7 Gemini…because we always round up to the next degree when interpreting these symbols. In other words, if your Sun is at 6 degrees Gemini and 12 minutes, we round it up to 7. If it is 6 degrees and 0  minutes, we read for 6. Everyone clear on that?

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/28/2013: Full Moon Fallout & Other Revelations

Some may still be processing a bit of bombast or overindulgence left over from Saturday night’s Big Fat Full Moon in Royal Leo. For them, the weekend drama continues with the Moon still in Leo, looking for recognition.

East Coasters, if you have to ship today, do it before 12PM ET, when the Moon goes void of course on a combative connection to aggressive Mars. A Moon-Mars opposition leading into a period of lunar freefall suggests the potential for a stubborn conflict that may run wild over the next six and a half hours.  Fortunately you know the rules concerning crises that crop up during Moon voids: 1) Chill out; 2) Be  patient; 3) Chances are this “crisis” is much ado about nothing. When Moon enters Virgo at 6:27PM ET, cooler heads and logic will likely prevail. Another potential is that you will allow yourself the luxury of playful wandering, which leads to a twist or new discovery in a creative endeavor.

We’ve got two patterns of note this week. Both happen on Wednesday and they both are being felt right now. First, a serious challenge between Sun (life force) and stern Saturn suggests a reach for ambition or, alternatively, a wet blanket raining on someone’s parade. For those who felt frustrated and/or militant around January 7th, you may experience another hit over the next few days.  You are especially affected by this pattern if you were born around the 30th of January, April, July and October…or if you have a planet or an angle around 10 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

The second pattern of note is Jupiter, which refers to expansion and luck, finally turning direct at 6 degrees of Gemini.  If you know what area of your horoscope is ruled by Jupiter (hint: it’s the house with Sagittarius on the cusp), it may feel like you’ve been in a holding pattern or review period in the areas related to that house.  A horoscope with Jupiter ruling the second house of finances and self worth, for example, may have gone through a major review of those issues during the past few months.  With Jupiter turning direct, forward motion can now be expected. Consult your local astrologer for further details.

And now, the news. In Brazil, a pyrotechnical flare caused a fire in a nightclub in which hundreds were killed. The fire started at 2AM Sunday, a few hours after the “party hearty/too much of a good thing” Full Moon in Leo. The chart for 2AM in Santa Maria, Brazil shows aggressive Mars running wild in Aquarius (technology), exactly on an angle of the chart! This is amazing, given that there are 360 degrees in a horoscope, and the angles only make up 4 of them. Events happen when planets are on an angle! But this is astrology, folks, so we know we are going to see patterns suggesting a burst of energy for the moment a fire breaks out. A strongly placed Mars would be one possible pattern. And there it is, right in the horoscope for the fire in that nightclub. Coincidence or conspiracy?

In other news of breakthroughs in technology we would expect to see with all the Jupiter-Uranus activity we discussed last week, a startling report about Ariel Sharon, former prime minister of Israel,who suffered a devastating stroke six years ago. A recent brain scan (using new technology) shows considerable brain activity where it had been believed there was none (read the article and you’ll get chills when Sharon’s son talks about a dream he had of his father before the stroke).  Looking at the alleged birth data for Ariel Sharon, it is interesting to note that his horoscope is directly affected by last week’s Jupiter-Uranus connection — a personal breakthrough or lucky break would be expected at this time.

Meanwhile, Iran announced it has sent a monkey into space. Cue Patti Smith on YouTube now, please.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/25/2013 & the Weekend: Party Hearty

On Thursday we were talking about two patterns that are exact today that suggest the potential for downs, followed by ups. A serious challenge between mental Mercury and stern Saturn at 1:42PM ET may find dealing with one heck of a stubborn, conservative mindset. Who invited the wet blanket to this party? With the Moon still in sensitive Cancer, try not to take it personally. Besides, odds are strong your mood will lighten as the day progresses and carries you off to a wild celebration on Saturday. The positive potential of the Mercury-Saturn square is a disciplined focus on building an innovative structure, minus a little fat. If your structure involves your home or family concerns, congratulations on putting the Cancer Moon to good use.

