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Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/7/2016: Under the Influence of Mars; Catching Up on the News

Alll-righty then!

So happy to finally have time to catch up on the news in synch with planetary patterns. What a dynamic week we had, especially those of us with planets at 29 degrees of Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo and Taurus — and that would include me. On the upside, ’twas excellent for pushing through blocks and taking action on behalf of Worthy Causes.

We are in the dark side of the Moon — the balsamic phase of the lunar cycle — sensing that something new is just around the corner, but we don’t know what. That new something arrives in the aftermath of Tuesday’s New Moon in Pisces, which is also a total solar eclipse. It happens at 8:54PM ET. Until then, use this “dead” Moon to fly under the radar and advance your plan for world domination. If you are not a dastardly type, you can also wrap up loose ends and start working on your expansive vision for the next 30 days…and maybe for even longer. This is a pretty big visionary configuration we have brewing…

Since 11:02AM ET on Saturday, the Moon has been in Aquarius, sign of the wonky/wacky humanitarian. It’s excellent for pondering innovative ideas that benefit the greater good and/or actually being helpful. Aquarius is a networking sign, so hanging with your favorite friends and/or support group is also favored.

On Sunday, the aftermath of a heavy Sun-Saturn square at 1:04AM ET colored the day. A loss, perhaps — or an ambitious advance — felt more personally if you have a planet or angle around 16-19 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini or Virgo. Depth, perspective, power, transformation and regeneration are emphasized by a cooperative connection between the intuitive Pisces Sun and Pluto, exact at 7:18PM ET. Countering the potential cuts and focus is an expansive face-off between the idealistic Pisces Sun and Jupiter, exact on Monday at 5:57AM ET – again felt more personally by people with planets or points at 16-19 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo.

Certainly I’ve seen some heavy headlines today. Nancy Reagan passed away at 94. Her horoscope has been under considerable pressure from transiting Uranus and Pluto over the years. She has Jupiter and Saturn at 14 and 19 Virgo, respectively. Transiting Mars just opposed her Venus, ruler of her (unconfirmed) Libra Ascendant. Did  you know that Nancy Reagan had a consulting astrologer for seven of the eight years that she lived in the White House. Mrs. Reagan was no slouch; Smith College was her alma mater. Joan Quigley was Mrs. Reagan’s astrologer. Here is her book.

Meanwhile, Broncos QB Peyton Manning is calling it quits. Elsewhere,  an oil tycoon was sentenced to death in Iraq after being convicted of corruption (he can appeal). Wow. Another oil & gas executive was dealt a heavy blow last week, as you’ll read in a minute. In other news, China issued a ginormous list of subjects that can no longer be depicted on TV, including gays, witches, reincarnation and “luxurious lifestyles”. Double wow.

On Monday the Aquarius Moon goes void at 3:46AM ET, not to enter Pisces until 2:08PM ET. There’s your excuse for sleeping through the alarm or pouring hot water over coffee beans you neglected to grind (because the Moon void facilitated your wandering mindset, reflected by a twist in your usual routine). At 3:11PM ET be advised that the sensitive Pisces Moon will be challenged by a boundary-pushing, opinionated Mars in Sagittarius. A urge to talk or confess all is suggested by a meet-up between the Moon and Mercury at 9:29PM ET, though it can be argued that Mercury in Pisces communicates more effectively through intuition and empathy, as opposed to words.

Other than contacts from the Moon, the only exact planetary pattern happening after Tuesday this week is a rose-colored meet-up between Mercury and Neptune on Friday at 1:01AM ET. Let the stories of dreams, music, healing, drugs, spirits of all kind and every other Pisces/Neptune keyword begin.  Moon voids — a time to focus on routine concerns and roll with twists that derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line — are as follows: Tuesday 8:54PM ET until 2:40PM ET on WEDNESDAY; Friday 1:24PM – 2:44PM ET.

Will cover more specifics on the New Moon in Tuesday’s forecast. Meanwhile, I’ve got a truckload of news to write about, as in…

…and now, the news.

