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- Bill R.
Los Angeles

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Astrological Forecast for Monday 10/31/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Venus Conjunct Saturn Can Be A Bitch

Trick or treat!

How fitting to have a Scorpio Moon on Halloween, daring us to disguise ourselves in our deepest desires. What are you wearing to the office today? The Moon travels without interference all through the day, facilitating your need to consolidate knowledge for the sake of substance, power and control.

Moon goes void at 10:44PM ET, not to enter Sagittarius until 10:43 AM ET on TUESDAY. Use the long void to chill, take care of routine concerns and not freak out over twists and flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Once in Sagittarius, may we all breathe a sigh of relief after the emotional squeeze of Scorpio. A Sag Moon pushes boundaries with its need for righteous opinion, sometimes comedic and sloppy. On the plus side, it encourages us to broaden our horizons. It also cruises without interference on Tuesday, basking in the lingering rosy glow of a 4:17AM ET alignment between the Sun and Neptune (oil, healing, drugs, scandal, illusion — that’s a partial list) that we’ll see reflected in the news today.

Note your dreams on WEDNESDAY, as the Moon also makes an early AM contact with Neptune.  I’ll be looking for a reach of ambition or a wet blanket to hit the headlines around 4PM ET, as the Moon meets up with sobering Saturn, aided and abetted by a dirt-digging alignment between Mercury (information) and Pluto (perspective; power; news from underground) at 1:08AM ET on THURSDAY.

Whatever dirt does emerge, it may well run away with Thursday, given that the Sagittarius Moon will be void between 6:35AM ET and 11:05PM ET. No shopping or signing on the dotted line, unless it is something you view as routine. A proactive, take care of business Capricorn Moon to drive the action on FRIDAY and SATURDAY. By then we should be seeing the reflection of Saturday’s alignment between Venus (women, money, social expression) and Uranus, suggesting unconventional attractions and a humanitarian focus.

If you’d like to know what all this means for your own unique horoscope, considering booking a personal consultation. Special shout-out to Avid Reader Emily, whose feedback prompted me to make it much easier to order the written reports described on this page.

And now, the news.

I saw the controlling and structuring (upside) and mean-spirited, miserly (downside) potential of Saturday’s meet-up between Venus and Saturn all over the NYT on Sunday. “3 TVs and No Food: Growing Up Poor in America;”  and “Poverty in Unexpected Places.”  “Nudges that Help Struggling Students Succeed” (makes sense, with Venus and Saturn together in Sagittarius, which refers to higher education). “Medicaid Finds Opportune Time to Offer Birth Control: Right After Birth.”  “Merciless End for  a Cop Killer.” This last one — a story of reckless violence (reflecting Mars square Uranus), drugs and failed redemption (Sun-Mercury trine Neptune) added to the Venus-Saturn mix may be a heart-breaker.

Meanwhile the WaPo offers this — about a man who has Venus conjunct Saturn in his own horoscope: “Trump Boasts About His Philanthropy, but His Giving Falls Short of His Words.”  Reality check.

Here are a few more reflecting Mars-Uranus themes of men, unconventional, surprise, accidents, aviation, technology and seismic activity: “Why Pop Culture Just Can’t Deal with Black Male Sexuality;” this stunner exonerating “Patient Zero,” the French male flight attendant alleged to have brought the AIDS epidemic to the U.S.; an American Airlines jet caught fire on a Chicago runway; earthquakes in Italy.

And then there is James Comey — the FBI Director whose vague letter many see as reckless also embodies the current mash-up of planetary patterns. What’s going on in his horoscope? We don’t have a birth time, but he was born December 14, 1960 in Yonkers, NY. First thing that jumps out is his Sun at 22 Sagittarius, exactly square to Hillary Clinton’s 22 Pisces Moon and conjunct her opponent’s Moon at 21 Sag. Yup, there’s a connection.

Comey’s need to think righteously with ruthless perspicacity has been under great stress all year — both controlling and expansive,  especially in June and July. With those stresses in the rear view mirror, it is unfortunate that his mindset is now only under the influence of nebulous Neptune, which can be idealistic, bewildering, duplicitous or delusional. Let the record show that Jason Chaffetz, whose horoscope was covered in a prior post, is under a similar Neptune-Mercury transit.

Comey will have his  last Neptune-Mercury hit  at the end of January 2017; from now until the end of December he’ll be in the building crescendo of a measurement between Pluto and Venus suggesting emotional overkill; of taking a sledgehammer approach to a situation better served by finer instruments.

In his horoscope we also see a potentially militant and disciplined application of energy, particularly in emotional and home(land) security concerns, evidenced by an opposition between Mars and Saturn. The “militant application” part has been under pressure from transiting Pluto for many months. Next year,  it will move on to his Saturn, just as transiting Saturn meets up with his Sagittarius Sun. The first hits will happen mid-January 2017; with more to come in July/August and Oct/Nov. These patterns suggest themes of anguished effort, a squeeze or focused ambition. We shall see.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with the rest of the Free World. Here is the Cosmic Tip Jar, where you can support my efforts to keep you informed and entertained. Trick or treat!


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/28/2016 & the Weekend: Mars Square Uranus and Reckless Weiners; New Moon in Scorpio; the Peasants are Revolting


Exuberant. Social. Structured.  Focused on balance and integrity in relationship. There’s your first half of the day, driven by the Moon in people-pleasing Libra. What’s that humming in the background? A volatile and revolutionary charge between Mars (action) and Uranus (surprise!), exact just after midnight. This amplifies the potential for power plays and other startling revelations, suggested by the Moon’s weekly clash between Pluto (4:11PM ET today) and Uranus (5:46AM ET AM on SATURDAY).

Moon goes void at 6:09AM ET Saturday, on a clash with assertive Mars. All together, these patterns suggest potential for assertion and disruption to make headlines, for better or for worse. Be mindful on the roads and around others, as those whose horoscopes are personally affected may be explosive under pressure. Saturday’s Moon void will last until 10:01PM ET. It’s a dead Moon — the last day of the lunar cycle, so the natives may be listless or restless, wondering how to channel the electric buzz of Mars-Uranus-Pluto. This is not a day for shopping, as Moon voids suggest strong potential that what you buy will not prove satisfying.

