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Monday 6/24/2019: Sneak Peek at the Week; Venus-Jupiter-Neptune in the News

Good morning!

The work week begins under the big dreamy spell of Venus (women, art, money, social expression) making contact with Jupiter (big) and Neptune (dreamy). Stories involving luxurious indulgence, empathy for human suffering and bewildering escapes are likely to grab our attention. Was it just a coincidence that a Facebook friend took the time to comment on how many of her friends were posting pictures of ‘smores (a total indulgence) over the weekend?

Go with the intuitive flow today, suggests the Pisces Moon. It goes void at 7:10 PM ET and enters Aries at 10:38 PM ET. Chill during the void and roll with any twists or flakes that may disrupt your efforts to move forward in a straight line. The rest of the week goes like this:

  • TUESDAY — the me-me-me Aries Moon squares the homeland/family-focused Cancer Sun at 5:46 AM ET. The rest of the day is driven by the Aries Moon’s need to boldly go where no one has gone before, with no interference from other planets.
  • WEDNESDAY — More of the Moon in proactive Aries — but now with interference. Compare the energetic flow of Tuesday with your experience of Wednesday, as the Moon makes contact with four planets. Two are easy. Two are challenging, and those would be the Moon’s weekly clashes with Saturn and Pluto, exact at 10:38 AM ET and 6:42 PM ET. The former suggests an ambitious advance or a wet blanket; the latter suggests a catharsis or power play.
  • WEDNESDAY — at 8:20 PM ET, Mercury — how we need to think and communicate — leaves Cancer and enters rip roarin’ Leo. Cue the royal edicts now, please — until July 19th — with a return engagement August 12-29.  The return engagement occurs because Mercury will turn retrograde on July 7th in Leo, backing up into Cancer on July 19th through August 2nd. Mercury turns retrograde at 4 Leo and turns direct at 23 Cancer. Back up your computers NOW.
  • THURSDAY — the Aries Moon goes void at 3:51 AM ET on a provocative contact with Mars, suggesting a potential minor scuffle over someone’s turf. Moon enters Taurus at 9:32 AM ET, driving the next three days with a need to settle down and secure the fort. At 10:23 AM ET, Moon squares Mercury in Leo, prompting a potential battle of the minds. Think outside the box in your approaches, tapping into the support suggested by a harmony between the Sun and Uranus, exact at 1:44 PM ET. In the headlines, this alliance suggests technology, innovation, aviation, astrology, unconventional attractions. At 8:34 PM ET a jolt may break an impasse, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with rebel Uranus.
  • FRIDAY — The stability-seeking Taurus Moon moooooooooves at a steady pace. With no interference from other planets, it’s easy to preserve the status quo.
  • SATURDAY — Easy-peasy. Taurus Moon goes void at 2:38 PM ET and enters Gemini at 5:09 PM ET, looking for a clever and entertaining diversion.
  • SUNDAY — More of the same Gemini buzz, made bigger around 11:06PM ET, thanks to an opposition to Jupiter.

And now, the news.

There was no way in a million years that a weekend dominated by the indulgent, compassionate and forgiving patterns among Venus, Jupiter and Neptune would result in Monday morning headlines about ICE (immigration authorities) dragging undocumented immigrant families out of their homes in the middle of the night. Even though P45 announced this intention just before last week’s brutal turf-defending patterns (Mercury-Mars-in Cancer opposing Pluto), it was not likely to be executed as planned.

And in fact, the plan has been delayed two weeks, when planetary patterns could actually support it. The week of July 7th includes a second Mercury-Mars meet-up, an authoritarian face-off between the homeland Cancer Sun and patriarchal Saturn (soon followed by a face-off with powerbroker Pluto). Let the record show that the Sun-Saturn face-off suggests an advance on whatever was going on in April 2019, which was the last Sun-Saturn conflict (it was a square). At that time, Kirstjen Nielsen was forced to resign as Director of Homeland Security, reportedly because she was unwilling to drag undocumented families from their homes in the middle of the night, etc., etc..

The week of July 7th also features a potentially reckless challenge between Mars (action) and rebel Uranus. By then, Mars will be in Leo, a common pattern in the horoscopes of many on the current world stage who are getting away with murder, as the expression goes.  “Getting away with murder” is how the legendary astrologer Grant Lewi described Mars in Leo many years ago. If you want a free upgrade to first class, travel with someone with Mars in Leo.