Most of it reflects the energy reflected by Mars, ruthlessly asserting macho/warrior energy at the verrrrry end of Scorpio. A planet at the end of a sign — 29 degrees — carries extra special potency. If you have a planet at 29 degrees in your horoscope, you can be sure that you have much to learn about whatever that planet represents. Mars at 29 Scorpio was challenged by Mercury (mindset/communication/transportation) at 29 Aquarius on Friday, suggesting strong potential for a war of words. Well?

On February 19th, I tossed out several horoscopes that would be affected by transiting Mars (and Mercury) over the next couple of weeks. I’ve reprinted what I said back then; the italics are what happened since:

  1. Donald Trump — Mars at 26 Leo; Ascendant at 29 Leo. We can expect his regal self-projection to be even more revved up over the next two weeks. He seemed to refer to the size of his penis in the last Republican debate (which I did not watch). He encouraged supporters at a rally to raise their right hands in a salute that recalls supporters of Hitler in Nazi Germany. More and more pundits are seeing a similarity to Mr. Trump and Hitler. Again I tip my hat to astrologer Bill Herbst, who wrote ten years ago that the Uranus-Pluto square of the 30s and the Uranus-Pluto square of 2011-2016 suggested the potential for fascism to rear its ugly head. Back then, I couldn’t imagine how that could happen. But now, after reading Herbst’s work and studying patterns and events on my own, I do.
  2. Michael Bloomberg — Sun at 25 Aquarius; rebel Uranus at 26 Taurus. There’s talk of him launching his own run for president, and Mars now at 23 Scorpio is about to hit his fiercely daring Sun-Uranus square next week…and again in mid-June. What will happen? Haven’t seen much action in the news about Mr. Bloomberg, other than this item about him moving his personal website to an independent server. Let’s see where he’s at with initiatives in mid-June and the end of July, when Mars will hit his Sun-Uranus square for a second and third time.
  3. Ted Cruz — wish we had an exact birth time, but we do see Jupiter (expansion) at 25 Scorpio, triggered by transiting Mars over the next several days. We expect a surge of energy, and in fact, he is getting a boost in the polls. He has Neptune at 1 Sagittarius, which Mars will hit around March 10th — this suggests pixie dust and/or snake oil. He beat Trump in a couple of states like Oklahoma and Kansas, where voters may have been  offended by the Trump campaign’s poor spelling. Exhibit A: Oaklahoma City. Exhibit B: Witchita, Kansasas.  If I were Ted Cruz I’d figure out a way to make sure the Trump campaign misspells every state that hasn’t already had its primary or caucus. Maybe he already  has. 
  4. Governor Paul Le Page (R-ME). Mars at 24 Scorpio. He should be feeling quite feisty this week, especially with transiting Pluto supercharging his 16 Libra Sun, just as it is supercharging George W. Bush’s 16 Libra Moon (noted on Monday). Declared “America’s Craziest Governor” by Politico a few years ago, LePage is supercharging ahead. “Before there was Trump, there was LePage,” notes a piece in the NY Times, along with every other paper in the Free World (Google it and you’ll see). Earlier this week, LePage endorsed Trump, after his top choice — Chris Christie — dropped out (and also endorsed Trump). Mainers expressed their appreciation for Governor LePage’s recommendation by throwing their support behind Ted Cruz in the Maine Republican Caucus — in a record turnout. Hmmm.
  5. Bernie Sanders — reportedly born with 25 Scorpio rising; Saturn at 28 Taurus; Uranus at 1 Gemini. Senator Sanders continues to do better than anyone expected in the primaries and caucuses.
  6. Hillary Clinton — South Node at 24 Scorpio; Jupiter at 1 Sagittarius. Scorpio Ascendant has been proposed, but is not confirmed. Hillary Clinton is not winning in a landslide yet, but she is still ahead of Sanders.
  7. House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) — Neptune at 0 Sagittarius; Ascendant at 0 Sagittarius. Let’s keep an eye on him the first week of March. On February 24, an NYT headline read, “Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on a Collision Course”. Last week, some members of his party formed a group to draft him for a presidential run. Speaker Ryan said on the 4th that he wasn’t interested. Let’s see what else he has to say and do this week, when Mars continues to hang at 0 Sagittarius. Here’s a piece I wrote about Ryan back in 2012.

