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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/31/2012: Out With a Bang!

Fine evening for a party, doncha’ know, as Moon continues its sojourn through fiery Leo. And why not end the last day of 2012 on a high note, fiscal cliff be danged? A frustrating square between aggressive Mars and stern Saturn is exact next Monday; that’s when I think we’ll know what’s really going down. Did I mention Moon is in Leo all day and tonight? Fine evening for a party….

Mercury — which refers to mind and communication — enters practical Capricorn at 9:03AM ET. Having outrageous opinions is no longer sufficient (Mercury in Sagittarius fostered that atmosphere over the past few weeks). Now we’ll be looking for practical plans for reality-based action. Add an innovative, unconventional, technological spin to those ideas, and reap the benefits of a supportive connection between action-oriented Mars and rebel Uranus, exact at 9:32PM ET.

Moon goes void-of-course at 4:52PM ET on a easy connection to Venus in Sagittarius, encouraging social expression that is looking for gambol or a gamble. Let’s hope everyone has the good sense to call it a day, as opposed to trying to make a final decision on an important fiscal matter when the Moon is drifting through the cosmos without a rudder. Voids are great for brainstorming. Not so good for votes. Remember, during Moon voids, odds are strong you’ll experience a twist in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Also remember that crises that arise during voids are usually “much ado about nothing”.

Party on, dudes…into the wee hours. Moon doesn’t enter the next sign — Virgo — until 9:35AM ET on Tuesday. By then you’ll be ready to list your New Year’s resolutions in exacting detail, no doubt inspired by the rose-colored fog of a challenge from nebulous Neptune at 11:39AM ET. That fog will lift by Wednesday, and I’m betting we’ll hear some startling news before mental Mercury is challenged by disruptive Uranus at 8:29 ET on Wednesday morning.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/28/2012 & The Weekend: Full Moon in Cancer & May the Force Be With You

At 3:06PM ET on Thursday, Moon entered the (usually) nurturing sign of Cancer, seeking to fulfill its need for emotional security and the comforts of home and family. If only it were so simple, given the potential for shake-ups and power plays suggested by Moon’s interaction with ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus, exact Friday at 9:34AM ET and 12:34AM ET, respectively. The Moon reaches its fullness at 5:21AM ET on Friday, echoing the suggestion of a release of whatever emotions/energy have been building over the past several days.  On the plus side, the disruption you may experience offers the potential for profound revelation (Uranus) and transformation (Pluto). If you are feeling disrupted, look for the silver lining. It has to be in there — somewhere.

You are more likely to be feeling the impact of this powerful Full Moon if you were born between the 25th and 31st of March, June, September and December…or if you have a planet or angle between 4 and 10 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If you are not sure if this applies to you, consult your local astrologer, who would be only too happy to honor this Holiday Special: A One-Hour Astro-logical Consultation (at a very reasonable and fabulous price), which is being offered for purchase through January 1, 2013 (to be scheduled in the New Year).

One of the silver linings of this Full Moon is that it goes void-of-course at 9:43AM ET, not to enter the next sign (Leo), until 2:45AM  on Sunday. Chill, baby, chill — and take the time to process whatever needs to be processed after this day of (likely) rich emotional focus on what makes you feel secure or feel at home. (Note to the Universe: the jackhammers that have been outside my window all morning are not contributing to that feeling of home-y security). Avoid the temptation to go mad at the malls, as impulse purchases made during Moon voids rarely turn out to be as useful as thought. Those items will still be on sale next week, and probably marked down even further.

The other silver lining of the Full Moon is the awesome potential for support, structure and discipline offered by taskmaster Saturn. Whatever realization and/or need for change hits you this weekend, now is the time to put on your big girl panties — or your boxers/tighty-whiteys — and be prepared to do the hard work required to make these changes happen. This applies to changes required for growth in your own personal world and in the collective world. We are all in this together. Each of us has the power to make a positive contribution as an individual, which is a good thing, because we are going to need those positive contributions as we navigate the challenges of the next few years.

What kind of contributions? Funny you should ask. With the Moon in emotional security-seeking Cancer, I was struck by an article about an inventive and extraordinary physics teacher (reflecting Mars currently in a sextile with techno-geek Uranus) who discovers a powerful force that appears to transcend the laws of physics. I guarantee you will be moved by this article and will likely forward it to others.

