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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/7/2014 & the Weekend: Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Note your dreams upon waking, as nebulous Neptune makes contact with the Gemini Moon at 8:11AM ET. The rose-colored fog lifts after your first cup of caffeine, and you can spend the whole day buzzing around, gathering information and making innovative connections. Moon in Gemini does like to talk — in the most clever and entertaining ways. The innovative potential is exact at 7PM ET, when the Moon makes a supportive connection to rebel Uranus. Sounds like a fun, friendly date night to me — keep it light.

On Saturday there is no Moon void to screw up your yard sale bargain hunting and errand running. There is however, a First Quarter Moon, exact at 8:27AM ET, which likely presents a challenge to the agenda you set on the New Moon last week. What was that agenda? Something about the beginning of a exciting inner journey… and you know what I’m seeing all over Facebook? People taking 85 million quizzes to find out what city they should live in; what famous painting they would be; what their patronus is; what Downton Abbey character they are; what their name would be if John Travolta mangled it at the Oscars…on and on and on. Why? Answer a bunch of random questions and get an answer that purports to be a reflection of who you really are. Is that because people do not really know who they are? Hmmm…exciting inner journey…hmmmm.

With the Moon in information-junkie Gemini you could easily entertain yourself for two days with these quizzes.  On Sunday, that Moon goes void of course at 3:53AM ET…and enters homebody Cancer at 9:33AM ET. So if you plan to shop today, do it after 9:33AM ET…and maybe think about buying something wonderful to cook and/or make your home a cozier place…or call Mom.

And now, the news. Earlier this week we talked about two people making dramatic, record-breaking headlines: Ellen DeGeneres and John Travolta. Both of them have planets or an angle at 13 degrees of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn. Why is that relevant? Well, Pluto — which can bring prominence when it makes contact with a planet in a horoscope — is now at 13 Capricorn. Fascinating! In April, we’ll have the Cardinal Grand Cross among Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn exact at 13 degrees of those signs, turning up the volume and the voltage. Keep an eye on anyone you know who has a planet or angle at 13 Cardinal. Their horoscope is hot.

You know who else has a planet at 13 degrees of one of those signs (other than nearly every client who’s contacted me in recent weeks)? Vladimir Putin. Yup, he has the Sun at 13 Libra. He is certainly making headlines. Meanwhile, the United States has its Sun at 13 Cancer…and its Saturn at 14 Libra.  Significant events involving themes of empowerment, transformation and/or emancipation will be on deck for the U.S. and Mr. Putin from now into early 2015. For more on how Uranus and Pluto can impact a horoscope, check out this article I wrote a couple of years ago — it’s still relevant.

It’s Friday morning. Do you know where your planets are?

My patronus is an otter — same as Hermione.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/17/2012: The Odd Synchronicity Of The Dreamy Fish

Moon in dreamy Pisces goes void of course at 10:34AM ET, on a supportive connection to expansive Jupiter (the cosmic sugar daddy). This sets a jolly tone to the brainstorming potential of the next 25 and a half hours. If you are new to this forecast and you are not familiar with the term “void of course Moon”, read the forecast posted on February 10, 2012 for a detailed explanation

Briefly, a Moon void is an ideal time to let your mind and body take a break. Efforts to move in a straight line are often thwarted by unexpected twists…some of which act like they are huge crises when in fact they are not.  Moon voids are not considered to be favorable for doing anything you hope will be of consequence, such as signing a contract or launching a company. Be prepared to roll with any punches that come your way — and just enjoy going with the flow, especially with this Moon in watery Pisces, which needs to work with intangibles: music, spirit, feelings, flickering images — you get the idea.

Speaking of music, a reader advised me that the cut from the Diva soundtrack that was used to score yesterday’s feature, Henri, The Existential Cat was “Gymnopedie No.1” by Erik Satie (born May 17, 1866 at 9AM in Honfleur, France). Did you know Satie also wrote a piece called The Dreamy Fish? How cool is that? No Pisces in Satie’s horoscope, but he did have Moon in (watery) Cancer in the 12th house, which is naturally ruled by Pisces. Even more fascinating: Moon conjunct rebel Uranus…square Mars, Midheaven (career point) and nebulous Neptune (ruler of Pisces). Satie is practically a Pisces by default. And isn’t is also interesting that Satie’s horoscope has patterns that are similar to patterns going on now? The dazzling, surreal, sublimely sexy — and/or bewildering connection between Mars and Neptune is just one of them.