You know who else was motivated by Mars last week? MITT ROMNEY. Isn’t that wonderful? Mr. Romney was the talk of the town last week when he denounced Donald Trump as a “fraud” and other unflattering things.  Mars made contact with Mitt’s 27 Scorpio Moon-Jupiter conjunction AND squared his opinionated Sagittarius Ascendant in the last few days!! Mr. Romney’s horoscope has responded to transiting Mars before. Back in 2012, he was “memorizing zingers” in preparation for a debate with Barack Obama. With Neptune hitting Mr. Romney’s horoscope at that time (and diffusing that Martian impulse), things didn’t quite go as planned.

Here’s another one: Aubrey McClendon. A pioneering force of nature. When I worked at CNBC, the former CEO of Chesapeake Energy appeared on the network numerous times. Mr. McClendon was indicted on “federal bid-rigging charges” on Tuesday. Hours later, around 9AM on Wednesday in Oklahoma City, Mr. McClendon crashed his car into a bridge.  He wasn’t wearing a seat belt — and was known for his reckless, “wildcat” behavior.  Birth data: July 14, 1959 — no birth time known — in OK City, OK. Mercury conjunct Uranus in Leo — there’s a marker for a reckless mindset. Likely square to his Scorpio Moon (restless; wildcat), too.  Mars action and other current stress in the horoscope includes a heavy hit to Mars from (solar arc) Saturn; another from (solar arc) Mars to his Cancer Sun. Transiting Mars at 26 Scorpio would have exactly squared his natal Mars at 26 Leo at the end of February. If he had an astrologer, he or she would have warned him to slow down.

Isn’t astrology amazing? Wonder what’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Tons of other stories to report. Will do my best to cover them in the next edition. Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates, and thank you for reading this forecast.





Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 5/28/2015: More on Neptune

Moon continues its sojourn through Libra, seeking balance, harmony and social graces. Its quest is beautifully supported by easy connections to the Sun (willpower), Mercury (mindset) and Mars (action), so enjoy the smooth ride during business hours today.

Bumps may arise in the late evening and wee hours of Friday morning, as Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto (at 12:10AM ET) and Uranus (at 8:17AM ET). Some surprises in Friday’s early headlines…some of which will stem from the confusion/illusion/vision suggested by an exact square between nebulous Neptune and Mercury at 2:59AM ET.

And now, the news.

Neptune, Neptune and more Neptune — combined with Mercury in retrograde. Oy vey, what potential for sensationalism, based on delusion and/or lies. How else to explain a totally lame video making the rounds on social media, alleging that a “rare planetary pattern” happening this weekend will lead to a certain natural disaster in a specific place. It evens cites a verse from Nostradamus, blathering about Mercury in Taurus and Mars in Virgo (neither of which are currently happening). I am not mentioning the specific catastrophe or the place, because there is no “rare planetary pattern” and this video is the kind of thing that gives serious astrology a bad name.


If you were a clever marketing person at a movie studio, releasing a FAKE video (as described above) to generate HYPE for a MOVIE when Neptune-Sun-Mercury alignments do facilitate gullibility (e.g., this Friday), that would be a brilliant strategy…


Am I the only person who found this headline totally surreal?  “U.S. Vows to Rid Global Soccer of Corruption”. Like we don’t have enough to clean up here at home? But seriously, folks, this is a major major scandal, with dawn raids and arrests made at a five-star hotel in Switzerland, as well as allegations of millions of dollars taken in bribes.

Cleaning up corruption in sports has been noted here before as a likely consequence of the Uranus-Pluto square (with thanks to astrologer Bill Herbst) — and we could expect Saturn’s streamlining transit through Sagittarius (a rather sporting sign with an international reach) to further assist, but the fact that it is the Justice Department of the United States that is leading the cause feels a bit mind-blowing. Then again, with Neptune so active in the U.S. horoscope for at least the next year, bewilderment is sure to be part of our collective experience.