At 8:45PM ET, Venus (women, money, social expression) meets up with Saturn, demanding an opinionated reality check.   “How A Fed-Up  Group of Good Girls (in the Newsroom) Beat the Mad Men Era Sexists,” reads this perfectly-timed headline. It’s also a perfect time to share a recent discovery:  Buy Up Index is an app developed by women that “allows you to make purchasing decisions based on a company’s commitment to gender equality.” Can’t decide between Coke and Pepsi? If the way a company treats women matters to you, Coke scores higher. I found that surprising, given that Pepsi has a woman CEO. According to Buy Up, Estee Lauder beats Elizabeth Arden. McDonald’s beats Burger King. Use it to make purchases when the Moon is not void.

Once the Moon enters Scorpio on Saturday night, it drives the next few days with a need for emotional depth, substance and control. It meets up with the Scorpio Sun at 1:38PM ET — otherwise known as the New Moon in Scorpio. This is the time to light a candle, make a list and set your intentions anew. You are more personally affected by this New Moon if you have a planet or angle around 7 degrees of Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo; however, wherever 7 degrees of Scorpio falls in your horoscope is where you can expect a focal point of development. If you don’t know where 7 Scorpio is in your horoscope, consider ordering an Astro-Basics Report here. For this week only,  I will include a paragraph or so of personal observations on how this New Moon is likely to affect you.

In the chart for the New Moon — set in Washington DC —  we see an obsessive-compulsive relationship between the Sun-Moon and rebel Uranus. Shaking things up for its own sake, inspired by the visionary and/or healing potential of the Sun-Moon and Mercury in harmony with Neptune? That would be the upside; the downside would be the Neptune symbol manifesting as blind faith or delusion. A humanitarian, all-inclusive attraction to the unconventional is suggested by a harmonious alignment between Venus (women) and Uranus.  Meanwhile, macho Mars festers in the area of the chart which refers to the self-undoing and unconscious. A 12th house Mars suggests repressed anger, and its last point of contact was a disruptive one with Uranus.

I set the New Moon chart in DC because that location suggests potential for the whole nation. What seeds are being collectively planted in this cycle which includes Election Day?  I am intrigued by the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn. In astrology, Jupiter refers to the Republican Party; Saturn refers to the Democratic. In this New Moon chart, the two look as if they will be in a cooperative relationship (an exact sextile): Jupiter is at 10 Libra; Saturn is at 14 Sagittarius. But instead, Jupiter first makes a square to Pluto (currently at 15 Capricorn), the first of three exact squares suggesting a burst of action/expansion/destruction involving matters of power and resources. The cooperative connection hovers closerthanthis until the end of January, but it doesn’t become exact. Then Jupiter turns retrograde and moves away from Saturn, just after Hillary Clinton takes the Inaugural Oath. The second square between Jupiter and Pluto happens on March 30th, just before Speaker Paul Ryan’s horoscope will be jolted for the second time since July 2016 by Uranus. The third Jupiter-Pluto square happens in early August. What will have happened to the Republican Party by then?  Only after the August 21st total solar eclipse do we finally see the exact sextile between Jupiter and Saturn — at 21 Libra on August 27th. Speaker Ryan’s horoscope gets its third Uranus hit in December 2017, just in time for transiting Saturn to enter Capricorn at the Aries Point and challenge his high-functioning Aries Mars.  It will be interesting to refer back to this long wandering paragraph when tracking events between now and the end of 2017. Not only will Jupiter square Pluto, it will also oppose Uranus — three times.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is “the moon shining on a lake.” Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee suggests we see this as a symbol of “guile regarding forgotten or wasted treasure.” How curious! The moon shining on a lake is “a reflection of a reflection” (the light shining from the moon is actually from the sun), says Bovee, beckoning “like an insubstantial bridge across the water.” That’s deep. Bovee’s description of this Symbol is rich with imagery — I recommend you get his book — and pay close attention to his description of this Symbol’s opposite: “a sleigh without snow.” Bovee believes these Symbols work in pairs. Meanwhile, we are advised to apply these Symbols “with a mind to the clever guile to slip around an issue; to retrieve a lost matter; to maintain a sense of stability until the season favorably turns…reflections of the truth; being ahead of one’s time; ahead of the law; clever delays and diversions; smoothing over frictions; a moonshine state of mind.”

And now, the news.

Disruptive stories some people would rather not talk about are often dumped on a Friday afternoon. With respect to this never-ending U.S. election, one last disruption was anticipated this weekend in a prior forecast — and here it is: the FBI announced it is investigating new emails in its never-ending investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server. The source? Oh — wait for it — Mars-Uranus reckless male sexual action personified: the electronic devices seized from  Anthony Weiner’s home after he was found to be sending sexts to a 15-year-old girl. Mr. Weiner is separated from Huma Abedin, one of Hillary Clinton’s closet aides.  It should come as no surprise that Hillary Clinton has a transit pattern similar to what Donald Trump had when the infamous Access Hollywood tape came to light; though in Trump’s case, the pattern was much more personal. Generally speaking, consider this headline today’s Moon square Pluto power play, as predicted.

UPDATE:  It is now being reported that the FBI has not said it was “reopening its investigation of Hillary Clinton.” Those words allegedly came from Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and then repeated by Speaker Ryan. Rep. Chaffetz made headlines yesterday when he flip-flopped on his earlier denouncement of HRC’s opponent. Reckless weiners, all of them — in sync with planetary patterns.

Erratic…accidents…aviation. All themes of Mars square Uranus. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who has cursed out President Obama and Pope Francis, was reportedly told by God that unless he gave up swearing, his plane would crash. No word on what God had to say about President Duterte’s understanding of the First Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” Duterte is credited with the killings of about 2000 Filipinos since being elected to office.

More rebel warriors in the news: the seven “armed anti-government protesters” who occupied the Oregon Wildlife Refuge some months ago were acquitted by a jury. Meanwhile, over 100 protesters supporting the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation against a proposed oil pipeline which threatens local water supplies…were arrested…on private land. Let’s see where this story is on November 24th, the first Jupiter-Pluto square.

We could go on in this vein forever. Let’s end on an up note. The US economy, no doubt boosted by transiting Jupiter’s expansive hits to the US Jupiter and Venus, grew at its fastest rate in two years in the 3rd quarter, reports the US Department of Commerce.

Have a great weekend. No sleeping in on Monday.

P.S. Mars-Uranus contacts suggest seismic activity — reflected this week by quakes in Italy




Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 10/26-27/2016: Short and Sweet

All-riighty then!

Hope your efforts at sorting, refining, discerning and perfecting are going wonderfully well, courtesy of a day driven by the Moon in Virgo. Ship it before 2:33PM ET, when the Moon goes void with a sigh, suggesting you then focus efforts on sorting matters of routine. Extra sweetness to the day is added by an easy alignment between Venus and Jupiter, traditionally thought of as fairy godmothers in the language of astrology. Ask and ye may receive, especially if your personal horoscope is affected by this pattern.