So instead of brutal raids, this weekend presented an outpouring of empathy for the abusive conditions imposed on children in these camps on the U.S southern border, along with heaps of scorn for U.S. attorney Sarah Fabian. She’s the woman in the bewildering floral top and grey suitjacket combo whose arguments in federal court for why it’s totally safe and sanitary for children to not have soap, toothbrushes or a place to sleep can be heard in this video that has gone viral. Meanwhile, this article in The Atlantic gives us the legal history of the argument being made — and it turns out that it stems from a settlement made in 1997. This is significant astrologically because that is when Uranus was in the early degrees of Aquarius. Uranus is now in early Taurus, sparking action/disruption on anything that was born or created in 1997.

In other news, speaking of disruption, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets, demanding the resignation of their elected leader, a billionaire who won in part “because of his promise to fight corruption.” That leader has been dogged by scandal, and that protest happened in the Czech Republic.

Elsewhere, the UK’s Boris Johnson — born with the Sun at 28 Gemini (and can’t help but attract attention) —  had a rough Summer Solstice. Police were called to his home by a neighbor who was concerned by a disturbingly explosive domestic argument between the would-be UK prime minister and his partner, Carrie Symonds. Coinciding with the weekend’s dreamy and romantic patterns: “No one is buying staged photos of Boris and Carrie in a Sussex field.”


To sleep, perchance to dream. On a Boeing Dreamliner, no less. Minutes after the 5:59 AM ET square between Venus and dreamy Neptune, WaPo posted a story about Tiffani, a woman who woke from a dream and found herself inside a dark and empty plane parked on a runway at Toronto’s airport, hours after her flight from Montreal had landed.

In other news, obituaries have an odd way of reflecting current planetary patterns. Venus with Jupiter and Neptune suggests glamor, publishing, women, fantasy and luxury.Judith Krantz, Whose Tales of Sex and Shopping Sold Millions, Dies at 91.” Ms. Krantz was a Wellesley alum and I met her once at a gathering at her home in Los Angeles. She published her first book at 50 — imagine that. She told us she started writing it because her husband kept encouraging her to write a novel, and she wanted to prove to him that she couldn’t do it. So there’s a bit of inspiration for all you late-bloomers and self-doubters. Listen to those people who believe in you. They may be on to something…

Not dead, but very much embodying the luxurious and pixie-dusted Venus-Neptune-Jupiter connection: Charo, Vegas entertainer and goddess of cuchi-cuchi — and featured in Sunday’s NYT magazine.

No surprise that the markets hit a new high last Friday — and may hit another one today. Other imaginary money (bitcoin) hit a new high, too, as Facebook announced last week that it will launch its own cryptocurrency called Libra. That makes perfect sense when you consider that Libra is ruled by Venus, which rules money — and is being expanded and idealized by Jupiter and Neptune. Libra may look sweet, but it has a rep for being the “iron fist in a velvet glove.” Not sure we want to see this entity take off…

Meanwhile, “Your fat friends need you as an ally…”

Random PSA from WaPo on how Google Chrome is akin “spy software” and why you should switch to Firefox.

UPDATE: on Pete Buttigieg, last profiled in February. The potential anguish and/or grave effort in the face of potential loss suggested in his horoscope in 2019 is making itself known. Mayor Pete has suspended his presidential campaign to attend to a harsh challenge closer to home. “Black residents of South Bend unload on Mayor Pete” — in response to shooting of a 53-year-old black man by a white police officer on June 16th. The second exact hit of the potentially anguished pattern in Mayor Pete’s horoscope happens on July 4th. Coincidence or conspiracy?

UPDATE: on Kamala Harris, last discussed here in January — and will be discussed in more detail in my column for the next Mountain Astrologer. True to patterns exact in her horoscope this summer, Senator Harris is stepping out, being seen and being appreciated. “Kamala Harris steps out of her comfort zone — and it works,” writes WaPo’s Karen Tumulty. Yep. As anticipated.

UPDATE: on Elizabeth Warren. Avid Readers will recall that Senator Warren was born to attraction attention for her innovative, unconventional and/or revolutionary impact on matters of homeland and home/family. And all through 2019 that part of her horoscope is well-supported by a pattern that facilitates an ability to reach across the aisle and connect with a multitude of groups. Her Venus (her social expression and her values) is under the influence of sobering Saturn this year, and thus it is no surprise that her solid Moon in Taurus plans for material comfort and security are being taken seriously. She has a plan for everything. Watch her explain them all to you in the first Democratic debate on June 26th.  Here she is on the cover of the NYT Sunday magazine: “Elizabeth Warren is completely serious.” Yes. What NYT said!