This force is also the key component in a book I was given for Christmas — The Divine Law of Compensation by Marianne Williamson. Money as a means to security is another Cancerian theme worth contemplating during this long Moon in Cancer void, and Williamson happens to be a Cancer with Moon in enterprising Capricorn; information-junkie Gemini on the Ascendant. Thus she is utterly inclined to present succinct edicts — some of which you may have heard before — on removing blocks we ourselves have created that limit the flow of compensation for work that is divinely inspired. And yes, the book is idealistic (her Sun is conjunct Venus),  boldly unique and innovative/”out-there” (rebel Uranus is also conjunct the Sun); filled with faith (Sun-Venus-Uranus is square nebulous Neptune) that offers grand resources for material reward (Jupiter in Taurus square mental Mercury and potent Pluto in Leo). Williamson’s Mars is in Scorpio, so you can be sure she’s produced something of depth and substance. Birth data: July 8 1952 at 3:53AM in Houston, TX — very intriguing horoscope.

Sunday features the annual meet-up of the Sun with Pluto (8:37AM ET),  suggesting news from underground and a reach for power. Pluto refers to nuclear issues, mines, volcanoes, things coming to the surface after being long-buried. In Japan, US military personnel are suing Tokyo Electric Power Company for TEPCO’s alleged failure to disclose the truth about leaked radiation in the wake of the 2011 tsunami which shut down the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Meanwhile, in Washington, alleged lawmakers have convened for a rare late-December session to try to work out a few pressing fiscal issues, including the “fiscal cliff”.  Friday’s meeting at the White House could be good for brainstorming, given the Moon void — but no final decisions should be made. Sunday would be an appropriate day to act with empowerment and reach an accord, given potent and cooperative planetary patterns…but as astrologer Noel Tyl always says, “Planets don’t do things. People do”.

The Moon will be in Leo as of 2:45AM ET Sunday. This is a festive, fiery energy that is excellent for play, royal drama or a “teachable moments” (Leo can be an awesome coach). Be mindful while you are out and about this weekend, as in: be exceptionally aware of your surroundings and the people near you. The fallout from this Full Moon is intense; some are not processing it well. I am writing this from the perspective of a New Yorker who notes that a second man was pushed in front of an oncoming subway train last night, apparently by a total stranger (a young woman) in a seemingly random encounter.

I hope this forecast finds you enjoying only good things from the break this holiday week usually inspires (and which planetary patterns this year do support).

Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/24- 27ish/2012: Merry Christmas!

No exact aspects among the planets and a comfort-seeking Taurus Moon can make this day feel like a long, lazy stroll in a (snowy)  meadow. Really, what’s the rush? Go about your last-minute holiday errands with ease, and look forward to an evening of sensual delights: good food, music, wine — whether you are celebrating Christmas or not. If your idea of a perfect holiday is  Chinese and a movie, here’s a song just for you.

The pace picks up noticeably when, after a brief Moon void between 12:58AM ET and 2:13AM ET on Wednesday, Moon buzzes into chatty Gemini and squares off with nebulous Neptune at 4:04AM ET. Those who are expecting a magical Christmas morning are not likely to be disappointed. Note your dreams upon waking. This bliss can wax rhapsodic well into evening, courtesy of a buoyant connection to the Moon from Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy, at 7:18PM ET. This connection may also manifest as Too Much of Everything, and Kalle Lasn, publisher of magazine Adbusters (which sparked Occupy Wall Street), has some thoughts on that. And speaking of magic, here’s an update on the Rolling Jubilee, a non-profit with a creative way of helping some who are overextended get out of debt.

Notable planetary patterns on the 25th include aggressive Mars finally leaving Capricorn at 7:49PM ET. Where is it going? I’ll tell you. Mars, which refers to action, will be in Aquarius from 12/25 until February 1, 2013.  Noel Tyl calls Mars in Aquarius the “rebel with a cause”. So we can expect action in the headlines involving rebellious and/or humanitarian concerns, some of which will have a technogeeky (Aquarius) or “on the fringe” flavor. Think aviation, circuitry, freedom, astrology, outer space, uranium, what’s allegedly “best for everyone”.  Those sorts of things.

