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Monday 11/27/2017 & Then Some: Sneak Peek at the Week; Saturn, for Better or for Worse

Happy Cyber Monday!

Serious thoughts may be on the agenda at the start of the week, as Mercury (mindset) is hours away from a meet-up with karma cop Saturn at 1:59AM ET on TUESDAY. About what, you say? The two are in Sagittarius, a globally-focused sign. Saturn refers to dustbins and garbage. Front and center on the WaPo homepage: “A World Drowning in Garbage,” an in-depth account of how six cities around the world deal with their share of the 3.5 million tons humanity produces every day, complete with video. You’ll feel the weight of a heavy and/or ambitious mindset more personally if you have a planet or angle around 27 degrees of Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo. Note that this is the first of three meet-ups we’ll have between Mercury and Saturn, as Mercury will turn RETROGRADE on December 3rd. The second hit happens on December 6th; the third is on January 13th. So whatever is hot now — look for advances on it on those dates.

Two other patterns are driving the week. One is a pro-active buzz — a face-off between action hero Mars and rebel technogeek Uranus on FRIDAY at 5:04 AM ET. Mars refers to the masculine, guns, courage, war, explosive and reckless efforts. Uranus can be a shock to the system. It refers to technology, astrology, seismic activity (e.g., a volcano in Bali),  genetic mutations, revolution. This Mars-Uranus face-off is the other shoe to the Mars-Pluto square we experienced on November 19th. Pluto is perspective — and also transformation — and one of the interesting themes we’ve seen in the news is a discussion of male sexual energy and how we need to change our perspective on how it  ought to be expressed.

Here’s what happened in July, when Mars was in a tense square with Uranus. You’re feeling the disruptive buzz more personally if you have a planet or angle around 25 degrees of  Libra, Aries, Capricorn or Cancer.

The second pattern of note is a harmony a between expansive Jupiter (collective belief of a political or philosophical nature) and Neptune (faith), exact on SATURDAY at 9:22 PM ET. That’s followed quickly Mercury turning RETROGRADE at 2:34 AM ET on SUNDAY, then by a square between Neptune and the Sun on at 6:44 AM ET and a Full Moon in blah blah blah Gemini at 10:47 AM ET. More on that in the next forecast. Meanwhile, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW.

Oh — also on Friday — Venus (women, money, social graces) leaves moody bastard Scorpio for Sagittarius on FRIDAY at 4:14 AM ET, with a long exhale as it emerges from Scorpio’s depths and aims for the Sagittarian sky.

Meanwhile, today’s Moon is in Pisces, continuing to seek connection with ideals, impressions and empathy. The Moon will be void on TUESDAY between 7:09 AM ET and 11:30AM ET — there’s your excuse for sleeping in and/or flaking out. The pace picks up noticeably once the Moon zooms into me-me-me Aries, falling down stairs because it’s faster than walking. Upsets and power plays may rattle nerves Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning, when the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus. Moon will be void on THURSDAY between 1:37 PM ET and 3:38 PM ET — no biggie; and on FRIDAY between 8:53 PM ET and SATURDAY 4:21 PM ET — no impulse shopping on Saturday, if you please.

And now, the news.

On Thursday, I wrote:

Happy Thanksgiving to all! On FRIDAY — a.k.a. Black Friday — the only exact aspect is an expansive one between the Moon and indulgent Jupiter at 10:56 AM ET. That — along with a harmony between Mercury (mindset, communication) and Uranus (technology, astrology) exact early Saturday — bodes well for retailers hoping shoppers will indulge in the latest gizmo or gadget.

Let the record show that TechCrunch reports:

The final figures for Black Friday online sales are in, and it’s another record-breaking day e-commerce in the U.S. Adobe says that shoppers spent $5.03 billion online in a race for bargains for themselves and to gift to others.

But what about the “astrology” potential of Mercury in harmony with Aquarius, on a day with Moon in Aquarius? How about this from the NYT’s NY/Region section “Leaning on the Stars to Make Sense of the World.”  Pigs have flown when the NYT writes about an astrologer who covers world events, right? Check it out and let me know what you think.

The other thing I wrote was:

In the spirit of those planetary patterns, I’m pleased to offer my own Black Friday special if you are shopping for a Special Someone: 20% off personal consultations and reports — until the Moon leaves Aquarius at 3:04 AM ET on Sunday,  November 26th.  

…about which a few Avid Readers asked, “but what if I’M the ‘Special Someone?'” To which I replied, Yes, fine, the offer is for you, too — and in the spirit of the compassionate Pisces Moon, will be honored until I post the next forecast — sometime during the Moon’s passage through me-me-me Aries.  Here’s the 411.

Meanwhile, the Koch brothers are behind a big media purchase: Meredith, Inc — which includes Time, Fortune, People and Sports Illustrated. Can’t imagine why they would find ownership and control of mass media a useful investment. Cue sarcasm and Saturn (control, patriarchy) in Sagittarius (publishing) now, please. Along the same lines, you may have heard that the Justice Department — if it can now truly be called that — has filed suit to stop the AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner, demanding that CNN be sold as condition of approval. Why are they picking on CNN? You should see CNN’s horoscope — one day, I’ll write about it.

Add in Mercury with Saturn in Sagittarius and here’s the subject of today’s NYT editorial: “Cops, Cellphones & Privacy at the Supreme Court.”  Or this “Diplomats Sound the Alarm as They Are Pushed Out in Droves.”

Guilt is also a Saturn concern — and here’s a piece about that in today’s NYT — minus Saturn.