Moon enters Libra on THURSDAY at 9:51AM ET, accompanied by a potentially controlling and idealized focus suggested by the Scorpio Sun’s meet-up with mental Mercury at 12:17PM ET. The Libra Moon suggests a need for harmony and balance in relationships. Combined with a Scorpio Sun, we could see the potential for someone to assume that his or her concept of balance and harmony is shared by everyone else — so says astrologer Noel Tyl. We shall see. There are no other exact aspects on Thursday.

And now, catching up on the news.

“The Pentagon’s ‘Terminator Conundrum’ — Robots That Could Kill on Their Own.” Oh, just what we need, Pentagon — yet just in time for Saturday’s supercharged contact between Mars (warrior) in high-functioning Capricorn and Uranus (technology, aviation) in Aries (warrior). What else made the New York Times? “A.I. Inspiration: the Science-Fiction that Frames Discussion.” Here’s one from NPR: Bob Hoover, one of the greatest (fighter) pilots, is dead at 94.

Ever since Jupiter entered Libra in September, I’ve noticed an uptick  — as anticipated — in stories about equality. Gender equality is one theme. Even the phrase “false equivalency” seemed to become suddenly prevalent in September. Jupiter suggests expansion. Libra suggests harmony, balance and equality — especially between polarities. Fascinating. Yesterday, in the wake of a charged aspect between Venus (women, money, art, social expression) and Neptune (compassion, arts, drugs and alcohol), it was reported that women are now drinking as much as men.  Equality!  Meanwhile, not so fair and balanced: how compensation for damages incurred by plaintiffs is assessed by race and gender.  Elsewhere, a shocker: Canada fell from first to….25th in the UN’s gender equality ranking. Oh, Canada!

In other news, we can see the accident-prone energy of Mars and Uranus with the escapist potential of Venus and Neptune in this headline: Dreamworld Theme Park Accident Kills 4 , Australian Officials Say. Of course it would be Dreamworld. Elsewhere, I was expecting we might see a prominent headline about diabetes, given today’s sweet alignment between Jupiter and Venus. Not quite, but in the language of astrology, Jupiter does refer to the liver. Thanks, WaPo, for this dreamy true love story: He Gave Her His Liver; She Gave Him Her Heart.

That’s the news for today. Thank you for reading this forecast. To find out what’s going on in your own personal horoscope, here’s the 411 on consultations.



Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/24/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week

…and it’s off to the races we go!

The start of the work week is driven by the Moon in regal Leo, wandering potentially off-course while void between the hours of 8:21AM ET and 11:16PM ET. If you are new to this forecast and are not familiar with the term “void-of-course Moon” or “Moon void,” here is a technical explanation. And here is another  post from the archives about real-life Moon-void experiences. Other than today, your Moon voids for the week are Wednesday 2:33PM ET until 9:51AM ET THURSDAY; Saturday from 6:09AM ET until 10:01PM ET — not a day for impulse shopping.

When the Moon enters Virgo tonight at 11:16PM ET, it will drive the day with a need to sort, organize and otherwise perfect, likely including whatever Moon in Leo drama and showmanship cropped up today.

As for the rest of the week, Venus is  the star player. At 9:55PM ET on TUESDAY the symbol of   women, aesthetics, money and social expression is squared by Neptune, symbol of vision, delusion, illusion, drugs, scandal and oil (that’s a partial list). Got a rose-colored, peaceful feeling? You’re more personally affected if you have a planet or angle around 9 degrees (about a third of the way) through Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini.

On WEDNESDAY Venus will be in an easy alignment with Jupiter, symbol of expansion and reward. Venus-Jupiter connections are often sweet — sometimes too sweet. So if a headline shows up about diabetes, I won’t be surprised.  On THURSDAY, mental Mercury meets up with the Scorpio Sun at 12:17ET, suggesting a deep and penetrating idealism. Note that Mercury enters Scorpio at 4:47PM ET today (Monday), ditching its Libra “on the other hand” approach for a need for greater resolution and control.

On SATURDAY, Mars (war, aggression, action) is challenged by Uranus (disruption, technology, astrology, aviation, accidents) at 12:05AM ET. We’ll feel that restless, easily-provoked energy a few days beforehand. Frankly, I wonder about the potential for another internet attack.  If you have a planet or angle around 20 degrees (two thirds of the way through) Aries, Capricorn, Libra or Cancer, you’re feeling the buzz more personally than most. A concentrated and focused physical workout can help relieve the tension; recklessness may have disruptive consequences. One wonders if voters in Iceland will consider these important astrological guideposts when they go to the polls on that day. It’s “bracing for a pirate party takeover,” says a WaPo headline. The “pirate party” in question did not exist four years ago; this means it was born with the revolutionary never-ending Uranus-Pluto square in its horoscope.

Meanwhile, your big Saturday night date may face a reality check, as a hard-nosed meet-up between Venus and heavy Saturn suggests at 8:45PM ET. Finally, there’s a New Moon in Scorpio at 1:38PM ET on SUNDAY — stay tuned for further details.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/21/2016 & the Weekend: Power Plays and Disruption in the News


Moon has been in Cancer since 11:28AM ET on Thursday, driving the day with a need for emotional security. Cancer’s reverence for what is familiar and nurturing — perhaps rooted in fond memories of the past — makes it a perfect Moon for a reunion gathering of college chums, ideally at one of their homes. What other nostalgic scenario can you create today and through tomorrow afternoon?

On SATURDAY, we’ll have the Third Quarter Moon, suggesting a challenge or push forward on whatever illumination last Sunday’s intense Full Moon dropped in your lap. This happens at 3:14PM ET, followed by a 20-minute void you will barely notice. Then Moon enters rip-roarin’ Leo at 3:34PM ET, carrying us through the weekend with a need for drama and play, especially of the regal kind. Party on, dudes — and happily so.

Saturday’s other notable event happens at 7:46PM ET, when the Sun enter Scorpio.  Scorpio demands substance; none of that airy-theory-rational stuff that Libra does so well. Scorpio is a deeply emotional sign, noted for its need for privacy, power and control.  Scorpios “build all the way up to Heaven…and all the way down to Hell,” wrote astrologer Linda Goodman. Hopefully you can hang with one who builds a stairway to Heaven. A Scorpio heading for Hell will happily annihilate everyone and everything in its way. Really, they are so very interesting. Hillary Clinton, Dan Rather, Julia Roberts, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Margaret Atwood are all Scorpios. So is Shaman Durek, a man on a mission to heal the world. Having a mission in life — this is something a planet in Scorpio understands.

