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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 8/19/2016 & the Weekend: Rock ‘n Roll


Yesterday (Thursday), when I started writing the weekend forecast, the Aquarius Moon was void until 12:34PM ET. Your marching orders would have been to take care of routine concerns and roll with whatever twists and flakes that may have derailed your efforts to move forward in a straight line (guilty as charged). Consider whatever Full Moon illumination you may have received in matters of a need for personal expression (Sun in Leo) vs. the needs of the collective (Aquarius).

Example: Thursday night in a Facebook group, a fellow Wellesley alum shared fears about being over a Certain Age, without a spouse, children or siblings. Not surprising, in the wake of last weekend’s hard aspect between Saturn (mortality, aging) turning direct in hard aspect to Venus (women).  She’s afraid to grow old alone, without a system of support in these very expensive, uncertain times. “We’ll all have to share a house together,” I posted. “Just like the Golden Girls.” My fellow alum felt better, and other members of the group have chimed in, with serious ideas about how such a collective support system could be constructed. Exhibit A: Babayaga’s House in Paris (reflecting yesterday’s harmonious alignment between Venus and Pluto, suggesting the empowerment of the feminine). Exhibit B: tiny houses, brought to you by Jupiter in Virgo, glorifying that which is small.

We must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately, as the saying goes.

Once the Moon entered Pisces — THURSDAY at 12:34PM ET, it floats through the rest of the day without interference, facilitating a need to identify that which is ideal. Its sensitivity may be jarred by a combative clash with Mars at 12:53 AM ET on FRIDAY, followed by a streamlining or oppressive reality check presented by Saturn at 5:19AM ET. Note your dreams upon waking on FRIDAY, as the Moon meets up with Neptune at 7:22AM ET. More of the surreal in the headlines?

(As of Friday,  I’m noting Ryan Lochte’s story of being robbed at gunpoint in Rio totally unravel, along with Paul Manafort’s brief reign as campaign manager for That Guy Who Won’t Stop Dominating My Newsfeed, Including Turning Up as a Naked Statue in Cities Across America). With respect to Mr. Manafort, let the record show that impulsive hiring decisions made when Mars is retrograde, as it was in May, have a higher than average probability of not going as planned.)

No yard sales or other impulsive purchases on SATURDAY between 8:21AM ET and 3:18PM ET, as the Moon will be void. After the void, Moon charges into Aries, no doubt falling down stairs because it’s faster than walking.  On SUNDAY, note the potential for an emotional power play or other catharsis around 4:42PM ET, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto. Look for some big ideas — possibly involving publishing and other media — to hit the headlines over the weekend, as mental Mercury meets up with expansive Jupiter, exact at 5:05AM ET on MONDAY. If you have planets around 26 degrees of Virgo, Gemini, Pisces or Sagittarius, maybe one of those big ideas will be yours.

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And now, the news.

Did you know that Aquarius rules the ankles? And that we have 83 planets in Virgo now, facilitating detailed analysis of anything and everything? On the NYT homepage a detailed analysis of the imperfections in the ankles of Michelangelo’s statue of David popped up, with the Moon in Aquarius, waxing full. The author of the piece, Sam Anderson, has thought a lot about perfection and overwhelming loads and their implications:

Perfection, it turns out, is no way to try to live. It is a child’s idea, a cartoon — this desire not to be merely good, not to do merely well, but to be faultless, to transcend everything, including the limits of yourself. It is less heroic than neurotic, and it doesn’t take much analysis to get to its ugly side: a lust for control, pseudofascist purity, self-destruction…

It’s a most fascinating read.

UPDATE: Saturn turning direct in Sagittarius is an apt backdrop for the closing of The irreverent media outlet was purchased this week by Univision. Saturn refers to controls and limits; Sagittarius refers to publishing, pushing boundaries and freedom of speech, no matter what. Saturn won this round and for the moment, Gawker is history.


If a box of rocks had a horoscope, what would it look like? I pondered this question while watching Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson on CNN, defending her statement that “President Obama took the U.S. into Afghanistan,” which in fact, he did not do (this happened in 2001, at the direction of President George W. Bush). With this particular case, I’d expect to see planetary patterns suggesting the following: stubborn, fixed, bombastic, idealism/delusion, fringe. That would be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Neptune and Uranus. Let’s take a look.

