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"The reading was a partnership between the two of us; she did not simply recite planetary signs and meanings, but had a conversation with me, continually asking what I made of what she saw, and what I thought I could do to change the things I want to change.

When the names of other people in my life came up, she quickly looked up their charts on her computer and commented on their roles in my life -- painting a fuller picture of where I was, where I wanted to go, and how I could get there.

What was impressive was that Elisabeth took all the planets, people, and situations that made up my life and created a context for them all that was positive, hopeful, and exciting!

She has a lovely personality, a sharp wit, and a gift for astrological interpretation."

--Bill W.
New York

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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 8/3/2015: Sneak Peek at the Week; Expansion vs. Contraction; Saturn is a Bitch

Good Morning!

I hope your last week went well. My spies report plenty of action in the lives of those whose personal horoscopes were affected by the emotional surge and release of Friday’s Full Moon, which happened with the Sun at 7 degrees of Leo opposing the Moon at 7 Aquarius. Personal vs. impersonal. The need to shine as an individual vs. the needs of the collective. If you were born one week into the signs of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus or Scorpio….or if you have a planet or angle around 7 degrees of those signs, that means you.

If your horoscope also contains a planet or angle at 28 degrees of Scorpio, Leo, Taurus or Aquarius, you’re likely still processing the pressure of taskmaster Saturn, which turned direct at 28 degrees of Scorpio at 1:53AM on Sunday. Saturn refers to ambition, structure, control, separation and streamlining. When Saturn is active in your horoscope, you may experience feelings of isolation, lack or loss. A productive response would be to turn that realization of loss/lack into a strategy for advance.

Cue Joni Mitchell now, please. Don’t it always seem to go/That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…

Saturn went retrograde on March 14th. Since then, many may have experienced delays  or been forced to reconsider plans related to structure, discipline and ambition. Now these projects may pick up speed, as Saturn moves forward. If Saturn is sitting on top of a planet or angle in your chart, its contracting pressure is being countered by the expansive drive of Jupiter at 28 Leo, which is exactly square Saturn this morning at 6:37AM ET.  How can things be contracting and expanding at the same time? Exactly. This is the challenge, especially in matters of business and executive authority.

A good example of this conflict hit the NYT on Sunday. Back in April (and reported in this forecast),  the CEO of a Seattle-based company called Gravity made headlines when he decided to pay all of his employees $70K/year because a study concluded that if you’re making $70K/year, you’ll have what you need to be happy. Anything less: unhappy. Anything more: doesn’t make you happier, even though you could buy more stuff and do more things. So how is Gravity doing?  And how cool is it that GRAVITY is making headlines with Saturn turning direct? Saturn is gravitas!

Gravity is expanding at a rapid pace. That’s good, right — and how very Jupiter (expansion)? Yes and no. The company is expanding, but that means it has to hire more people and pay them more than it might have done before the new $70K/yr policy. And the income stream from these new clients won’t kick in for another year. That’s a squeeze — and how very Saturn (contraction, loss). It’s a fascinating story — especially the reaction from his employees over the equalization of everyone’s pay —  check it out here.

Saturn is verrrry active in the horoscopes of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, as noted many times before. Today, President Obama will unveil an ambitious slate of controls  in an effort to cut greenhouse gases and reduce global warming. It’s a planet thing — and also a legacy thing.   Meanwhile, Joe Biden is now seriously seriously considering a run for president  — perhaps driven in no small part by the recent passing of his son, Beau. Or so pundit Maureen Dowd opines. As I said…Saturn stimulating ambition out of loss.

But back to the patterns of the day and the week ahead. The Moon is in Pisces, where it has been stimulating an intuitive flow since Saturday at 6:36PM ET. Its need to identify what is ideal is supported by easy connections from Mars (action) and Saturn (structure). Moon goes void at 4:35PM ET. Chill and/or focus on routine matters until 7:24PM ET, when the Moon zooms into Aries and the pace noticeably picks up for the next couple of days.