Also in the NYT: in preparation for the two Democratic presidential candidate debates on the 26th and the 27th, you can watch 21 candidates answer 18 questions.   Then you can watch Stephen Colbert poke fun at some of the goofier responses.

What about you? Are you ready for next month’s eclipses and Mercury retrograde? How will those affect your unique horoscope? Find out in a personal consultation. Here is the 411.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday & Tuesday 7/11-12/2016: Sneak Peek at the Week; Rudy, Newt & Meanwhile, Across the Pond…

Good Morning!

The work week begins with the Moon in Libra, where it has been since Sunday at 4:32AM ET. Its need for social graces, harmony and balance in relationship flowed without interference yesterday, save perhaps for a mental buzz or startling revelation suggested by Mercury in a supercharged connection with innovative Uranus and energetic Mars, exact Sunday night at 10PM ET and Monday at 3:29AM ET. What was the big brainstorm?

On Monday, the Libra Moon’s need to keep the peace is challenged by Pluto at 12:46PM ET and by the Sun at 8:52PM ET. The former suggests emotional intensity and power plays. The latter is the First Quarter Moon — suggesting a challenge to the New Moon agenda you set last Monday.  Another upset is suggested on Tuesday at 5:30AM ET, when Moon opposes Uranus. But you’re used to these weekly clashes among the Pluto, Uranus and the Moon, right?

Moon goes void on Tuesday at 11:01AM ET, on a charged connection with Mercury, suggesting  communications that may result in a much ado about nothing crisis during the long void. At 11AM ET tomorrow, Bernie Sanders is scheduled to formally endorse Hillary Clinton. Moon enters the next sign — Scorpio — at 4:52PM ET, seeking depth, substance, control and perhaps a bit of self-indulgent moodiness.

Planetary patterns of note this week include Venus (social expression) and Mercury (thought and communication) both leaving nurturing Cancer for drama queen Leo. For the next few weeks, it’s showtime! Venus enters Leo at 1:34AM ET on Tuesday; Mercury follows at 8:47PM ET on Wednesday. They both meet up with a rose-colored opinionated roar on Saturday at 6PM ET.

At 9:30AM ET on Saturday, the Cancer Sun will be challenged by rebel Uranus, possibly reflecting the other shoe dropping after the intense power plays of last Thursday’s opposition between the Sun and Pluto. Also on Saturday just before midnight ET (11:45PM), we’ll have an easy flow between the Sun and Mars, operating efficiently in Scorpio. May it be used for better, not for worse.

Your Moon voids for the week — natural breaks in the action when efforts to move forward in a straight line may be impacted by curious twists and flakes — are as follows: Tuesday 11:01AM ET – 4:52PM ET; Thursday 6:22PM ET – 5:14AM ET; Sunday 4:57AM ET – 3:33PM ET. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are often much ado about nothing. Stick to routine concerns and chill!

And now, the news.

Since I’m writing this under the influence of Monday’s erratic Mercury-Uranus square, these items will be suitably provocative, brilliant and in no particular order.

Speaking of erratic, Rudy Giuliani. Why is he all over my newsfeed, where he hasn’t been since March of 2015, when he hijacked my forecast? Back then it was transiting Mars at the Aries Point, putting pressure on his Aries Point Midheaven and Ascendant. Yesterday it was transiting Mars again — at an exact square to his regal Leo Moon, prompting a blah blah blah about #BlackLivesMatter being “inherently racist” and that we really need “boots on the ground” to fight ISIS — presumably so long as those boots are not his own. Wow, that  was so helpful, Mr. Giuliani. Thank you!

With his natal Mars in Leo (where it may well get away with murder, as astrologer Grant Lewi  once observed, placed  so close to Pluto, we can appreciate his penchant for forceful, imperious action. Hillary Clinton also has Mars conjunct Pluto in Leo (and even more intricately involved in her persona). Oh, but there is more with Mr. Giuliani. His bewildering 2015 Neptune-Sun transit is behind him, and now he has Solar Arc Midheaven and Ascendant in nearly exact contact with his natal rebel Uranus all year. This suggests opportunities and needs for taking the stage, shining in the spotlight and perhaps a dramatic new direction in his career/public status. Let’s watch.

UPDATE: On July 14th it was announced that Mr. Giuliani will be one of the speakers at next week’s Republican Convention.