The other pattern of note, which was mentioned in last week’s forecast, is rebel Uranus in impulsive Aries squaring the Capricorn Sun at 8:32PM ET. In your own personal world, you may note that your Christmas family gathering may involve one or more statements of conflicting independence, even over something as minor as what movie you’re all going to see. Les Miserables, anyone?

Your Moon voids for the week suggest opportunity for a nice long holiday break;
Thursday, 12/27 1:50AM ET until 3:06PM ET;Friday 12/28 9:43AM ET…until 2:45 AM ET SUNDAY 12/30.

I’ll be back with a forecast Wednesday or Thursday to talk about Friday’s Full Moon.


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Astro-logical Forecast for Saturday & Sunday 12/22-23/2012: Comfort and Joy


The impulsive, proactive and impatient Aries Moon goes void of course at 7:57AM ET, on a challenging aspect to aggressive Mars. If an especially explosive headline regarding some larger than life outburst of violence makes news, I will not be surprised. Patience and awareness of potentially impulsive and self-centered behavior is advised, at least until 1:25PM ET, when the Moon stabilizes in the sign of Taurus. Be especially mindful if you are traveling this morning.

The sensual, comfort and stability-seeking Moon in Taurus graces our lives until 12:58AM on Tuesday (12/25). Oohhh how lovely for holiday baking and caroling and mulled wine and shopping for everyone left on your list.  Saturday night could be especially grand and/or indulgent, courtesy of the opposition between loving Venus and expansive Jupiter, exact at 10:50PM ET.

Now here’s where things get interesting. Despite the calm stability of the Taurus Moon, which drives the vibe of the next few days, we are also getting closer and closer to an exact challenge between rebel Uranus in warrior/pioneer Aries and the Sun in Capricorn, sign of the Establishment. And we are building to a Full Moon next Friday, which will involved the sensitive Moon in Cancer with the disruptive Uranus-Pluto square. Adding to that excitement will be the Sun’s annual meet-up with ruthless Pluto, exact on the 30th.We saw similar patterns at the time of the Full Moon on September 29th. I expect we’ll see more than a few prominent shake-ups and power plays between now and then. If you were born between the 24th and 31st of March, June, September and December, you will be feeling the push for freedom and empowerment more than the rest of us. Keep an eye out for opportunities that will allow you to spread your wings.

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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/21/2012: The End of the World As We Know It

Since you’re reading this forecast on December 21st, clearly the world did not come to an end. Yes, perhaps the world ending would have solved a lot of problems. But noooo, they’re still here, waiting for you — and everyone else — to tackle them. Which means you’ll be needing some insight on what planetary patterns suggest for you personally in the New Year, so you’ll know how to maximize potential for enlightenment and overall well-being, right? Absolutely! Fortunately, really useful information on consultations can be found here — and whaddaya know — my Special Holiday Promotion is on until January 1st, 2013.


The Sun begins its annual trek through Capricorn at 6:12AM ET. In the Northern Hemisphere, days will be getting longer and nights will be getting shorter. Hooray! Here’s what you need to know about the first day of any season from an astrological point of view. The first day of each season (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) corresponds with the first day (or first degree) of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, respectively. Got that? Good. These four signs are called cardinal signs of the zodiac, with “cardinal” here suggesting (from the Latin root of the word), “that on which something turns or depends.”  Cardinal signs take action. They initiate. Nothing happens without action. And action leads to necessary change. As in a change of seasons — suggested by solstices and equinoxes. Clear? The first day of a season is a turning point. In Japan, the first day of each season is a national holiday. How cool is that?

With the Sun at the first degree of Capricorn, we are working with proactive, make-it-happen energy focused on corporate and governmental structures. On this particular Winter Solstice, we find the Moon still charging through the RAMbunctious sign of Aries, needing to get things started in an inspiring, pioneering way. This Moon is in an easy connection with mental Mercury, suggesting we’ll be hearing a lot of inspired and heated opinions today.

Venus (women, social expression, art, finance) also needs to make a big statement — now and over the weekend, suggested by a challenge from expansive Jupiter (exact at 10:50PM ET on Saturday).  I am betting that retailers will be verrrrry happy thanks to the generous impulses of last-minute shoppers. Venus-Jupiter contacts suggest plenty of good will for all, never mind that credit card bill in January. Spend it like there’s no tomorrow.