Moon goes void of course at 3:35PM ET, starting the weekend off early.  A trine between the Sun and expansive Jupiter, exact at 10:56PM ET, is oh-so-jolly. The festive vibes continue with the Moon’s ingress into royal Leo, encouraging the drama queens in all of us to come out and play. Can you have too much of a good thing? Yeah, probably, especially with the Moon exactly full at 11:38PM ET. Oh what swell party it can be — though you may be feeling just a tad hungover on Sunday morning. Fortunately planetary activity is fairly light…and the Leo Moon will still be shining bright.

Heads up that the Moon will be void-of-course on Monday from 11:59AM ET until 6:27PM ET, when Moon finally enters Virgo. That’s when the accounting will likely begin. Until then…party on, dudes!

Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/24/2013: This ‘n That

Moon entering Cancer at 10PM ET on Wednesday shifts our focus to homeland/emotional security needs and women, for example. Toss in a humanitarian, egalitarian and cooperative connection between the Aquarian Sun and rebel Uranus in pioneering Aries and presto! — the ban against women serving in combat in the U.S. military is about to be lifted. Another breakthrough in a week of breakthroughs — even without an Equal Rights Amendment ratified, already.

Be mindful of the potential for surprise or other disruptions to the status quo around 8:45AM ET, as rebel Uranus challenges the sensitive (touchy-feely) Cancer Moon, possibly janglng nerves.  News of a power play, possibly ruthless, may hit the airwaves around 6:18PM ET, courtesy of Pluto. A need for stability as we integrate innovation likely required as a result of said power play/catharsis  kicks in as evening approaches.  We’ve got an interesting mix of patterns that will be exact tomorrow. On the one hand, a buoyant connection between the Sun and expansive Jupiter is sure to lift spirits. On the other hand, a sobering challenge between mental Mercury and disciplined Saturn presents a potential harsh reality check…and the Moon is waxing full (exact in Leo late Saturday night), so emotional energy is on the rise.

In other news, Hillary Rodham Clinton testified before Congress during yesterday’s Moon void and apparently there were plenty of knickers gotten into a twist. Much ado about nothing or actions without consequence — those are the usual results of Moon-void efforts to move forward in a straight line. Gambling and speculation are also on the front page, reflecting planetary patterns involving Jupiter (expansion, luck) and Uranus (risk). Did you know that Indiana is one of the biggest gambling states in the nation? Me neither…but now it is facing some stiff competition.  In the stock market, Apple may have posted stellar returns, but its stock is tanking. And in Kansas, those in charge are now working hard to eliminate the state’s income tax — now there’s a gamble. Perhaps they will turn the state into a casino, to make up the lost revenue. And speaking of gambling, Morgan Stanley is being sued — and the speculations made by some of its employees in the months before the big giant crisis of September 2008 (which many astrologers predicted, thank you very much) are being revealed…and it is not pretty.

Last but not least, an amusing op-ed by Joyce Wadler expresses bewilderment at her sudden bluntness in communication, given her usual conscious concern for courtesy in social interactions. Well, duh. One look at her birth date — January 2, 1948 — instantly shows her idealistic Sun- Mercury (mindset, communication) hook-up being supercharged by ruthless Pluto. Of course she’s being blunt. And if she was born in the late afternoon or in the evening, she has Moon in people-pleasing Libra also being supercharged by the ultimately emancipating and empowering Uranus-Pluto square. Which can serve her well in her stated ambition to focus on her comedy writing, now that she’s just taken a buyout from her employer. Looks pretty good over the next couple of years…and Joyce, if you’re reading this, give me a call and we’ll put it all in perspective.

I hope you all have enjoyed this forecast, because thanks to the disruptions suggested by the Moon-Uranus (computers) square, I have typed it thrice,  re-creating it from memory each time. Apparently there is a problem with my website hosting service, which is  — as forecast — quite unsettling. These moments when I neglect to “save” before attempting to post, in my earnest rush to provide you with information to help you through the day are moments when I am also compelled to say that at the bottom of this forecast (if you are receiving this by email) OR on the left-hand side of this page (if you are reading this on my website), there is a link/big gold button which you can click to make a donation, for those who are inclined to use it to express appreciation. Such expressions of appreciation would be preferable to the email I received minutes ago wanting to know why I haven’t been writing about the FUBAR battery problems that have grounded Boeing’s fleet of Dreamliner 787s. Thank you, Universe, for reminding me that I am not perfect and there is always room for improvement.