I am kicking myself for not posting this next one last night, when I started drafting it. You’d be kicking yourself too, if you were experiencing transiting Saturn square Pluto, but that’s another story. THIS story is about the fact that in the aftermath of last Thursday’s Sun-Mercury-Pluto power play, combined with the chick-friendly upset of Venus, challenged by rebel Uranus and give-me-a-place-at-the-table-or-I-will-tear-your-head-off Eris, Britain is absolutely, positively going to have a woman running the show as prime minister. Which one of two possible contenders was to be decided on in September….but

With all of last week’s intensity, I stepped away from the headlines for a few days. Finally got around to following up on the birth data for the two women — Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May — last night. Didn’t read a single story about them — just looked at the charts, birth times unknown. First thought: wow, they are both so  conservative…with Ms. Leadsom’s horoscope striking me as a bit more militant. And this confused me, because I momentarily forgot that the UK has a parliamentary system of government, which means the political party that is in power elects the prime minister. It’s not like in America, where candidates from different parties compete for the top slot in a general election. The party in power in the UK right now is the Conservative Party; ergo, we’d expect its members to have horoscopes reflecting this potential.

Theresa May (Oct 1, 1956 in Eastbourne UK), is having a Jupiter return, so I thought that gave her an edge over Andrea Leadsom (May 13, 1963 in Aylesbury UK) who true to her name, did have a lead as of last week. True,  the make-it-happen needs of Ms. Leadsom’s Capricorn Moon might be supercharged by transiting Uranus or Pluto…or fired up by solar arcs from the Sun and Mars. Can’t tell without an exact time.  Transiting Uranus has been intensifying Ms. Leadsom’s pioneering Venus at 23 Aries — and that will continue through the rest of the year.  But Theresa May’s Jupiter return is happening right now at 17 Virgo…and transiting Jupiter will meet up with her Libra Sun in October. That looks good for expansion, don’t you think?

So this morning it was reported that Ms. Leadsom has suddenly (translation: transiting Uranus likely hit something in her horoscope) withdrawn her candidacy,  and there was a kerfuffle over the weekend about Ms. Leadsom saying she was more qualified to serve as PM because she was a mother. Ms. Leadsom was against Brexit; then she supported it (more erratic rebel Uranus at play in the horoscope, likely). Ms. May, in contrast,  favored staying in the EU. Ms. May, with her solar arc Neptune at the Aries Point, could be poised to blossom as a visionary over the next year or so. That would be a high-octave manifestation of the potential of Neptune.

UPDATE: There was no waiting until September. The third hit of Ms. May’s Jupiter return was July 6th. On July 13th, she was invited by the Queen to become Prime Minister and form a government. As expected, Theresa May accepted. Here is the photo of the new Prime Minister and the Queen.

Meanwhile, over the weekend the Moon was in Virgo — as noted in the last forecast — encouraging you to clean up your act at least through Saturday. The NYT facilitated your organizing efforts with a lengthy piece about Marie Kondo, whose Kon-Mari system of decluttering continues to take the world by storm.

Elsewhere, I’m delighted to report that Isabella Rossellini has been rehired by Lancome. Ms. Rossellini was fired twenty years ago because at 43, she was declared to be too old and thus of no monetary value — and that’s when I stopped buying Lancome products. Plenty of women between 45 and 60 are likely to treated as if they’re worthless in the workforce, says Ms. Rossellini. Her re-hire by Lancome is happening just as Jupiter (ruling her outspoken Sagittarius Ascendant) is meeting up with Uranus by solar arc.  Here is her horoscope. We could expect a lucky break for her right about now. Welcome back, Ms. Rossellini!

A solar arc, for Avid Readers who are new to astrology, is one way astrologers use to measure the timing of opportunity and events in a horoscope. So whenever you see the words “solar arc,” just think, “Ah! An opportunity presents itself.” Got that? Same thing with the word “transit” or “transiting.” It means “this is an opportunity to work with the potential of whatever planets are making contact/transiting one another.” Clear?

Continuing to reflect last week’s powerful, dirt-exposing potential, especially on behalf of women who are mad as hell  and aren’t going to take it any more (last week’s Venus square Uranus-Eris):  after Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit accusing Fox News head Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, six more women told similar stories — going back decades — with more presumably to follow. In the NYT, a former trader weighed in with this expose, “How Wall Street Bro Talk Keeps Women Down.”   In other news, Bill Cosby was informed that a lawsuit charging him with sexual assault will go forward, true to patterns in his horoscope continually noted in this forecast, and despite multiple efforts on his part to delay the inevitable.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich is getting a lot of press for being a potential Republican VP nominee. I’ve written about Mr. Gingrich several times in the past — way back in 2012 when he announced his run for president. Even back then I noted how much he and Donald Trump have in common: they are both Geminis with Moon in righteously opinionated Sagittarius, with no small amount of visionary or simply fantastic pixie-dust to sell. This year, Mr. Gingrich’s horoscope — with its unconfirmed 11:45PM birthtime — is poised for zealous and formidable action, regardless of the time.  How so?

