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Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 8/22/2012: Sun in Virgo

Say goodbye to the Sun in Leo; say hello to the Sun in Virgo, as of 1:07PM ET.  Virgo is an earth sign (as opposed to fire, water or air). It is also a mutable sign, as opposed to cardinal or fixed. What does that mean? Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn; they need to come up with the idea and take action.  Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. These signs need to organize and give form to the concepts pitched by cardinal signs. Mutable signs — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces — get to spread the word about the cool form the fixed signs made. Got it?

More about Virgo: it is ruled by Mercury, which also rules mindset. Virgo is symbolized by a virgin with a shaft of wheat. Its keywords are I ANALYZE. Virgo needs to apply its mental energy to discernment and discrimination, as it separates the wheat from the chaff. In health matters,  Virgo rules the intestinal tract and assimilation. If you have planets in Virgo in your horoscope, and they are under a great deal of developmental tension, you may have some issues with your digestive system, especially how your system absorbs nutrition from food.

We should notice a shift in tone from the roaring Leo vibe to Virgo’s comparative quiet as the week progresses. How so? Why look, right on the home page of TMZ: pictures of Prince Harry naked in Vegas…I kid you not…talk about royal Leo revelry — and no, I am not going to provide a link, as the Moon is still in Libra and has some social graces. Read this piece about Jets quarterback Tim Tebow — and other virgins — living in New York instead. That’s Virgo — and on the home page of the New York Times, if you please.

Meanwhile, we have a few hours left to dream royally, encouraged  by the deep Scorpio Moon making an easy connection to nebulous Neptune at 6:58AM ET. So definitely take note of your dreams….and the rest of your ideas for the day. Why? Because jolly Jupiter is getting along famously with mental Mercury, supporting writers and thinkers everywhere. That connection is exact at 6:57PM ET…and frankly, some of what you are thinking may be quite fantastic. Why? Because nebulous Neptune is moving to an exact opposition to the Sun at 8:33AM ET on Friday. How weird and dazzling can it get? Just watch the headlines..and note that Venus, which refers to women, has been running wild in the heavens.

Use the energy of today’s Scorpio Moon — which kicks in after 1:07PM ET — to be seen as someone of depth and substance.


Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 2/13/2012: The Day Before Valentines Day

Moon in Scorpio continues from yesterday, seeking knowledge for the sake of power and control and needing to be seen as a person of substance. Add to that substance a productive connection between disciplined Saturn (the reach for ambition) and mental Mercury, (exact at 1:44PM ET), and what goes through your mind today may actually have some gravitas. Draft your proposal, research your case, ask those serious questions. This aspect can allow you to soberly process whatever surge of feeling you noted Sunday night, when expansive Jupiter challenged that deep well of feeling suggested  by the Scorpio Moon.

At 8:38PM ET, Mercury leaves cerebral Aquarius for watery Pisces, suggesting more empathy and intuition in our thought patterns. As mentioned yesterday, a hook-up between Mercury (mind, communication, travel) and nebulous Neptune (intangibles, spirit, escape, ideals) is exact at 1:48AM ET, likely to color Valentines Day with a rosy glow. And if not rose-colored glasses, why not beer goggles? Hey, it could happen. Don’t have a Valentine? How about a Virtual Boyfriend —  — not only is he man enough to tell a woman what she’d like to hear, but he actually means it. And so reasonably priced!

Get it off your desk today if you can — Moon will be void Tuesday from 12:04PM = 7:56PM ET. This is the only void-of-course Moon impacting your work week.

Happy Monday!


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 1/17/2012: More Moon in Scorpio, Scott Walker & Feeling Hungary Again

The need to acquire knowledge for the sake of power and control continues today, with Moon in Scorpio aided and abetted by Mercury (mind, communication, travel) in a cooperatively placed in the practical sign of Capricorn. Last rose-colored glasses (courtesy of Neptune and Venus) have now been replaced by an approaching square (challenge) to the Sun by Mr. Reality Check, a.k.a. Saturn. Get real about what you’ve accomplished so far this year — and whatever pushes need to be made, do it this week, before Mars turns retrograde on January 23rd. After that we’ll be in a strategy session until April 13th, perfecting issues related to work, routine, organization, diet and discernment.