But y’know, Saturn transits can be serious in wonderful ways, too. Take Prince Harry, for example. Here is his horoscope.  His Sun is at 22 Virgo — which makes him one of the many anticipated newsmakers this year, as Saturn challenged his Sun three times (Avid Readers will recall that anyone with planets around 22 degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo and Gemini was in that club of newsmakers). Anyway. This is this year that Prince Harry went public about how he coped with the grief (another Saturn domain, as is depression) of his mother’s death.

But meanwhile…back in June of 2016, he was introduced to American actress Meghan Markle. Well of course he was, with a measurement between the Moon (ruler of his 7th House of Significant Others) and Venus. A three-pronged measurement between Pluto and Venus, suggesting a need for emotionally deep experiences and perhaps a change in perspective of values, has been in effect all year as well. The third hit was today, the announcement of his engagement to Ms. Markle. When are they getting married? Sometime in the spring of 2018. Let the record show that in April we will see a measurement between Prince Harry’s Moon and Saturn, suggesting potential for serious break or a serious commitment. In this case, it is the latter. You see? Saturn is not always doom and gloom.

A royal wedding and a royal birth in 2018 (for the Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge — now we’re seeing how the potential for a disruption of the status quo is manifesting in the lives of a few of the royals — discussed here back in August.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for sharing it with your friends. If you’d like to share it with the New York Times, that would be great, too. Cheers!


Astro-logical Forecast for Friday & Saturday 2/17-18/2012: Practical Idealism

Well the markets certainly took the enthusiasm suggested by yesterday’s  Moon in Sagittarius, along with expansive Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius in happy contact with mental Mercury, to heart. Good news on the job front sent markets soaring — were you soaring, too?

Moon enters make-it-happen Capricorn at 12:03AM ET on Friday, needing tangible structure and results from all that optimism. So if you haven’t already taken off early for the holiday weekend (it’s Presidents Day in the US), you can anticipate a proactive day at the office, even with Mars retrograde and the Moon at the end of its monthly cycle. At the end of a busy day, an indulgent celebration is suggested by a challenge from loving Venus to that make-it-happen Moon.

The Capricorn energy continues on Saturday, making it a great day for taking care of business. Our need for practicality is augmented by an even more practical connection between disciplined Saturn and the life-giving Sun, exact at 11:02AM ET. More headlines about fairness, justice and equality will likely show up beforehand. Note the potential for rich rewards as a result of investigations, suggested by an easy connection between ruthless Pluto and mental Mercury, exact 4:23PM ET. Go ahead and dig deep; you won’t be the only one talking about life, the universe, everything — and what you found swept under that rug.

Saturday is the last day of  the Sun in humanitarian Aquarius. It’s also the day that cardinal-in-waiting Timothy Dolan (currently Archbishop of New York and also an Aquarius) gets to drop the “in-waiting” from his job title. And what a fitting day to contemplate structure and authority (suggested by strong Saturn patterns and the Capricorn Moon), along with spirit. Nebulous Neptune makes its once-a-year hook-up with the Sun on Sunday at 3:42PM ET; regular readers of this forecast know the keywords for Neptune: fantasy, transcendence, spirit, drugs, alcohol, rarefied art, music, photography, soul union, illusion, confusion — and all sorts of other intangibles. In your own personal world, the mix of Neptune’s rose-colored glasses and Saturn’s realism can make for an elevated  experience for you, too.

Timothy Dolan was born on February 6, 1950 in St. Louis, Missouri — birth time unknown. But even without a birth time, we see that horoscope has the potential to be quite a powerhouse. Dolan has the Sun in Aquarius in close connection with expansive, lucky Jupiter, also in Aquarius — and wow! that dynamic duo is challenged by ruthless Pluto, suggesting great resources and empowerment. When he enters the room, he makes his presence known (Dolan is reportedly 6’3″ and described as “a bear of a man”).  A need to be concerned with matters of spirit is no doubt suggested by nebulous Neptune (spirit) in strong contact with that Sun, Jupiter  and Pluto.

There’s also a challenge from Neptune to mental Mercury in practical, authoritative Capricorn, echoed by an easy contact to Mercury from practical, authoritative Saturn. Mercury-Saturn contacts suggest a conservative mindset, and Dolan does describe himself as a conservative. On the flip side, however, Neptune-Mercury contacts, while inspired, also suggest the need for idealism. Isn’t that interesting? A combination of the practical and the idealistic…Saturn and Neptune…the two planets pulling focus this weekend.

Dolan has Moon in Libra, suggesting a strong need to be appreciated (which he is) and a preference for peace over conflict. It’s likely that Mars is conjunct that Libra Moon, adding great energy and drive to cerebral matters — a need to talk and debate…probably a quick temper (despite the desire for peace) that had to be managed…and also a need to be cerebral about emotions. In fact, there is likely a disconnect with personal relationships, suggested by Venus (social expression) in stubborn,  “I love you, but don’t take it personally” Aquarius…which is also retrograde. Venus retrograde is rare…and it’s a reliable signal that  relationships (especially intimate relationships with other humans) are going to be a challenge.  There’s much more that could be discussed, but suffice it to say that Timothy Dolan’s need to take a vow of celibacy, devote his life to matters of spirit and ideals, become a powerhouse within a structured organization and connect with the collective so effectively that parishioners gush, “he makes everyone feel like he’s their best friend” (an Aquarian’s dream come true  is a fascinating and awesome series of choices of playing the hand suggested by the horoscope. It would be interesting to see how a few of Dolan’s astrological twins played theirs.