First, consider a solar arc between Mr. Gingrich’s Sun and Uranus, exact at the end of June. This suggests an opportunity to shine as himself and be accepted. Second, consider  patterns between Mars (action!) and Pluto (empowerment), as well as the Sun and Mars,  suggesting the zealous and formidable action  — needing to seek a broad public reach — noted above. These are patterns in effect through the rest of 2016. In 2017, if  the 11:45PM birth time is correct — and this is a BIG if — we see a potential for recognition and reward that comes along rarely in a lifetime (solar arc Sun = Midheaven), combined with a definite windfall/big break potential suggested by transiting Uranus to his natal Jupiter. Definitely one to watch over the next year. Sun refers to life force/ego identity; Midheaven refers to career/status.

Much more to report, but after four hours of indulging my passion for astrology and my need to be of service with this careful research and writing, it’s time to wrap. If this forecast adds value to your life — in more ways than, say — the $7.99 you’ve been giving to Hulu every month for a subscription you never use, I invite you to cancel that Hulu subscription and invest that energy into something that brings you joy and a helpful perspective. I will thank you from the bottom of my heart. The big gold DONATE button is on the left-hand side of this page. Thank you for letting me know that this forecast is worthwhile.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out what’s going on in your own personal horoscope, I invite you to schedule a consultation. Here’s the 411 on my updated services page.

Thank you for reading this forecast and for sharing it with your friends.


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 9/16-17/2015: CNN Republican Debates & Other Stuff

Allll-riiighty then!

Getting started during a Moon void can sometimes pose a challenge. Today I’m thinking about astronauts floating in space, and the way they look if pushed in a particular direction. During a void — a natural rest period — you may need that push to get moving. For more on Moon voids, look here. 

Moon voids are good for taking care of routine matters and going with the flow. They are also good for resting and/or spacing out, with sometimes delightfully surprising results. I’ve had plenty of Moon void creative impulses that came totally out of the blue.

One such impulse happened just after Thanksgiving a few years ago. Circumstances were such that I would not be able to travel to be with the rest of my family for the Christmas holiday, and I was in a funk about missing the celebration. Out of nowhere, I remembered that I had bought a half dozen Christmas ornaments on sale a few months earlier — for no particular reason, since I had never gotten my own big evergreen Christmas tree. I do have a giant silk palm tree in my living room, because a real one would surely die under my watch. Impulsively, I hung the ornaments on the palm tree. They looked fabulous! Which then inspired me to go to Walgreen’s — at midnight — to buy multicolored lights and a few more ornaments. And this was all going on during a wandering Moon void.

If you happen to be working on an initiative during a void, use your informed perspective constructively. This means not getting all worked up about a twist, flake or other detour that may impede your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Don’t panic! Just go with the flow and watch how your “crisis” likely will ebb once the Moon is back in gear.

Today the Libra Moon was void of course all morning, on the East Coast. It changed gear — and got focused — in Scorpio at 11:43AM ET. There it will cruise without interference, driven by its need for power, control, depth and substance. Scorpio is an emotional sign, even though it can be maddeningly silent about its feelings…and motivations. More likely it will keep its game plan close to the chest…and brood. If it’s trivial or deemed offensive to Scorpio’s personal code of honor, it’s likely to be tossed out. You can handle that cut, can’t you? Scorpio doesn’t mess around. How will this aid your quest for world domination today through Friday, hmmm?

Just bear in mind the big shifts that will be exact tomorrow: 1) Mercury turning retrograde (DID YOU BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER); 2) Saturn leaving Scorpio for Sagittarius; and 3) big, fat Jupiter facing off against Neptune, blowing up matters of compassion, faith, delusion, bewilderment, fantasy, etc., beyond the usual proportions. It is important to remain flexible during all these planetary shifts!

And now, the news.

With Saturn at the end of Scorpio — a sign concerned with matters of life and death, it seems tragically fitting that in Oklahoma, a man — Richard Glossip — is set to be executed in just a few hours, despite “mounting evidence that he is innocent”.  Meanwhile, how lucky Lewis Fogle must feel that he was not sentenced to death after being freed from prison after 34 years, when DNA testing concluded that he could not have committed the crime for which he served time. Have we learned anything in our 28 month Saturn in Scorpio journey? How fitting also that an op-ed in the NYT is called “The Rituals of Modern Death” — part on an ongoing series of op-eds in a section called “The End”. Would love to know for sure if the NYT started that series during this Saturn in Scorpio transit.