Yesterday I noted that the early morning hours were likely to be a bit restless, and I am hearing reports that I wasn’t the only one who woke up several during the night — which rarely ever happens. In other news, I see Hungary is once again making headlines, as predicted in this forecast on December 16th (check the archives) Hungary’s horoscope suggests continued upheaval in the area of resources (courtesy of rebel Uranus), and a ruthless squeeze for control, as transformational Pluto makes a mighty challenge to Saturn, planet of ambition and control. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, enough signatures have been reportedly gathered to ensure a recall — or a do-over — election intended to remove Scott Walker from the governor’s mansion,0,3781685.story?page=1 Regular readers have been kept abreast of planetary patterns in  Governor Walker’s horoscope since February 23rd (check the archives). As with Hungary, Walker is experiencing a ruthless squeeze from Pluto to his natal Saturn AND his natal Mars, suggesting “extreme force, brutality, persuasion, excessive effort” and “the threat of loss in any area of life; hard, hard work”. Click the link on the referenced articles for some examples of  “persuasion and extreme effort” as Walker pulls out all the stops to keep from losing his job this summer. Walker has Sun and Moon in Scorpio, that alone suggests he’s not going anywhere without a fight.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/16/2012: Of Dreams, Martin Luther King,Jr. and Mars Retrograde

A third challenge to your New Moon agenda may present itself today, even though you may not be at the office. It’s a holiday for most in the U.S., and the markets here are closed. Still, you can be energized by the 3rd Quarter Moon that pushes you up and at ’em this morning (the aspect is exact at 4:08AM ET).

Mixed messages at 10AM and 10:29AM ET — first from a serious connection to the people-pleasing Moon in Libra from disciplinarian Saturn, seeking to cut out the fat. More austerity is likely in store — and a challenge to leaders everywhere — when Saturn challenges the Sun on Thursday….but we’ll likely be feeling the influence all week. We’ll see how the European and Asian markets respond to all the downgrades issued on Friday

The second AM connection is a dreamy swoon between nebulous Neptune and that peace-seeking Moon in Libra (West Coasters note your dreams), followed by a Moon void until 11:33AM ET, suggesting a natural rest period and a slower than usual start to the day. At 11:33AM ET Moon enters moody bastard Scorpio, seeking knowledge for the sake of power and control…but lo! Today, the moody bastard Scorpio Moon is aspected by an enthusiastic and possible expensive connection from lucky Jupiter (1:34PM ET), and a delightful kiss from Venus at 5:05PM ET, which favors social connections of all kind. If you need to gather intelligence today, do it.Your target may actually play along and you can plumb some delightful depths….

Today we honor the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr., who was actually born on January 15, 1929 at 11:21AM in Atlanta, GA. King was a Sun Sign Capricorn (the energy to make things happen in order to move forward), with Moon in Pisces, which needs to work with the collective soul and other intangibles…a dream, perhaps? Interesting to note that a child born today would have more than one pattern in the horoscope that is similar to King’s: Jupiter at the beginning of Taurus, which seeks the reward of material comfort and security; and rebel Uranus running wild at the beginning of the pioneering Aries. Also running wild: mental Mercury in humanitarian Aquarius and Venus, ruling social expression, in Pisces (echoing the Pisces Moon). Sounds like a recipe for a brilliant orator to me. Also noted in King’s horoscope: Jupiter is involved in a pattern that suggests tremendous self-sufficiency; and stern Saturn is challenging Mars in what could have been quite a militant, rigid approach…except that Mars is retrograde. King was wise to use this energy to advocate a peaceful approach. If you’re a regular reader of this forecast, you know that Mars will turning retrograde next week, suggesting a three-month long strategy session. Consider how MLK put a retrograde Mars to good use, and remember, as of January 23rd: No fights. No lawsuits. No wars! Got that?

Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 7-9-10/2011

Moon entered moody bastard Scorpio Saturday at 2:31AM ET, where its need for knowledge for the sake of power and control was perhaps softened by jollier, more indulgent —  and also more constructive, less obstructionist —  influences. If you were hammering out an idea, seeking to give form to your inspiration — well, good on you. If you were out having a grand time in fine company, that likely worked, too.

Other news of note: innovative, rebellious Uranus turned retrograde at 8:36PM ET — not to turn direct until Dec 9. If you want to start a revolution during this time, the energy might be better directed at shaking up your own personal world instead of raising a ruckus directed at others. When planets are in retrograde, whatever is associated with that planet is more likely to be up for review and repair than it is to be moving forward at a clip. So here’s your three-week advance notice: Mercury, which relates to travel, communication, mind and gizmos,  turns direct on August 2nd at 11:50PM — and the Moon will be void-of-course — in Virgo all day. Verrrrry interesting.Think about backing up your computers in the next couple of weeks.

On Sunday, the Moon goes void at 9:05AM ET — but on a harmonious connection with the Sun, which is the only exact aspect of the day. In anticipation of that — hello! — August 2nd deadline, President Obama is hosting another debt/budget pow-wow at the White House. Well, it could be a productive brainstorming session, though Wednesday/Thursday might be more likely days to see things start to happen — one way or the other.