Moon will be void between 8:21AM ET and 11:16PM ET on MONDAY. If you sleep in — or if your week gets off to a wandering start, roll with it. Stick to routine concerns; avoid initiating important projects. Remember that crises which crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing. Chill — or call your astrologer, who will have a helpful perspective to take you down from that ceiling.

And now, the news.

I think Wednesday’s final presidential debate went as forecast, don’t you? “Brutal,” wrote, USA TODAY.  Downright nasty, too — in case you haven’t heard.  Moderator Chris Wallace scored points for keeping the debate under control, with pointed questions and follow-ups. Word on the street is that he was fair — and we might expect fairness from a man with at least three planets — Sun, Neptune and Venus — in Libra. We do not have a birth time, but his birth date is October 12, 1947 — two weeks before Hillary Clinton’s — in Chicago. Moon either in perfectionist Virgo or people-pleasing Libra; felt like Virgo to me. Most notable was his potent mindset and communication, with sharp questions and no tolerance for fluff, reflected in his horoscope by contact between Mercury (mindset) and Pluto (ruthless perspective).

Meanwhile, there are plenty of other headlines reflecting the intensely focused, yang-energized and disruptive potential of the past 24+ hours, e.g., Mars ruthlessly meeting up with Pluto in Capricorn and Mercury (mindset) facing off against Uranus (humor, technology, rebellion, eccentrics). Continuing in the political vein, here’s how it went down at last night’s Al Smith dinner — traditionally an event where rivals may “let off a little steam.”  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump did their best stand-up shticks; the latter’s barbs were especially bad and booed. Unprecedented and disruptive.

Speaking of disruption, this morning a number of major websites — including the New York Times, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify — were inaccessible as a result of an attack. AT&T is reportedly in talks to acquire Time Warner – another disruptive communications power play. Elsewhere, revelations of past sexual harassment and assaults are disrupting relationships around the country, as women have been sharing personal stories — long-suppressed — with their significant others.   A WaPo reporter sought to get to the bottom of this boorish behavior, armed with a fake wedding ring — and was blessed with surprisingly successful results. Why the illusion? Looking at planetary patterns, I do see that Venus (women) and Neptune (fantasy, ruse) will be in a challenging connection on the 25th — arguably reflected in headlines now.

Continuing along Venus-Neptune lines, as the two together also suggest compassion and forgiveness, this leads me to opine that in some respect we must be grateful to Donald J. Trump for personifying the worst in human potential. Without him serving as a magnet, we would not have the opportunity to bring toxic thought and behavior patterns to light. And if they don’t come into the light — and in our consciousness — they can’t be healed. And if you need more examples of toxicity, Richard Branson just posted an anecdote on his blog about Trump’s vindictive streak. It is fascinating to note that the prospect of guaranteed success if revenge is avoided is hard-wired into Trump’s  horoscope (Ascendant conjunct Regulus).

In other news, sexually-transmitted diseases are at a record high in the U.S., as state and local budgets have been slashed and screening clinics closed. Hmm…that’s tough to forgive.  Also unforgivable: the pressure Wells Fargo employees were under to meet sales quotas using deceptive practices. The personal stories here are shocking. A criminal investigation has been launched in California.

Finally, you have less than a year to prepare for a total eclipse of the Sun on August 21, 2017. This is significant because its path will fall across the entire U.S. — something which has not happened in nearly a century. Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates….



Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday-Thursday 10/19-20/2016: Mars-Pluto Slugfest; Two Davids, Right on Schedule

Alllll-righty then!

The day is driven by the Moon info junkie Gemini, seeking to be the smartest kid in the room. What sordid barrage of facts and figures will assault our collective senses in light of this morning’s potentially brutal meet-up between Mars (action action action) and Pluto (resistance is futile) in status-seeking, patriarchal Capricorn? And from what dark dungeon will it emerge? Mars and Pluto come together at 7:18AM ET; that Gemini Moon is staunchly opposed by an opinionated Saturn in Sagittarius at 7:40AM ET.

If you have a planet or angle around 14-16 degrees (halfway through) Aries, Libra, Cancer and especially Capricorn, you’re likely feeling the emotional intensity and/or power play more than most.

I’ll be on the watch for more startling revelations and tech innovations as mental Mercury is opposed by erratic Uranus at 3:48AM ET on THURSDAY. Note that the Moon will be void of course Thursday AM between 7:16 and 11:28, no doubt generating plenty of much-ado-about-nothing info junkie (info junk?) Gemini buzz. Chill! We’ve got one more provocative hit to go through on Oct 29th, when Mars challenges Uranus, suggesting risk and recklessness. Planetary patterns in the ensuing weeks are less disruptive.

Meanwhile, we can expect a manifestation of the above planetary patterns in tonight’s slugfest third presidential debate, which officially starts at 6PM PT in Las Vegas. One party will be obviously more on the attack than the other — likely Hillary Clinton’s opponent. I say likely because the debate probably won’t start on time, and in this case, that few minutes do make a difference in determining which it is.  The attacks will be attention-dominating, but ultimately are not likely to be integrated in any meaningful way.  The other party will endeavor to keep it optimistic, big-picture focused, with a risk of pushing boundaries in its expression. The debate starts with the Moon at 21 degrees of Gemini, exactly square Chiron, a.k.a. the Wounded Healer. This pattern reinforces the dredging up of past personal transgressions suggested in other patterns. Send the little kids off to bed early — oy vey!

And now, the news.

As I type, a second Mars orbit and landing effort is underway. It’s called Exo Mars — on a Mars-Pluto meet-up AND a Mercury-Uranus face-off? Those who speak astrology can not help but marvel at the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and the headlines.

Also in sync: “Guiding Trump, an Ex-General Shakes His Fist at Washington.” Mars refers to the military and anger. The ex-general is Michael Flynn, whose birth date is unknown (“December 1958,” says Wikipedia).

UPDATE: In recent days Bernie Sanders experienced the second exact hit of transiting Uranus opposing his natal Venus. We’d expect an intensification and disruptive potential in his social expression. So what happened? A few days ago one of his tweets resulted in the stock price of a drug company — Ariad — to drop almost $400 million in one day. I’d say that’s pretty disruptive. That same day I saw a number of posts on Facebook about an op-ed Bernie Sanders wrote for the Los Angeles Times — in August. Why was the op-ed getting attention in October?