Meanwhile, more delusions are coming to light in advance of Jupiter opposing Neptune. Ever hear of a comic named Steven Rannazzisi? Me neither. But his delusional escape — from one of the towers in the WTC on 9/11, is front-page news. Turns out he lied. More delusions — OK, distortions — about U.S. intelligence on the organization known as the Islamic State — are also headline news today.

Neptune refers to oceans, and there are a few big news items to report. First, it’s bad news for tuna and mackerel, whose populations are down 74% in the last 40 years. File this also under Jupiter in Virgo, which suggests that food and food production will become an ever-expanding matter of focus.  Meanwhile, it’s good news for whales and other marine life, now that the U.S. Navy has agreed to limit its bewildering insistence on blasting the ocean with sonar and other explosives.

When astrologers who Study These Things consider what may happen over the next few years, we look at what happened under similar patterns. One big pattern we just had, of course, was the Uranus-Pluto square. And the last time we experienced Uranus square Pluto was in the early 30s, the decade that brought us the rise of Adolf Hitler and his insane ideas of one race being oh-so-superior over others. So it was very interesting to read op-eds (by the same author) in two newspapers over the weekend wondering if something like that could happen again. “Hitler’s World May Not Be So Far Away,” says one, while in the NYT you might have read “The Next Genocide”.

The author points out that one tactic that facilitated the insanity was propaganda about shortages of food and other resources. I can see how that theme could tie into escalating delusional fears about foreigners and borders, as Saturn (control) progresses through Sagittarius (foreigners) and squares Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo now and into 2016. No, I am not suggesting we will have a repeat of the 1930s & 1940s. I am suggesting that I can appreciate why similar issues might be up for consideration over the next few years, given the repeat of planetary patterns.

Meanwhile, what delusional fears might we see stoked in tonight’s Republican battle-to-the-death  — oh sorry — debate — on CNN? It’s not being promoted as a debate; it looks more like a tournament of gladiators — have you seen the promos?  It’s so depressing to see a media outlet take the low road…

Here are some random thoughts:

The debate chart — 8PM in Simi Valley, CA — has an Aries Ascendant, in contact with Uranus and Pluto. Instant power plays and upsets — oh  joy! We’re off to a pugnacious start. The chart is ruled by Mars in Leo — we’ll see a lot of regal pronouncements and creative self-expression. That Mars is sitting quite close to Donald Trump’s Leo Ascendant, so we can expect his naturally assertive self to be pumped. Saturn is also square his Ascendant, intensifying his need to be taken seriously, but may also be experienced as limiting.

Whereas the last debate featured a don’t-rock-the-boat Taurus Moon, tonight’s Scorpio Moon and other wild card aspects suggest moody intensity, with the potential for brutal stings and no small about of high-flying blather, more based on belief than actual fact (that’s the Mercury retrograde/Jupiter-Neptune component).  But a Scorpio Moon requires substance. Who might deliver?

Carly Fiorina’s chart may benefit from transiting Jupiter to her Virgo Sun; certainly her ego energies are expanded now. Scott Walker has Sun and Moon in Scorpio; plus he’s having a Jupiter return. Thus he’s likely to be feeling comfortable — but perhaps too comfortable to score major points. His horoscope is not nearly as active or potent as it was a few years ago, when his Koch brothers agenda first attracted national attention. Back then, he was unstoppable.

Ben Carson is a Virgo with (possibly) Moon in Taurus — we don’t have a birth time. Now you can understand why he’s comes across as so steady and calm. Transiting Jupiter is sitting right on top of his Mercury now, so you can appreciate why what comes out of his head has been getting more press. Look to his natal Jupiter-Uranus-Neptune T-square for the source of his grand faith and pioneering efforts in the world of neurosurgery. His Jupiter is in Aries, which rules the head. His Mars, like Donald Trump’s, is also in regal Leo. He’s likely feeling more assertive now, too — though perhaps less so than last week, when transiting Mars was sitting exactly on the one in his horoscope.

Jeb Bush? Tonight’s Virgo Sun is sitting right on his Virgo Ascendant — that suggests a spotlight on personal projection, for better or for worse. With transiting Mars square his natal Mars, I expect notable attacks from him or on him — we’ll see it live.  Ted Cruz? Capricorn with Sun at the Aries Point; Moon in sweet-talking Libra; Mercury square Uranus suggests ya never know what rocket scientist thought may spring from his lips, but transiting Saturn is sitting right on his Neptune, so the lines between real and imaginary are likely blurred. He has a pile-up of planets in Scorpio; he’s comfortable swimming in the deep, dark waters facilitated by tonight’s Scorpio Moon.