Astro-logical Forecast for Sunday 6/12/2011: Postcards from the Void

Even astrologers need a break from the daily grind. After posting Thursday’s forecast at the town library in a rural Maine outpost, I put my astrological calendar away and decided to freewheel it. I spent Friday at Best Buy with the proprietors of my cabin-in-the-woods retreat, researching computers and communication devices needed to bring them into the second decade of the 21st Century. Turned out to be a fine application of the serious focus suggested by this week’s Mercury (mind, communication) trine from practical Saturn, as well as yesterday’s hook-up between Saturn and Moon. True to the Libra Moon’s spirit, we debated the pros and cons that evening and reached a decision on what to purchase, and vowed to return the next day to get the goods.

We bought the computer and mobile wifi thingamajig (actual technical term) as planned, and both are fabulous, though it seemed to take hours to get out of the store. However, another gizmo — an impulse purchase —  I thought I needed to transfer data from the old computer to the new one turned out to be the wrong gizmo. And it took us half an hour to figure out how to turn the mobile wifi thingamajig off; I was seriously thinking it was defective and would have to be returned. I actually placed a phone call to the service provider for assistance. Some days you need extra help with an on/off switch — d’oh!

But hmmm…impulse purchases that prove unsatisfactory; sudden crises that turn out to be “much ado about nothing” — what was happening among the planets on Saturday? Can you guess? Indeed, the Moon was void of course from 4:04AM until 8:33PM EDT, as I discovered just minutes ago. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Moon has now entered the intense sign of Scorpio, shifting the emotional tone of the past couple of days from airy to watery. Scorpio needs to go deep in its quest for knowledge for the sake of power and control. Sunday and Monday that quest is supported by an equally intense, informative hook-up between Mercury (mind, communication) and the Sun in pixie-ish chatterbox sign of Gemini. Add idealism to that Mercury-Sun connection and watch the headlines for the most creative spin. What bright ideas do you have today? Write them down, especially if you are artistically inclined. Talk about them. Get out and mingle. You might meet a real maverick type — or read about them in the headlines. Innovative Uranus in a supportive connection to Venus, planet of art, money, beauty and love favors encounters of the unusual — but stimulating kind. Let these planetary connections carry you through the next few days.

Just before midnight — at 11:52PM EDT Sunday — Saturn turns direct. More on that in tomorrow’s forecast.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 4/19/2011

I took my own advice on how to best apply the intense, depth-seeking energy of yesterday’s Moon in Scorpio, in light of controlling Saturn’s challenge to aggressive Mars in impulsive Aries, suggesting the potential for militant action, frustration or determination to breakthrough with an especially strong point of view (see yesterday’s forecast for details). I did some creative brainstorming and in-depth research for a client looking for a name for a company, and I did some more in-depth research on how horoscopes can suggest body weaknesses that may lead to health crises in times of stress (the stressful times can also be seen in the chart).All very productive.

For Tuesday, more of the intense need for depth and purification suggested by Moon in Scorpio. Be advised that the hook-up between Mercury retrograde in impulsive Aries and aggressive Mars will be exact at 10:59AM EDT. Though it may be a challenge, do try to keep those verbal slings and arrows to yourself. Endeavor to diffuse those that may be thrown at you — or duck. On the other hand, if you need to make a carefully thought-out presentation today, the impassioned energy may serve you very well.

In other news, Mercury goes direct on April 23rd. The retrograde period (we’ll be in the shadow of it all for a few weeks beyond the 23rd), is a great time to REview your life with an astrologer.

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 4/18/2011

Happy Monday, happy Full Moon hangover and happy Passover, for those that are celebrating. Let’s see what made the news as anticipated over the weekend. Wacky weather? Yep, killer tornadoes from Oklahoma to North Carolina…and some pretty intense storms up her in New York. Thanks to astrologer Richard Nolle, whose work and writing over the years have taught me the impact of Super Moons on weather patterns. War on women? Certainly women in Yemen were upset over remarks made by their president…so much so that they took to the streets in protest  Then there was this uplifting story about toxins injected into oil wells by oil companies, which now raise the concern that these toxins will contaminate water resources This story comes courtesy of Neptune (refers to water, oil, poisons) recently entering the sign of Pisces, the sign it rules, where it will hopefully raise our awareness of these environmental concerns so we can take constructive action. Stories about water shortages and pollution are not new, but planetary patterns suggest that are likely to be seen more frequently — and make greater impact — over the next 14 years. And oh — here’s another Neptunian oil-toxin story that just came over the wire “Mystery Illnesses Plague Louisiana Spill Crews”

