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Monday 9/11/2017: Sneak Peak at the Week; Saturn Grabs Headlines

Good Morning!

The slow start to your work week from an astrological perspective is suggested by the Taurus Moon being void as of  8:54PM ET Sunday. It wanders without focus until 3:29PM ET today. Roll with whatever twists and flakes disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Crises that crop up during voids often turn out to be much ado about nothing. Stick to routine…and since the Moon is in Taurus, do something that makes you feel materially secure and comfortable.

Information and chatter drive the rest of the day, once the Moon enters Gemini. Around 10:42 PM ET, be advised that the Moon will be challenged by Mars, spoiling for an outburst about a perceived lack of perfection, perhaps.

Saturn (structure, patriarchy, authority) is in harmony with Venus (what we value; how we express ourselves socially) — exact on TUESDAY at 8:49PM ET. The former is in opinionated, boundary-pushing Sagittarius; the latter is in regal Leo. So we see an opportunity for serious strides to be advanced regarding money, women, aesthetics — expressed with drama and flair. Exhibit A: Read the extremely complex, often political Q&A portion of the Miss America pageant, says today’s WaPo. Beauty queens with righteous political opinions? I’m there — with a special shout-out to Miss North Dakota, the underdog winner who claimed her crown during last night’s underdog-favoring Moon void.

Random Moon-void thought: if the U.S. presidential election had included a swimsuit and evening gown competition, which candidate would have won?

The easy flow of Saturn in harmony with Venus would seem to contrast with the heaviest pattern of the week: a challenging square between Saturn and the  Virgo Sun (leaders, ego recogition; life force), exact on WEDNESDAY.   Here are some news items from a Sun-Saturn square in 2014. This can be seriously sobering — particularly if you are a head of state or some other fearless leader. For some it is an opportunity for advance. For others, it may be an encounter with a brick wall. You’ll feel the push forward or block either way more personally if you have a planet or angle at 21 degrees of Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini.

A sweet cooperation between Venus and Jupiter helps smooth ruffled feathers in the wake of the Saturn-Sun cuts. Remember that sweetness on SATURDAY at 3:01 PM ET, when Mercury and Mars meet up for the third time in recent week. Mercury and Mars together in Virgo may forcefully separate the wheat from the chaff.

Other than today, the Moon will be void on WEDNESDAY  2:35 PM – 6:12 PM ET and FRIDAY 5:23 PM ET – 9:09 PM ET.

And now, the news.

Hurricane Irma traveled as anticipated, in synch with planetary patterns. Initially projected to head up Florida’s East Coast, that projection changed by Saturday AM, on an early morning upset suggested by the Moon’s square with disruptive Uranus. Irma was definitely heading West. The Moon left RAMbunctious Aries at 12:23 PM ET and settled into stability-seeking Taurus. Mercury left rip-roarin’ Leo at 10:52 PM Saturday for cooler, earthy Virgo. Moon went void Sunday at 8:54PM ET, fizzling the Moon’s focus and drive. By then, Irma had been downgraded from at Cat 5 to a Cat 2 — strong enough to do damage, but not nearly as much as feared.   Coincidence or conspiracy?

Meanwhile, the strongest earthquake to hit Mexico in over a century — a devastating 8.2 –– hit in the early morning hours of Friday’s Aries Moon. Elsewhere, I’ve been meaning to include news of the mess in Myanmar, which 300,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled since August 25th, the day Saturn in Sagittarius (foreigners; religion; control; borders) turned direct. Why? “A textbook example of ethnic cleansing,” says the UN human rights chief.

In other news, wildfires made headlines in the Pacific Northwest, Southern California and Greenland, of all places.  It’s also a mess in St. Martin/St. Maarten and other islands hit by Irma as a Cat 5. Food and shelter are in short supply. And the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey is far from over, with many residents left homeless. Bottom line: do you think the total solar eclipse was an accurate harbinger of natural disasters (especially last week, when the eclipse was triggered by Mercury and Mars)?