Marco Rubio? Meh. Unless his Moon is in Cancer (we do not have a birth time) and it is being supercharged by rebel Uranus, I do not expect much. If he does have a supercharged Cancer Moon, expect him to have all kinds of innovative ways to preserve emotional and homeland security, which is the reigning need of Cancer. Rand Paul? His Mars in Leo is also being pumped up by transiting Mars, like Jeb Bush and to some extent Ben Carson and Donald Trump. But Senator Paul’s righteously opinionated Venus at 1 Sagittarius is likely feeling isolated, courtesy of transiting Saturn. This outsider status may well encourage his assertiveness and ambition, but it might not earn him any hearts and flowers. But who needs hearts and flowers, when you have Moon in Gemini? Tell him you find him ever-so-informed, and he’ll be happy.

John Kasich? Sun in Taurus; Moon in enterprising Capricorn, quietly supported by the transiting Virgo Sun and Jupiter. No big waves, other than a shockingly sensible pragmatism, compared to everyone else on stage. His dreamy Neptune-Moon square suggests his spirituality and compassion, up to a point. Mike Huckabee? Another Virgo who’s gotten a boost — for better or worse — from transiting Jupiter to his Sun, though it is fast fading in the rear view mirror. Three planets in Leo, including Mars — are you noticing a pattern, here? Mars in Leo is sooooo regally entitled. Of course it makes sense that it would expect to stand on a pedestal. I expect a outburst of indignant assertion from Mr. Huckabee next week, when transiting Mars will exactly hit his natal Mars. Right now, we can appreciate his militant stances on anything, as transiting Saturn exerting its iron fist on his Mars and Venus (he and Senator Paul can commiserate about that). Huckabee has a Scorpio Moon.

Is that everybody? Hope so. Pass the popcorn. The first Democratic debate on October 13th will also be held on a night with Moon in Scorpio…





Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday-Monday 10/9-13/2014: Venus in the Hot Seat

The long void ended at 7:44AM ET when the Moon entered comfort and material security-seeking Taurus. Steady as she goes for the next couple of days. Around 9:08AM ET, Mercury retrograde challenges the Moon, suggesting a need for extra focus in transit or communication — or perhaps the spark you’ve been waiting for to push forward with an idea. The only other exact aspect is a supportive connection between Moon and visionary Neptune at 4:30PM ET, setting the stage for healing, arts or some other dreamy — yet somehow grounding — escape.

On Friday, Mercury retrograde will move back into Libra, facilitating the detached, verbal and rational in communication over the controlling, intense and emotional. Take advantage of the cooperative and expansive spirit suggested by the Sun and Jupiter’s easy alignment, exact at 7:18PM ET. Moon goes void Friday at 8:49PM ET…not to enter Gemini until 11:51AM ET Saturday.

Note the potential for unusual attractions and upsets in relationship/financial/aesthetic concerns over the next few days, as Uranus will oppose Venus on Saturday at 5:10AM ET. Saturday night features another dreamy escape when Neptune squares the Moon at 9:08PM ET. Events that happen on a Moon-Neptune square may not be as they seem, as exemplified here (last paragraph).

Overall exact patterns on Sunday are light and playful, reflecting a need for entertainment and diversification. On Monday, which is a holiday for most in the US, Moon goes void at 1:58pm ET until 7:30PM ET. Keep that in mind if you’re thinking of hitting a Columbus Day sale, as impulse purchases made during voids often prove not to be useful. Moon enters Cancer at 7:30PM ET. You’ll be so happy to be home, if you’re coming back from a long weekend escape.

News, news, and more news.

Markets have been volatile, as has often been the case when Venus makes a challenging contact with the Uranus-Pluto square.

Better late than never news from underground: a 100-year-old time capsule is unearthed in New York.

Yesterday I wrote about a Mercury retrograde glitch in The Guardian, but neglected to supply the link. Ha! The outdated photo of SCOTUS has been replaced, and apparently the Guardian does not have a current photos of the justices on file. Bummer. On Tuesday, Speaker John Boehner (or his staff member in charge of Twitting) clearly was not focused when he tweeted a new jobs plan with every single key factor omitted — much to the delight of critics, who offered their own suggestions.