Today’s aspects are not especially tolerant of frivolity. Moon entered moody bastard Scorpio (not to be confused with moody bastard Pisces) at 2:19AM EDT, where it could well spend great chunks of time churning with emotion buried deep beneath the surface, while maintaining a convincing mask of detached calm. We may see continued frustration as a result of someone’s militant stance. For those who dare, we may also see some battering ram (Mars in Aries) breakthroughs in civil discourse, justice and fairness (Saturn in Libra), such as news of a bill passed in California requiring the teaching of gay rights and history in schools

Temper your words and actions today with depth, substance and integrity.

Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 2/23/2011

No exact aspects today, save for a supportive connection between the Moon in Scorpio and loving Venus. Emotional intensity, issues of power, knowledge and control may still rule the day (along with rebel Uranus running wild on behalf of  freedom, technology, chaos, eccentrics and humanity), but it’s likely to be much less edgy than…say…Thursday. In your own personal world, dare to make a deeper connection. That’s the forecast. Now for today’s bonus topic:

In light of recent events in Wisconsin, I thought it would be interesting to see the horoscope of Governor Scott Walker. How does his “no negotiation, no compromise” stance show up in his birth chart? Let’s look!

Walker was born Nov 2 1967, in Colorado Springs, CO. His Sun and Moon are in Scorpio, a combination described by master astrologer Noel Tyl as follows: “high depth and focus upon the creative depths and control powers of Scorpio is great. Learning, research, knowing — all define the ego. There is potentially enormous energy and animal magnetism, and care is needed not to dominate sexually, philosophically or behaviorally. Vanity is high. The self-belief is normally monumental. The challenge is to share rather than to command.” Wow. I’m sold!

Walker’s birth time is unknown, so I can’t tell offhand if his Moon in Scorpio (which needs to be seen as having depth, control and substance), is running wild in the horoscope, or if it is configured with nebulous Neptune, suggesting idealism (other aspects do suggest idealism, regardless of the birth time). Meanwhile, Mars is at 7 degrees of “make-it-happen” Capricorn and it is challenged by retrograde Saturn at 6 degrees of “me-me-me” Aries, a tough yet dynamic aspect that thrives on barreling through obstacles to achieve its objectives (harsh, perhaps, but effective). Also of note are two obsessive connections to Saturn (conservative, restriction, control) from Venus (women, money) and Pluto (regeneration, transformation), in the pristine sign of Virgo. Venus and Pluto together suggest an excess of emotion, augmented by a major rebellious streak supplied by status quo-disrupting Uranus. Last but not least, there are no oppositions among the planets in Walker’s horoscope, suggesting an inability to appreciate an opposing point of view. Hmm…might these aspects reflect Walker’s presentation of himself as a “fiscal conservative” who is “100% pro-life” and supports severe restrictions on other issues related to womens’ health and procreation?

Currently, ruthless, empowering Pluto (at 6 Capricorn) and expansive Jupiter (at 6 Aries) are making close connections to Walker’s Saturn and Mars. Keywords for these transits (which you can find in one of several of Tyl’s most excellent astrology textbooks): “the threat of loss in any area of life; hard, hard work; the threat of self-destruction”;  “extreme force, persuasion, brutality, control, excessive effort”; “‘making waves’ effectively”; “law & order; feeling ‘righter than right’; dogmatic; ambition given the go-ahead signal.”

Do the keywords listed above accurately reflect Walker’s current words and actions? Do the planetary patterns reflect the life events? What do you think?

Today Walker said that failing to pass a bill stripping union rights for Wisconsin public workers would have “dire consequences.” I don’t believe he is bluffing.  Let’s see where he’s at with this in June and December, when one of the most intense patterns active in his horoscope repeats itself. And here’s an Important Safety Tip for registered voters. If you’re voting in a election when Venus is retrograde (as it was last November), heed your local astrologer’s advice and do double due diligence on the candidates. During Venus retrogrades we are more likely than usual to fall in love with people who later turn out to be wholly unsuitable — or not nearly as appealing as we thought.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday for 2/22/2011

Oh let’s see….upheavals in Libya, Wisconsin, etc.; earthquakes in NZ, volcanoes in the Philippines, traffic jams in LA (caused by snowstorms) — though honestly, it’s hard to get too excited by any of it because it’s in so line with what has been anticipated by many astrologers — for at least the past five years. We live in interesting times. When will things get reeealllllly interesting for us in the United States? Mid-2012 or so. But we’re starting to see cracks in the system now. Interesting times indeed. Keep calm and carry on — and express gratitude whenever you can for the abundance you have in your life. Guaranteed to keep you sane!