More headlines reflecting secrets revealed, suggested by the eclipse: Equifax was hacked — bigtime. Equifax is one of the three major credit agencies in the U.S. The personal data of 143 million Americans — half the population — was likely compromised. The hack happened weeks ago — only now is it being revealed (naturally). Forbes offers these tips to protect your credit, because Equifax really isn’t offering much.

Meant to post this one from last week’s opposition between the Sun and Neptune (water, oil, plastic). Plastic fibers have been detected in tap water around the world –– the U.S. has the highest percentage — 94% of all samples tested. Plastic fibres have also been found in sea salt.

Surely there must be some good news in synch with planetary patterns, right? Yes. Here’s one. Sun trine Pluto (Pluto refers to malignancy) plus Sun square Saturn (skin, control):  Australian researchers find two ways to stop melanoma from spreading and killing patients, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Elsewhere, all of the famous polydactyl cats at the Ernest Hemingway House in Key West are fine.

RIP — almost. The Cassini spacecraft, which has orbited Saturn for past 13 years, is scheduled to plunge to its fiery death on Friday, September 15th.  Cassini launched on October 15, 1997 — at 4:43AM in Cape Canaveral. How curious to see that Cassini’s launch horoscope has the Sun and Mercury at 22 and 23 Libra, where transiting Jupiter (expansion) is right now. The horoscope also has the Moon in pioneering Aries, moving to a meet-up with….Saturn! Isn’t astrology amazing? Here is the NASA timeline for Cassini’s impending demise.

Meanwhile, Caroline Kennedy’s horoscope has recovered from the streamlining cut it had in January. That’s when transiting Saturn crossed her Sagittarius Ascendant, and she was dismissed from her post as the U.S. ambassador to Japan. Patterns in her horoscope are more expansive now. The lunar eclipse on August 7th was exactly on her Moon at 15 Aquarius, suggesting a change in domestic affairs. Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter returned to its natal position at 23 Libra a few days ago. That definitely suggests expansion. So what happened? The wedding of her daughter, Tatiana — on Saturday. A potential expansion is suggested in John F. Kennedy’s horoscope, too. Transiting Jupiter squares his 23 Cancer Midheaven. The horoscope lives forever!

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here is the 411 on reports and consultations. We will have an excellent discussion together.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for all the lovely referrals. Your friends and family are awesome!

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 10/26-27/2016: Short and Sweet

All-riighty then!

Hope your efforts at sorting, refining, discerning and perfecting are going wonderfully well, courtesy of a day driven by the Moon in Virgo. Ship it before 2:33PM ET, when the Moon goes void with a sigh, suggesting you then focus efforts on sorting matters of routine. Extra sweetness to the day is added by an easy alignment between Venus and Jupiter, traditionally thought of as fairy godmothers in the language of astrology. Ask and ye may receive, especially if your personal horoscope is affected by this pattern.

Moon enters Libra on THURSDAY at 9:51AM ET, accompanied by a potentially controlling and idealized focus suggested by the Scorpio Sun’s meet-up with mental Mercury at 12:17PM ET. The Libra Moon suggests a need for harmony and balance in relationships. Combined with a Scorpio Sun, we could see the potential for someone to assume that his or her concept of balance and harmony is shared by everyone else — so says astrologer Noel Tyl. We shall see. There are no other exact aspects on Thursday.

And now, catching up on the news.

“The Pentagon’s ‘Terminator Conundrum’ — Robots That Could Kill on Their Own.” Oh, just what we need, Pentagon — yet just in time for Saturday’s supercharged contact between Mars (warrior) in high-functioning Capricorn and Uranus (technology, aviation) in Aries (warrior). What else made the New York Times? “A.I. Inspiration: the Science-Fiction that Frames Discussion.” Here’s one from NPR: Bob Hoover, one of the greatest (fighter) pilots, is dead at 94.