The next exact hits to his Venus and Mars from Uranus will happen in March. If you happen to be a Bernie supporter who is contemplating sitting out the election because your candidate is not on the ballot, consider this: if the Democrats regain control of the Senate, Sanders could become the chair of the Senate Budget Committee, which would ruin Speaker Paul Ryan’s day, as he says right here.  So quit sulking and vote. Right after Election Day, Senator Sanders will have a transit suggesting potential for an advance of ambition and authority, or a potential squeeze. Which will it be?

UPDATE: David Letterman. When we last looked at his horoscope back in March of 2015, we anticipated that the summer and into 2016 would be a year of significant change. Here he is in a recent interview, sporting a full-length beard and talking about his travels to India for his work on Years of Living Dangerously, a new series about climate change (National Geographic Channel on Oct 30). Thank you transiting Uranus and Pluto on Mr. Letterman’s natal Venus, transforming his social expression and values.

Meanwhile, reflecting the potential for power plays and tech disruptions: Ecuador cut off Julian Assange’s internet connection. Owners of exploding Samsung Galaxy 7 phones are furious that Samsung is stalling on making good on damages allegedly suffered. Hopefully someone else’s power play won’t disrupt your world.

Finally, Bob Dylan  isn’t the only 75-year old music legend making headlines. David Crosby has a new album out and it’s lovely to hear. A quick glance at his horoscope and we immediately see that his me-me-me Aries Ascendant (suggesting a need to be seen as inspiring and pioneering) is about to receive its last hit from transiting Pluto, suggesting an empowering new perspective and presentation. We also note that his Ascendant and his Midheaven were under pressure from both Uranus and Pluto back in 2014, when he released his first solo album in 20 years. Coincidence or conspiracy? Check out this excerpt from an interview published in The Guardian (and linked above):

You’re 75. Does having one of the most productive streaks happen now opposed to decades ago mean more to you?

It means a lot. I’m not sure I fully understand why it happened.

Mr. Crosby, if you are reading this now, please get in touch with me and I will explain it to you. If anyone who knows Mr. Crosby happens to be reading this, please forward it to him.

Astrology is amazing. What’s going on in your horoscope?


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/17/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Michelle Obama

Good Morning!

The work week begins with the Moon in Taurus, driven by a need to build and maintain material security. Steady as you go, even when the Moon goes void at 10:46AM ET, not to enter the next sign — Gemini — until 10:30AM ET on TUESDAY. Focus on routine concerns and roll with whatever twists and flakes may detour your efforts to move forward in a straight line.

Highlights this week are as follows: on TUESDAY, Venus breathes a great sigh of relief when it leaves controlling Scorpio for high-flying Sagittarius at 3:01AM ET. Venus refers to how we need to express ourselves socially; people and things we love; women, money, art. Expressed through the filter of fiery Sagittarius, we can expect boundaries to be pushed, big pictures to be envisioned (with enthusiasm) and opinions to be righteously expressed, with less of the Scorpio sting.

On WEDNESDAY at 7:18AM ET,  Mars (assertion, aggression, guns, war, the masculine principle) meets up with ruthless Pluto in Powers That Be Capricorn. If you have a planet or angle halfway through Aries, Cancer, Libra and especially Capricorn, you’re likely feeling the intensely focused assertive energy more personally — for better or for worse. If you don’t have a constructive project to push through with executive authority this week, get thee to the nearest gym instead of taking out pent-up aggression on friends, family and whoever happens to be driving on the road. Fun fact: Hillary Clinton has a Mars-Pluto conjunction in her horoscope.

At 3:48AM ET on THURSDAY, Mercury (mind, words, travel) and Uranus (shock, revelation, technology, aviation) face off, suggesting words that are sure to disrupt someone’s status quo. Whether this is “good” or “bad” remains to be seen. The energy symbolized by planetary patterns can be applied for constructive and destructive purposes. Who is doing the applying?  With these highlights in mind, you now have a sense of how the third debate between Hillary Clinton and her opponent is likely to go. No holds barred.

Moon voids — other than today: Thursday 7:16AM ET until 11:28AM ET — in Gemini — buzz, buzz, buzz!

What’s going on in your horoscope — or the horoscope of your child or significant other? Astrology is an amazing tool for understanding what you need vs. what they need. This understanding improves relationships of all kinds: your boss, your colleagues, your employees, etc. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

And now, the news.

Saturday Night Live airs at 11:30PM ET. At 11:11PM ET on Saturday, Moon met up with Uranus in fearless warrior Aries. Moon-Uranus contacts suggest quick witted response and wacky, disruptive humor. Minutes earlier, Mercury clashed with Pluto, suggesting ruthless perspective. At 12:23AM ET on Sunday, the Moon was exactly full.  Here’s the cold open for Saturday’s show — skewering October’s 9th’s “worst presidential debate ever.” Did the show live up to the potential of planetary patterns?

With the Sun (leadership) opposed by Uranus (disruption, eccentric) on Saturday, we could expect headlines involving heads of states and disruptive themes. Last week, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand passed away at 88. He was one of the longest-reigning monarchs in history. The Crown Prince — and presumed successor — has a reputation for being a jet-setting playboy. Meanwhile, the NYT offers these headlines: “Rise of Saudi Prince Shatters Decades of Royal Tradition”   and “Kuwait’s Ruler Dissolves Parliament.”

Coupled with this week’s Mars-Pluto meet-up, as well as the involvement of Eris, Planet of Discord, in Saturday’s Full Moon, it is not surprising to see war initiatives making news, e.g., “Iraq Begins Long-Awaited Battle to Re-take ISIS Stronghold.

Uranus refers to aviation and that which is unconventional. It’s quite curious that not one, but two African-American female physicians on separate Delta flights were dissed by flight attendants who did not believe they were doctors and thus capable of providing assistance to passengers requiring medical attention. Within days of each other. A far more uplifting flight was launched into orbit around Earth by China this morning.

Uranus also refers to technology and innovation. With Mercury (mind, nervous system) under so much tension last week — especially in a challenging aspect with headstrong Mars — it was wonderful to read this: “In Medical First, Brain Implant Allows Paralyzed Man to Feel Again.”

Uranus also refers to astrology. Here’s the latest on the ongoing debate over Hillary Clinton’s birth time, reported with refreshing respect and intelligence by the Washington Post.  Great job, WaPo. Thank you!