Apparently born on July 20, 1976 — somewhere in Kansas — birth time unknown, Ms. Pierson would be driven by a Moon in Taurus. We would expect her to prioritize a need for material security and would be highly resistant to change. Taurus is an earth sign, and this is where we see Jupiter (expansion) conjunct the unfortunate Fixed Star Algol. She can’t help but go overboard/lose her head in matters related to her need for comfort/stability as a reward. Those patterns can be rocky, but with her Jupiter in touch with her boss’s Mars, Ascendant and Midheaven, we could see why he would hire her to promote his image at this particular time.

In this horoscope, we also see a mash-up of Mercury, Venus and Saturn, together in regal Leo. Heavy, conservative and dramatic in thought and expression? You bet, and those three planets — along with her Sun at 28 Cancer — are all square to erratic Uranus, the planet that invented fringe. So far, so good. As for idealism, we see Mercury (her mindset) so close to her Cancer Sun that it is blinded by its light. We also see the potential for delusion in a square between Mars and Neptune.

Similar patterns are apparent in the horoscope of another curiously stubborn case. A film has been made about Brunhilde Pomsel, now 105 years old. She worked for the infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels. In a recent interview, she is unrepentant about her past; to her, it was “just another job;” her boss and his wife were “nice” people. Born on Jan 11 1911 in Berlin, she may also have an intractable, comfort-seeking Taurus Moon if she was born before 9AM.  Her Capricorn Sun together with Mercury suggests idealism, augmented by their opposition to nebulous Neptune. She may well have purchased the Brooklyn Bridge — several times! A square between Venus (values; social expression) and Saturn (control) suggests a likelihood of erring on the side of caution/conservatism/harshness. Her “fringe factor” is suggested by Uranus, sandwiched between her Venus and the Sun.

Uranus also refers to freedom and the need to be oneself without compromise. If you were born around the 14th of April, July, October or January — or if you have a significant planet or angle at 24 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Libra or Cancer — you are likely feeling an intense need to break out of a shell. That’s what was going on in Chelsea Manning’s horoscope back in February of 2010, when she finally dared to face her fear of appearing in public dressed as a woman, i.e., true to her identity. With transiting Jupiter (expansion) now exactly square to her natal Sun-Uranus conjunction, as well as Venus at 24 Capricorn, it makes sense that we are seeing the story about her revolutionary dare in print today.  Astrology is amazing!!

Have a great weekend — Moon will be void on Monday between 7:48AM ET and 5:19PM ET — if you sleep in, it will likely be without consequence.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for sharing this forecast with the rest of the Free World.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 8/6/2015: It’s Debatable; Donald Trump; Mark Zuckerberg

Moon in Taurus continues its steady quest for material security and comfort today — and all through tomorrow, too. Hope you are enjoying a few pleasures in the realm of the senses. A sunny idealism permeates the day, but behind the shining stars (regal egos?) is a need for gravitas in mindset and communication. Thank you, Mercury conjunct Venus in Leo, square Saturn. That need to be taken seriously (exact at 4:19PM ET) will surely resonate with the seven Republican contenders exiled to the (Uncool) Kids’ Table, a.k.a. the Not Ready for Primetime Players  of tonight’s debate.

Around 8:44PM, an easy flow between the Moon and Pluto intensifies the potency of the need for things to be the Way They Ought to Be, setting the tone for the Primetime Portion Starring Donald Trump. Also setting the tone: a square between that stability-seeking Moon and the regal Leo Sun at 10:03PM ET. This might be the measurement for one of the contenders to go off the rails tonight; but really, with a change-averse Taurus Moon driving the bus, I do not expect shocks and upsets. Plus, Saturn is at the top of the chart of this event, suggesting a need to project executive authority, control and top form. But to confirm that speculation, I would need birth times for all of the candidates, which I do not have. If someone were having an exact Neptune (bewilderment) transit to the Ascendant, for example, we might see something like this.

Tonight is as good as it gets for Venus retrograde heartthrob Donald Trump, who reportedly released his birth certificate four years ago…and then refused to release it several weeks ago when another newspaper asked. Weird — and I’m at a loss to explain why the lamestream media — seems to have forgotten that they already published the birth certificate in question.  Did they make it up? What did I miss? If someone has a clue, let me know. Here is the horoscope based on that birth certificate, which appears to be functioning as designed.