Ever since Jupiter entered Libra in September, I’ve noticed an uptick  — as anticipated — in stories about equality. Gender equality is one theme. Even the phrase “false equivalency” seemed to become suddenly prevalent in September. Jupiter suggests expansion. Libra suggests harmony, balance and equality — especially between polarities. Fascinating. Yesterday, in the wake of a charged aspect between Venus (women, money, art, social expression) and Neptune (compassion, arts, drugs and alcohol), it was reported that women are now drinking as much as men.  Equality!  Meanwhile, not so fair and balanced: how compensation for damages incurred by plaintiffs is assessed by race and gender.  Elsewhere, a shocker: Canada fell from first to….25th in the UN’s gender equality ranking. Oh, Canada!

In other news, we can see the accident-prone energy of Mars and Uranus with the escapist potential of Venus and Neptune in this headline: Dreamworld Theme Park Accident Kills 4 , Australian Officials Say. Of course it would be Dreamworld. Elsewhere, I was expecting we might see a prominent headline about diabetes, given today’s sweet alignment between Jupiter and Venus. Not quite, but in the language of astrology, Jupiter does refer to the liver. Thanks, WaPo, for this dreamy true love story: He Gave Her His Liver; She Gave Him Her Heart.

That’s the news for today. Thank you for reading this forecast. To find out what’s going on in your own personal horoscope, here’s the 411 on consultations.



Astro-logical Forecast for April 4/23/2015: Good Luck; Good Timing

Moon entered Cancer at 12:25AM ET, ending an almost 24 hour void, and a higher than average flake, twist and “meh” factor. Now that the Moon is fully and happily in gear (and in the sign it rules, no less), forge ahead on your initiatives.  There’s a lovely balance this morning between the Moon and the Taurus Sun, and no serious bumps in the road for the rest of the day. Emotional security, nurturing and home concerns may become a focus — and be especially fulfilling. An easy connection between the Moon and sensitive Neptune at 5:23PM ET favors empathy, intuition and vision.

Get it off your desk today — or at least before the Moon goes void again on Friday at 1:20PM ET. Be advised that the Moon will be more rattled by its weekly clash with Uranus and Pluto early Friday morning. That’s another incentive to pitch today, as there will likely be less resistance. Good news, perhaps, for Loretta Lynch, who was nominated last November to replace outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Her nomination is expected to be voted on by the Senate sometime this afternoon.

Meanwhile, you may recall my wondering what sensational buzz we might experience over a seemingly mundane, yet captivating image-gone-viral during yesterday’s all-day Gemini Moon void. Not a dress of controversial colors this time, but an equally mysterious and wondrous quadruple rainbow seen in Long Island — or was it? The good folks at Snopes have the story.

Many believe rainbows are good omens, and it’s fun to note that this one appeared during an easy alignment between Venus and Jupiter, two planets which are considered to be lucky by traditional astrologers. And it is true that when Venus and Jupiter are making strong connections in someone’s horoscope, that Someone often attracts good things,  e.g, marriage, money, a promotion or some other happy expansion. If you’d like to know when your horoscope will be experiencing these fortuitous patterns, book a personal consultation.




Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 7/31/2013: The Restless Rest

The Moon is still in Taurus and still void of course, suggesting a languid start to your day, coupled with twists and flakes. And  that challenging connection between rebel Uranus and aggressive Mars isn’t exact until 11:08PM, which accounts for the restless buzz or irritability you may be feeling or may witness in others. Reckless outbursts are not uncommon under this pattern, as in the case of a aide on Anthony Weiner’s embattled mayoral campaign who went ballistic in an interview last night…and there it is on the NYT home page this morning. Breakouts and breakthroughs in action and technology can also be expected; here’s an example of the former: a prison break in Pakistan in which hundreds escaped.