In the Winter Solstice chart, the need for action is echoed by Mars, planet of energy applied, which is still behaving like a loose cannon and calling attention to aggression just about everywhere. Here in the States, attention continues to be focused on guns, which are ruled by Mars. In India, newspapers have been filled with reports of protestors outraged by recent acts of brutal violence against women. This is also Mars — at its worst.

But wait, there’s more. There’s the Yod, a.k.a. the “Finger of God” among stern Saturn, ruthless Pluto and expansive Jupiter, suggesting a pressing need to choose a direction one way or the other; this was discussed earlier this week. There’s the ongoing hugely disruptive square between rebel Uranus and Pluto, which was also discussed yesterday and elsewhere on this site (check the ARTICLES page).  And finally, there’s a lovely connection between the Capricorn Sun and nebulous Neptune in Pisces that suggests excellent communication between consciousness and spirit/intuition. Really, that Sun-Neptune connection is a saving grace in this Winter Solstice/End of the World horoscope.  Check yesterday’s forecast for more on the spiritual potential of Neptune in Pisces. Looks like an awakening to me. Pretty darn magical, even with all the challenges and inevitable action suggested by the rest of the chart. And you are here on Planet Earth, as an active participant in this exciting story. Imagine that!

It is interesting to note how this chart falls relative to New York and Washington. Mental Mercury is right on the Ascendant; disruptive Uranus is opposing the Midheaven — for the charts in both cities.  A shake-up to our foundation, perhaps,  and a liberating, illuminating change of direction/public status are suggested, as is a major statement of a “big picture” philosophy right up front. If you were planning on spending 2013 in a some kind of rut, that doesn’t look likely — certainly not in the United States.

I’m looking forward to an energetic day filled with phones ringing off the hook, stimulating conversation, good cheer and batches and batches of Christmas cookies to bake. Should be quite an enterprise, with the Capricorn Sun and Aries Moon.

More on the weekend later…with a heads up that if you are shopping on Saturday, the Moon will be void from 7:57AM ET to 1:25PM ET. Wait until after 1:25PM ET to hit the malls…


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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 12/20/2012: Thoughts on the End of the World

A pioneering, inspiring, impulsive and often impatient Aries Moon sets the tone for the day, as of 2:43AM ET. This dynamic placement carries forward the challenge suggested a few hours earlier by the First Quarter Moon at 28 degrees of Pisces, squaring off against the Sun at 28 Sagittarius. Look for movement or resistance to whatever agenda  you set at the time of the New Moon.

Aspects to the Moon are mixed. Uranus adds a buzz, a jolt, an innovation or revelation around 11:34AM ET;  Venus and Jupiter lift our spirits at 1:40PM ET and 7:54PM ET, respectively; Pluto chimes in at 7:51PM ET with a demand for a catharsis, a purge or a power play. (Actually, it’s hard to imagine ruthless Pluto “chiming in” about anything. Pluto is much more “resistance is futile”).

Resources may well be a topic of conversation late afternoon and into the evening. Do you have what you need to survive tomorrow’s apocalypse? If not, here’s a handy list, useful for this and nearly any other disaster.

My thoughts on the end of the Mayan calendar. First, what do we usually do when one calendar year is ending and another begins? Throw a massive party, celebrating “out with the old; in with the new”! Planetary patterns do suggest the potential for a New World, though perhaps it won’t start as dramatically with friends from the Pleiades showing up for dinner (and that party). One such pattern is the square between rebel Uranus and ruthless Pluto, which suggests a drastic upheaval of the status quo, especially in regards to government and anything else relating to the Establishment, in effect from 2012 – 2015. As I have written in previous posts, Uranus and Pluto will square off seven times in those three years. We’ve had two exact squares so far; five more to go.

Seven squares are rare; usually planets connect three or five times. What kind of potential is suggested by this many instances of exact contact? Consider this: Pluto and Uranus had nine exact contacts between 1496 and 1500. Can anyone recall what was going on during those years? What had recently been discovered”? What was it called? The New World.