Today’s Taurus Moon encourages steadiness and saving. The NYT wants you to know about apps that will easily help you with the latter, while also suggesting you quit multitasking like an insane Gemini and focus on one thing at a time.

Finally, a few thoughts on Michelle Obama, who continues to hit ’em out of the park — higher and higher against every low blow.  Last week, it was a speech slamming the deplorable treatment of women by a certain wannabe that won accolades. What does her horoscope suggest in the near-term future? As you can see, we do not have a confirmed birth time for the First Lady, which limits the scope of our forecasting. Still, we immediately see the potential for a declaration of individualism in the late spring and summer of next year, as transiting Uranus challenges  her no-nonsense Capricorn Sun. This streak carries into the spring of 2018.

In mid-2019 she’ll have a lovely measurement between Sun and Venus suggesting strong potential for popularity. 2020 looks like a year of streamlining, discipline and focus — potentially advancing an ambition — as transiting Saturn meets up with her Sun. At the same time, transiting Jupiter will conjoin her Sun, suggesting expansion and reward. Relationship issues — not just with a spouse, but potentially with the general public — are subject to innovation and a transformation. By that time her Mars (courage, action) will have developed into a position of prominence. In 2021, it will be Pluto meeting up with her Sun, suggesting potential empowerment — through the end of 2022.  Fun fact: Benjamin Franklin had this same transit in 1776, though he did not know it, as Pluto had not been discovered.

Bottom line: Michelle Obama is heading into an extraordinary period of personal development. I can’t wait to see what she does next.

And you?

Thank you for reading this forecast.







Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 10/13/2016: Astrology in the News

Today is driven by the Moon in soulful, sensitive, suffering Pisces, seeking to identify ideals and work with impressions. Said impressions may be sobering or squelched by a challenge from no-nonsense Saturn at 6:19AM ET. Depth of perception and dirt-digging may be on deck around 10:20AM ET, courtesy of an alignment between Moon and Pluto. Watch your mouth — and your temper — the closer we get to 5PM ET. That’s when Mercury (mouth) squares off with Mars (temper, action). You’ll feel that more personally if you have a planet around 6-9 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Use the energetic surge for something constructive, mmKay?  Moon goes void at 3:13AM ET…enters me-me-me Aries FRIDAY at 11:08AM ET. That justifies whatever flake or twist you may experience in your early morning commute.

Meanwhile, expect flashes of disruptive insights to keep on coming through the weekend.

And now, the news.

Russia, emails and efforts to sabotage the U.S. elections.  Information, scandal, power plays, shock and awe — suggested by planetary patterns.

Elizabeth Warren got her wish. John Stumpf has stepped down as CEO at Wells Fargo. Born on September 15, 1953, his Virgo Sun and Sagittarius Moon will continue to be hit by streamlining transits from Saturn into 2017.

Samsung’s Galaxy 7 phone — which notoriously began catching fire during the last Mercury retrograde, is now officially toast. Off the market. Done.

UPDATE: Ted Cruz. When we checked in on him last week, we noted that one of the most anguished patterns a horoscope can experience in its lifetime would be exact on October 12th. On that day, NYT columnist Gail Collins cheerfully opined that:

On the plus side, the campaign’s recent unpleasantness has provided a wonderful opportunity to randomly torture irritating Republican officeholders. Ted Cruz — who insulted Trump by failing to endorse him at the convention, then panicked and gave him a nod just before the trash-talk tape went public — must be having the worst week of his political life.

Yes, and his horoscope supports that opinion.

UPDATE: Donald Trump. I am almost ready to exhale, with all of his “locker-room talk” now backed up by real-life reports of his grabbing and groping in action. Front page of the NYT and an especially scathing account penned by a former reporter for People….with plenty more to come. Why now? What took everyone so long? I’d argue that we had to get to the release of bottlenecked energy suggested by last week’s transits to his natal Neptune and Mercury, suggesting a potential scandal. And, as I noted many months ago, we see heavy activity involving transiting Chiron to his Sun, Moon and a third measurement which is an important bellweather in relationship. Translation: Chiron, known as “the wounded healer,” suggests an opportunity to heal — or perhaps give up a toxic behavior pattern. But in order to heal, the wound needs to be visible. I noted a heavy Chiron measurement in Bill Cosby’s horoscope when reports of his sexual assaults against women finally began to stick.  Same with Dominque Strauss-Kahn, just before his alleged assault of a chambermaid in a New York hotel derailed his political career. So fascinating.

Despite measurements suggesting tremendous power and resource potential in 2017, other measurements suggest a need for streamlining, perhaps depressingly so.  November 28th — the date he urged his supporters to vote for him at the polls — is the trial date set for a lawsuit alleging fraud at Trump University. He is expected to testify. On October 26th, the day before an exact hard aspect between Chiron and Trump’s loutish Sagittarius Moon, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit will air an episode “ripped from the headlines” about a “wealthy and boorish man who makes a run for the White House.”

Aspects of the story are inspired by the civil lawsuit pending against the Republican presidential nominee by a woman who alleges she was raped by Trump when she was 13 years old in the mid-1990s.

The anonymous “Jane Doe” filed the lawsuit in June. Trump has denied the allegation. A hearing has been set for December 16 in a New York court.

Who’s going to streamline Trump? In keeping with heavy planetary patterns suggesting a need for balance, equality between the sexes and (on the other hand) polarity, the answer is: women. Have you seen these maps of the U.S. showing how this election would go if only women voted vs. the results if only men did? And have you seen all the parodies that flooded Twitter after those maps were released? Spit take warning — and look at the real maps first, will ya? Geez, I am trying to keep you INFORMED as well as entertained. Shall I post a cat video here now?

But what about Hillary’s horoscope? Great question, for as you know, we do not have a confirmed birth time, which limits what we can reliably forecast, as reported in the Wall Street Journal. Yes, really.  The Journal. It put astrology right  on the front page as its A-hed story at the end of last week.

The A-hed, for those who do not read the Journal, is described on its website as:

the code name for a story light enough to “float off the page.” The A-hed is a headline that doesn’t scream. It giggles.

I first learned the term A-hed in February of 2015, when a freelance reporter for the Journal interviewed me about my burning passion for covering the astonishing synchronicity of headline news and planetary patterns in this forecast. While I strive to write with wit and humor, the astonishing synchronicity of planetary patterns and the headlines is serious business, perhaps disqualifying it as suitable A-hed subject.