Current transits include Venus, Mercury and Jupiter (expansion) clustered around The Donald’s regal 29 Leo Ascendant, in easy alignment to his blah blah blah entertaining Gemini Sun and righteously opinionated Sagittarius Moon. He needs to tell you what he thinks and know that what he says is respected. This need is his driving force! Rebel Uranus, which delights in its eccentricity, is conjunct Trump’s Sun and North Node and also opposes his Moon. Of course he needs to shake things up when it comes to partnerships and the general public. He thrives on excitement.

Oh, and there’s a pugnacious Mars in Leo on his Ascendant too, which astrologer Grant Lewi notes can easily “get away with murder” — also boosted by that cluster now in Leo.  Mr. Trump needs to act with drama and showmanship. And now, this is Mr. Trump’s  time to expand his projection of regal authority to the masses.

Yes, if the election were held today (and only Republicans could vote), he would likely win in a landslide…and voters would live to regret it after Venus turned direct.  Thank Goddess the election is not being held this November. But why is Trump’s regal authority suddenly being taken so seriously, in a real-life political arena as opposed to a fake TV reality show? Look to 1) transiting Saturn squaring his Ascendant, spurring ambition and 2) solar arc direct Saturn at the Aries Point, suggesting a need for executive authority becoming prominent.

Then look to other solar arc directions in the chart including a personally radiant arc between the Sun and the Ascendant; another between the nodal axis and Mars (which adds to the explanation of why people are now resonating with the anger Trump projects)’ and a third between Pluto (power) and Jupiter (expansion). These solar arcs will become exact between now and next year, which is a compelling argument for why he’s likely to have staying power. A transit between Uranus and Trump’s natal Jupiter sparks his innate need for risk and excitement. Given that Jupiter rules his 5th House, which refers to performance and creative ego expression, we can expect quite a dazzling show. And when astrologers are respected and valued by mainstream audiences and paid for their analyses in the same way that Trip Daniel is getting paid by the New York Times, it will then make sense to spend time writing in ever greater detail about Mr. Trump. With a planet in my 2nd house hit by this week’s Jupiter-Saturn square, matters of worth and value are much on my mind. Isn’t astrology amazing?

UPDATE: more on The Donald — from a later forecast posted Dec 8th 2015:

Mars in touch with Pluto — the major pattern of last weekend — suggests more than just guns. It suggests the potential for regeneration and also that which we consider masculine. The timing of this headline is epic, if you ask me: “Penis Transplants Being Planned to Help Wounded Troops”.  Astrology is amazing.

The Mars-Pluto pattern affected Donald Trump’s intrinsically macho horoscope. With his natal Mars in Leo and on his Leo Ascendant, we could expect a regal personal projection, driven by a seething sense of entitlement. The fixed star Capulus conjoins his 24 Taurus Midheaven, the point of career and public status. Capulus refers to “male sexual energy,” and this webpage offers a ton of observations from various sources on how it may be reflected in a horoscope. Transiting Mars, Pluto and Uranus are making contact with Mr. Trump’s natal Jupiter, suggesting a potential for expansive opportunity and resources.

Until yesterday, coverage of Mr. Trump’s campaign was relegated to the entertainment section of The Huffington Post. After his comments over the weekend that the US should ban all Muslims from entering the country, HuffPo decided to take him seriously — check out its editorial explaining why it is moving him to the politics section. Three other observations about Mr. Trump. First, he has Mercury square Neptune, suggesting no small amount of idealism and/or delusion and/or fantasy.

Second, he has Venus in Cancer conjunct Saturn. This suggests a need for social expression focused on creating home/family/emotional security (that the Venus in Cancer part). This need is tied to ambition and control by its contact with Saturn (which in the language of astrology, refers to discipline, limits and control). The Venus-Saturn combo can express itself in ways that seem stingy or mean-spirited. Others with this tough combo include: Ted Cruz, Senator James Inhofe, Rep. Peter King, Charles Koch, Governor Paul LePage, Megyn Kelly, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Governor Scott Walker. hi

Third, Mr. Trump’s horoscope continues to be quite strong from now into 2016 and beyond.