So maybe our friends from the Pleiades will show up sooner, rather than later. Or perhaps the New World we will begin to explore is the realm of the spirit/intangible, rather than the material. In 2012, Neptune began its sojourn in Pisces, the sign it rules. As I have written in earlier posts, the last time nebulous, dreamy, soulful Neptune was in equally dreamy Pisces was in 1848, when it coincided with the birth of Spiritualism in the United States. I expect we will see more and more mainstream interest in spiritual/intangible concepts, including intuition, telepathy and reincarnation. Earlier this year, neurosurgeon Eben Alexander made headlines with a book about his near-death experience. Stay tuned for more on this developing story in the next 14 years, which is how long Neptune will be in Pisces.

Bottom line: I will be writing a forecast for the weekend, and you will be here to read it. Which means you will still be around to take advantage of my Special Holiday Promotion: a one-hour personal astro-logical consultatation at a very reasonable price. Purchase one for yourself or better yet, for a friend. I’ve had so much fun making beautiful gift certificates to send all over the world…



Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/19/2012: Action!

Planetary activity is lighter today that is has been in recent days…and will be as we get closer to the end of the month. The Moon continues its sojourn through Pisces, seeking a soulful dream, a union or escape. If you find one, chances are strong that it may not be your usual cup of tea, given a harmonious connection between Venus (social expression/aesthetic sense) and rebel Uranus, which favors the weird and the wacky…in a good, friendly kind of way. Enjoy getting off the beaten path…and watch the headlines for interesting news about art, finance and technology. If you can’t find a dream, a union or an escape, then have a little faith, another Pisces keyword.

At 5:44PM Moon makes a communicative aspect with action-oriented Mars, which can be helpful for fostering a cooperative effort between opposing sides. Mars has been “running wild” (i.e., like a loose cannon) in Capricorn for most of this month, suggesting no-nonsense, assertive or aggressive action, for better or for worse. Mars also refers to firearms, and is one of the planetary patterns being reflected by the continued domination of guns in the headlines…and it’s not just talk; it’s action! Gun control measures are being introduced. TV shows about guns and Ted Nugent are being cancelled.  The private equity firm that owns the country’s largest gun manufacturer is selling the company…after one of its top investors, the California teachers pension fund (oh, the irony), started asking questions. This private equity fund is called Cerberus, which happens to be the name of the ferocious, deadly, totally evil, monstrous, three-headed beast that guards the gates of Hell. Coincidence or conspiracy? If you read any of the articles linked in this forecast, read this one, which lists some of the players involved in Cerberus.

Yesterday I wrote about the so-called “Finger of God” or “Yod” pattern that is in effect over the next week, and this evening I wondered how the horoscope of the United States might be affected. I’ll skip the technical details so civilians reading this forecast do not run screaming down the halls. For students and professionals,  I am using the 2:13AM horoscope (the exact birth time of the US is an ongoing debate among astrologers); the point of impact is the Gemini Ascendant conjunct the freedom-loving rebel, Uranus. Here are the keywords for what the US might be experiencing, as suggested by that pattern (with gratitude to master astrologer Noel Tyl for literally writing the book). On the one hand, we are coping with being the public face of “sadness, mourning” and  “brutal efforts to start a new order; an attack, regardless of potential losses”. On the other hand, we have a silver lining: “enthusiasm, harmony”; “the big break; boundless optimism”.

What do you think? Do these keywords fit our reality? Stay tuned to this forecast for more on themes that are up for us in this lunar cycle and also the Winter Solstice, which is when, as you all know, the world is scheduled to end.

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Thank you for reading this forecast…from the bottom of my heart.

Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 12/18/2012: Saturn, Pluto & the Finger of God

Moon entered dreamy Pisces at  7:48PM ET on Monday, suggesting a need to go with the flow and consider intangibles such as spirit(s), healing, depths of feeling and maybe even a bit of music. Compassion is a keyword for Pisces, so it seems fitting to see that word in the headlines, as in “Ancient Bones That Tell A Story of Compassion”. It’s a hopeful story that reminds us that while humans may have a zillion-year history of being perfectly horrible to one another, there have been instances of loving kindness and caring in very olden times.