Bottom line: if you need some musical inspiration today, Erik Satie will fit the bill. And I’ll wager fifty cents that Satie’s music — or the man himself — will be honored again between now and next year. Why? His Mars, Neptune and Midheaven are at 10 and 11 degrees of Aries, about to be supercharged by Pluto at 10 Capricorn and Uranus at 10 Aries. In the three years that I’ve been writing about people, countries and events making headlines, I can’t recall one that didn’t have one of those two heavy planets active in the horoscope when they were on the front page.

Meanwhile, if you enjoyed the ennui of Henri, here is a second installment.  And if you know the music in this episode — do tell.  It’s so much fun writing for such a super-smart, creative and talented crowd. Thank you for reading this astro-logical forecast.

For more on composer Erik Satie —

For more on the potential impact of Pluto and Uranus on your own horoscope, you may find this article helpful, especially if you are studying astrology


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/6/2012 & The Weekend: Rick Santorum and Other Mind-Blowing Potential

More buzz on Friday as Moon continues in information-junkie Gemini, and Mercury (mind, communication, travel) pulls strong focus through the entire weekend. Really, this is an apt time for big, bold, innovative, inspired  — possibly revolutionary — statements and ideas. For details on the Mercury connections please see forecasts posted earlier this week. I’ll be seizing the day by launching a redesigned website on Saturday. Just think — you’ll never have to search for an astro-logical forecast again; you’ll be able to sign up on the site and have forecasts delivered to your emailbox as soon as they are posted. Won’t that be fun?

No exact planetary aspects happen on Friday until just before the witching hour. One is a lovely connection between Moon and Venus (sweet!); the other is a potentially combative challenge between Moon and Mars (action/aggression). Hmmm. Watch for brief flare-ups of temper and see if you can find a positive channel for that rambunctious energy — it is Friday night, after all…

On Saturday Moon goes void at 2:52PM ET for 73 minutes, and then flows into emotional-security seeking Cancer. Note the potential for a jolt, flash or other upset around 5:58PM ET, when Moon is challenged by rebel Uranus. Emotions may be running high, as we are building to a Full Moon in the sign of the Crab at 2:30AM ET Monday. But first we’ll need to adjust to Mercury’s shift from outrageously opinionated Sagittarius to ambitious, strategic Capricorn at 1:34AM Sunday. Given the rush of energy channeled into mental Mercury by expansive, enthusiastic Jupiter and Uranus, the mad scientist, more than one circuit — or mind — may be blown. Could be exciting.

Speaking of mad scientists and minds being blown, I haven’t been paying much attention to the current marathon race for the White House, since I’m not a big fan of reality TV shows.  But Rick Santorum has suddenly captured the limelight, which means something is active in his horoscope — probably Pluto (prominence) or Uranus (sudden breakthroughs) — so let’s see what it is.

Santorum was born May 10, 1958 in Winchester, VA — birth time not available. He’s a Taurus with Moon in Aquarius, which suggests a need to be of social significance, along with the potential to come across as a little detached emotionally, echoed by a Grand Trine which suggests a strong aura of self-sufficiency. There’s also a likely conflict between building material security for himself (Taurus Sun) and helping others (Aquarius Moon); which appears to have manifested as described here Issues of spirit and what might be called the paranormal — or just plain weird —  are also likely prominent.

Santorum’s natal Mars is running wild, suggesting action/aggression/machismo taking over the horoscope (perhaps reflected in his staunchly anti-gay credo); but given that Mars in is the sensitive sign of Pisces (“Macho” is not the first word that comes to mind when I think of Pisces), perhaps this drive is overcompensating…for…??  But what’s hot right now is Santorum’s natal Venus (social expression) challenged by ruthless Pluto — hello! — there’s a bit of prominence for you. And this: rebel Uranus currently connecting with Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion), suggesting “explosive expression, breaking loose, domination”. Amazing.