At 11:42AM ET the energy shifts noticeably as the Moon engages in Gemini, needing to inform and be informed. This swirling airy mental sign quickens the pace and the exchange of ideas. As the evening progresses and the Mars-Uranus challenge approaches, such ideas may have a decidedly rose-colored hue, courtesy of  nebulous Neptune squaring the Moon at 9:04PM ET. On the plus side, the potential for spiritual and/or artistic revelations. On the downside, the potential for rash behavior based on delusion.  Get it off your desk between 11:42AM ET today and 12:48PM ET tomorrow, if you can. Moon goes void again…not to engage in the next sign, Cancer, until 12:30AM ET on SATURDAY. But that doesn’t mean Friday can’t be very, very pleasant. More on that tomorrow…

In the news, the judge’s ruling in the case of Bradley Manning was delivered yesterday at 1PM, during the Taurus Moon void. It was a small victory for the underdog in that in the most serious charge against him — that of aiding and abetting the enemy — Manning was found not guilty. It could also be argued that the ruling was of no real consequence, as Manning was found guilty of most of the 22 charges against him.  We don’t have an exact birth time for Manning, so analysis of the horoscope is limited, but it is interesting to note that the ruling is coming down with transiting Jupiter (law, groupthink, religion)  exactly opposing his natal Neptune (vision, dream, sacrifice, faith). This  suggests an extremely idealistic period in one’s life, as noted by those who see him as a martyr for the cause of truth, as well as those who see him as a traitor to his country. He has become larger than life. Whatever sentence is handed down, it will be interesting to compare Manning’s fate with others who have been court-martialled for offenses such as murder and multiple acts of abuse and torture. Here’s a list of such cases — note that most sentences given were well under a year.

Also during yesterday’s void, an unexpected twist for readers of the Chicago Tribune appeared in the form of a fluffy grey kitten on the paper’s home page. This molehill of an event was quickly turned into a mountain, including a formal interview with the editors of the Chicago Tribune, in which they explained how this could happen. Meanwhile, I regret the delay in reporting a story that happened on Sunday’s oh-so-sweet connection between Venus (desserts) and expansive Jupiter. I’m sure the editors had no idea how in tune they were with planetary patterns when they published The Jupiter Cakewalk — coincidence or conspiracy?

Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday 1/15/2012: Venus in Pisces & That Sinking Feeling

Moon has been in people-pleasing Libra since 8:28AM ET Saturday, adding to the need for beauty and harmony suggested by Friday’s hook-up between idealistic Neptune and loving Venus, still in effect thru the weekend. As of 12:47AM ET Saturday, Venus left “who’s your buddy?” Aquarius for the soulful depths of Pisces. Whereas Venus in Aquarius can take a scientific approach to relationships some find a bit detached and/or maddening, Venus in Pisces does not need to analyze; it just feels intuitively, with compassion and empathy. See if you notice that shift in social expression over the next few weeks.

Your Saturday date night offered an interesting mix of the aforementioned soulful social expression cheered on by a connection to jolly Jupiter, challenged by a potentially intense emotional catharsis, suggested by that people-pleasing Libra Moon squared by ruthless, transformational Pluto. Such was the scenario just before 1oPM ET — anyone have any good stories?

There are no exact aspects among the planets on Sunday, save for an expressive Moon-Mercury challenge at 2:15AM ET, suggesting a need — perhaps — to lay things on the line. After that, the need for peace and harmony prevails — unless you’re one of those lucky people born near a solstice or an equinox. What’s that bzzzzzzzzz you’ve probably been feeling since February of 2011 all about, hmmmm?

In other news…the Patriots were favored to win Saturday’s game — and they did. Go, Pats! Meanwhile, I can’t find an exact time of departure for the cruise ship that ran aground in Italy on Friday the 13th but looking at the charts for 8PM (when the accident apparently occurred) and 9:30PM (a time of great confusion on board the ship, according to some reports I’ve read) in Giglio Porto. Measurements suggest the possibility of a “sudden event” and an insistence on self-sufficiency when it would have been more efficient to ask for input from — ???  Nebulous Neptune and status quo-disrupting Uranus are quite strong in both of these charts, suggesting the possibility of confusion, accidents and/or risky behavior. Moon and Mars conjunct in perfectionist Virgo suggests much argument over the right thing to do — even as those arguing had, according to the horoscope,  likely lost their bearings.