This is another day for big statements  and bold actions,  some of which broaden the mind and others which push boundaries. In South Carolina, Congressman Tim Scott was appointed by Governor Nikki Haley to replace retiring Senator Jim DeMint. Scott will be the only African-American in the U.S. Senate, and the first one from the South since the 19th Century. At a news conference yesterday, Scott boldly stated:

“I am very thankful to the good Lord and a strong mom who believed that sometimes love has to come at the end of the switch” (…with a smile, pointing to his mother in the audience.) “And she loved me a lot.”

A ten-second glance at planetary patterns on Scott’s birthday (Sept 19, 1965 in Charleston, SC) confirms the strong probability of the father taken out of the picture in the early home life (Scott’s parents divorced when he was seven), with the mother running the household, likely in a way that was experienced as controlling.  Strong idealism and charisma are suggested by aspects between mental Mercury, action-oriented Mars and rose-colored Neptune. Scott was born with rebel Uranus conjunct ruthless Pluto, opposed by stern Saturn, suggesting a certain harshness experienced in the early home life, along with the potential for tremendous effort exerted to overcome obstacles (a lot of people born in 1965 have this aspect in their horoscopes, and maybe you are one of them).

Scott also stated:

“Our nation finds itself in a situation where we need some backbone. We need to make very difficult decisions.”

Yeah, that sounds like a horoscope with a strong Saturn-Pluto connection talking, especially in combination with the idealism suggested by Mercury-Neptune (am I the only one concerned that Scott’s love for his constituents may be expressed by beating them with “the end of a switch”)? In any event, as you may recall from last week’s New Moon forecast, the disciplined authority of Saturn combined with the ruthless purging power of Pluto has the potential to work together quite cooperatively right now. Difficult decisions will be made, as will tremendous efforts to deal with the karmic debt we can no longer ignore in our collective reality check.

Saturn and Pluto are currently configured with expansive Jupiter in a rare pattern called a Yod or “Finger of God”. To me this echoes the need for adjustment in our efforts to expand, curtailed by considerations of structure and resources. Astrologer Noel Tyl offers these keywords for Jupiter in configuration with Saturn/Pluto: “trouble with authority; adoption of the austere; staying out of trouble; trying to save what’s left”. It is interesting that this Yod will be exact on December 21st a.k.a. the Winter Solstice, which always suggests a turning point.

Some astrologers have argued that this strong connection between Saturn and Pluto suggests that globally we will be embracing more conservative values, and by this they mean we will be moving more to the right than the left. I am not sure about this. Dennis Kucinich has a strong Saturn-Pluto pattern in his horoscope, squared by aggressive Mars. He had an extremely challenging childhood in the school, and boy is he a fighter, as we would expect. Yet his politics are on the far left, not the right. I am not convinced Saturn-Pluto patterns have anything to do with being right-wing or left-wing.

My sense of  “conservative” suggested by Saturn-Pluto is that we will be willing to do whatever it takes to conserve what we deem most valuable. But what is most valuable? That will likely be the big argument. Here’s a story about dirty laundry (suggested by the Sabian Symbol for last week’s New Moon) that illustrates one battle over what is worth conserving.


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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 12/17/2012: Reflections on Sandy Hook

The work week begins with Moon in Aquarius, a helpful, humanitarian placement that favors making connections of all kinds, no matter how unconventional. Soulful unity and a need for beauty is also suggested, courtesy of the lingering effects of yesterday’s challenge between loving Venus and rose-colored Neptune. Sharing opinions that broaden horizons is also favored, suggested by an opposition between Mercury (mindset) and Jupiter (expansion).

East Coasters, note that the Moon goes void-of-course at 1:11PM ET…not to enter empathic, dreamy Pisces until 7:48PM ET. Get it off your desk before the void, if you can. West Coasters, your entire work day may be best applied to projects involving creative brainstorming, as efforts to move forward in a straight line have a much higher potential for delays, detours and other sudden twists. Writers may find this particular Moon void especially productive, thanks to the supercharged communication power of the aforementioned Mercury-Jupiter opposition. If you are new to the forecast and want more information on Moon voids, you will find it here. Welcome!

I hesitate to write much about the heartbreaking news that broke on Friday, which continues to dominate the headlines. Suffice it to say that if you read the forecasts posted on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you would note that the planetary patterns described were reflected in a horribly destructive way in Newtown, Connecticut…and in too many other U.S. cities to link here.  Violence in  China also made headlines.