The astrological headline that did qualify as a giggling A-hed is this:

Who’s Demanding to See Hillary Clinton’s Birth Certificate? Baffled Astrologers

Gawd forbid the Journal should call astrologers who would like to see Hillary’s birth certificate “perfectionist” or “exacting” because that would be taking them seriously. “Baffled” makes them sound funny, though hardly any of the 100-odd Journal readers who commented agreed. They were outraged that their cherished paper would give any space to astrology at all. It’s easier to be dismissive of subjects one doesn’t understand. It makes one feel smarter and superior. But I can’t fault the Journal for finding astrologers joke-worthy when astrologers interviewed in serious news publications inspire journalists to print stuff like this:

Mr. (Anonymous Astrologer) is an astrologer. He knows Donald Trump was born at 10:54 a.m. in Jamaica Hospital in Queens on June 14, 1946. From that, it’s possible to divine that the GOP candidate “has a very strong Mars vibe going on,” he says.

The red planet’s position in Mr. Trump’s natal chart—the precise layout of the heavens at the moment of birth—resonates with Americans fed up with Washington, says Mr. (Astrologer). Mars exudes the Roman war god’s temperament, and Mr. Trump is “basically channeling that energy.”

Unless we are given ample space to define the terms in which we speak, it is suicide for an astrologer to use astrological jargon to a mainstream audience. “Very strong Mars vibe?” “Roman war god’s temperament?” Sure, I understand it, because I have studied the symbolic language of astrology. But as my mentor will expostulate at every given opportunity, “Planets don’t do anything! PEOPLE do!” As astrologers, we must translate what we see in a horoscope into something that applies to people: 

Trump’s horoscope suggests a reigning need to righteously express his opinion and be respected for it. We see the potential for a mercurial temperament and a need for risk and excitement. We see a need for a regal presentation, with a YUGE macho chip on his shoulder. His need for drama and entitlement may result in a delight in “getting away with murder.”  Patterns in his horoscope in 2015 and 2016 suggest a serious reach of executive authority becoming prominent, public recognition, extraordinary appreciation and a public resonance with the anger he is likely to project.

Not a planet in that paragraph. No Journal reader could argue that it is inaccurate, and there is no need to explain what patterns in the horoscope suggest Trump’s potential. When your doctor tells you that you have coronary artery disease, do you demand a word-for-word translation of every 24-letter word in the angiogram report? No, and the doctor doesn’t speak to you in those 24-letter words. She’ll tell you your arteries are blocked in words you can understand.

This forecast is not a mainstream publication. I write with an intention to teach Avid Readers a little bit about the language of astrology, even while knowing that I am writing at a level that likely too sophisticated for most civilians — and thus off-putting. My problem to solve.

You can read the Journal article here by paying $12 for a trial Journal subscription. That’s what I did and frankly, it’s the right and just thing to do.

What the Journal article does not report is that another astrologer claims to have discovered Hillary Clinton’s correct birth time — still officially unconfirmed, however, as no actual birth certificate has been seen. This astrologer will be presenting his findings at an astrological  conference going on as I type in Costa Mesa, California. What does that mean? It means we still do not have a confirmed birth time for Hillary Clinton and thus our forecasting tools are limited. At that same conference, there will be a panel at which several astrologers will predict whom they believe will will the election on Nov. 8th. This conference has gotten press in the Los Angeles Times and The Guardian — with more to come, I am sure.  My heart is breaking over the unintelligible planetary jargon cluttering otherwise cogent observations.

My money is on Hillary Clinton — even without a birth time — as crazy as this process has been — and as tight as the final count may be. It’s not an outcome I take for granted. We still have the potential for further shocks, flakes and twists. Women, it’s really up to you.  And while Trump may be streamlined on one level, on another level his horoscope suggests he is ripe for a further expansion of power and resources into 2017.  If he does not win the White House, I am not convinced he will go quietly into that good night.

Finally, how super groovy cool that Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature today! Obviously there is something going on in the career/status area of his horoscope. And one of many suggestions of honor quickly seen is that Jupiter (expansion, reward) will be sitting at the top of his chart on December 7th, just three days before the official Nobel ceremony on December 10th. Isn’t astrology AMAZING???

Cue Dylan’s 1964 hit, “The Times, They Are a-Changin'” now, please. It was released in the build-up of the first Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo in 1965. Was his horoscope hit by that conjunction? Yup. It squared his Sagittarius Ascendant. No wonder he was such a big name in the ’60s. And now Uranus and Pluto are making contact with his Libra Midheaven, suggesting a fresh start and prominence. But don’t quote me to any reporters who don’t speak astrology. They won’t understand and they will write about it in a way that sounds nuts.

What’s going on in your horoscope? Satisfy your burning curiosity; push through your fears and schedule a personal consultation for gawdssake. If you haven’t consulted with your astrologer in over a year, you’re overdue for a check-up. We’re like dentists, doncha’ know…treat us accordingly.

Thank you for reading this forecast. Please share it with the entire Free World.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/11/2016: Mercury in the Spotlight; Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Good Morning!

Moon continues its sojourn through “who’s yer buddy?” Aquarius, on a work day primed for big ideas about fairness, laced with scandal or sex appeal.  Mercury — the planet which refers to how we need to think, travel and communicate — is hot this week. Mercury also refers to MERChants and MERChandise and all things MERCantile — so look for some interesting business ideas to make headlines. My favorite so far is the Nobel Prize awarded on Monday to a couple of economists working on contract theory — “improving the design of contracts, the deals that bind together employers and their workers, or companies and their customers,” reports the New York Times.

Today at 5:46AM ET Mercury meets up with expansive Jupiter. On Thursday at 5PM ET it is squared by a ruthless effective Mars in Capricorn, either instigating a conflict or pushing through a deal with gusto. On Friday, Mercury is aided and abetted by a constructive connection with Saturn, perhaps allowing us to make something practical out of Thursday’s energetic outburst. On Saturday, Mercury is challenged by Pluto, suggesting fools will not be suffered gladly; discourse will be sharp and corruption will be exposed.  On Saturday the balance-seeking Libra Sun will be opposed by rebel Uranus in me-me-me Aries, suggesting a mutiny or flash of insight disrupting the status quo — adding to the drama of the Mercury-Pluto power play.  On Sunday just past midnight — 12:23AM ET — the Aries Moon will be full….of itself? No doubt.

If you have planets between 4 and 16 degrees of Aries, Capricorn, Libra and Cancer, I expect you’ll be feeling the communicative buzz more than most. Make those calls; return those emails; make those pitches.