Here are the highlights for this busy week. First, Venus — which refers to social expression, aesthetics, money and women — reconnects with Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy, at 5:47PM ET on Tuesday. Look up in the sky tonight and you’ll see what you may have missed on June 25th when these two brights lights first met up this year.  Venus together with Jupiter suggests abundance and enjoyment — huzzah, huzzah.

Oh. But wait — Venus will be squared by Saturn on Wednesday at 11:08AM ET. Venus challenged by Saturn can put a stern face — literally — on matters ruled by Venus. I can’t tell you how delighted I was to see an update in the NYT on the “bitchy resting face” that first made headlines two years ago under another Venus-Saturn square — and noted in this forecast. Apparently the bitchy resting face is now known simply as the “RBF” — and right now it is the 4th most-viewed story in the NYT, right after the story about Gravity. Coincidence or conspiracy?

As the week progresses, mental Mercury meets up with Venus and squares Saturn (Thursday) and then meets up with Jupiter at the very end of Leo on Friday. So we can expect Mercury-related matters (communication, transportation, etc.) to wrestle with the same theme of expansion vs. contraction.

So much more news to report. I did not mean to take a break, but apparently I needed it. Back now with regular daily updates.

Briefly: Cecil the Lion, whose senseless murder by a presumably self-absorbed and dangerously unaware American dentist first sparked outraged opinion during last Monday’s void of course Moon in animal-loving Sagittarius, along with 17 other planets in Leo…not to mention  Venus retrograde in perfectionist Virgo conjunct the fixed star Regulus. Venus retrograde holds nothing back; the continued public outrage on social media shut down the dentist’s business and he has since gone into hiding. Regulus, by the way refers to honor, integrity and reputation. It is also known as “the heart of the lion”. Yesterday another lion-murdering health care professional made headlines. Astrology is amazing.

Stay tuned…make a donation if you enjoy these musings…or make an appointment to find out what’s happening in your horoscope — and how you can make the most of it.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday & Thursday 7/1-2/2015: Full Moon in Capricorn; Chris Christie; Return of the Hathors

Good Morning!

Moon entered enterprising, Capricorn at  5:11AM, bringing the fiery and lofty aspirations of the past two  days of Moon in Sagittarius down to earth. What can you build on those high ideals?  Look for a boost or a bump in the action around 1:32PM ET, as the strategizing Moon opposes a sensitive (and possibly cranky) Mars in Cancer. Not the time to pick a fight.

The day’s practical agenda is infused with celebratory fallout from yesterday’s meet-up between Venus and Jupiter. Did you see them together in the sky last night? These girls probably did.

Add in a rosy-dreamy alignment between the Sun and Neptune, exact at 5:10pm ET. Mix with the rising tide of emotion that releases at 10:20pm ET, on the Full Moon, which is also aligned with Neptune. Stir it all up with a very active Mercury, which refers to mindset and communication. It touches base with three planets over the next three days, suggesting much potential for innovation, expansion and idealism. Make that pitch, if you haven’t already done so.

Tomorrow we’ll have more of the same, with a potential power play around 6AM ET, as Moon meets up with Pluto…followed by an upset or revelation around 4PM ET, with Moon makes its weekly clash with Uranus.

Here are the Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon. For the Sun at 10 Cancer: “a large diamond not completely carved”. For the Moon at 10 Capricorn: “an albatross feeding from the hand”. Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee suggests these two share themes of “adamantine resolve” and “grace in the rough or refined gracelessness”.  How so?

Think of a diamond in the rough. It’s one-of-a-kind, with awesome creative potential — but not quite there yet. It’s hard and faceted, as all diamonds are.

Albatrosses are “sometimes awkward, sometimes graceful…bestowed with the gift of nourishment”. Bovee offers more intriguing observations. He notes that albatrosses are known for being clumsy, with disparaging names like “stupid gull” and “gooney bird”. And who knew that while “alba” means “white”, “‘albatross’ is actually a corruption of the Portuguese alcatraz, a notorious prison”. I love etymology.

You could have a field day connecting these images with current headlines. Against the backdrop of this week’s planetary patterns, you might see — for example — the visionary exuberance of Governor Chris Christie tossing his hat into the Republican pool of presidential contenders. The New York Times sees the potential downside of these patterns: lies, excess and bluster. A local New Jersey paper is equally unimpressed. What is nebulous Neptune doing in Governor Christie’s horoscope?