But you know who IS perfect? Mark Marshall at Interage, my invaluable web designer, whose prompt and cheerful response to my website crisis will now allow me to post today’s forecast. If you’re in need of a web guru, you have found him — no matter where you live.  Thank you, Mark, for everything you do.

And thank you for reading this forecast and for sharing it with the rest of the Free World. Have a fabulous day!

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 1/23/2013: Void is the Woid

The chatty Gemini Moon goes void-of-course on an energetic, yet easy connection to action-oriented Mars at 6:42AM ET…not to enter the next sign (Cancer), until 10PM ET. Regular readers of this forecast know that when the Moon is void, efforts to move forward in a straight line are more likely to be plagued by twists, delays and other surprises. Crises that crop up during voids have an odd way of being “much ado about nothing”. If you can’t take advantage of this natural rest period to brainstorm, wander,do something of no consequence, take care of routine chores or work on a creative project, well…darn. Your strategy is practice patience and go with the flow…and — especially with the Moon in Gemini — to double check information and communication before you hit “send”.

As for the news, yesterday we were anticipating some technological breakthroughs, courtesy of stellar alignments among Jupiter, Uranus, Sun and Mercury, so here you go: 1) Peugeot introduces “a car that runs on air”; and 2) a “quadruple helix’ seen for the first time in human DNA, which may be useful in our understanding the nature of cancer. Let the record reflect that DNA was “discovered” 60 years ago, on the verge of the Uranus-Pluto conjunctions in Virgo, a perfect sign for understanding systems that enable the efficient function of our bodies. We are now in the midst of a series of Uranus-Pluto squares (the energy is like a First Quarter Moon, only between Uranus and Pluto instead of the Sun and the Moon); therefore, we can expect challenges and further developments on just about any revolutionary seed that was planted in the mid-1960s. Civil rights, women’s rights, organic farming, ecology (think Rachel Carson’s book, Silent Spring), nuclear energy…those sorts of things. This series of squares will continue through 2015…


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/22/2013: Reach For The Stars

Big ideas and innovation — especially in technology and aero/outerspace. That’s what I’m thinking we’ll be seeing this week, thanks to a remarkably supportive alignment among the Sun (life force) and Mercury (communication, mindset) in humanitarian/technogeek Aquarius, expansive Jupiter in info-junkie Gemini and rebel Uranus in pioneering Aries. Jupiter-Uranus patterns are often experienced as lucky breaks or investment opportunities that turn out to be windfalls. They also suggest news from the cosmos, including astrology.

You are personally affected by this “breakthrough” pattern if you were born around the 26th of any month, of if you have a planet or an angle around 6 degrees of any sign, with a slight bonus to Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  The potential down side — and there is always that potential — might be grandiose or bombastic behavior, or wretched excess. Alternately, you could be feeling so good that you can’t be bothered to create new opportunities even though the wind may be at your back. Don’t let this happen to you!

Today’s Moon is in chatty Gemini, where it has been buzzing around since 9:04AM ET on Monday, just before President Obama was sworn in (again) at his second public presidential inauguration. He had to be feeling pretty good, as his Moon is also in Gemini, and transiting Jupiter (the cosmic sugar daddy), is closely aligned with that Moon…for now. Another sign of popularity and personal happiness is Obama’s progressed Sun currently conjunct his natal Venus, where it has been hovering for several months.  This was one of the patterns that led to my post in September opining that Obama would be elected to a second term, along with other astro-logical observations about Obama’s horoscope, which you can read here.

Make the most of this week — especially today.  We’ve got a Moon waxing in light — good for initiating projects. We have planetary patterns remarkably receptive to your big ideas for reinventing the wheel. Are there caveats? Sure. Get it off your desk today if you can — or wait until Thursday. Moon will be void-of-course from 6:42AM ET to 10PM ET on Wednesday — and again on Friday from 3:35PM ET until 9:20AM ET on Saturday. Also note that Thursday may have a little turbulence, notably from hard aspects to the Moon and from aggressive energy running a bit wild on behalf of some rebel cause.

Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/18/2013 & The Weekend: The Inauguration; Lance Armstrong

Seize the optimistic and pioneering potential of this day, which begins with an idealistic hook-up between mental Mercury and the Sun (life force) in practical Capricorn. The caveat with any day marked by idealism is, of course, that some may be driving with blinders on. On the plus side, that’s an effective way to stay focused, especially if you’re a horse pulling a carriage in Central Park. On the other hand, those blinders may cause you to miss a few details, some more glaring than others. Keep on making your pitch, and by the time we arrive at the First Quarter Moon at 6:45PM ET, you may see the first challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last week., which was something about “a general gracefully acknowledging defeat”. Why how very Lance Armstrong, eh? Coincidence or conspiracy? More on him in a minute.

At 7:40PM ET, Moon goes void of course for just under an hour, entering comfort-seeking Taurus at 8:36PM ET. Ooh, I just love a weekend with Moon in Taurus….so lovely for earthly pleasures: good food, wine, music and a massage or two. You can shop ’til you drop all day Saturday and on Sunday, but only until 1:16PM ET, when Moon goes void-of-course until Monday at 9:04AM ET. Take a nice long break & enjoy wherever your wanderings take you.

Saturday is notable for two planetary shifts: both the Sun and Mercury leave practical Capricorn and enter innovative, humanitarian, unique, cerebral and  often weirdly stubborn Aquarius. This is a sign that is rarely in the middle of anything; Aquarians are usually found on one fringe or the other. Usually thought of as a future-oriented sign, some of the most extreme conservatives have strong Aquarian elements in their horoscopes: Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan, NRA henchman Wayne LaPierre, Kim Jong-Il, Ayn Rand — just off the top of my head. And then on the other side, you have extremely progressive Aquarians Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Barack Obama has an Aquarian Ascendant, which is one reason he comes off as so detached and cerebral, yet definitely unique.

Speaking of Obama, Sunday marks the beginning of his second term. He’ll be sworn in at noon, as specified by our Constitution. And though he’ll be doing it all over again on Monday in a public ceremony, for me the swearing-in on Sunday is the one that sticks.  In the chart for noon in DC on the 20th, I am relieved to see the Moon NOT void of course in Taurus, suggesting that it may actually function effectively. In Taurus, this suggests a reigning need to preserve and maintain material security, to keep things as they are or as they should be.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect a battle, as the Moon is squared by aggressive Mars in Aquarius, suggesting heated and stubborn challenges from the rebel factions. This is likely to be a term of office noted for idealistic, expansive and innovative ideas. And yes, I do believe we’ll see the President operating more independently than in his last term, as the Moon is placed in the 1st house, suggesting, as astrologer Noel Tyl defines it, an entrepreneurial “do your own thing” approach.

How does this chart compare with chart for the start of the 113th Congress? Interestingly, in that chart the Virgo Moon IS void-of-course — and running wild! This suggests a concern with details, organization and discernment that runs away with the whole chart — and, given the void, is likely to be ineffective or at least of no consequence. Hmmm. Perhaps the President will have the upper hand. Also notable is nebulous Neptune running wild, suggesting that elements of vision, idealism, delusion, deception, spirits of all kinds and artistry will be all over this legislative body like a cheap suit. When NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote about the first day of 113th Congress, she called it a “surreal world”. Yep. That’s Neptune running wild…

OK. Lance Armstrong, since several of you have asked. We don’t have a confirmed birth time for Armstrong, though I have seen two efforts to determine the time — one using computer software and the other calculated by hand. I do have a preference for which is likely correct,  but I haven’t done enough “chart crunching” to be completely sure.  Both charts propose a Sagittarius Ascendant, and this gambling, gamboling, often rough-around-the-edges fire sign works for me. Born on September 18th, 1971 in Plano Texas, Armstong has Sun and Moon in Virgo, and the Moon is running wild. This suggests a need for perfection driven to the max. The Moon rules the 8th house, suggesting a need to manage or help in the affairs of other people; it’s one indication that he could be effective in philanthropy, which in fact, he is.  One very interesting aspect in the horoscope — regardless of his birth time is the same witchy-bitchy hook-up  between Venus and Pluto we have been talking about all week — and which was exact on Wednesday. This pattern — suggesting intensity, emotional overkill and potential ruthlessness in social expression demands prominence in Armstrong’s chart (it’s at the Aries Point, for tech-savvy astrology buffs reading this). Venus and Pluto are both conjunct the Virgo Sun, suggesting a certain level of suppression, likely anger, that would be an immediate topic of discussion in a consultation. Can this horoscope be destroyed all the way to hell and be rebuilt all the way to heaven? Yea verily, the potential for regeneration and empowerment is great.