Other Neptune headlines — briefly. Neptune is sleep and drugs. It is viruses and healing. It could be compassion and redemption, after an intense 28-month focus on Saturn in Scorpio matters of life and death (penalties).

Much more I could write — but in your own personal world, I recommend using Neptune to fine-tune your vision and intuition over the next few days.

Gotta hit “send” now to post by 10AM ET. Enjoy!


Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday – Thursday 9/9-11/2014: Full Moon Fallout

Non-stop sirens and honking horns all day yesterday, as the Moon waxed to a lush, ripe fullness last night. What was going on in your neck of the woods? Did you note your dreams yesterday and this morning?

Moon continues its sojourn through soulful, empathic Pisces for most of the day. A positive application of energy is suggested for whatever task you’re on as the Moon makes a harmonious connection to an especially effective Mars in Scorpio around 3:09PM. Then it goes void for a few hours, offering the chance to focus on routine matters and/or chill. Get it off your desk before the void, as actions initiated during voids are more likely to be delayed or have no consequence. And don’t forget to VOTE!!!

Empowered revelations and news from underground are suggested in the headlines, as mental Mercury engages once more with the never-ending Uranus-Pluto square. Today it makes contact with ruthless Pluto at 6:38PM ET; it opposes rebel technogeek Uranus on Saturday.  Combined with other patterns in yesterday’s Full Moon, these stories seem especially relevant: first, a former portfolio manager at the notorious SAC Capital was sentenced to nine years in prison for insider trading.

Second, football player Ray Rice has finally been booted off the Baltimore Ravens’ roster, after a graphic video showing him punching his then-fiancee in the face and knocking her unconscious went viral. Is this one of the wounds to our collective psyche this Full Moon’s contact with wounded healer Chiron is seeking to release and cleanse? Do we really believe NFL bigwig Roger Goodell never saw this video until yesterday? Why was it OK for the Baltimore Ravens to Tweet several months ago that the fiancee in question took responsibility for her alleged role is having the living daylights knocked out of her? And why the heck is she defending her husband now? What’s up with those Venus-opposing-Neptune rose-colored glasses? And why do Americans love football so much? Don’t they know how dangerous and damaging it is? Astrologer Bill Herbst has written a compelling article about the Uranus-Pluto square and its impact on professional sports in the U.S. He’s written a lot of compelling articles, and I owe him a debt of gratitude — and also to astrologer Rockie Gardiner, who told me about Herbst so many years ago.

At 7:33PM ET, Moon shifts gears and charges into RAMbunctious Aries. That should carry us through a dynamic day of action and initiative tomorrow. Some of it may be bumpy, as the Moon makes contact with Uranus and Pluto, but overall, thoughts and communication will likely be flowing freely and spirits will be high. Moon goes void Wednesday at 8:58PM ET….not to enter the next sign, Taurus, until 9:17PM ET on Thursday. Rule #1  for coping with crises that crop up during Moon voids: consider that they may well be much ado about nothing. There’s a tendency to make mountains out of molehills during voids, and said mountains have a way of going “poof” once the Moon is back in gear. Case in point: CNN was in total alarm-freakout mode last Friday when the unfortunate pilots of a private plane lost touch with air traffic controllers and veered off course towards Cuba before crashing in the Caribbean. I saw it while standing in line at my credit union and thought, “Man, this is some mountain…”

Other news, in the wake of this Full Moon: weddings and impending births — the lush, ripe and dreamy potential of a Harvest Moon, combined with the romance of Venus opposed by Neptune. Neil Patrick Harris got married. So did two women in their 90s who have been together for over 70 years. The Duchess of Cambridge and the Prince of Wales are expecting another child.  Hooray!

It’s nice to end on a positive note, don’t you think? Yesterday the Senate passed what could be the beginning of a meaningful effort to overturn Citizens United with a constitutional amendment. Did I mention there may be a primary election in your state today? Don’t forget to vote!

If you feel like you’re in a crisis or a bit of a rut, rest assured you’re not alone. We are living in very interesting times! That being said, a personal astro-logical consultation can provide you with clarity and confidence. I look forward to a fine discussion with you about your horoscope.