Meanwhile, reflecting the empowered perspective involving women and money (Pluto square Venus) combined with the shock value of Uranus, comedienne Sarah Silverman launched a provocative video fundraising campaign skewering the fact that women earn 78 cents for every dollar earned by a man. She calls it “the vagina tax,” and if you enjoyed Monday’s new item about lab-grown penises, you’ll be delighted to see a few of them in her video.

In other news, a fracking (Pluto) company has teamed up with the Susan G. Komen Foundation (Venus) and is promoting breast cancer awareness with its nifty, new pink-colored fracking drill bits. Totally bizarre (Uranus), but perfectly reflective of planetary patterns.

These patterns directly affected the horoscope of actor Stephen Collins, star of the WB TV show, 7th Heaven, in which he played a pastor. Now that show (now in syndication) has been pulled off the air and Collins was fired from the movie Ted 2 after TMZ published an audio tape secretly recorded in a therapist’s office in which he allegedly confesses to indecent exposure and other unsavory behavior involving young girls.  Collins was born on Oct 1, 1947 in Des Moines, Iowa — and a quick look at the noon chart for that date shows it is lit up like a Christmas tree. His Venus (social expression, women, popularity, money) is at 15 Libra — exactly eclipsed — and under fire from Uranus (the truth will set you free) and Pluto (no matter how ugly it is). Transiting Saturn has just completed an anguishing square to his natal Saturn and Pluto (so deal with it), perhaps recalling actions taken 7 and 14 years ago.  Interesting to also note that Mercury turned retrograde on his natal Mercury-Mars square, suggesting a release involving a challenging “get away with murder” Mars in Leo.  Also interesting that he is a Libra with Moon in me-me-me Aries, just like yesterday’s Full Moon. There’s more, including a nasty divorce, but you get the idea.

I found the Stephen Collins story interesting in light of an op-ed in Sunday’s NYT arguing that pedophilia is a disorder, not a crime, and that society would be better off if it spent more energy on treatment of the disorder than on punishment. Is that naive? Another item arguing for a more integrative, less isolating  and punitive approach is this story about how Salt Lake City is dealing with its homeless population by giving them homes instead of throwing them in jail. It is saving the city a jaw-dropping amount of money, and chronic homelessness is apparently down 72%. An empowering (Pluto)  innovative (Uranus)  social expression (Venus), reflecting a shift in perspective (Pluto)?

Meanwhile, there’s a movie generating buzz now — Gone Girl — based on the book published in 2012. It’s a thriller, but apparently also a psychological drama involving a train-wreck of a marriage between two arguably very flawed people. And the woman who wrote the book, Gillian Flynn, apparently has a dark side, too — a Venus-Pluto witchy-bitchy type in her younger days — as noted in her Wikipedia biography. But don’t we all have a dark side? And if we do, how do we live with it? Deny it? Avoid it? Suppress it? Joshua Rothman at the New Yorker wrote a provocative analysis of Gone Girl which ends thusly:

“Gone Girl” has resonated for a reason. It has found a creepy, confused, and troubling part of us, and expressed it.

Current planetary patterns suggest plenty of creepy, confusing and troubling things brought to light, especially for those whose horoscopes are personally affected. Actor Gerard Depardieu made headlines some months ago when his horoscope was hot, and now his Mercury (mind, communication, writing) is being supercharged by the Uranus-Pluto square. He’s just published an autobiography detailing a truckload of troubling behaviors. Of course he did.

In another Vanity Fair piece, actress Jennifer Lawrence has come out swinging weeks after nude photos of her were stolen and distributed online (she’s experiencing some challenging Saturn transits). As a woman (Venus) expressing an empowered perspective (Pluto), she says:

“I started to write an apology, but I don’t have anything to say I’m sorry for. I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.”

Yesterday’s potent Full Moon suggested a focus on polarity and integration in relationship, but with Mercury retrograde, we have the added suggested benefit of going within to focus on polarity and integration in ourselves.  How are we liking ourselves these days? Are we getting along? Are we appreciating ourselves or beating ourselves up?

If we’re not happy with ourselves, how can we be happy in relationship with someone else? If there’s something we don’t like in someone else, is it because we fear we have the same quality in ourselves and need to distance ourselves from it? Can you accept that you’re perfect just the way you are and forgive yourself for all of your real or imagined transgressions? Because if, after having taken stock of your relationship with yourself,  you can then forgive yourself for every perceived fault, studies show that you will move into a position of greater freedom (Uranus) and empowerment (Pluto). And when applied to your relationships with others, forgiveness will improve those, too.

Here’s the 411 on personal astro-logical consultations, including a little Mercury retrograde special. Thank you for reading this forecast.