Here’s a post from June 2015, after he announced his run; here’s one from April 2011.

I do not believe we have a confirmed birth time for Mark Zuckerberg, but several times have been proposed. One proposal suggests a 20 Virgo Ascendant, and it has a boatload of solar arcs exact soon and into next year — among planets involved with the 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th houses. Solar arcs involving the Moon and Mars (action) at the IC (the angle referring to home & family), as well as between Jupiter, ruler of the IC  and Saturn, the ruler of the 5th house (children) reflect the potential for changes in his personal life.  Other arcs and transits involve Uranus, which refers to the spark required to start something new.

These arcs will be exact on various dates between now and April. Last week Mr. Zuckerberg and his wife announced they were expecting their first child after trying without success for several years. On September 13th, the 20 Virgo Ascendant will be eclipsed, suggesting a major change in life. This eclipse will be triggered by transiting Jupiter (expansion) on  November 29th  and again on February 16th.  The Zuckerbergs did not say when their baby girl was due. Let’s test this horoscope with its 20 Virgo ASC and see what happens. UPDATE: the birth of Baby Zuckerberg was announced on December 1st. The Zuckerbergs now have a daughter, Max, who was born “earlier that week”.

Finally, a shout-out of appreciation to Avid Reader Lucy, who took the time to share this delightful news:

Hi Elisabeth, just wanted you to know I did the search for lost $$$.  It was wild to see my name listed.  Its only $20.00, but how fun to find it. I can’t even remember what it’s from.  Thank you again, Lucy

Followed by:

I checked my daughter’s name  and she had 2 refunds, one of them over 100.00… wow!

Isn’t that fabulous? Lucy is referring to, which I’ve been linking here all week — and where you can search the treasuries of every state in which you’ve ever lived (under every name you’d ever had) to see if one is holding a check or two for you. It’s a perfect thing to investigate when Venus is retrograde. Lucy’s news is still making me smile. Thank you, Lucy, for sharing your joy with the rest of us!

Thank you for reading this forecast. And if you’d like to discuss what’s going on in your unique horoscope, here’s how to schedule a personal consultation.


Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 4/11/2013: New Moon in Aries — The Long Form

Yesterday’s rush of New Moon in Aries excitement is now tempered by the Moon’s ingress into peaceful (albeit stubborn) Taurus as of 11:22PM ET. Use this fertile energy to plant seeds and build foundations and structures for your brilliant ideas. Note your dreams for inspiration, courtesy of an early morning connection between Moon and ethereal Neptune at 8:02AM. Then, get up and go! It’s clear sailing until 5:36PM ET, when karma cop Saturn opposes the Moon. A limitation or disappointment on the one hand…or a reach for serious ambition on the other. The evening hours may be especially deep, courtesy of potent Pluto’s trine to the earthy Moon at 9:48PM ET. That’s good for investigations of all kinds. Pluto is especially prominent this week, not only because the third of seven exact squares to rebel Uranus is inching closer (the hit happens on May 20th), but because it is at a standstill in the cosmos, about to turn retrograde tomorrow afternoon. There have been so many headlines about status quo disruptions as a result of power plays, corruption exposed and other “news from underground” in recent days; I can barely keep up.

But first, more on yesterday’s New Moon, which was especially notable for a tight hook-up (stellium) of Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars in Aries, and Uranus also in Aries (though not part of the stellium).  Five planets in Aries is a HUGE statement of the need — as mentioned yesterday — for courage, passion, a pioneering spirit and a fresh start. And this need absolutely applies to relationships, as suggested by Venus (feminine) and Mars (masculine) united with the Sun and Moon. Is it a coincidence or conspiracy that the cover story of the NYT Sunday Magazine is about the relationship between Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin.