With rebel Uranus turning direct on last Thursday’s New Moon, we anticipated a seismic shock to the system.  With Mars (action!) running wild in “make-it-happen” Capricorn (i.e., like  a loose cannon), we anticipated that acts of aggression might pull focus. Last week, the horoscope of Adam Lanza (April 22, 1992 in Kingston, NH — time not confirmed), was clearly triggered by transiting Uranus and Mars (and I suspect by a couple of other major astrological measurements) — no surprises there. Maybe someday it will become a matter of course for all people to become aware of the patterns in their horoscopes, to help them make choices that are constructive, rather than destructive, especially during periods of stress, which would be identified before they happen.

As an astrologer, I am constantly identifying patterns in order to make sense of this world. As a writer, I can’t help but notice patterns in words, too. Last month we had Hurricane Sandy. Friday’s tragedy happened at a school named Sandy Hook. What’s with the word “Sandy” making headlines? Coincidence or conspiracy?

As I do not believe in coincidence, I must have a theory.  Here it is (cue Anne Elk now). But seriously, folks. This is my theory.  Sand is an irritant. An oyster reacts to an irritating grain of sand by creating a pearl.  The pearl protects the oyster; it is a defense system. Would you believe that the name “Sandy” means “defender of men?” Pearls  made me think of the expression “pearls of wisdom”. It’s time for us to wake up, wise up — and take action.

As suggested by the patterns in last Thursday’s New Moon, we are presented with an opportunity to do what must be done in order to create a better world. There is tremendous potential for action that brings positive results, if that is what we choose to create. Who’s in?


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Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 12/14/2012 & The Weekend: A Happening Scene!

Oh, the joy of a Neptune fog lifting! Oh, the joy of New Moon energy waxing! Oh, cue the  “Ode to Joy” flash mob now (you’ll be glad you did)! Plus, it’s Friday!

Note your thoughts upon waking, as a harmonious connection between mental Mercury and innovative Uranus favors genius at 6:25AM ET. Five minutes later, a potentially cathartic connection between ruthless Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn can help intensely clarify whatever it is you need to do today to make things happen.  This proactive, enterprising, status-seeking energy propels us through the day…

…and all the way through much of Saturday, with only a 45 minute Moon-void starting at 4:15PM ET. Get out your to-do list and see how easily you can accomplish your goals. If you’re holiday shopping in the morning, chances are you’ll be buying practical things with a certain level of status. When the Moon enters Aquarius, tastes run to the technological, the unconventional and dare I say the astro-logical. You’ll also be looking for refined beauty or an artistic experience, suggested by a charged connection between loving Venus and soulful Neptune, exact at 1:25PM ET on Sunday….which is about when I’m thinking of seeing a screening of Dr. Strangelove, and no, I can’t believe I’ve never seen the film in its entirety, either. I hear it’s weird, wacky and Peter Sellers was a genius and so ahead of his time. Perfect for a day with Moon in Aquarius and an artistic Venus-Neptune happening.

Other planetary shifts of note: Venus will be sooooooo relieved to ditch possessive Scorpio for a nice little gambol in Sagittarius at 11:38PM ET on Saturday. This need to broaden horizons in social expression, combined with the Aquarius Moon’s need whatever is on the fringe can make gatherings of  all kinds very stimulating. Throw in an opposition between mental Mercury (in high-flying Sagittarius) and expansive Jupiter (in information-junkie Gemini) and we are going to be hearing some stories and opinions expressed that that are way over-the-top. This opposition is exact on Monday, but we’ll be seeing it reflected all weekend long. Watch the headlines…

And speaking of headlines, you may recall that in Tuesday’s forecast I advised you to keep an eye on whatever legislation was passed this week, because chances were strong that critical details may not have been thought out.  I was specifically thinking of the deceptively-named Right-to-Work bill that was signed into law in Michigan on Tuesday, during a void-of-course Moon and the foggy Mercury-Neptune square. Now the Democrats in the Michigan State Senate have issued a press release asserting that the law is “flawed” and certain provisions conflict with Michigan’s constitution. Not surprisingly, Michigan’s Attorney General (a Republican) disagrees. Meanwhile, at least one lawsuit has been filed. Stay tuned…


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Thank you for reading the daily astro-logical forecast. Have a fabulous weekend!