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Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 2/24/2015: The Oscars and Such

Wow. Where did Monday go? Is it Tuesday already?

The Taurus Moon is void all day — not to enter Gemini until 11:54PM ET.  You know the drill: stick to routine concerns and chill. You can still be quite productive in efforts to build and maintain material security thanks to an ease of energy flow between Venus (money, social expression, women) and Saturn that is exact at 9:58AM ET, and carries through the day. Good food, music and a snuggle with your sweetie — those and other creature comforts would be an apt reward tonight.

And now, the news.

From yesterday — how interesting — on a day with an ambitious and controlling square between Saturn and the Sun — to see the words “crack down” appear in not one, but two headlines on the NYT homepage.  The Australian leader is cracking down on terrorism.  The Venezuelan leader is also cracking down. Curious, isn’t it? There are no more headlines about crackdowns on the NYT homepage right now….but there is one which includes the words “Best Selfie Ever”. Remember last week when Venus entered Aries and I anticipated that we’d see more headlines about selfies? Well, that didn’t take long…

So the Oscars came and went and what happened? Patricia Arquette won for Best Supporting Actress. She made headlines for giving an acceptance speech calling for wage equality — and it went viral, especially since Meryl Streep was captured on film reacting to it by leaping out of her chair and shouting “YES!!!” You will recall what a rebel Ms. Streep is when her horoscope was discussed in a bit about astro-twin Elizabeth Warren’s horoscope last week, right? And that we’d expect her rebellious spark to attract attention, yes?

As for Ms. Arquette, it should be no surprise to learn that she has Venus (social expression) at 29 Pisces and Mercury (mindset communication) at 2 Aries. They are both within range of the Aries Point, and thus can be expected to attract attention. With transiting Venus and Mars at 2 Aries on Sunday, of course what Ms. Arquette had to say would be noticed. We can expect Ms. Arquette to remain in the spotlight over the next couple of years, as Uranus and Pluto supercharge her Aries Sun and Midheaven.

In other news, there’s Fox celebrity Bill O’Reilly. He’s been accused of inflating some of the stories he reported while covering the Falklands war many years ago for CBS. Naturally my first thought was that he must have a dynamic aspect between Mercury (mindset) and Neptune (color it rose) in his horoscope, like Brian Williams. And in fact he does have Mercury conjunct Neptune, and this idealistic pattern is under fire from Uranus and Pluto. We’d expect his words and thoughts to be supercharged. Not only that, but Mr. O’Reilly has Moon in me-me-me Aries, just like Mr. Williams. Moon in Aries is a natural warrior, doncha’ know. It needs to lead and inspire. It needs to be a hero. Isn’t that interesting?

Keepin’ it light today. What’s going on in your horoscope?

Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 4/6-7/2013: The Urge to Merge

Moon entered sensitive and empathic Pisces at 9AM on Saturday ET, suggesting a need to focus on intangibles, including spirit(s), service, music, vision, healing and art. A hook-up with nebulous Neptune at 4:48PM ET encourages that need all the more. What rosy glow will precede a potentially passionate or otherwise bold/fearless/inspiring encounter around 12:58AM ET Sunday, hmm? You do recall I mentioned that loving Venus would be catching up with horny Mars in Aries tonight, don’t you?

An intriguing exercise in structure, investigation and transformation carries us into the wee hours (watch for news from underground), ending big at 8:06AM ET on Sunday, as the sensitive Pisces Moon is challenged by expansive Jupiter. Maybe a talky kind of day, as far as feelings are concerned…

Moon goes void at 12:10AM MONDAY, suggesting another work week that starts with a fizzle. Blergh! You’ll notice the shift at 3:02PM ET when the Moon races into gear in the me-me-me sign of Aries, and not a minute too soon…


Astrological Forecast for Thursday 4/4/2013: Passion in the Works?

Hooray, hooray, hooray! The Moon gets into gear in the freedom-loving, humanitarian sign of Aquarius at 4:41AM ET, aiding all efforts to be socially significant, unique or just plain weird. Planetary patterns are quiet during business hours, suggesting no jolts or power plays to throw you off track. At 8:02PM ET there’s a communicative hook-up between Moon and rebel Uranus, which fosters innovative exchanges and maybe a tech story or two. At 9:48PM ET we’ve got a potential wet blanket or reach for ambition suggested by stern Saturn in Scorpio squaring the independent Moon. That’s it. Still pretty quiet, compared to the rambunctious activity of the past few weeks.

In fact, the only exact aspect between any two planets (not including the Moon) between now and April 16th happens just after midnight ET on Sunday, April 7th. And gosh, I hope you have a date between now and Sunday…or can spend some time in a place where passion might ignite. The aspect in question is a hook-up between receptive Venus and proactive Mars in the sign of impulsive, fearless, inspiring and passionate Aries. Those born around the 10th of April, July, October and January will likely feel this burst of energy more than most, as will those with a planet or angle at 20 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Could be sizzling; could be more sparks that you can handle (so don’t fly off one) — let me know how it goes.

And now, the news. I can’t believe I missed this absolute gem when it hit the wires on March 29th, three days after ruthless Pluto squared Mars and two days before it squared the Sun. Pluto  suggests “news from underground,” as in “Gate to Hell Found in Turkey”. Here’s another, posted just minutes ago: an anonymous leak exposes the identities of thousands who are hiding wealth offshore. Here’s a more thorough piece on the latter story. Maybe the Gate to Hell is really in the British Virgin Islands.

Capturing the breaking-down-barriers energy of so many planets in pioneering Aries, combined with the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto square is this stunner, from Macon, Georgia: “High School Students Organize First Integrated Prom”. Yeah, I’m speechless, too. Macon seems light-years away from New York…