You may remember the former New York congressman who resigned two years ago in an awkward scandal after pics of his nether regions texted to women who were not his wife were published around the world. His wife was pregnant with the couple’s first child. His horoscope was discussed in this forecast here and here. It’s fascinating to note that the texting scandal broke in the aftermath of a powerful eclipse that squared Weiner’s stellium of Sun, Pluto, Uranus and Mercury in Virgo. Now we see Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, turned direct and has been making contact with that Virgo stellium   for the past several months. Jupiter was at the same degree as the 2011 eclipse at the end of March, when I bet this article was being written! We’d expect to see windfalls, resourcefulness, a desire for expansion and big ideas. And there he is in the New York Times, talking about running for mayor of New York. Never giving up — starting anew — championing impossible causes (and making them possible) — this is all so very in tune with the Aries energy of this New Moon — and also of transits in Weiner’s own horoscope (wish we had a birth time for him). One more note: Weiner has a Venus-Mars conjunction in a Cancer, which is being squared by the Aries New Moon/Venus/Mars stellium, suggesting relationship issues are hot! Let this story be an inspiration to you during this lunar cycle as you  work to make your impossible dreams come true, too.

The Sabian Symbol of the New Moon at 20 Aries is simple: “a pugilist entering the ring”. Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee suggests we apply this symbol to “the focused contest between social organization and individuality; the natural inclination to define own’s space; finding the range of one’s power, the impact of one’s punch”. As noted in yesterday’s forecast, it seems to be no coincidence that Kim Jong-un, who is also likely going through a heavy Saturn return (an urgent need to establish authority and/or a serious presence in the world), would be making headlines about launching missiles — here’s the latest on that. If you have a planet or angle at 20 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn…or if you were born around the 10th of April, July, October or January, you are likely feeling the power of this New Moon more than most. What are you fighting for? Are you championing a noble cause or are you just in it only for your own ego recognition, born of insecurity? Will you inspire the world with your battle cry or will you just throw a temper tantrum and never mind the damaging consequences of your actions? Aries can go either way — big baby or warrior-hero — the choice is up to you.

For some reason, yesterday was a day when a number of you noticed — perhaps for the very first time — that there is a big yellow DONATE button on the left side of this forecast (if you are reading it on the website). There is also a link at the bottom of this email which will enable you to express appreciation in a material form that today’s Moon in Taurus simply adores. Your contributions warm my heart and inspire me to keep writing this forecast, as I have been doing now for — I can’t believe this — FOUR YEARS THIS WEEK! Thank you for reading this forecast, for all the wonderful emails I’ve received and for sharing my words with your friends. My Saturn in Aquarius is thrilled to be of service, and if you have Saturn in Aquarius, so are you.

Have a fabulous day!





Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/18/2013 & The Weekend: The Inauguration; Lance Armstrong

Seize the optimistic and pioneering potential of this day, which begins with an idealistic hook-up between mental Mercury and the Sun (life force) in practical Capricorn. The caveat with any day marked by idealism is, of course, that some may be driving with blinders on. On the plus side, that’s an effective way to stay focused, especially if you’re a horse pulling a carriage in Central Park. On the other hand, those blinders may cause you to miss a few details, some more glaring than others. Keep on making your pitch, and by the time we arrive at the First Quarter Moon at 6:45PM ET, you may see the first challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last week., which was something about “a general gracefully acknowledging defeat”. Why how very Lance Armstrong, eh? Coincidence or conspiracy? More on him in a minute.

At 7:40PM ET, Moon goes void of course for just under an hour, entering comfort-seeking Taurus at 8:36PM ET. Ooh, I just love a weekend with Moon in Taurus….so lovely for earthly pleasures: good food, wine, music and a massage or two. You can shop ’til you drop all day Saturday and on Sunday, but only until 1:16PM ET, when Moon goes void-of-course until Monday at 9:04AM ET. Take a nice long break & enjoy wherever your wanderings take you.

Saturday is notable for two planetary shifts: both the Sun and Mercury leave practical Capricorn and enter innovative, humanitarian, unique, cerebral and  often weirdly stubborn Aquarius. This is a sign that is rarely in the middle of anything; Aquarians are usually found on one fringe or the other. Usually thought of as a future-oriented sign, some of the most extreme conservatives have strong Aquarian elements in their horoscopes: Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Paul Ryan, NRA henchman Wayne LaPierre, Kim Jong-Il, Ayn Rand — just off the top of my head. And then on the other side, you have extremely progressive Aquarians Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Barack Obama has an Aquarian Ascendant, which is one reason he comes off as so detached and cerebral, yet definitely unique.