Moon goes void today (Tuesday) at 7:49PM ET, offering us a long chill period until 8:43AM ET on WEDNESDAY, when the Moon enters soulful Pisces, just in time for those atoning on Yom Kippur. The next void will be between 3:13AM ET and 11:08AM ET on FRIDAY, after which the Moon charges into Aries. The pace should noticeably pick up over the weekend, what with the Moon waxing full and making supercharged  contacts (along with the Libra Sun) to disruptive Uranus.

And now, the news.

The Washington Post’s daily “first reads” email is chock full of big ideas involving fairness, equality, social graces and other Libra themes, as anticipated. “Why You Should Give Your Son More Chores;”Why People Swear at Work;” and “Learn Your Manners: a White Man’s Note to His Black Neighbor Draws a Viral Response.”  I am constantly in awe of the astonishing synchronicity of headline news and planetary patterns. If you are, too — and you would like to express your appreciation for the time and effort it takes me to bring you these reports, use this link to put your money where your mouth is. I am always appreciative of emails from Avid Readers telling me how they read every single word of these forecasts with great joy and interest. Placing a monetary value on that joy sends me over the moon. Gratitude!

Back to the news. With the Moon in Aquarius, we can expect a focus on people who are unconventional or simply different. What’s it like to be LGBT in China? Did you know that a new law has made it illegal for immigrants to get married in Louisiana? Marriage. Equality. Libra. I ask you, is this fair? Thank you, Washington Post, for making my job so easy today.

Speaking of laws, if you are not registered to vote in these twelve states, today is the LAST DAY to register before the election:

You cannot register to vote online in Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Montana or Tennessee, but each state has deadlines to register by mail or in person on Tuesday.

In the following six states, the deadline for all forms of registration, including online, is Tuesday.

New Mexico: You need a driver’s license or another official form of identification from the state to register online.

Pennsylvania: Here’s where you can register online.

Georgia: To register online, you need a driver’s license or another official form of identification from the state.

Indiana: To register online, you need a driver’s license or another official form of identification from the state.

Kentucky: You can register online here; the site gives residents further instructions about acceptable identification.

Louisiana: To register online, you need a driver’s license or another official form of identification from the state.

If you live in Florida, you have until October 18th to register. Here’s the 411 on other states not listed above. It may be too late for some of you, but check anyway.

UPDATE: Paul Ryan, whose people-pleasing, social graces-focused Libra Moon has been under intense pressure from transiting Uranus since late spring announced he would no longer defend his party’s nominee for president. People-pleaser that he is, he has not withdrawn his formal endorsement. Keep an eye on the Speaker, especially in April/May, when Uranus will complete the cycle involving Ryan’s Moon. The Speaker has been discussed many times in this forecast, going back to 2012:   here   here  here   and  here

Thank you for reading this forecast. To find out what’s going on in your horoscope, here’s the 411 on personal consultations. If you are an astrologer or you already have an astrologer with whom you consult, here’s that link again to financially support efforts to bring you these forecasts.


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 10/7/2016 & the Weekend: Storm Watch


(I started writing this forecast Thursday night…couldn’t get to the news portion until this afternoon)

The weekend begins with the Sagittarius Moon void of course as of 2:26AM ET on Friday. Will the lack of driving focus and potential to wander off course be reflected in a dampening of Hurricane Matthew’s force when it hits the eastern coast of Florida this morning? This is much on my mind as I type, as is Wednesday’s big charge between Mars (action; energy) and Jupiter (expansion).

UPDATE: Relieved to find at 6:30AM that the storm has been downgraded to a Category 3 and is not expected to make a direct hit. Haiti, sadly, was not as fortunate, having been subject to the high-energy release suggested by planetary patterns earlier this week.

Friday’s patterns include a prominence of ideas and communication, suggested by Mercury entering Libra at 3:56AM ET. We may see a need for thinking that is more rational, fair and balanced;  weighing opposing sides. Also on Friday: the first part of the Sun’s quarterly clash with Pluto (power) and Uranus (disruption). On Friday’s it’s Pluto at 3:31PM ET; Uranus follows on the 15th. Power plays involving heads of state; energy resources and news from underground are potentials.

Moon enters Capricorn at 4:40PM ET on Friday, seeking an outlet for getting practical projects done. You may be all fired up early Saturday, as the Moon meets up with Mars at 7:18AM ET. Onward — and hit those yard sales early.  At 9:56PM ET Moon meets up with Pluto, adding emotional intensity to your evening plans. Thirty minutes after midnight, we’ll have the First Quarter Moon, illuminating a potential challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last week.

At 12:51PM ET on SUNDAY, Moon goes void on a clash with rebel Uranus, suggesting a potential bolt from the blue or other shock or surprise. The Moon void continues until 2:33AM ET on MONDAY — and thus sets the tone for Sunday’s second debate between Hillary Clinton and her opponent. The debate is a “town hall” format; the void suggests a wandering track that will hopefully be less painful to watch than Tuesday’s Moon void VP debate, which Mike Pence phoned in from an alternate reality. Tim Kaine, pumped up by a supercharged Mars and Jupiter hitting his horoscope, was notably on the attack.

On Monday — a Columbus Day holiday for some, the Moon enters Aquarius at 2:33AM ET and drives the day with a need for social significance and networking. Big ideas on equality, seductively or scandalously presented, are likely to be on deck. Why? Mercury (thoughts) meets up with Jupiter (expansion); Mars (action) makes contact with Neptune (pixie-dust). You are more likely to be inspired — or in the spotlight — if you have a planet or point around 6 degrees of Libra, Aries, Cancer or Capricorn.

Oh — guess who has that configuration? Donald Trump: his Neptune is at 5 Libra and his Mercury is at 8 Cancer. I wonder what could happen….oh lookie here…(see below)

Regardless, no sleeping in on Monday or Tuesday.

And now, the news. I’ve actually been working on a lengthy op-ed piece — the second “astrology thing” I mentioned in the last forecast. It’s still a draft — and in the interest of posting a forecast now, will simply note that while I was drafting —The Washington Post broke a boundary-pushing Moon in Sagittarius “news from underground” video of the Republican presidential nominee having “an extremely lewd” conversation about his efforts to hit on women (“when you’re a star, you can do anything”) — including women who were not his wife. Transiting Jupiter expanding on his natal Neptune (delusions of grandeur and scandal) and squaring his Mercury (talk talk talk); transiting Mars (a provocative action) square his Neptune (scandal) opposing his Mercury.

Astrology is amazing. What’s going on in your horoscope? Find out in a personal consultation. Try it. You’ll like it!