Even without a birth time, we see Neptune making contact with his Virgo Sun, suggesting a need for vision. Neptune is also part of a Grand Trine among expansive Jupiter and Mars. This combination can run long on faith and fog; short on facts. While a Grand Trine is often considered a lucky pattern, suggesting the ability to function as if it is above the law, it also suggests a defensive posture, i.e., a projection of emotional self-sufficiency which acts against relationship.

Transiting Neptune may be casting its rose-colored spell on Christie’s Moon, if it is in high-flying, righteously opinionated Sagittarius. It’s definitely in touch with his natal Sun-Pluto conjunction, boosting  a need for what is ideal, but also presenting perhaps a long stretch of confusion/delusion.  Meanwhile, Christie’s square between Mercury (mind, communication) and Mars (action), certainly reflects his trademark brash communication style. With transiting Jupiter conjoining his Sun-Pluto this fall and again next May, he is likely to gain traction and further expansion — for better or for worse.

Meh. Enough with the news.

Also reflecting the potential for sublime vision, benevolence, innovative communication with practical application, guess what just showed up in my emailbox? Angels! This is the topic of the latest missive from my favorite disembodied entities, The Hathors — as channeled by sound healer Tom Kenyon. In past forecasts I’ve noted the potential for a volatile summer in the world arena. The Hathors have a knack for sending messages just before a “chaotic node” — as they call it — begins.  Coincidence or conspiracy?

Never fear, however, because fear is counterproductive. Thank you for reading this forecast.


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 3/13/2012: I Am A Rock

You can bounce out of bed with the boundless enthusiasm suggested by Moon’s ingress into Sagittarius, a sign that has plenty to say and rarely has trouble saying it. Just ask Charlie Sheen, Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich — who all have Moon in Sagittarius.  If you know someone with Moon in Sag who hasn’t found a sounding board for his or her opinion, he or she is probably not a very happy camper.

Use this lunar energy to broaden your horizons. Learn something new; get outdoors; wax philosophical. You may even have a change of perspective as Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, wraps up the third in a series of trines to powerful Pluto. This change of perspective may likely involve resources. The first trine was on July 7th; the second was on October 28th, and looking at past forecasts around those days we see — notably on October 28th, headlines announcing that European banks had agreed to “take a haircut” (actual wonky technical term) on the Greek debt. If you’ve been following this drama you know that a deal involving this haircut and subsequent Greek default was allegedly agreed to and set to close this week.  Amazing. Review these dates in your own personal world; perhaps there is an issue involving resources that has played out, too.

In other news, be mindful of a potential clash of wills when Mars in micro-managing Virgo clashes with the macro-managing Moon at 7:23PM ET (and with Mercury retrograde, be especially mindful on the roads). Depth of emotion and indulgence is suggested this evening, as loving Venus trines potent Pluto at 9:26PM ET, then cuddles** up with Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy at 1:54AM ET Tuesday. Will you have a second helping of dessert? Oh why not, and with whipped cream too. It could all be part of the seduction potential of an equally indulgent physical connection to macho Mars at 3:29AM ET, which in turn makes its own energetic trine with Jupiter at 5:51AM ET.

If you don’t have a partner to play with, hold your head high and project the convincing aura of self-sufficiency that usually blesses and curses those born with an Earth Grand Trine, as you loudly sing your theme song to no one in particular —  — with gratitude to Simon & Garfunkel.

Also in effect today is yet another trine that will be exact on Wednesday night  at 8:32PM ET — this one from Mars to ruthless Pluto at 8:32PM. This can add an intensely deep, edgy energy that runs with exceptional efficiency, barring any snafus and gaffes suggested by the challenge of mental Mercury retrograde in impulsive Aries. And challenges there will likely be toward the end of Wednesday, suggested by the Third Quarter Moon at 9:25PM ET.

Whew! Here’s to a creative and productive next two days — make the most of it!

**Yes, “cuddles”.  I read it in the Times — don’t forget to look up at the sky —