Speaking of Obama, Sunday marks the beginning of his second term. He’ll be sworn in at noon, as specified by our Constitution. And though he’ll be doing it all over again on Monday in a public ceremony, for me the swearing-in on Sunday is the one that sticks.  In the chart for noon in DC on the 20th, I am relieved to see the Moon NOT void of course in Taurus, suggesting that it may actually function effectively. In Taurus, this suggests a reigning need to preserve and maintain material security, to keep things as they are or as they should be.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect a battle, as the Moon is squared by aggressive Mars in Aquarius, suggesting heated and stubborn challenges from the rebel factions. This is likely to be a term of office noted for idealistic, expansive and innovative ideas. And yes, I do believe we’ll see the President operating more independently than in his last term, as the Moon is placed in the 1st house, suggesting, as astrologer Noel Tyl defines it, an entrepreneurial “do your own thing” approach.

How does this chart compare with chart for the start of the 113th Congress? Interestingly, in that chart the Virgo Moon IS void-of-course — and running wild! This suggests a concern with details, organization and discernment that runs away with the whole chart — and, given the void, is likely to be ineffective or at least of no consequence. Hmmm. Perhaps the President will have the upper hand. Also notable is nebulous Neptune running wild, suggesting that elements of vision, idealism, delusion, deception, spirits of all kinds and artistry will be all over this legislative body like a cheap suit. When NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd wrote about the first day of 113th Congress, she called it a “surreal world”. Yep. That’s Neptune running wild…

OK. Lance Armstrong, since several of you have asked. We don’t have a confirmed birth time for Armstrong, though I have seen two efforts to determine the time — one using computer software and the other calculated by hand. I do have a preference for which is likely correct,  but I haven’t done enough “chart crunching” to be completely sure.  Both charts propose a Sagittarius Ascendant, and this gambling, gamboling, often rough-around-the-edges fire sign works for me. Born on September 18th, 1971 in Plano Texas, Armstong has Sun and Moon in Virgo, and the Moon is running wild. This suggests a need for perfection driven to the max. The Moon rules the 8th house, suggesting a need to manage or help in the affairs of other people; it’s one indication that he could be effective in philanthropy, which in fact, he is.  One very interesting aspect in the horoscope — regardless of his birth time is the same witchy-bitchy hook-up  between Venus and Pluto we have been talking about all week — and which was exact on Wednesday. This pattern — suggesting intensity, emotional overkill and potential ruthlessness in social expression demands prominence in Armstrong’s chart (it’s at the Aries Point, for tech-savvy astrology buffs reading this). Venus and Pluto are both conjunct the Virgo Sun, suggesting a certain level of suppression, likely anger, that would be an immediate topic of discussion in a consultation. Can this horoscope be destroyed all the way to hell and be rebuilt all the way to heaven? Yea verily, the potential for regeneration and empowerment is great.

So what about all these drugs and deception? Now if you’ve been reading this forecast for some time, you know the answer: Neptune! Yes, nebulous Neptune is exactly conjunct expansive Jupiter at 0 degrees of Sagittarius. This is a strong statement of a need for faith; here, expansive Jupiter likely rules the Sagittarius Ascendant, which is all about self-image. Armstrong needs to believe he is “all that” — it makes sense he would be driven to perfection about projecting this holier than thou image to the world. And it makes sense that the world believes the illusion…until it doesn’t. Astrology buffs will immediately note that transiting Neptune is exactly square Lance’s Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, suggesting all Neptunian concerns are up — big time — including, but not limited to — redemption and  “tricky legalisms”.

In the forecast posted on January 4th, we were talking about the Grand Trine in Air Signs, suggesting — again citing my mentor, Noel Tyl — an intellectual elitism, a defensive posture and acting as if one is a law unto oneself. And surprise, surprise — Armstrong has this placement among Mars, Uranus and Saturn. Right now Jupiter, which likely rules his Ascendant, is exactly conjunct Saturn, suggesting a need to break free of patterns that have restricted his movement. Armstrong apparently wants to start competing again, but he has been banned from competition. So it is very interesting to see him working to do whatever he has to do to break free of those restrictions.

OK, time to ship this forecast, as I have consultations to prepare. When are you going to book yours? It’s sure to be profound…and fun!

Have a great holiday weekend.