Today you can wish George Washington, Ted Kennedy, my dad and one particularly loyal –albeit nameless — reader a very happy birthday (the reader has Sun in the 12th house — those types tend to prefer to remain behind the scenes). And beside, by the time you wake up this AM, Moon will be in Scorpio, a sign known for intrigue, depth, control (of knowledge) — all that cloak and dagger stuff — y’know, “behind the scenes.”

Be productive today. Really, you have no excuse…even with that rebel planet Uranus running wild. Harness the energy and keep moving forward.

Meanwhile, thought this would be a good time to re-post a blurb I wrote about last year’s big astro-event: the Big T-Square Party among the heavies: Pluto, Uranus, Saturn and Mars in a challenging configuration at the Aries Point. You do remember why the Aries Point is significant, yes? If not, re-read last week’s forecasts. Though Saturn and Mars are no longer part of this picture, Uranus (rebellion, freedom, technology) is more definitely active here — and at a place it has not been in 84 years. Read below for the opening number to what we can expect over the next several years. Stay tuned…

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/27/2010

A quick recap of the ongoing Big T-Square Party if you’re just tuning in — that T-Square/Right Triangular shaped pattern happening now among the planetary heavies: Uranus and Jupiter together at the beginning of Aries…opposing Saturn in Libra (joined by Mars at the the end of the week)…with Pluto forming a square (right in the middle) of all of this at the beginning of Capricorn.First, Pluto in Capricorn — where it hasn’t been since around 1762: Pluto, Lord of the Underworld (mines, volcanoes, power, perspective, things hidden below the surface) is in Capricorn (government, politics, “respected” hallowed institutions), where it has been busy exposing corruption therein – big time.

Second, Uranus (rebellion, revolution, genius, intensity) in Aries (pioneering, self-reliant), where it hasn’t been since the 1930s, currently conjoined with expansive Jupiter (optimism, excess, philosophy and other “group think” consciousness). Uranus will be in Aries for seven years; the square to Pluto will likely bring changes on a global scale to our notions of what government is and what it should do; note that the last Pluto-Uranus square in the 30s led to FDR’s “New Deal” and other social programs; note that the conjunction between Pluto-Uranus in the 60s led to the Civil Rights Act and — correct  me if I’m wrong — Medicare.

Third, Saturn, which takes about two and a half years to go through a sign — now in Libra, sign of relationships and diplomacy, fairness and justice for all. The opposition to Uranus/Jupiter suggests a conflict between the old guard vs. the avant garde — with the end result being a reinvention of traditional forms in new and exciting ways. The square between Saturn (control, the immovable object) and Pluto (change or die; resistance is futile) suggests those in power fighting tooth and nail to hang on to what they have and a period of hard realizations and hard, hard work.

Mars, planet of action, energy applied and at its worst, war and aggression  — triggers the whole T-Square at the end of the week and all through next — and it’s just no coincidence at all that with this pattern activated, here in the US we see leaked documents about what’s really going on in Afghanistan AND we face a vote in Congress on whether to extend funding to the alleged war efforts therein (if you DON’T want to send your tax dollars to fund the war, this is a good time to make your opinions known to your elected representatives).

What’s significant about this T-Square pattern is that it’s happening between planets that haven’t all gotten together like this since the 1930s — a time that most of us on the planet did not live through. Thus it feels like it’s happening for the first time — and it is — to US — but not to humanity. What have we learned since the 1930s? Anything? If we didn’t, we’re bound to repeat the pattern…and its influence will continue for the next few years (we’ve already lived through two years of it — and look what’s happened so far: major meltdown and corruption exposed in our financial sector, just for starters).

This T-Square is ESPECIALLY affecting all those born in the early days of the cardinal signs: Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn (example: Mel Gibson, a Capricorn with Moon (feelings) at 1 degree of Libra, has a meltdown). By cardinal I mean FIRST, as in the first of each of their elements: Aries is the first Fire sign, Libra/Air, Cancer/Water and Capricorn/Earth. Cardinal signs INITIATE — they are very action-oriented. Note that the early days of these signs all connect to something astrologers call the Aries Point — laymen think of it as the first day of spring. And what happens on the first day of spring? Everything comes back to life; a new cycle of growth begins. Bottom line: T-Squares happen all the time in astrology, but one hanging around for soooooo long at the point which marks the BEGINNING OF A NEW CYCLE is especially significant.

If you have questions about any of this, email me. Isn’t this an exciting time to be on Planet Earth?  : )