So what about all these drugs and deception? Now if you’ve been reading this forecast for some time, you know the answer: Neptune! Yes, nebulous Neptune is exactly conjunct expansive Jupiter at 0 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a strong statement of a need for faith; here, expansive Jupiter likely rules the Sagittarius Ascendant, which is all about self-image. Armstrong needs to believe he is “all that” — it makes sense he would be driven to perfection about projecting this holier than thou image to the world. And it makes sense that the world believes the illusion…until it doesn’t. Astrology buffs will immediately note that transiting Neptune is exactly square Lance’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, suggesting all Neptunian concerns are up — big time — including, but not limited to — redemption and  “tricky legalisms”.

In the forecast posted on January 4th, we were talking about the Grand Trine in Air Signs, suggesting — again citing my mentor, Noel Tyl — an intellectual elitism, a defensive posture and acting as if one is a law unto oneself. And surprise, surprise — Armstrong has this placement among Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Right now Jupiter, which likely rules his Ascendant, is exactly conjunct Saturn, suggesting a need to break free of patterns that have restricted his movement. Armstrong apparently wants to start competing again, but he has been banned from competition. So it is very interesting to see him working to do whatever he has to do to break free of those restrictions.

OK, time to ship this forecast, as I have consultations to prepare. When are you going to book yours? It’s sure to be profound…and fun!

Have a great holiday weekend.




Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 1/17/2013: Gut Instincts

An over-the-top or otherwise self-indulgent power play or catharsis may grace the headlines this morning, courtesy of the feisty Aries Moon clashing with ruthless Pluto (power) and Venus (indulgence) in Capricorn (the Established Order). Otherwise, I can’t find much to complain about. This is a great day for practical, no-nonsense communication and structuring artistic/creative projects. The me-me-me Aries Moon can learn to play nice for the good of the team, courtesy of a cooperative connection from Mars in humanitarian Aquarius. Make the most of the proactive thrust of the next couple of days.

Meanwhile in the news, it’s guns, guns, guns —  everywhere you look in the US papers — with President Obama vowing to “put everything I’ve got into gun control”. A noble cause, Mr. President — go for it — but gosh I hope you save some of your mojo for a few other pressing issues we need to address in these wild and crazy planetary times, y’know?

As anticipated, yesterday’s ruthless Venus-Pluto hook-up was reflected in some down and dirty moves, including this especially down and dirty one pulled by the NRA. And just who IS the NRA, anyway? Not George H.W. Bush, whose letter of resignation made headlines some years ago. Leave it to Mother Jones to dig up the dirt in an exclusive published yesterday.

Speaking of down and dirty, here’s a piece on an effective treatment for intestinal infections some may find shocking. But didn’t I tell you yesterday we’d see a shock or two to accompany the ruthlessness of the Venus-Pluto conjunction?*** And you gotta admit, this treatment is so Capricorn — earthy and proactive — with a hint of Saturn in Scorpio (decay, regeneration).  Which is a perfect opportunity to mention the exciting world of probiotics, simply as a public service. Worth exploring if you’re having issues with digestion, as so many people are. Here’s Dr. Mark Hyman to tell you all about it. You can read his article while waiting for Lance Armstrong to spill his guts on Oprah tonight….

***After this forecast was sent out via email, a story crossed the wires about the first death row inmate to be executed in the U.S. this year. Robert Gleason, Jr. was electrocuted — about half an hour after the Venus-Pluto and Uranus-Moon conjunctions on Monday evening — at 9:08PM ET in Jarratt, VA. Ruthless and shocking, indeed.